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Worldwide flagsWhether you’re on the lookout for the best crypto casinos in your location, or want to know how to buy the latest coins on the top exchanges available where you live, Crypto Lists is here to help.

Based on your country, the available crypto top lists will vary, and what we recommend changes dependent on your location and what works best. We explore everything from the best places to bet on slots and sports to the type of businesses in the cryptosphere have been founded in a particular location.

While some jurisdictions have lots of options and crypto sites available, others are a little trickier. We have created a top 20 list of the most popular countries so it will be easier for you to find targeted crypto top lists in the U.S, UK, EU, Asia or for any other particular country or market.

Asian crypto lists

Brazilian flagAsia’s a big place, and on the whole it loves crypto currencies and crypto casinos. From the high-tech cityscapes of Singapore or Hong Kong to the traditional towns of Indonesia, there’s such a breadth of cultural and linguistic diversity it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why over time we’ve been adding individual pages for countries like India and Japan because to put them all under one umbrella isn’t enough. Our Asia toplists page is a broad overview to show you where the crypto space is headed, and how it looks right now.

Brazilian crypto lists

Brazilian flagThe market for cryptocurrencies in Brazil is growing quickly every day, not the least since their local currency (BRL) lost 72% in 10 years time against the USD and 31% in 3 years time. Since the Brazilian Real is losing value so much, many people love to trade and store money in Stablecoins (safer and better interest rate) or new cryptocurrencies. Brazil is counted as one of the fastest growing markets in the world, fueled by high increasing interest and a controversial government. The amount of payment providers are still way lower than in the European, American and Asian markets for crypto, but it’s improving quickly. Go around on Crypto Lists, which is GEO IP targeted, so you always get relevant content for Brazilian users. Check out our top lists for Brazil.

Canadian flag
Canadian crypto lists

Still, there is no stablecoin linked to the loonie – and crypto investors and traders in Canada are quite annoyed about it. There are at least talks about a central bank linked crypto from BOC, but that would probably not be heavily used by investors, since high interest rates are easier found on other coins. We have top lists for both English & French language supported coins that can be purchased by fiat (Canadian Dollars) or any other currency and most cryptos. See our Canada toplists here.

Dutch round flag
Dutch crypto lists

Being one of the most technologically advanced countries in Europe, it’s perhaps no surprise that Dutch people love to invest in crypto. We have created top lists for Netherlands, where everything from the most popular mainstream coins to new cryptos by and for Dutch people are shown. Many recent hot projects in the crypto field have been created by Dutch people, and this looks set to continue. Meanwhile, top sports club PSV Eindhoven have one of their sponsorship deals to be paid in Bitcoin, and AZ Alkmaar is a professional football club that holds Bitcoin as a complement to Euro. On the crypto casino front, most of the leading brands hold a gaming license from Curacao, which is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean.
EU: Round flag

EU crypto lists

Here, we are listing all European cryptocurrencies. The European market is one of the biggest in the world, when it comes to turnover. While there are very few Euro-based stablecoins, we can at least mention Tether EUR (EURT), BitEUR and xEUR. None of them are huge at the moment, but at least it’s an alternative to USDT and USDC. European cities such as London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Lisbon and Kiev are all major hubs for crypto entusiasts and businesses in this field. In this section we also bring up EU licensing for crypto, and various centres and hubs for regulation. Learn more about crypto in our EU top list here.
Finland round flag

Finnish crypto lists

The Finnish crypto scene is truly thriving with its tech-savvy population and forward-thinking government. Cities like Helsinki, Espoo, and Tampere are bustling with innovative companies and projects. This nurturing environment makes Finland a go-to destination for crypto enthusiasts and businesses alike. And let’s not forget the growing popularity of Bitcoin casinos, which have made their mark as an exciting and secure alternative to traditional gambling platforms. In short, the Finnish crypto landscape is both dynamic and welcoming, making it an ideal place for blockchain technology to flourish. See the top Finnish crypto sites.

Germany: Round flag
German crypto lists

The DAC market, or Deutschland (DE), Austria (AU) and Switzerland (CH) all offer German speaking sites, even if the vocabulary, pronunciation, expressions, dialects and phrases might differ for some words. DAC is the biggest markets in Europe for cryptocurrency trading and investing. While Germans love Coinbase, Bison and eToro are also hugely popular for trading. About 2.6% of the German population own cryptocurrencies, which is way less than in America. Now, it’s even possible to buy crypto from special funds – so called “spezialfonds” as it’s called in German. If you are rather interested in the newest cryptocurrencies for German speakers, go here.
Round Indian flag

Indian crypto lists

One of the countries that consider banning private cryptocurrencies, following a crackdown in China. Meanwhile, the country’s own central bank plan to launch their digital indian rupee. The main reason for a potential ban in India is because of the speculation that’s going on. As you can expect, most individuals would not care about centralised digital rupee from India and would still continue to trade with Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and many of the alt coins, using a proxy server or simply get the crypto stay in the wallet for a few years. Polygon (Matic) is an indian cryptocurrency, founded by four software engineers from Mumbai: Jaynti Kanani, Sandeep Nailwal, Anurag Arjun and Mihailo Bjelic. See the toplist for India here.

Ireland - round flag
Irish crypto lists

If you’re living in the Republic of Ireland, you most likely prefer to play in euros (€) and to have local support. While the Irish central bank issued warnings about cryptocurrencies, it’s still legal to buy, sell and stake. You can purchase crypto with you own debit card issued in Ireland. There are still not so many entrepreneurs in Ireland that focus on crypto coins, but we hope to see more in the near future. Still, around 10% of all Irish inhabitants own crypto according to Independent. We’ve created a specific crypto top list for Ireland, where everything Irish will be featured including the best Bitcoin casinos on the Emerald Isle.
Japanese flag

Japanese crypto lists

Another fast growing Asian market, that’s seeing one of the biggest growths in the last year. After all, many believe that the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is from Japan. Anyway, in Japan they have the first regulated digital yen, called GYEN. It’s created by GMO-Z, one of the major forex trading and online investment firms. Japanese crypto investors love to own Ripple (XRP) and Cardano (ADA). Both are seen as less volatile than many other cryptocurrencies and fits well with Japanese risk averse behaviour. If you’d like to see more aboit Japanese crypto casinos as well as the best places to buy Bitcoin in the country, our dedicated Japanese crypto lists might be of interest.

Norway - round flag
Norwegian crypto lists

For those looking to trade with Norwegian cryptocurrencies, we got a few to mention. A partly Norwegian cryptocurrency project is IOTA (MIOTA), where David Sønstebø is the guy from Norway. It’s a distributed ledger, built on Tangle, a system of nodes that will confirm transactions. In 2020, Iota was hacked and has after the growth has slowed down. Other popular coins that’re not created by Norwegians but are still really popular in the country include Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. The Norwegian crypto scene has been gaining notable traction in recent years, thanks in part to the country’s tech-savvy population and favorable regulatory environment. With limited legal gambling options available, Bitcoin casinos have emerged as a popular choice among Norwegians looking to explore alternative betting avenues. You can see all of our Norwegian lists here.

Poland - round flag
Polish crypto lists

About 2.5% of all inhabitants in Poland own some cryptocurrency. While Bitcoin and Ethereum is equally popular among poles, Ripple, Cardano, Litecoin and Stellar is the most popular in June, 2021. When it comes to crypto exchanges, there is a polish company with global ambitions – Zonda Global. The oldest known polish cryptocurrency is probably Polcoin (PLC), that was established in 2014. The Golem Project (GNT) got the highest market cap among the polish cryptos. But which of the new cryptocurrencies are traded the most in Poland? Stay tuned and follow our site to find out more about successful and even some failed Polish created projects such as Luni coin. Find out more in our top lists for Poland.

Portugal - rund flagga

Portuguese crypto lists

Lisbon and Portugal are becoming increasingly important in the cryptocurrency sphere lately, not the least thanks to WebSummit, Europe’s biggest technology event. Every week, several crypto gatherings are taking place in Portugals capital. Some cryptocurrencies with Portuguese connections include, but are not limited to, Polkastarter, DotMoovs and UTrust. In a few places in Portugal, you can buy Bitcoin, Monero or Litecoin from a machine, similar to an ATM. Not the most modern perhaps, but an alternative to the all digital wallets that most people use.

Russian flag

Russian crypto lists

Russia is a hotbed of activity across both blockchain development, as well as the everyday usage of digital assets due to geopolitical situations. And, not only that, but crypto casinos are on the rise in the country in a big way. Russian people are among the most tech-savvy innovators in the world, with software engineering a large industry there, and even the founder of Ethereum is Russian. With a young population eager to jump on the decentralized currency train and attain true financial freedom, you can learn much more in our Russia lists here.
South American flags

South American crypto lists

With crypto adoption happening in Brazil at a quick pace, with alongside regulatory oversight and Uruguay becoming one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world, South America is certainly a crypto hotspot. There are over around half a billion people in the region, and that half a billion people who could potentially buy Bitcoin and other cryptos. And, with a history of sports betting ingrained into the culture, crypto casinos are also fast on the rise. You can see all the best sites to gamble with digital currencies, as well as where to buy them in our South America lists.
South Korean flag

South Korea crypto lists

Korean investors are said to be more risk takers than Japanese or other Asians. This is shown in the type of coins they trade, often more long-tail cryptocurrencies such as the Korean Enjin (ENJ). While writing this article, the Korean cryptocurrency called Luna Coin (LUNA) is the 10th biggest by market cap. About 14 million people in South Korea have invested in cryptocurrencies, according to Statista and their data from August, 2021. South Koreans are seen as innovators and one of the most trendy countries in Asia. Even if South Korea made tighter rules and regulations for cryptocurrencies, it’s one of the hottest countries in the Asian crypto space.

Spanish round flagSpanish crypto lists

In the end of 2021, about 2.5% of the inhabitants own cryptocurrency in Spain. While Bitcoin and alt coins are not classified as legal tender, they are considered a type of bartering at the moment. An increasing number of Spanish football clubs such as Barcelona F.C and Atlético de Madrid, both got fan tokens which is a type of cryptocurrency. One of the major department stores in Spain, El Corte Ingles, are trying to register a trademark called “BitCor“, which might be used for cryptocurrency trading and rewards to customers in the near future. Watch the crypto space in Spain – at least Crypto Lists will.

Swedish round flag

Swedish crypto lists

Cryptocurrencies are often discussed in Sweden, even there are lots of hurdles in order to get started and many banks block transfers to some of the crypto exchanges. Only 3% of people in Sweden own any cryptocurrency, which is way lower than the UK, Germany and Greece. The Swedish central bank, Riksbanken, have indicated that they may launch their eKrona in 2022. Among crypto related companies founded in Sweden, there is Safello, where you can buy cryptocurrencies from your mobile, both simple and safe with the local BankID or Swish. One Swedish cryptocurrency is Chromia, while Superblocks is a company where development on the ETH20 chain can be done with an automated process. Want to know and learn more about Sweden? See the top list for Sweden here.

UK round flag
UK crypto lists

The opportunities for Brits looking for trading and buying cryptocurrencies are increasing for every day, even if Binance UK got banned from the British market. Cryptocurrency is not considered legal tender in the UK, but a type of property. All crypto related companies (exchanges, advisors etc) having precence in United Kingdom, got to be registered with FCA. Keen to know more? See the latest UK top list here.

Any country that we missed? We’ll cover more important countries within short. Our site is based on GEO-IP, so you will land on the most relevant page for your region anyway. Let us know if you got any suggestions of country based top lists you would like to see.

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