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Today, Ron S will compare two of the newest Bitcoin casinos around – Lucky Max and GOAT Casino.

I’m not exactly new to the online casino sector. In fact, I’ve been actively involved since as far back as the early 2000s; a time when Joe Biden still possessed spatial recognition skills.

I’ve also come across more than my fair share of “sure things” over the years, only to be left disappointed. Still, I keep the faith, and am always eager to provide you with my two cents when new Bitcoin casino brands are launched. I’ve recently taken the time to research Lucky Max Casino (review) and GOAT Casino (review). Let’s see what makes each new purple crypto casino site unique, and if one might be a better option than the other.

A Breath of (Anonymous) Fresh Air?

I should begin by mentioning that both of these are crypto-friendly casinos. This also signifies that both are completely anonymous, right? Well, yes and no. While Lucky Max and GOAT employ the latest security protocols to ensure your safety, GOAT is unique in the fact that you won’t be asked to perform a KYC verification when registering. This might be a pivotal factor if you want to keep personal details behind closed doors. Still, I’m just as confident in the fact that Lucky Max hasn’t skimped on their privacy protocols.

First Impressions Matter

I’m not talking about the layout of the websites themselves (you can check these out for yourself). Goat Casino's popular games I’m instead referring to what new players can enjoy immediately after registering. Lucky Max Casino and GOAT Casino have put together some offers that had me salivating from the start. Here’s a quick summary of each:

Lucky Max: A welcome package offering more than 4,000 USDT alongside 350 free spins. Visit Lucky Max to learn more.

GOAT Casino: A 100% matched reward for up to 1 BTC (as well as a handful of other tokens). Visit GOAT Casino to learn more.

I won’t spend too much time dwelling on the finer points, as the boys and girls at Crypto Lists have put together comprehensive reviews of both casino promotions (hint, hint). I’d recommend taking a closer look. You can also wrap your head around their existing promotional packages. See the Lucky Max review here, or the Goat Casino review here.

To Fiat or not to Fiat? That is the Question

Lucky Max and GOAT are crypto-friendly casinos, so you won’t have any problems making transfers with common tokens such as BTC and Litecoin. Lucky Max Casino SlotsHowever, I should point out that Lucky Max also supports fiat methods (including credit cards and bank transfers). Each casino site tends to process transactions extremely fast, and GOAT instantly accepts a huge range of crypto deposits. Although you’ll still need to wait when requesting a withdrawal from either, funds will normally hit your account within a few hours of the initial request.

Getting Jiggy with Casino Games

Lucky Max Casino and Goat Casino are definitely ahead of the pack when it comes to the variety of games that players can access. I found more than 9,500 titles at Lucky Max while GOAT came in at a respectable second place with just over 7,000 options. To be perfectly honest, even well-established casinos can sometimes find it difficult to top these numbers.

I can nonetheless say with a fair amount of confidence that GOAT Casino has a leg up on Lucky Max at the moment when discussing their lineup of crypto (crash) games. You might already be familiar with red-hot hits such as Aero, Turbo Plinko, Vortex, and Crash X. Although Lucky Max provides a handful of options, I feel that they’ve yet to fully capitalize upon a wider range of crash games. I’m hoping that more will be added to their selection in the not-so-distant future. Digital fingers crossed.

Regional Access

One of the few situations that cause my blood to curdle involves coming across a great casino only to realize that it’s blocked in my region. Thankfully, I didn’t encounter any issues with GOAT Casino. On the other hand, you might not be able to access Lucky Max without a VPN. Although this is par for the course throughout the online casino community, it can still cause real issues if you have your heart set on a specific brand. So if you like worldwide access, GOAT Casino wins.

Which One Did I Choose?

At the end of the day, I elected to register with GOAT Casino. Two primary reasons were behind this decision:

Unlike Lucky Max, GOAT Casino wasn’t blocked in my region.

GOAT Casino didn’t require a KYC verification when signing up for an account.

However, note that these are personal preferences, and Lucky Max still has a lot going for it; especially when discussing their stellar selection of the latest games. Do you agree with this review? Don’t be a stranger. Feel free to chime in and to give me your side of the coin.

by Our Two Certified Authors
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