Buy Bitcoin? A Full BTC Trading Guide

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During turbulent times in the crypto space, the discussions around whether to short sell or buy Bitcoin (BTC) intensifies.

Here, Crypto Lists will guide you to where you can buy Bitcoin (or sell it), how you can do it, all while giving you multiple pros and cons of buying BTC now.. It’s possible to buy Bitcoin using various different methods: spot trading, CFDs, ETFs, funds, futures, options and even ATMs are explored.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any questions missing that you’d like to get an answer to.

Which ways can you buy or sell BTC?

Depending on your preferences and experience, you can use an exchange, platform, CFD broker or DEX for your trading. Below is an description how each works, and their pros and cons.

Buy BTC with a platform

Crypto platforms allow users to buy Bitcoin in the most simple and intuitive way possible. While they are optimal for beginners because of the interface, usability and simplicity.

+ The easiest way to trade. Just press “buy” and hey presto… you’ve just bought some Bitcoin or other altcoins.
+ User friendly without the complicated vocabulary.
+ Quick and simple to sign up.
+ No hassle with limit orders.

– You can only go long. Note: You cannot go short on BTC on platforms.
– Less cryptocurrencies to buy compared to exchanges. They might not have Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or Bitcoin Gold (BTG) for example.
-Slightly higher commission and mark up fees when you purchase BTC than with exchanges. However, on Coinbase. there is an ‘Advanced Trade’ section that brings some advanced features to what is considered a beginners’ platform. And with this, lower fees.

Buy or sell with an exchange

Crypto exchanges allow the most advanced Bitcoin trading or investment experience. Apart from DEXs, no other types of crypto site have lower prices for Bitcoin when you’re looking to buy.

+ The lowest prices when you buy BTC.
+ Lowest spread between buy and sell price for Bitcoin.
+ Advanced trading features.

– Some of the exchanges are difficult to navigate, with features designed for advanced trading professionals.
– Not all exchanges are available in every country.
– Sometimes it’s difficult to tell where an exchange is regulated, or if it’s regulated at all. That’s why it’s always helpful to check our reviews to get a good overview before you sign up to one.

Buy Bitcoin with a broker

Most international crypto brokers offer leverage, even if that varies between countries. Skilling - Crypto Exchange PricingFor instance, in the U.S, regulated Bitcoin brokers do not offer any leverage to clients, while European and Asian CFD brokers provide leverage on Bitcoin positions. While most brokers in Europe and Asia provide spot trading with Bitcoin CFDs, North American crypto brokers only allow the sale of the pure asset or Bitcoin futures. That’s why it’s always worth reading a review or checking the individual site’s terms and conditions.

+ Brokers give experienced traders a big variety of options on how to trade Bitcoin, dependent on your location.
+ Signing up and trading can be done in less than 30 seconds on many broker sites.
+ Buying Bitcoin on Skilling for example has much lower spreads than many other sites, and with over 15 liquidity providers, you can be sure to get a quick execution on your Bitcoin orders.

– Brokers can be very advanced for beginners, making them difficult to navigate.
– The best features aren’t always available, particularly for customers in the United States
– On brokers outside of the US, you aren’t actually buying the real asset but a representation of it. This is classified as a deriviative or a CFD. On the other hand, you don’t need to worry about passwords and keys.

Buy Bitcoin with a DEX

Decentralized exchanges can be a superb way to buy or sell Bitcoin. The pioneers of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space wanted exchanges free from top-down interference, essentially a libertarian utopia. It’s fairly easy to make the case that buying Bitcoin on a decentralized exchange is the closest to this ‘Wild West’ philosophy. In addition, they also have an almost unlimited amount of pairings comapared to centralized exchanges. Among the biggest cons is lack of regulation and that you only can do deposits with crypto.

+ Almost unlimited amount of Bitcoin pairings with other cryptos.
+ Many argue that DEXs represent crypto trading in its purest form.
+ No middlemen involved.

– Most DEXs aren’t regulated at all, and have anonymous teams behind them. While this sticks to the original crypto principles, it can be risky.
– You cannot deposit with fiat into any DEX, so debit cards like Visa and Mastercard are not an option here.
– There can be lack of liquidity on multiple smaller DEXs.

How to buy Bitcoin? 170+ deposit options

There are over 170 different options to purchase Bitcoin from the comfort of your home. Below are some of the most common ones.
Globe with fiat currencies

Fiat to BTC

You can buy Bitcoin with fiat currencies such as Euro (EUR), US dollar (USD), Swedish krona (SEK), Norwegian krone (NOK), British sterling (GBP), Japanese yen (JPY), Australian dollar (AUD), Canadian dollar (CAD), Swiss franc (CHF), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), Singapore dollar (SGD), South Korean Won (KRW), Indian Rupee (INR), Mexican peso (MXN), New Zealand dollar (NZD), South African rand (ZAR), Brazilian real (BRL), Polish Zloty (PLN) and Russian ruble (RUB). Even more fiat options include Indonesian rupiah (IDR), Czech koruna (CZK), UAE Dirhamn (AED) and Phillipine peso (PHP).

Here are the top debit card methods used to purchase with traditional currencies:
Buy Bitcoin with Visa
Buy Bitcoin with Mastercard
Buy Bitcoin with UnionPay
Buy Bitcoin with Maestro

Crypto to BTC

Many people exchange other cryptocurrencies for Bitcoin, when they realise that it’s more stable than most other options. Two of the most traded cryptos are Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin (ETH), and entusiasts love to compare the strength of both.

Payment processors to BTC

All serious payment processors accept purchases with Bitcoin. Our five favourite are:
Mercuryo is a payment processor founded by eastern Europeans. Crypto exchanges such as Binance, OKX, Kucoin, MEXC Global and Gate IO offer fiat to Bitcoin purchases with Mercuryo. They have good exchange rates for fiat (USD, GBP, EUR or RUB) to Bitcoin and offer a quick and simple way to invest. Their fees are 2.95% when selling BTC and 3.95% when buying Bitcoin. The minimum commission is 4 USD or 3 GBP or 4 EUR or 50 RUB.

Banxa: xx.

Moonpay’s slogan is “crypto just got easy“. But is Moonpay really easier than other fiat to crypto payment processors? No, we think it’s about the same. But it’s definetely a both fast, inutitive and simple way for buying Bitcoin. As a bonus, Moonpay also process NFT .

BTC Direct:


Buy or sell Bitcoin?

Reasons to go short in Bitcoin

Reasons for going long in Bitcoin

+ Many industry experts predict enormous price increases for Bitcoin over the long term. Some even predict the scarcity aspect of Bitcoin’s fixed total supply means one day we could see $1m per coin.
+ Bitcoin is the original crypto and the primary store of value in the space. Despite many predicting the dominance of BTC being surpassed by others, at this present moment that seems unlikely. Bitcoin dictates the market.

Where to buy BTC?

Before deciding where to buy Bitcoin, it’s worth considering your time horisont and nature of the purchase. Is the BTC purchase a long-term investment? Then an exchange or platform would be suitable. Is it rather a short term and speculative trade? Then a bitcoin broker could be a better option, since they are created for day traders where graphs, news, high liquidity and got leverage. Below is an array (XXXX?) of various instruments that can be used.

Instruments to buy Bitcoin with

There are quite a few options out there, ranging from …. Below we go through all the major instruments that can be used to buy Bitcoin, and some of them can also be used for shorting BTC.

Bitcoin spot trading

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Bitcoin CFD


Bitcoin ETF

stadsv sdfasdf.

Bitcoin Futures

Both long and short positions are allowed here.

Bitcoin Options

Buy option
Sell option.

Bitcoin ATMs

Not really an instrument, and this option is only available for those that are looking to cash in on their Bitcoin holdings.

How quick can I purchase Bitcoin?

It can range from seconds to minutes, depending on which site and deposit method you use – and where you live. Since Crypto Lists is using geotargeting, you will always see relevant sites where you can buy Bitcoin from the comfort of your home. Sites that are not allowed in a certain region will be blurred out from the toplists.

Lowest Spread for BTC?


Analysts Price Predictions for Bitcoin

Mention a few positive, and a few that is more negative (that are more into other coins/tokens).


Buying Bitcoin FAQ

Some of the most frequently asked questions related to purchases of the most traded cryptocurrency can be found below:

Can I buy a fraction of Bitcoin?

Yes, you do not have to buy a full bitcoin. You can even purchase 10 dollars worth of Bitcoin on some sites (such as XXX and YYY).

Famous Bitcoin transactions

+ Buying pizza with Bitcoin – the most expensive pizza ever?
+ The first house in Portugal that’s bought with BTC.
+ Buying a car with Bitcoin… Yes, you can buy a Tesla with BTC, or with Dogecoin for that matter.
+ Buy gold with BTC – If you are looking for a fairly stable asset that has proven it’s value over time, then buying gold for some of your Bitcoin can be an option..

Can I buy Bitcoin without an exchange?

Yes, you can either go with a DEX – if you already have cryptocurrencies that you are prepared to exchange, or you can use a platform (more simple form) or you can buy Bitcoin CFDs from a broker. You can also buy directly from a payment processor such as xxxxx.

Is it possible to buy Bitcoin without ID?

Non licenses crypto exchanges will not ask for an ID, at least not before a certain limit – such as a few thousands dollars. Still, the risk is way higher that such a company goes bankrupt (like FTX) so Crypto Lists always recommend to provide your ID and buy crypto assets from exchanges and crypto sites that are regulated in trustworthy jurisdictions, such as U.S, Dubai and Europe.

Can I Buy Bitcoin through Fidelity?


Is it smart to buy Bitcoin through Revolut?

Not really..

Can I buy Bitcoin anonymously?
+ BTC, contrary to popular belief is actually very safe and secure. All transactions are stored on a global ledger made up of sealed blocks. Hence, blockchain. For genuine anonymity there are privacy-focused coins such as Monero (XLM)

Can I Buy Bitcoin From PayPal?

Only only if you lives in the U.S at the moment..?

Which government has bought the most BTC?

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Buy or Short Bitcoin? Best Sites To Buy BTC, Any Instruments
Buy or Short Bitcoin? Best Sites To Buy BTC, All Instruments

Full BTC Trading Guide

Bitcoin purchase
buying Bitcoin
Is Bitcoin a good deal now?
What influence Bitcoin prices?
deal / good buy / good deal
good value.

buying bitcoin app
buy bitcoin with apple pay? yes its possible..
buying bitcoin every month / week / etc… –> must have some good info/conversion for that.

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