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Exceedme (XED) Review (8/10⭐)

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Gaming has always been a pastime activity for many people. Those that earn from it do so from winnings, endorsements, and advertisements. Exceedme changes this by enabling gamers to earn coins for their gaming efforts. It is a blockchain-powered tournament site that helps players monetize their skills and XED is the coin.

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Exceedme (XED) is essentially a gaming currency. It enables players to earn cash from their gaming skills through competitions and the sale of digital gaming merchandise such as skins and NFTs. It works with play-to-earn networks to give players a chance to earn from various options in the gaming marketplace. XED can also be mined with various activities or earned as players enjoy their favorite titles.

The cost of transacting in XED varies according to the exchange you are looking at. However, it oscillates between 0.1% and 0.2%. This initiative has received positive responses from stakeholders in both the gaming and crypto trading communities.


A Bit About Exceedme

Exceedme (XED) can be described as a blockchain-powered tournament. The vision of its developers is to create a trusted and fair play-to-earn network. It has tools for everyone in the gaming ecosystem, including developers and organizers, so that each of them can make cash from their efforts.

This innovative idea was started by gamers who wanted to enable everyone to get paid for their efforts. The team is led by Nuno Fernandes, an experienced dealmaker who has made over 1 billion dollar in closings. Its chief strategy officer, Francisco Varela, is the founder of the first exclusive gaming gear site. Exceedme also has brand ambassadors who are renowned game players, such as Ricrado Pachero, a FOX CS:GO player.

The token, XED, is available for earning and mining through gaming activities. Gamers are paid with this currency, which is the native token of the blockchain. This blockchain also uses the token for staking purposes and governance.


Exceedme is a blockchain-powered gaming solution that is paired with a trusted play-to-earn solution to enable players to enjoy their favorite games for a profit. Besides, they can challenge opponents and level up for cash. Other ways that players can earn XED include engagement, NFT prizes for winning tournaments, and earning cash for betting on the outcome of a game.

This website also has a matchmaking mechanism where players can find and play against others of a similar level to earn stakes. The XED that players earn can be used to level up and unlock higher levels of the game of interest. Additionally, the gaming solution is game-agnostic. This means it acts as a single point of access where players can engage in different games, such as LOL, CS:GO, and decentralized games.

XED is an ERC-20 token that is the native token for the blockchain and the means of payments. It is based on such blockchains as Polygon, Ethereum, and BSC. Players earn XED from tournaments and other activities. It works on different blockchains within the gaming environment, including Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon. Exceedme plans to launch the solution on Polkadot in the near future.


Utility of Exceedme?

XED is primarily a gaming currency. This is the currency with which players monetize their gaming skills, earn from the activity, and unlock more features in their favorite titles. The coin can also be exchanged with others across various cryptocurrency exchanges that host it. Additionally, players can use the coin to make purchases on any website that accepts these coins or play games on any gaming service where the coins are accepted.

There are different benefits that come to the holders of the coins. First, the coin offers players a chance to earn from their gaming escapades. These coins also enable players to unlock higher levels in their favorite games. Additionally, XED enables easy transactions across the gaming community for goods and services.

Exceedme Price details

ETH Contract address: 0xee573a945b01b788b9287ce062a0cfc15be9fd86
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Advantages of Exceedme

+ Exceedme allows players to earn from their gaming skills
+ The gaming solution has a UK gambling operating license
+ XED can be used to unlock higher levels in specific games
+ Exceedme is a single gaming point with access to tens of quality games that can be monetized
+ XED has had a good run trading on various cryptocurrency networks


- XED is a niche coin best used by gamers
- Most of the gaming sites have not started to use XED as one of the accepted cryptocurrencies
- Mining XED is still an energy-intensive activity
- The cost of transacting in XED is quite high compared to others, like Solana
- XED may face inflationary pressure in the future if no burning is scheduled


▪ Rated at 9.5/10

The cost of transacting with XED is about 0.1% to 0.2%. It depends on the cryptocurrency exchange you are looking at. Check with your cryptocurrency exchange for the exact cost. However, depositing cash on any of the cryptocurrency exchanges is free. A point to note is that 50% of the fees charged during tournaments go to the organizer of the event.

Remember, the prices may vary depending on the congestion of the network you are looking at. While the cost may be a little high, it is within the reasonable limits of the internet. The fee is also lower than what most online fiat payment methods charge for similar-value transactions.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 8.5/10
▪ Buzz rated at 7.5/10

Exceedme has been received positively in both the crypto and gaming worlds. In the gaming world, it provides players with a chance to earn from gaming. Second, it gives them a chance to sell gaming assets like NFTs and skins, especially in the CS:GO gaming franchise.

One thing that has shown that the coin has received high exposure is the trading volume. As of now, 91,430,976 XED is already circulating around the world. Its market cap stands at 1.87%.



What are some ways I can earn XED?

You can earn XED in several ways. First, you may earn the coins by mining through the methods outlined on the white paper. Second, you may sell NFTs and skins on the gaming website for money. You may also take part in tournaments and competitions for jackpots and other earnings specified by the organizers.

Where can I buy XED?

XED is available for sale on such crypto currency exchanges as Binance, Kucoin, and Kraken. You may get it in other exchanges not on the list. The price of a transaction varies from one exchange to another.


History of Exceedme

February 2021 – Exceedme is formed by a team led by entrepreneurs Nuno Fernandes and Francisco Varela. Both of them are passionate economists who are looking for opportunities for gamers.

October 2021 – Exceedme starts the tournaments service, where individuals can organize tournaments and earn from them. It builds on already-developed game competition modes.

May 2022 - The gaming blockchain starts the NFTs and Skins Trading service. Players can now earn from selling their skins or NFTs on CS:GO and other game communities built within the ecosystem.

December 2023 – Exceedme reveals plans to launch their token on Polakdot. Players will access several benefits, including cheaper transactions and a less congested network.

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Exceedme details and tokenomics

Exceedme Ticker: XED
ETH Contract address: 0xee573a945b01b788b9287ce062a0cfc15be9fd86
BNB Contract address: 0x5621b5a3f4a8008c4ccdd1b942b121c8b1944f1f
MATIC Contract address: 0x2fe8733dcb25bfbba79292294347415417510067
Type of crypto: ethereum-token
Circulating supply: 91,396,691
Max supply: 100,000,000
Resources & Social media
🔗Blockchain URL: https://etherscan.io
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