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New and exciting cryptos usually move dramatically. More than stocks, indices, and forex. This brings both huge opportunities as well as significant risks. Crypto Lists goal is to provide interesting lists of new cryptos, the the best stablecoins, Hot NFT coins, fun and rising play to earn tokens, frequently mentioned meme coins along with facts about fast rising blockchains such as Avalanche, Polygon, Solana & Zilliqa.

Recently reviewed Coins and Tokens to discover
* Note that many of these coins/tokens have very low market cap as they may recently have been launched so the risk is even greater than with other crypto currencies. Do your own research. This is for informational purposes only.

Which crypto gives the best return?

Crypto currencies at

If you're in it to win it, then you need to make sure to go for the right cryptocurrencies. This site focuses solely on providing toplists based on your preferences. While some crypto enthusiasts only want to look for meme coins, others prefer ERC-20 tokens or BNB tokens. Some crypto investors prefer going for coins with a low market cap and others like currencies with high staking rewards.

Quite a few of the most successful crypto investors we know personally put a small amount into many different coins to spread the risk. Another potential strategy for crypto enthusiasts can be to go into Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), where the prices are low! Other avenues include meme coins or NFTs. At the same time, many crypto folks also have a few stablecoins at the ready for when they're anticipating a downturn or bull run. Or when they're waiting for a new cryptocurrency to launch. Find all the best crypto toplists - based on what you're looking for - right here, right now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

- Do you show new cryptocurrencies anywhere on the site?
FAQ written as text - Where are the newest crypto listings?
- Have you got a top list of new ERC20 cryptos?
- Where can I find new BSC chain cryptos?
- How do I avoid the worst new cryptocurrencies?
- Are there different rules for crypto based on where I live?
- Which is the best site for scalping?
- Where can I find the top crypto gainers?
- Which cryptocurrency got the lowest market cap?

Do you show new cryptocurrencies anywhere on the site?

Yes, in the main menu. If you head to the top menu straight to Coins & Tokens, Crypto Lists has got 'New cryptocurrencies'. Here you'll find any brand new crypto tokens, that have been released and reviewed recently. The toplist of new tokens will show the release date, with the latest releases at the top.

Where are the newest crypto listings?

Do you prefer a certain type of blockchain, such as the BNB network (Build and Build chain, previous BSC) or ETC-20 (the ETH chain)? If not, you can simply go to our top list with the newest cryptocurrencies, where only the coins that have been released recently will be shown.

Have you got a top list of new ERC20 cryptos?

Of course. Many of our clients prefer to keep their money in Ethereum instead of stablecoins, since it’s one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Crypto Lists have created a top list for Ethereum tokens, where the latest releases of Ethereum based tokens are shown.

Where can I find new BSC chain cryptos?

You can find that in the main menu below new cryptos & ICO’s. Since our wide range of visitors have various preferences, we decided to list an overview of all BNB-chain cryptos below facts about the BNB blockchain. That way, you can find all newly released BNB Tokens that might be worth looking unto.

How do I avoid the worst new cryptocurrencies?

There is never a guarantee that a cryptocurrency is going to be a top performer. Crypto Lists suggest that you focus on the highest rated new coins, where the liquidity is locked, since many of the worst cryptos always have the liquidity open so that a honeypot can be created. Do as much research as possible about every new cryptocurrency that you plan to go into, including marketing research, blockchain research and due diligence on the owners behind the coin. You can also check our glossary for crypto-specific terms and phrases that you might be unfamiliar with.

Are there different rules for crypto based on where I live?

Yes. There are many different rules, licenses, and regulations for cryptocurrencies. That’s why we showcase a flag in the top of the site when you arrive. If there is a specific flag, it means that you're being shown content suitable for people from your country.

Which is the best site for scalping?

There are many websites offering scalping for cryptocurrencies, but our favorite is eToro. They allow crypto scalping for all pairs and allow you to select a suitable timeframe yourself.

Where can I find the top crypto gainers?

Where can I find the top crypto gainers? If you head to the main menu and hover over Crypto Toplists, there are multiple lists to choose from based on your preferences. Under Coins & Tokens you'll also see multiple toplists for things like NFT coins, new cryptocurrencies, the best altcoins, as well as the cheapest coins you can find.

Which cryptocurrency got the lowest market cap?

Many people like to monitor newly launched coins since they've got the lowest market cap. Since it’s a common request to trade with either cryptocurrencies with a high market cap or with a low one, we have toplists for both.

Evolution of cryptocurrencies

Crypto logos The type of cryptocurrency you might be interested to own, purchase, or sell depends on your risk profile and total portfolio of assets. Selecting the best blockchain also matters for your crypto assets' potential.

Everything changes over time and our hottest crypto listings are certainly no exception. So, make sure to visit Crypto Lists frequently to not miss out on any top crypto listings.

When cryptocurrencies were quite new, 5-10 years ago, there were not many places to invest. Today, there are crypto toplists for everything from market cap to the biggest gainers and losers to the newest coins, the most undervalued tokens, or the best stablecoins. It can be hard to find the right type of coins, especially if you're not super knowledgeable about what’s out there.
That’s exactly where comes in. We're here to bring smart thinking to crypto and speed the space's evolution. By explaining how the market is changing over time and which new cryptos are available, you can save time and get peace of mind.

In 2022, it’s estimated that at least 50 new crypto coins or tokens are listed every day. Here at Crypto Lists you'll only find the best of them. The crypto market is growing at rocket speed for it’s ultimately often a question of which ones you believe in the most. In the end, cryptocurrencies that don't adopt lower transaction fees and faster speeds will eventually disappear. Darwin’s theory of natural selection is still going strong, even for newly launched crypto tokens. They need to be competitive on all levels; from transaction costs to which chains you can connect with, along with 24/7 support and community buzz in order to increase in value.

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