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Below you can find the most recent Crypto Lists news posts about Ethereum.

10 months ago
One year ago, the original Ethereum Mainnet merged with the proof-of-stake blockchain known as the Beacon Chain. Since ...
12 months ago
As one of the most promising and innovative blockchain technologies, Ethereum has long made waves in the cryptocurrency ...
1 year ago
Following directly on the heels of The Merge, Ethereum has just completed anothermajor upgrade. Known both as the ...
2 years ago
Bitcoin pioneered the cryptocurrency journey in 2009 to achieve decentralized finance. Its goal was to facilitate the peer-to-peer ...
2 years ago
Ethereum (or Ether) is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. It’s retained that second spot for many years ...
2 years ago
Although it’s difficult for some traders to admit, the crypto markets have been battered over the past 12 ...
2 years ago
With governments and Big Tech becoming more heavy handed with their control over the flow of ideas, how ...
2 years ago
After a somewhat lengthy bearish period, Ethereum could very well be coming out of hibernation and entering into ...
2 years ago
There had been significant anticipation in the cryptocurrency industry concerning Ethereum. The hype led to much speculation about ...
2 years ago
Traditional email does not satisfy its Web 3 customers regarding communication. With phishing attacks, spam, and privacy concerns, ...

    3 Ethereum casinos to rake back those Ether losses on!3 Ethereum casinos to rake back those Ether losses on!
    Thursday, 25 Jul 2024 11:12 am
    So, today we are all about those amazing Ethereum casinos (toplist) and it's an opportune time to mention them since there's been an ETH ETF approval this week but curiously Ether (ETH) is down over the past two days. And, as anybody knows playing a little with your crypto is a great way to rake back those losses and turn them into gains. We've got LTC Casino with it's zero-IP logging and zero KYC. Then there's Goat Casino where you can get 1 BTC (20 ETH) bonus and also has no KYC. Last but not least, if you're after a 65,000 USDT (21 ETH) you should consider Cryptorino. Whichever one you choose, it's certain to be a good choice with super fast sign up...
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    Ethereum Foundation under investigationEthereum Foundation under investigation
    Wednesday, 20 Mar 2024 5:39 pm
    The Swiss based non-profit organisation with a website looking like you arrived in paradise, Ethereum Foundation, is now under investigation by a state. The organisation stands behind the Ethereum network (ERC-20), which is still the seconds largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Since mainly the U.S investigate those things in-depth, it's Crypto Lists main guess that SEC is investigating this matter in detail. It should be noted that Eric Balchunas from Bloomberg estimate the odds of an Ethereum ETF approval in May to be less than 35%, and that was before the investigation. After, Crypto Lists guess is even lower. But it's mainly Bitcoin that rule the crypto market and get the other coins and tokens to follow. So if you're into ETH, please be cautious. Maybe it's way more fun - to play than to run (to the news) - and see what happened to ETH. Try BetPanda Casino if you feel for relaxing in front of a global and NO KYC casino site. Alternatively, check out ETH Play is you want to play on a...
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    ETH Casino sees big inflows after Ether price dropETH Casino sees big inflows after Ether price drop
    Tuesday, 19 Mar 2024 8:33 pm
    After Ether briefly hitting 4000 USDT a week ago, the price fell quickly to 3310 USDT when writing this. Many casino players and investors are worried that ETH will continue to fall further and rather play on some of the best Ethereum casinos around. Since big ETH investors often like to stay incognito, 100% anonymous crypto casinos such as the highly trusted and top ranked ETH Play and the fast and fast rising ETH Casino are out two...
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    Ether (ETH) deposits up: time to try a top Ethereum casino?Ether (ETH) deposits up: time to try a top Ethereum casino?
    Tuesday, 19 Mar 2024 1:45 pm
    The team here at Crypto Lists has noticed something pretty interesting: more and more people are using Ether (ETH) as a deposit method on a variety of crypto casinos. Perhaps this is an indication toward a possible Ethereum ETF approval or disapproval, since we saw with Bitcoin similar play fluctuations. Moreover, as the price of crypto assets dips in preparation for the halving event perhaps people are deciding to play more? We're not sure of the reasons, but thought it might be a good time to recommend a good Ethereum casino (see all) to you fine friends of ours. How about trying ETH Play (review), where you can use Ether but also other coins too! No KYC, no IP tracking, and complete anonymity guaranteed. Sign up now and see where the...
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    Crypto Lists reach 400 ETH CasinosCrypto Lists reach 400 ETH Casinos
    Thursday, 29 Feb 2024 12:49 am
    If you're into spending and having fun for your Ether (ETH) rather than saving all of them, then you arrived at the right place. Quite a few ETH traders and HODL'ers got a bit worried yesterday after the quick rise and the sell off shortly after. While ETH is always one of the most talked about cryptocurrencies, it's also great to use on crypto casino sites. Today, we reached 400 gambling sites accepting Ether (ETH) for deposits. It's time for celebration and some suggestions what to consider. If you're looking for the newest ETH casinos, then BetFree (see review) is the one to read up about. When it comes to the best new ETH casinos launched in the last 3 months, it's a tough match between ETH Play and Pairadice. For the best ETH casinos overall, among the 400 reviews we done - we suggest that you try out LTC Casino that never disappoints with their 100% No KYC and instant withdrawals...
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