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Do you like media exposure on one of the fastest growing crypto sites? Are you looking to grow your business? Then you came to the right crypto site!

Crypto Lists got an extensive coverage of blockchains, lots of different types of coins and tokens, quite many crypto conferences worldwide, a wide range of deposit methods and crypto exchanges, brokers and platforms from around the world. As the name reveals, there are also lots of top lists for multiple crypto related topics, such as the 100 best altcoins or new cryptocurrencies.

For visibility on Crypto Lists’ site, the following media options are available (subject to approval):
Sponsored posts – Make an impression with an interesting sponsored news post about your brand, NFTs, coin, token, services or products.
Conferences – Did we not cover your conference or event yet? Let us know!
Banner ads – Increase exposure of your new brand, a soon to be released token with a banner advert on Crypto Lists.
Other media options – Let’s discuss in case you got any other preference.
Press releases – An opportunity to be found on a fast growing crypto site.

Each of them are described below.

Contact us for additional details or make an order request from the ads section and make sure to follow our media guidelines.

Press releases on Crypto Lists

Most of the press releases shown on Crypto Lists so far are in-house interviews done with interesting companies in the crypto space. Press releases
Do you have a story that you want us to look into and possibly cover? Alternatively, do you already have a unique press release that is not shown on any other websites?

Press releases featured on Crypto Lists will be shown on the start page after the release, and usually stays on the front page for a few days. After that, the press release will stay live on the site – but further back in the history on the press release section.

All paid press releases will be classified with a “sponsored tag”, and all outgoing links will be no follow.

Featured crypto conferences

Crypto Lists is a media partner for multiple popular crypto conferences. crypto conference - speaker and audienceOnly the top conferences around the world will be considered and there are a few requirements from our side in order to attend your event. Two highly anticipated conferences in 2022 is Websummit in November and Solana Breakpoint – both in Lisbon – that Crypto Lists will cover this year. Examples of previous crypto & NFT conferences covered include NearCon in September 2022 and Crypto Gibraltar that also takes place in September, 2022.

Contact us today to arrange live reporting and media coverage of your crypto conference or event. No conference is too far away.

Sponsor - Ad on t-shirt

Sponsored posts is an efficient way to get visibility for your brand. Crypto Lists can assist with ideas of relevant topics to write about or you can create a post to us directly, that our team will review. Posts in this category will be marked as sponsored, but can also be combined with other tags at the same time. Send us and email and we’ll discuss the nitty gritty before you send over the post for us to review and finally publish.


Banner advertising is an affective way to create awareness for your brand while generating leads and re-target an audience interested in cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Banner adsCrypto Lists support banners in the widget area to the right, and on top of the page. Discuss available options with our marketing team. One week is the minimum time for banner advertising.

A New Toplist?

Are your token or crypto project supposed to be shown in category that is not yet listed on No worries, after a careful review of you project or after a suggestion by yourself, Crypto Lists might accept to create a new top list that is relevant for your business. Example: You don’t see your token as a meme coin or alt coins and would rather have it classified as a privacy related coin or token. Fine, the team can do a careful review of the category come back to you with a suggestion how to proceed. Contact us to discuss options.

Other media options?

Crypto Lists are also open to discuss any customised media agreement. Let us know what you have in mind. Remember that we can offer some options for GEO targeting in case you prefer certain jurisdictions and don’t want to be found at all in some countries.

Audience demographics

Our audience has selected the following areas of interest, while a majority are below 35 years old and live in EU or the U.S:

Main three interests
Top cryptocurrencies: +60%.
New cryptocurrencies: +40%.
Finance & Investing: +35%.
News & Press releases: +34%.
Blockchains: +30%.
Travel: +29%
Wine tasting: 12%.
Other topics: 25%.
Age group?
28% are below 25 years.
34% are between 25-34 years.
18% are between 34-44 years.
8% are between 45-54 years.
5% are between 55-64 years.
7% are over 65 years.
Where do the visitors live?
European Union – 39%
United States – 20%
Ukraine or Russia – 7%
Rest of Asia – 12%
UK – 7%
Africa – 5%
Canada – 4%
Norway & Switzerland – 3%
Middle East – 2%
Australia & New Zeeland – 1%.

Media guidelines

+Crypto Lists only accept content that is interesting for our readers.
+Only crypto and NFT related topics will be accepted.
+The content must show less that 3% identical content on Copyscape.
+All paid (sponsored) posts will have no follow with a rel=”sponsored” attribut attached.
+We reserve the right to not accept a specific press release or sponsored post if the content is not up to our standards.

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    Binance in talks with US regulator over FTX dealBinance in talks with US regulator over FTX deal
    Friday, 11 Nov 2022 9:30 am
    After reportedly pulling out of the deal to acquire FTX, Binance, are speaking with US authorities about next steps. The US Department of Justice (DOJ) and other financial regulators wish to discuss the matter further, given the recent turmoil and its effects on the wider space. We'll keep you updated as more news comes out. Do you want to start your crypto journey? Sign up for Binance here...
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