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Crypto exchanges accept a wide range of deposit methods, and you will inevitably find some unusual options. Perhaps you have some money on Paypal that can be used to buy Bitcoin. Maybe you received a gift card from Amazon, that rather could be used to buy cryptocurrency on a reputable exchange.

In this piece, we will look at some of the most unusual funding methods to get started with crypto. Crypto Lists assume that you have not heard of at least three of the below payment options for some of the leading crypto exchanges.

Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon gift cards are vouchers that are pre-loaded with Amazon Gift Cardscash and sent out via email. The recipient of the gift certificate can use it to purchase items on Amazon, and they can also choose to convert the funds to an Amazon Pay balance. If you want to purchase cryptocurrencies with Amazon gift cards, you will have to choose the payment method from the list of banking options. After that, you can browse through the available offers and choose one that satisfies you. Once you complete the transfer, the cryptocurrencies will be added to your wallet. Check out the top list of crypto sites accepting Amazon Gift Cards for funding here. Alternatively, go directly to Paxful (see review) which is the top rated crypto exchange for this depositing method.

American Express

American Express is probably the most well-known credit card in the world. It was founded in 1966 and is commonly used by travellers because of the generous benefits such as travel insurance and premium lounge access. Today, lots of crypto exchanges accept this funding method. A benefit of this deposit option is that it offers punchy reward programs and membership perks. AMEX has significantly lowered its fees to remain competitive with other credit and debit cards. Still, only very few digital currency exchanges offer this funding method. See a top list of crypto sites accepting American Express here.

BTC Direct

BTC Direct is a cryptocurrency trading platform that can be used to make deposits on various crypto exchanges. BTC Direct LogoThis funding method was launched in 2013 and is based in the Netherlands. Over the years, many improvements have been made to the payment method. The deposit option can now be used to trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. BTC Direct is KYC-compliant and requires users to upload their driver’s licenses, passport, and work ID, to name a few. One of the top cryptocurrency exchanges allowing BTC Direct is Kucoin. Want to see more? Discover all crypto sites accepting BTC Direct here.


Coinify is a funding option that supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies. It was created by a group of young developers in Denmark and is currently available on various crypto exchanges. This banking method is KYC-compliant and is quite easy to use. However, you should note that it charges high transfer fees and doesn’t have a custodial wallet.


Flexepin is a voucher-based payment system that allows users to make transactions without entering their personal or banking information. It protects your data with a unique 16-digit serial number. Flexepin is mostly used in Canada and Australia, but it is available in many different countries. With this funding option, you will be able to make instant payments on crypto exchanges. You should note that the vouchers don’t have an expiry date and can be used indefinitely.


Klarna is a fairly odd deposit method that allows individuals to buy goods and make payments later. This option doesn’t have a pre-payment fee and also offers no-interest financing options. However, it charges late fees – so make sure to pay in time. A year ago, Klarna was one of the highest valued fintech companies in EU, but the valuation fell 85% according to Reuters.


InPay is a peculiar international money transfer system that provides users with a dual blockchain payment system. This company wasn’t funded through an ICO and simply used its own money. The main purpose of this funding method is to help new cryptocurrency users exchange their tokens for fiat currencies. Lots of crypto exchanges accept InPay for deposits.

Kakao Pay

Kakao Pay is a peculiar mobile payment option and digital wallet that is based in South Korea. Kakao pay logoThe banking option is incorporated into KakaoTalk, an instant messenger. The funding method was launched in 2014 and has been expanding the service continuously throughout the years. With Kakao Pay, users can send and receive payments to people in their contacts. So when either selling or buying cryptocurrency with Kakao Pay, you have to add the phone number to your address book before sending any crypto. When receiving (buying), you don’t have to do that. See a top list of Kakao Pay enabled crypto exchanges here.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is a popular meme coin that claimed to be the ‘Dogecoin killer’. The coin was created anonymously and has gained value as it was promoted by famous figures like Vitalik Buterin. The success of this deposit method inspired the creation of many similar meme coins, including BitShiba and King Shiba. Many crypto exchanges allow users to make payments using this altcoin.


Although PayPal is one of the most well-known and widely-used deposit methods, it is worth covering in this guide. This is because the e-wallet uses the latest in data encryption technology and anti-fraud technology. It is also available in almost all countries and supports a wide range of currencies. With very low transfer fees, PayPal is one of the best deposit methods you can use in crypto exchanges.

Other Unusual Deposit Methods in Crypto Exchanges

Here are other more or less rare funding methods you can use in crypto exchanges:

Peer to Peer


The best crypto exchanges accept a wide range of deposit methods. You can find a variety of unusual payment methods on these websites, and these include Amazon gift cards, Klarna, InPay, Diner’s Club, Coinify, Flexepin, BTC Direct, Kakao Pay, Shiba Inu, and PayPal. You can learn more about these payment methods at Crypto Lists.

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