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BitKong Coin (KONG) Review (9/10⭐)

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BitKong Coin is an ERC-20 smart coin created and run by BitKong Casino. This is a native coin from BitKong Casino, which offers provably fair games. The coin offers players an enriching gaming experience and access to various rewards in the casino. The smart contract-enabled token is built on the Polygon, Binance, and Ethereum networks. It uses cutting-edge technology to offer various use cases within the gaming ecosystem. It can also be exchanged for fiat money on any of the exchanges that work with the above blockchains. Play on BitKong now!

Visitor Consensus on BitKong Coin Today
Positive: 53.13%Negative: 46.87%
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BitKong Coin is a staking rewards coin offered by BitKong Casino. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain but works across various ecosystems, including Polygon and Binance. Users of the coin get a part of the 50% house edge that is offered by the casino. You can play with the coin at this casino and at several others, like Luckydice and Simpledice.

This is a smart coin-enabled coin, so it can be used to run smart contracts in other ecosystems beyond the casino. In addition, the coin can be cashed into fiat money on crypto exchanges such as BitForex and Uniswap v2.


A Bit About BitKong Coin

KONG is a primary staking coin on BitKong Casino. The coin is used for staking on games on the site, along with native coins like Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash. You can buy the coin with any of the coins accepted on the casino or using fiat money. The buy option is available on the casino site.

This coin was developed by BitKong Casino as a way of rewarding its users. Users of the coin take home a part of the house edge that the casino earns each month, giving them additional income above their gaming activities.

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BitKong Coin (KONG) is an ERC-20 smart coin that works on the Ethereum blockchain. It uses Ethereum protocols and security features for projects and transactions. ERC-20 is a standard for creating and issuing smart contracts on this site. This feature enables the casino to provide rewards for staking on the website games.

KONG works like any other native coin in the casino. You can use it to stake on games, claim bonuses, and activate other features on the casino. In addition, you can store it on the Polygon and Binance blockchains in addition to Ethereum. You can also buy it with any of the coins that operate on these blockchains.


Utility of BitKong Coin?

BitKong Coin is primarily used by gamers on Simpledice, Luckydice, and BitKong casinos to stake and wager on various games. They can buy these coins on participating cryptocurrency exchanges or right on the casino website.

Holders of these coins enjoy a slice of the staking rewards offered by the casino off its house edge. Therefore, they can earn even when not playing casino games.

Besides, they can earn from the increase in the price of the coin at the participating crypto currency exchanges.

BitKong Coin Price details

ETH Contract address: 0xC9Fe9a2FC53c845F60f44f52b2Ee8fe856f86dF0
›› Details & Tokenomics

Advantages of BitKong Coin

+ BitKong Coin works on multiple blockchains: Polygon, Binance, and Ethereum, which ensure smooth operations and keep transaction costs low.
+ KONG users on BitKong Casino get staking rewards from the website each month as it shares part of its house edge with holders.
+ The BitKong Coin can be used to unlock all paid features and bonuses on BitKong Casino, thereby enhancing the gaming experience.
+ KONG coin is an ERC-20 coin that can be used to create smart contracts outside the BitKong Casino ecosystem, such as raising funds.
+ BitKong coin is accepted in other casinos beside BitKong, such as Simpledice and Luckydice, which is convenient for players who would like to try games on other casinos.


- BitKong coin is primarily a staking coin and is used less outside of the gaming environment than most of the other native cryptocurrencies.
- The KONG coin has not been growing rapidly in value, so it cannot be used as an investment for those who do not want to stake
- KONG is not available on many of the major crypto exchanges, as it is only trading on BitForex and Uniswap v2.
- You need to be a gamer and active in any of the casinos that use KONG to enjoy its benefits.
- While BitKong is a reputable casino, there is always a risk that the coin will cease if the casino closes its doors.


▪ Rated at 9/10

The cost of transacting with KONG varies depending on the blockchain that you are using. On Polygon, the costs of transactions are usually less than 0.1% of the transaction amount. BNB has even lower costs of between 0.05% and 0.1%. Ethereum has higher costs, up to about 2% of the amount transacted.

You can choose the blockchain on which to transact with KONG depending on the costs and your preferences. Transaction costs on all these blockchains may fluctuate, but not greatly.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 9/10
▪ Buzz rated at 9/10

BitKong Casino, which operates KONG and its ecosystem, is a reputable crypto casino. For over seven years, it has built a name for the quality of its games, transparency, and availability of many games. It has also grown a huge following and a community of gamers. This community has been key to ensuring the growth of KONG.

Therefore, while KONG is not very popular in the general crypto market, it has a huge community within the gaming market. We expect that more casinos will adopt it in the near future, thereby increasing its market base and users.



Where can I buy KONG?

The most popular place to buy KONG is on BitKong Casino. Here, you can buy the coin with cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Binance, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum, among others. You can also buy the coins with fiat money using the buy option on the casino.

On the other hand, you can buy coins on Simpledice and Luckydice casinos. Those who do not want to play at casinos can buy it at BitForex and Uniswap v2 cryptocurrency exchanges.

Where do I use the BitKong Coin?

KONG is primarily a staking rewards coin used on BitKong, Luckydice, and Simpledice casinos. You can use it for staking or wagering on different titles on the casino. You can also use it as a store value on your cryptocurrency wallet. Finally, it can also be used to create smart contracts as it is an ERC-20 coin.


History of BitKong Coin

May 2023 – BitKong Casino establishes KONG cryptocurrency and its blockchain. It aims to make it a staking coin that is available across various ecosystems.

June 2023 – BitKong Coin starts to operate on Polygon and Binance Smart Networks in addition to Ethereum. This gives users more freedom to transact in the ecosystems that they prefer.

July 2023 - KONG is now accepted in Luckydice and Simpledice casinos. Here, players enjoy staking rewards, just as with BitKong Casino. All other features of the coin are available to holders.

September 2023 – KONG coin starts to trade on BitForex and Uniswap v2. Would-be holders that do not want to play casino games can buy them on these cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Screenshots from BitKong Coin

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BitKong Coin details and tokenomics

BitKong Coin Ticker: KONG
ETH Contract address: 0xC9Fe9a2FC53c845F60f44f52b2Ee8fe856f86dF0
BNB Contract address: 0xC9Fe9a2FC53c845F60f44f52b2Ee8fe856f86dF0
MATIC Contract address: 0xC9Fe9a2FC53c845F60f44f52b2Ee8fe856f86dF0
Type of crypto: ethereum-token
Circulating supply: 94,000,000
Resources & Social media
🔗Blockchain URL: https://polygonscan.com

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