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Brett (BASED) (BRETT) Review (8.4/10⭐)

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Brett is one of the new meme coins based around fun and a sense of community. Since its launch in February 2024, the comic-based token has gained attention in the crypto world with a huge rise in value. The coin has yet to get utility functions out there but serves as a good investment, at least in the short term. Join us as we explore the coin and its features.
BRETT/USD (-3.12%)
July 19, 2024, 6:37 am [UTC]

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BRETT is a memecoin that is created on the Base blockchain. The memecoin is based on Matt Furies Boy’s Club and looks like Pepe the frog. This project is built on the Ethereum network but runs its transactions independently. There are 10 billion coins in circulation, most of which are available to the general public.

The creators of the coin renounced ownership. This means that the power to make changes to the token and project lies with community members. Additionally, users of the coin may enjoy increases in value in the future as the price of the token moves up. Besides, Base may enable it to be used across chains.


A Bit About Brett (BASED)

Based Brett (BRETT) is a token based on the Base network. The memecoin is inspired by a character that looks like its mascot on Matt Furie’s Boy’s Club. It has earned the name Pepe’s Best Friend on Base for becoming the largest meme coin by market capitalization on this network.

While the details of the creator are scanty, it is believed that Matt Furie, the mind behind Pepe, another successful memecoin, created Brett. Like Pepe, the team behind BRETT created it for fun. However, since the character was popular and had a community, the memecoin got off very fast. Members of the community can use the coin for purchases within the ecosystems, and everyone else can invest in it with the hope that the value will go up in the future, as witnessed in the short run.

Hilarious and based BASE meme coin to partner Pepe!CryptoLists.com

The BRETT token is built into the Base chain. Base Chain is a layer 2 blockchain that is built with Ethereum and created by Coinbase. Since it is based on the Ethereum blockchain, it runs parallel to it, although it processes the transactions independently. These transactions made on Based are then rolled up and posted on the Ethereum chain.

This memecoin has a mascot that looks like a frog and has a blue body. The mascot is the official graphic of the cryptocurrency and the face of the project. Additionally, its ecosystem supports NFTs and spin-offs from the main mascot character. As explained above, the point of having the memecoin is to have fun, invest, and create a community with shared goals. So NFTs and fun-based graphics are welcome.

The owner of BRETT has renounced the contract. This means that he cannot manipulate the code to create more coins, mint additional ones, or access funds stored in the ecosystem. The future of the coin is in the hands of the community members. With Base’s compatibility with other chains, BRETT may someday grow into crossovers with NFT collections, DApps, and related projects.

There are 10 billion coins in circulation. 85% of the coins provide liquidity for the Brett system and were only locked for 35 days. 10% went to the development of ecosystems, while 5% went to the exchange.


Utility of Brett (BASED)?

Like many other memecoins, BRETT does not have real-world usage functions. It is meant to provide fun to members of the community and allow them to make cash from the value of their coins. Currently, users can exchange coins on the Base network, enjoy graphics, and have fun.

Coin holders enjoy various benefits from the token. To start with, this token has seen a rapid increase in value since its launch. So, users have the chance to make extra cash from holding cash. Second, there are opportunities for additional features in the future, including cross-chain exchanges and support for DApps. Besides, the token may transform into a utility coin in the future.

Brett (BASED) Price details

BASE Contract address: 0x532f27101965dd16442e59d40670faf5ebb142e4
›› Details & Tokenomics

Very speculative and theoretical potential data
Last updated: July 19, 2024, 6:37 am
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Advantages of Brett (BASED)

+ BRETT has been growing rapidly in value since its introduction
+ The memecoin is safe and secure, as it is built on Ethereum
+ The BASE network allows for cheap token transactions
+ There is room for more developments, like DApps and gaming
+ BRETT is available on leading cryptocurrency exchanges like Kucoin listed below


- The memecoin has little real-world use besides being fun
- BRETT is relatively new and not time-tested
- This coin has a relatively high transaction cost
- The community behind the project is still in its infancy
- BRETT has not fully explored the available opportunities on the BASE network


▪ Rated at 8/10

The cost of sending BRETT is about 3% of the amount transacted. This is lower than the charges you would incur to send a similar amount via the Ethereum network. However, like any other blockchain, the fee amount is impacted by congestion in the network. There has not been a spike in transactional costs in the last three months.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 8/10
▪ Buzz rated at 9.5/10

When BRETT was launched, there was little fanfare surrounding it. However, after it hit most cryptocurrency exchanges in early March, the value started shooting rapidly and did not slow. Since this time, the token has been performing well. Its market cap is now well over 403 million dollars. These price trends have played a pivotal role in enhancing its value.

This popularity has also brought in large numbers of coin holders and created a respectable trading volume. The coin also made history as the first memecoin on the Base blockchain to be listed on Coinbase. Its growth is expected to continue, at least in the near future.



What is a memecoin?

A memecoin is a token based on a specific character, meme, idea, or individual. This coin is generally meant to be fun and to create an environment of sharing. In the case of BRETT, the creators had the goal of bringing more users on board. The community has a say in matters regarding the growth of the project as well as the direction that it takes in the future.

What is a renounced contract?

A renounced contract is a case where the creator of the coin relinquishes control over the project. This is meant to ensure that no individual has the ability to manipulate the project or steal money from the contract. In the crypto world, renounced contracts ensure that the community has the ability to drive the agenda of the project forward.


History of Brett (BASED)

February 2024 – BRETT is formed. The new coin uses a blue frog mascot as its icon. This coin represents fun and ease of transaction.

March 2024 – BRETT is listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. A list of the cryptocurrency exchanges where it is listed is available on the official website.

May 2024 – BRETT posted over 100% in growth in price since the launch of the project.

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Screenshots from Brett (BASED)

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Brett (BASED) details and tokenomics

Brett (BASED) Ticker: BRETT
BASE Contract address: 0x532f27101965dd16442e59d40670faf5ebb142e4
Type of crypto: base-token
Resources & Social media
🔗Blockchain URL: https://basescan.org
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