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6 Best Crypto Cards from Visa and Mastercard

Crypto-powered debit and credit cards are on the rise, providing people with a convenient way to convert their cryptocurrencies into fiat funds for spending and rewards.

In addition to offering an easy way for people to acquire and use cryptocurrencies, crypto cards also give users the peace of mind of using brands they’re familiar with such as Visa and Mastercard.

Many of these cards also offer additional benefits such as crypto cashback on purchases and special deals with top crypto sites. Some of them even offer special perks like access to airline lounges or 100% cashback on Netflix, Spotify or similar subscription services which could save you a lot of money monthly.

As you can see in the best crypto cards toplist below there are some opportunities to get a cashback as high as 5% or even 10% for all purchases made with that card. There are some limitations and requirements for you to be aware of, but overall the opportunity you can get with these kind of cards are unheard of in the non crypto card offerings. Have a look in the toplist below and let us know if you have any questions of suggestions. Do not hesitate to ask us more about this in our livechat.

  • Crypto Cards

Crypto.com Visa card
“Probably the only crypto card you need?”
Cashback: 0-5%


Nexo Crypto Card
“A great crypto debit card with travel perks and lending!”
Cashback: 0.5-2%


Hi.com Crypto Card
“The crypto debit card with a difference: enjoy subscription rebates from Netflix, Amazon, and more!”
Cashback: 1-10%


Plutus Crypto Card
“The card that delivers the power of PLU!”
Cashback: 3-8%


Binance Visa Card
“The exclusive debit card from the world’s largest exchange!”
Cashback: 1-8%


Coinbase Visa Card
“A reputable crypto debit card from a reputable exchange.”
Cashback: 1-4%


What are crypto debit cards?

Crypto debit cards let you spend your cryptocurrency like a normal debit card at merchants that accept them, either online or in stores. These cards either automatically link to your crypto wallet and support various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin or you would manually top up your Mastercard or VISA debit card from crypto or fiat and spend as normal.

They offer perks such as cash back rewards (often rewarded in crypto), lower fees, and the ability to withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide. You can also enjoy more privacy because you often don’t need to give as much personal information to the provider like you do with traditional bank cards.

Who issues crypto cards?

Typically, they’re issued by a cryptocurrency site as opposed to a bank. And if you haven’t already you’ll need to create an account with them. This account will come with crypto wallets that will then be linked to the card and where your day-to-day funds are sourced from. They also come as either Visa or Mastercard, in the same way as standard cards from your bank.

What are Bitcoin debit cards?

Bitcoin cards are essentially the same as crypto cards. But, many people refer to them simply as ‘Bitcoin cards’ since the word ‘Bitcoin’ is often synonymous with crypto as a whole for people that aren’t experts.

The most popular BTC cards have low fees and offer benefits such as cashback and even vouchers for big brands. Additionally, they almost support other cryptos like Litecoin and Ether.

How do crypto cards work?

They work pretty much the same way as your standard bank card, where you can pay for public transport, grocieries, and online purchases with your plastic. To use a crypto debit card, you link your cryptocurrency wallet to the card.

Then, when you make a purchase at a merchant that accepts debit cards, the card provider converts your crypto into fiat currency to complete the transaction.

Some cards let you spend your cryptocurrency directly, but not all merchants accept this. Crypto debit cards can support various cryptocurrencies, offer cash back rewards and lower fees, and you can withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide.

Main advantages

Advantage - logo+ Easily hold crypto just like a fiat currency such as pounds, euros, or dollars.
+ Conversion happens instantly, enabling you to spend crypto in shops and restaurants etc.
+ Less hassle than having to juggle funds between different sources.
+ Cheaper than converting your crypto coins for real money using other methods.
+ Excellent perks such as cashback and other rewards.

Main disadvantages

Disadvantage - logoYou can’t borrow funds in the same way as a credit card.
– Crypto debit cards aren’t available everywhere yet.
– If you don’t choose the best one for your needs, there may be high fees.
– They aren’t accepted by all merchants at present.
– Because crypto is volatile, prices between fiat and your crypto can fluctuate rapidly.

Which are the best crypto cards?

It all comes down to what it is that you’re looking for. Each company offers something slightly different and often have a slightly different ideal customer in mind for their card. It’s best to check the individual reviews above so that you can make the most informed choice possible.

Can you use Bitcoin with crypto debit cards?

Bitcoin is the most popular crypto currency in the world, and is still more than double the market cap of the leading altcoin, Ethereum. So, it wouldn’t make sense for card issuers not to include BTC as a supported currency. Every card we review has Bitcoin as an option.

Why do people use crypto cards?

If you’re considering using a crypto card, here are some reasons why people find them helpful:

  • They allow you to spend your cryptocurrency at merchants that accept debit cards, both online and in stores.
  • They eliminate the need for merchants to accept cryptocurrency directly, making it easier to spend your crypto.
  • They offer benefits like cash back rewards, lower fees than traditional bank cards, and the ability to withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide.
  • They can provide more privacy because you sometimes don’t have to give out personal information like with traditional bank cards.
  • They give you greater financial freedom and control over your funds because cryptocurrencies operate on decentralized networks.

Are there any Ethereum cards?

Yep, there are Ethereum debit cards available. The crypto debit card providers we review above support multiple cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum. All the benefits of a Bitcoin card are the same with an Ethereum card. Put simply, they’re the same thing.

Can teenagers get crypto debit cards?

It depends on the specific exchange, but in general, most will require customers to be 18 to sign up for a card. The reason is, these cards tend to be linked to a bank account and to open one you need to be 18. There might be some options for younger people, so it’s best to check the terms and conditions of each crypto card issuer to see if they allow minors to use their cards.

Are crypto cards safe?

Some would argue that due to cryptography they’re safer than traditional cards. Others may say that the volatility of crypto and some of the uncertainty around particular exchanges mean they’re more risky. But it’s important to remember that you aren’t borrowing money with these cards.

Most crypto debit cards come with advanced security features like two-factor authentication in the same way as you’d get with a traditional card from a high-street bank or financial institution.

Can I get a crypto credit card?

To get a crypto credit card, you might need to put up some of your crypto as collateral. If successful, you’ll be able to benefit from things like cashback programs or rewards points. But, it’s prudent to mention that they come with the same risks as traditional credit cards, including high interest rates and fees for going over your limit etc.

So yes, they do exist, but we don’t have any reviews for them at the moment.

How do crypto credit cards work?

They work like traditional credit cards, but the credit limit and repayment terms are based on your cryptocurrency holdings (or should that be HODLings!), rather than your credit score.

Can I use cards on Bitcoin casinos?

You most certainly can. Pretty much all BTC casinos accept crypto cards unless explicitly stated. Even if cards aren’t accepted, you can use the BTC in your wallet to make a direct wallet to wallet transfer. In the cases where crypto coins aren’t accepted then they’ll be in our toplist of fiat money casinos.

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    Crypto.com Visa card now integrated with Apple PayCrypto.com Visa card now integrated with Apple Pay
    Tuesday, 27 Feb 2024 8:39 pm
    In exciting news for fans and current holders of the Crypto.com Visa Card, the company has today announced integration with Apple Pay - a much anticipated and desired customer need. Good stuff! Especially as we enter a fully fledged bull market. Some of the things to expect are the ability to make contactless purchases using Face ID or Touch ID. Bear in mind this is only available for EU customers at this moment in time. Fancy getting your hands on one? Sign up for Crypto.com's card and take advantage of this new integration...
    Read the full newsflash

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