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Bitcoin Halving Party: Marbella (Spain) @ 20:00 on 20/4 2024

Bitcoin halving party 2024 in Marbella, Spain
Celebrate when Bitcoin halves in Marbs!

Do you want to honor Satoshi in style in one of the most glamorous destinations in Europe, and bring in the new era with aplomb? The Marbella based Bitcoin halving party is gonna be da bomb and a celebration of one of the most anticipated events in the whole crypto industry.

The Bitcoin halving (learn more) marks the true turn to a bull market when looking at past cycles. It’s when HODLers are rewarded for their risk taking and tough resolve when faced with market volatility. Indeed, it’s when diamond hands leads to sun, sea, and sand!

The Bitcoin Halving Party, like the halving itself, only happens once every four years. Truly an event you don’t want to miss out on! And it truly is time to get the party started…

Where it’s at

There are lots of halving parties going on around the world but not many quite as upmarket and sizzling as the bars in Marbs. If we do say so ourselves, given our location!

You’ll find the party in Paradise Beach Banus in Marbella, Spain @ 20:00 on April 20th.

It’s not a conference but an informal gathering of likeminded crypto fanatics, who have waited four long and rollercoaster years – through the Terra Luna and FTX debacles – to reach this point. And as the saying goes: there’s no turning back now.

It’s a chance to have a casual drink and chat with the whole Marbella crypto community, and it’s not as niche as you might initially think. In fact, here at Crypto Lists we’re embedded into the scene and have partnered with local Bitcoin retailers.

What’s lined up

If you’re wondering if there’s going to be food then we’re a bit worried you’ll be a tad overwhelmed by the choices on offer! The main eatery is going to be Pizzeria Picasso (a short walk away from the Playa Puerto Banus aka the small strip of beach right in front) that has sea-front seating. Standard pizza for all? No chance!

You can opt for a margherita if you like to keep it simple, or one of the 20+ other pizza variants available. There’s going to be beer, wine and other beverages of your choice too. And if you don’t want to shell out there’s a beach area with a ‘Bring Your Own Beverage’ policy. Sweet! Here is the full schedule:

Rough time estimate per below:
20:00 – Meet-up at Paradise Beach Banus
21:00 – Dinner at Pizzeria Picasso
23:00 – The Astral Bar ship for drinks*

*After Pizzeria Picasso we will be going to the party ship, “Astral Bar Cocteleria”.

The night is young, but we plan to mingle throughout the night.

There’s going to be a DJ there from 10:00 to midnight playing the freshest electro beats as we usher in the newest era in the story of Bitcoin.

How much is a ticket?

Free! But if you get a pizza or drinks then you’ll have to pay, unfortunately not with BTC! One can dream. No ticket is needed, all you need to do is show up and join the fun.

*Actual halving will likely occur some time between the 18th-21st.

Questions? Send us a DM on Instagram (@cryptolistscom) or use the email address bitcoinhalving [at] cryptolists.com.

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