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There have been some really big winners on two new crypto casinos in the end of May and beginning of June, 2024.

The lucky North American, German and Scandinavian crypto casino players managed to cash in 2.571 BTC (on Wall Street Memes Casino) and 110 000 USDT (on Zix Casino) over a period of 2 weeks. But which games did they play to make it this big? How much did they use to get started? Find out all the nitty gritty details from the huge winners on those fairly new Bitcoin casinos that’s worth to learn more about.

A 86 000 USDT win on Zix Casino

One really lucky North American player won 86 000 USDT on the 6th of June, 2024. He was playing multiple online slots and crash games on Zix Casino’s official website, one of the better rated Bitcoin casinos with a 3-step welcome bonus worth 5000 USDT and found the site on Crypto Lists. On the 7th of June, a Scandinavian player won 24 000 USDT on The Dog House Megaways. So in total, two players finding Zix Casino (see review) from Crypto Lists had two really lucky days..

It seems to be genuine high rollers since the following days, one of the players lost 11 000 USDT but obviously still have a positive balance.

3 Games that big winners played on Zix Casino

We discussed with our partner manager and reviewed all games on Zix Casino. The Dog House Megaways from Pragmatic Play The conclusion is the following:

The biggest winner in June so far, the guy that won 86 000 USDT, he played on The Dog House (not the Megaways version as the other winner). He used The Megaways slot from Pragmatic Play have 117649 ways to win (!) and over 96% RTP. Many of the biggest winners lately seem to use bonus buys in order to win those big Bitcoin wins.

Same was true for the second bigger winner, that was taking home 24 000 USDT on The Dog House Megaways. However, he also lost 11 000 USDT but was still positive 13k for his game play.

The first player that won over 80k he also made some significant wins over 5000 USDT on Triple Cash or Crash. Visit Zix Casino to learn more about all their games and give it a try, you’ll probably love what they have to offer.

A 2.57 BTC winner on WSM Casino

Four days in a row, a North American player from a major city saw massive wins on WSM Casino (see review). However, it’s worth to notice that he also put in significant amounts of Bitcoin during his lucky rounds. Here is the game play in detail:

27/5, 2024: 0.0817 BTC (5502 USDT*) deposit. He won 0.363 BTC (24,429 USDT*) on Lightning Blackjack from Evolution.

28/5, 2024: 0.265 BTC (17,860 USDT*) deposit. The lucky and determined player won 0.824 BTC (55,444 USDT*) on Evolution’s Lightning Blackjack.

29/5, 2024: 0.225 BTC (15,147 USDT*) deposit. He continues to win, this time 0.769 BTC (51,727 USDT*) and he keeps playing the electrifying live dealer game from Evolution, where you can multiple the odds by 2x, 5x, 8x, 10x, 15x, 20x or even 25x.

30/5, 2024: 0.129 BTC (8696 USDT*) deposit. He won 0.615 BTC (41,411 USDT*) – once again on Lightning Roulette from the Scandinavian stock-listed brand called Evolution.

Total winnings over 4 days: 2.571 BTC (174,117 USDT*).
Total deposits over 4 days: 0.7 BTC (47,406 USDT*).
Total winnings after deducting the deposits: 1.871 BTC (126,710 USDT*).

*Note: The Bitcoin to USDT conversion shown in brackets was made the 13th of June, 2024.

What the big winner played on Wall Street Memes Casino

The big winner only played one live casino game. List of Lightning Live Casino Games on WSM Casino You gotta have your own favourites right? While one of my own favourites is Lightning Roulette, this lucky guy went for a game of skill instead of a game of luck.

The only game he played for 4 straight days was Lightning Blackjack from Evolution. Instead of only relying on luck, he played the lightning version of blackjack from Evolution. This way, he did hit some Lightning numbers giving him 5x and 10x the winning amount thanks to the electric numbers involved. So in some ways, this skill based live card game also has an element of luck.

Even if Wall Street Memes Casino (see review) has a maximum monthly withdrawal limit of 500,000 USDT, the player kept playing Lightning Blackjack and kept winning. Lovely to see some really lucky guys going home with over 3x more than they deposited. Not a customer yet? Check out Wall Street Memes Casino’s Website and give it a try.

Conclusion from the big BTC casino winners

Some say that you need to play big to win big on the best Bitcoin Casinos. While it’s not necessarily always like that, it often helps the cause but might also increases the risk to loose more than if you play smaller.

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