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    Bitcoin to $10k in 2023 before bull market turn?

    Bitcoin to $10k in 2023 before bull market turn?Saturday, 3 Dec 2022 11:03 am
    Some insiders are speculating that Bitcoin (BTC) may hit as low as $10,000 in Q1 of 2023, or even this December, which would represent the bottom of the bear market. Mark Mobius of Mobius Capital Partners claims the appeal of holding the crypto has weakened at present due to it not accumulating interest alongside general macroeconomic factors. On a positive note, 2023 should also see accumulation beginning before the Bitcoin Halving event of spring 2024. Want to start investing earlier in a diverse array of assets? Sign up for Skilling now!


    Why has Chiliz flipped 30% downward during the World Cup?

    Why has Chiliz flipped 30% downward during the World Cup?Friday, 2 Dec 2022 2:01 pm
    The sports crypto most closely associated with the Socios fan token platform has dived around 30% since the beginning of the Qatar World Cup. Right now Chiliz (CHZ)is trading at $0.17, which represents a drop of about 30% from the Nov 20th price point of $0.26. The question is, why? In what is essentially a ‘buy the rumor, sell the news’ situation – this is simply a market correction from the rise that came preceding the soccer tournament as fans got excited about the prominent position that crypto has played in Qatar in terms of sponsorships and NFT collections, among other things. In positive news, the network has announced an upgrade to be released soon that will enable the creation of a Web3 sports ecosystem. Want to get involved with Chiliz on one of the biggest World Cup sponsors? Sign up for Exchange now!


    Apple suspends Coinbase Wallet NFTs over gas fees

    Apple suspends Coinbase Wallet NFTs over gas feesFriday, 2 Dec 2022 10:54 am
    In somewhat alarming news, Apple has claimed its entitled to 30% of Coinbase Wallet’s NFT gas fees. The tech giant says fees need to be paid through their In-App Purchase system, which at present is impossible due to the way blockchains work, and the lack of support for crypto within the Apple ecosystem. Yesterday, they suspended the wallet entirely from the App Store until Coinbase removed the NFT section. Whether this can be rectified soon is still to be clarified, and Crypto Lists endevour to keep you up to date on all new developments. If you’d like to check out Coinbase for yourself, you can take a look Coinbase here.


    Kraken streamlines operations in bear market adjustment

    Kraken streamlines operations in bear market adjustmentFriday, 2 Dec 2022 12:00 am
    The major exchange has announced a downsizing of staff numbers in order to weather the ongoing bear market. The company co-founder stated that “these changes will allow us to sustain the business for the long-term while continuing to build world-class products and services in selective areas that add the most value for our clients.” The news follows a similar pattern to Coinbase, who announced that they’re streamlining in response to lower trading volumes. If you’re ready to start accumulating while prices are low – before the market turns bullish – you can sign up for Kraken now.


    ‘Crypto is here to stay’: eToro founder speaks on the market

    'Crypto is here to stay': eToro founder speaks on the marketThursday, 1 Dec 2022 2:18 pm
    Despite the volatility of the current space and the overall bear market, eToro’s co-founder Ronen Assia believes crypto is here to stay. He elaborated that despite “seeing investors move from crypto to bonds and shares”, and seeing several exchanges in dire straits, making assumptions regarding the entire industry “is wrong”. The brokerage boss called for tighter regulation to prevent further cases like FTX from occurring. Agree with Assia? Sign up for eToro now!


    Brazil legalizes crypto as a form of payment

    Brazil legalizes crypto as a form of paymentThursday, 1 Dec 2022 8:45 am
    South American crypto enthusiasts will be happy that another LATAM country has added crypto to their officially accepted payment methods, in great news for mainstream adoption. In the ratification of a bill that had been floating around for seven years, it’s now up to legislators to decide which coins/tokens will be allowed to be used. Are you a Brazilian who wants to invest in crypto as adoption grows? Sign up for MEXC Global now!


    Bridge investment strategies and Web3 with the ACQ token!

    Bridge investment strategies and Web3 with the ACQ token!Wednesday, 30 Nov 2022 2:46 pm
    Crypto is getting more and more innovative by the day, and the launch of the Acquire.Fi coin (ACQ) is proof. It’s the utility token of the Acquire.FI ecosystem which bridges investing, mergers and acquisions, and Web3 with traditional finance and DeFi. In a nutshell, the platform is able to cater to investors of all sizes. Want to get your hands on this interesting and powerful new token? Sign up for KuCoin now where it’s exclusively available.


    Dogecoin rises amid Twitter payment option rumors

    Dogecoin rises amid Twitter payment option rumorsWednesday, 30 Nov 2022 6:27 am
    In exciting news for fans of the famous dog-themed meme coin, DOGE is up around 31% this week amid speculation that Elon Musk will implement it on as it sprimary crypto payment options. Since Musk’s purchase of the social media platform, speculation has been rife that he’ll help to normalize crypto in the mainstream by pushing it to be used alongside fiat currency on the bird app. Want to buy DOGE? Sign up for eToro now!


    Bitget got Messi, but no US or EU crypto license

    Messi on startpage of Bitget - but is it really counting?Tuesday, 29 Nov 2022 2:26 pm
    Lionel Messi, the 35 year old Argentinian football star that plays for Paris Saint-Germain, is now the biggest name to promote Bitget. Unfortunately, Bitget do not have any license to conduct cryptocurrency trading or investing in Europe or the United States. When asking them about it, they claim to have a license, but in the end – they do not have it (which Crypto Lists found out after extensive research). Still, they get Messi onboard, to promote their brand. Do not fall for it. Trade with a serious broker such as Skilling if you like CFDs, or go with an exchange such as Coinbase for long-term crypto investments.


    Have you heard about the new fiat-backed Cardano stablecoin?

    Have you heard about the new fiat-backed Cardano stablecoin?Tuesday, 29 Nov 2022 8:48 am
    The Cardano Network has announced a new stablecoin to be released next year that'll be backed by the US dollar. It's new coin will be known as 'USDA', and will be the latest top stablecoin to hit the market and the first one within the Cardano ecosystem. In other future plans, the company plans to disrupt traditional banking with lending and borrowing services, crypto-based card payments and bridges between traditional markets and decentralized applications (dapps). Want to get involved, trade ADA – Cardano's native coin – by sign up for Skilling now!


    Telegram now accepts crypto trading with BTC and TON

    Ton Coin Crypto LogoMonday, 28 Nov 2022 3:24 pm
    The native token of Telegram, TON, that was later run by a separate group outside the founders, can now be traded on Telegram along with Bitcoin (BTC). Those using the Telegram app can now both buy and sell crypto. The use case has been developed by The Open Network, which used to be called Telegram Open Network. For everyone looking to trade more than two coins or tokens, while looking for the best possible spread, check out Kucoin where you can trade TON.


    Bitcoin miner capitulation on the cards?

    Bitcoin miner capitulation on the cards?Monday, 28 Nov 2022 9:13 am
    As November draws to a close, there are rumors circulating about a potential miner capitulation which would drive the price of Bitcoin (BTC) to potential lows. This can be seen as a negative for some, but for bear market investors seeking the bottom it could be seen as a positive. and online analysts say miners are seeing a squeeze when it comes to selling accumulated Bitcoin at a profit. As Bitcoin tends to drive the entire crypto space, could more upheaval be on the cards for the final month of Q4? Want to accumulate Bitcoin before the next bull market? Sign up for Exchange now!


    Could Poloniex and Huobi merge in the future?

    Could Poloniex and Huobi merge in the future?Sunday, 27 Nov 2022 10:18 am
    In noteworthy news for fans of the two exchanges, leading crypto influencer (and founder of Tron) Justin Sun claims it’s highly possible that Huobi and Poloniex may merge. Anonymous sources had speculated about the possibility, and while Sun dismissed it being on the cards right now, he didn’t rule it out in the future. “It could be” possible, said Sun. With Huobi recently dropping ‘Global’ from their name and with ambitious plans to become one of the world’s top three exchanges – it’s a great time to sign up for Huobi now!


    Litecoin to lead an altcoin bull run this December?

    Litecoin to lead an altcoin bull run this December?Saturday, 26 Nov 2022 7:57 am
    Could a mini bull run be on the cards for altcoins in the final part of Q4? And, could Litecoin (LTC) lead the way? According to online crypto analyst ‘DonAlt’, the popular crypto could storm to $160 or even $200, breaking its ATH in the coming weeks. Of course, such an event with one coin would fuel positivity for others, creating a market upturn. Want to get involved? Sign up for now!


    Get Black Friday freebies from Skilling!

    Skilling Green IconFriday, 25 Nov 2022 2:48 pm
    It’s Black Friday ladies and gentlemen, and that means one thing: discounts and freebies! Skilling is offering specific trading options without spread and brokerage fees for the next three days. Want to get your hands on these exciting goodies? Sign up for Skilling now.


    Swissborg Black Friday: 50% Off Tematics Web3 Portfolio

    Black Friday SwissborgFriday, 25 Nov 2022 2:46 pm
    For those looking to invest in the top web3 digital currencies, Swissborg got a Tematics Web3 portfolio. The biggest web3 holdings at the moment are SwissBorg Token (CHSB), Cosmos (ATOM), Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), Polkadot (DOT), Secret (SCRT), Kusama (KSM), Mina (MINA) and Cardano (ADA). All current and new customers of Swissborg gets 50% discount on the trading fees today on Black Friday.


    Deposit on KuCoin to get a VIP upgrade with improved fees!

    Deposit on KuCoin to get a VIP upgrade with improved fees!Friday, 25 Nov 2022 9:21 am
    Are you interested in a VIP upgrade on one of the top crypto exchanges in the world? Then you’re in luck. If you sign up for KuCoin and deposit 100,000 USDT you’ll get access to tier 1. If you deposit 1,000,000 USDT you’ll access tier 5. With different levels in between. So, what are you waiting for?


    No hardware wallet yet? 10% off at Ledger

    Ledger Hardware WalletFriday, 25 Nov 2022 2:02 am
    If you use this reference and write the promo code BLACKFRIDAY10, you will get 10% off all purchases from Ledger. Like Ledger supporters usually say. “Not your keys, not your crypto“. Have you still not got a Ledger? It’s the most used hardware wallet and costs just 71.1 EUR for Nano S Plus or 134.1 EUR for Nano X. Grab a fantastic 10% discount now – for any Ledger product before Monday the 28th of November, 2022!


    Win $10,000 in football tokens by signing up to OKX!

    Win $10,000 in football tokens by signing up to OKX!Friday, 25 Nov 2022 12:01 am
    News just in! You an win up to $10,000 in football fan tokens as part of OKXs new customer mystery box. Sign up and log in using the app and you can get your tokens right in time for the ongoing Qatar World Cup. Back of the net! Want to get your hands on the football tokens AND join an exciting exchange that’s partnered with Manchester City FC? Join OKX here.


    OKX release proof of reserves page to public

    OKX release proof of reserves page to publicThursday, 24 Nov 2022 6:29 am
    Want to see the reserves that a top exchanges has in its major currencies: BTC, ETH, and USDT? Well, now you can as OKX has released a proof of reserves page in an attempt at setting ‘a new standard of transparency, risk management and user protection.’ In an attempt to re-build trust in the space since the FTX debacle, Kucoin and Binance also plan to release proof of reserves within the coming weeks. Want to jump in during the dip? Sign up for OKX here


    Learn from and network with crypto innovators at EBC23

    Learn from and network with crypto innovators at EBC23Wednesday, 23 Nov 2022 2:51 pm
    Between 15-17th February next year the largest and most influential blockchain and crypto event returns to Barcelona. The European Blockchain Convention 2023 will see over 3000 guests convene in the Catalonian city to engage in panels, fireside chats, and more. You can also get a special discount using the CryptoLists code CRYPTOLISTS25 to unlock a 25% discount on all types of passes. To learn more about it, check out our press release.


    WinGoal: A new crypto coin for the World Cup!

    WinGoal iconWednesday, 23 Nov 2022 5:55 am
    The launch of WinGoal(MLS) coincides with the Qatar World Cup for good reason. The token, launched at the beginning of the week, is under Opta Sports and serves as a governance token for the soon-to-be-launched Web3.0 decentralized app, WinGoal. The platform will let players create a sports team to compete to be numero uno! Want to get involved with WinGoal and purchase the MLS token? Sign up for Sign up for Biswap here.


    OKX exec reveals desperate call from SBF asking for bail out

    OKX exec reveals desperate call from SBF asking for bail outTuesday, 22 Nov 2022 2:30 pm
    With Sam Bankman-Freid (SBF) emerging as public enemy no1 in this current bear market, a current top executive from FTX rival OKX has revealed two desperate phone calls he received from ‘SBF’. Lennix Lai, director of financial markets said “The very first call that we received from Sam he said everything’s under control, but they might need cash, one to two billion dollars max in short-term credit, in exchange for FTT value or equity in FTX.” Want to try a lightning-fast exchange with 100+ deposit methods? Sign up for OKX here.


    JP Morgan to launch crypto wallet? Looks likely!

    JP Morgan to launch crypto wallet? Looks likely!Tuesday, 22 Nov 2022 6:45 am
    A patent lodged by JP Morgan looks to confirm rumours that the banking giant is looking to become a big player in the crypto scene? The large institution has registered a trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office for ‘J.P. MORGAN WALLET,’ seeking to offer a crypto wallet for digital currency exchange and transfer. Of course, this comes soon after the bank hired its first ‘Head of Crypto’, despite CEO Jamie Dimon claiming to be highly crypto skeptic. Want to make moves in the market before it turns bullish? Sign up for Skilling here – one of the most reputable brokers in the world.


    Cardano set to launch new privacy-centric blockchain & coin

    Cardano set to launch new privacy-centric blockchain & coinMonday, 21 Nov 2022 10:59 am
    In exciting news for believers in the original anonymity-focus of the crypto landscape, the Cardano Network‘s Charles Hoskinson has announced interesting news for the company. They’re set to release a new privacy-centric blockchain called Midnight and an accompanying token called Dust. Raising eyebrows, he stated that the aim is to strive to preserve privacy while giving access to regulators and auditors. Is that possible? Only time will tell. Want to buy ADA and be part of the Cardano network? Sign up for Coinbase here.


    Tether swaps Solana for Ethereum

    Tether swaps Solana for EthereumSaturday, 19 Nov 2022 10:20 am
    Tether has announced a $1bn USDT swap, moving a massive amount of coins from the Solana network over to Ethereum. This on-chain swap (which are used to move USDT from one blockchain to another) has likely been prompted by the ongoing issues surrounding Solana in the wake of the FTX and Alameda meltdown. But with ambitious plans ahead, Crypto Lists isn't writing off SOL just yet. If you want to get involved when the prices are super low, then Sign up for MEXC Global here.


    How to get all your money back from FTX?

    How to get all your money back from FTX?Friday, 18 Nov 2022 11:35 pm
    This evening, Do Not Pay CEO Joshua Browder (Twitter) gave some helpful information to Bloomberg Business viewers. Joshua said that if you made a direct deposit into FTX the last 60 days and ask for a refund, the bank cannot say no. So, if you made a bank transfer to FTX recently – make sure to contact your bank at your earliest convenience. A full refund can be issued from your FTX deposit.


    Coinbase Pro begins migration to main Coinbase site and app

    Coinbase Pro begins migration to main Coinbase site and appFriday, 18 Nov 2022 6:11 pm
    Coinbase Pro has begun to migrate customers over to the primary Coinbase platform and mobile app. Tom from CryptoLists is a daily user of both Coinbase and Coinbase Pro and today received an email informing him that the migration had been completed. We expect this to be rolled out swiftly across the whole userbase. All the expert features from Pro can now be found in the ‘Advanced Trade’ section of the standard Coinbase, so both beginners and knowledgeable traders have everything in one place. Do you want to try out the new-and-improved main app/platform? Sign-up for a Coinbase account here.


    Nassim Taleb more optimistic about crypto’s DeFi future?

    Nassim Taleb more optimistic about crypto's DeFi future?Friday, 18 Nov 2022 3:38 pm
    The Black Swan author Nassim Taleb has come out with surprisingly positive statements about the future of cryptocurrencies, especially given his negativity and gloating over the crypto crash. The philosopher and ex-options trader said that he thought the future would not be governed by ‘cryptocrats’, in an apparent jab at SBF and other big players. It could be seen as a positive vote in favor of genuine decentralization, and the ethos of what crypto was founded upon. In the recent past he’s been highly critical about Bitcoin (BTC). Want to prove Taleb wrong about Bitcoin and get into the market? Sign up for MEXC Global here.


    World’s largest Bitcoin fund may be in trouble…

    World's largest Bitcoin fund may be in trouble...Friday, 18 Nov 2022 8:52 am
    The apparent collapse and liquidation of the Greyscale Bitcoin Trust could cause a sharp drop in Bitcoin (BTC) prices. In a knock-on effect from the FTX chaos, there are rumours that the company is in trouble. The reason why it could cause a big drop in Bitcoin (and therefore the market in general) is because they apparently hold almost 4% of the world’s BTC. But, a drop in price could be a signal to buy. Want to try? Sign up for Coinbase here.


    USDT and USDC on Solana back on track

    Tether (USDT) LogoThursday, 17 Nov 2022 11:24 pm
    While Binance is under investigation and is ‘a walking time bomb’ according to Nouriel Roubini, CZ made sure that USDT and USDC transactions over the Solana network on Binance were temporarily suspended for three hours, between 12:05 and 15:05. Crypto Lists speculate that the downtime was due to some trading tick size adjustments, something that OKX did two days ago. Circle, the organisation behind USDC, was quick to comment on Twitter that USD Coin (USDC) is always redeemable 1 for 1 for US dollars. Any amount. Any time. For Free. Always. Jeremy Allaire, the CEO of Circle, explained on Thursday 17/11 that it is not clear what the motivations are for crypto exchange actions, which are disappointing. In some ways, it feels like CZ is trying to make Solana go down a bit more. Or is he just genuinely worried about the Solana ecosystem after Sam’s big investments in what many sees as the fastest and cheapest blockchain.


    A Bitcoin a day, El Presidente say

    El Salvador flag and mapThursday, 17 Nov 2022 2:21 pm
    Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador, is starting a small but significant Bitcoin (BTC) shopping spree with 1 new purchase per day. How long Nayib Bukele will keep going with his BTC purchase, is still unclear. So far, El Salvador bought 2382 BTC, after yesterday’s purchase. In total, it cost them about 103 million USD. The Bitcoin investment is down by 64% since the El Salvador initiated their digital currency purchases.


    Ethereum’s ‘Shanghai’ update revealed

    Ethereum's 'Shanghai' update revealedThursday, 17 Nov 2022 5:03 am
    In noteworthy news for fans of the Ethereum blockchain, details of the next step of their ongoing innovation program post-‘The Merge‘ have begun to emerge. Codenamed ‘Shanghai’, the upgrade will allow easier withdrawals for stakers and also lower fees even on an even more substantial scale. Want to buy the native Ethereum token ETH? Sign up for eToro here.


    USDC adds support for Apple Pay

    USDC adds support for Apple Pay Wednesday, 16 Nov 2022 8:36 am
    Circle, the company behind the USDC stablecoin have announced that they’re adding support for Apple Pay, in a move which should increase adoption. A spokesperson for Circle elaborated, saying that traditional businesses can also benefit by “moving more retail payments to digital currency” thus obtaining the benefits of settlement in USDC. Want to buy stablecoins? Sign up for here.


    Solana DeFi is down 97% following FTX tumult

    Solana DeFiTuesday, 15 Nov 2022 6:20 pm
    The Solana DeFi projects are some of the most hurt by the collapse and tumult around FTX. DeFi apps on the Solana Network were valued above 10 billion during the peak 1 year ago. Today, the value is 97% lower, standing at just over 300M USD. However, some projects such as Serum (SRM), are up 65% for the day. So perhaps we are going to see a turnaround for the related Solana coins and tokens within a short timeframe? Or will they continue down for a few weeks, months or years? What do you think? Trade Solana and other digital asset from a crypto broker of your choice.


    Does FTX have over one million creditors?

    FTX iconTuesday, 15 Nov 2022 1:45 pm
    Word coming out today suggests that bankrupt broker FTX may have over 1m creditors. In news coming from Reuters, then Bahamas-based exchange outlined a “severe liquidity crisis” in its bankruptcy filings. And, additionally to this it’s come to light that the current number of one hundred thousand creditors may increase by ten times. This is because FTX requested that multiple group companies file one consolidated list of creditors, rather than separate ones. Tricky times ahead. Do you want to trade with a secure and highly regulated exchange? Sign up for Coinbase here.


    Swoosh: Nike launches Web3 platform with Polygon

    Nike sneakersTuesday, 15 Nov 2022 9:11 am
    Web3 projects continue to go from strength to strength as Nike announces a partnership with the Polygon network for it's new .Swoosh platform. It's been announced that the platform will offer Polygon-based NFT products. Among other things, the sportswear giant will use the platform to launch virtual apparel like sneakers for avatars that can be used within Web3 games. Want to buy Polygon's native coin MATIC and get in on the action? Sign up for here.


    BlockFi’s message to customers: ‘Doing all we can’

    blockfi logotypeMonday, 14 Nov 2022 9:05 pm
    The collapse of FTX has been challenging for many, both clients of FTX obviously, but also businesses where they invested. BlockFi is one of the latter ones, which have stopped all activity and made it impossible to withdraw money. According to The BlockFi Team’s newsletter, they are working around the clock to evaluate all our their available options.

    Importantly, not all assets on BlockFi are with FTX. Still, they’ve got significant exposure with lots of assets held there and they also have obligations owed to them by Alameda Research. Now, BlockFi do not have any credit line with FTX US, since the business went into bankruptcy.

    Customer withdrawals from BlockFi are paused and will continue to be. Likewise, clients cannot send any new deposits to the company. When it comes to BlockFi’s partners for their credit card service and to distribute rewards, they are trying to find solutions for it. To their aid comes Haynes and Boone, serving as their main outside counsel, and BRG is acting as BlockFi’s financial advisor. Crypto Lists estimate is that in the worst case, BlockFi might go bankrupt in the next couple of weeks or months, and in the best case – they might get in some additional investor(s).


    Ethereum (ETH) up by several percentage points today

    Ethereum logo (black)Monday, 14 Nov 2022 11:44 am
    In positive news for an overall troubling week for the space, the price of Ethereum (ETH) has gone up by 2.10% today, althougb that’s still around 2% lower than this time last month. The 52-week high of ETH is $4,280 while the 52-week low is $863. While many see the bear market as a time for panic, others see a buying opportunity. Indeed, if you’d purchased Ether at $863 and sold it at today’s price of $1,254, you’d have seen a positive return of approx. 45%. Want to begin your crypto journey while prices are low? Sign up for eToro here


    Binance launches liquidity ‘rescue fund’

    Binance launches liquidity 'rescue fund'Monday, 14 Nov 2022 9:10 am
    CZ, the CEO of Binance has announced that the company will be launching an industry recovery fund. Calling on other major players in the space to support him, he wrote on Twitter: “Crypto is not going away. We are still here. Let’s rebuild.” How this shapes up and what it looks like going forward is up in the air, but one could say that at least forward steps are being taken. If you want to enter the market when the prices of assets are low, sign up for Binance here.


    Kraken has frozen multiple Alameda & FTX related accounts

    Kraken Purple IconSunday, 13 Nov 2022 4:50 pm
    It seems like a criminal court case is coming closer for the people behind FTX. Just now, Kraken announced that they have frozen all accounts linked to the hack on FTX. It is specific addresses that has been sanctioned and more people and addresses might still come in.


    Crypto turbulence continues:, Gate IO & Mario

    Mario Nawfal profile at TwitterSunday, 13 Nov 2022 2:41 pm
    It seems like it’s going to get worse for crypto before it gets better. Yesterday, what Crypto Lists expects will be an important voice – Mario Nawfal (Twitter) – went to Bahamas. He’s a cryptocurrency investor and runs IBC Group, hosting RoundtableSpace among other projects. After rumours that Sam from FTX fled to Argentina in his private jet, Mario went to his compound in Bahamas and found our that he was still there. Mario got his talkshow aka roundtable, that Elon Musk visited yesterday and appreciated his “citizen journalism“. sent 300 000 ETH to a corporate cold wallet at This created a lot of FUD on Twitter. Update: Kris from went out and confirmed that ETH was moved to a cold storage.

    The CRO token fell quite a bit early on Sunday and might have some volatile days ahead. People are speculating about what’s going on with 100’s of crypto sites with links to FTX. A friend of CZ said on the Roundtable with Mario that a lot of businesses that have been spending too much might fall within the forthcoming few days, weeks, and months.

    Risk warning: Mario Nawfall on Twitter seems to have a lot of talk about stuff that is not confirmed yet. Even if his roundtable talks are available for free – be careful with the information there that might be incorrect. Crypto Lists takes no responsibility for what is shown there, and you need to do your own research as always.


    Bitcoin to revisit $10k support level in next few days?

    Bitcoin to revisit $10k support level in next few days?Saturday, 12 Nov 2022 10:56 am
    A Bloomberg analysts – as well as numerous traders with their own Telegram and Twitter groups – have speculated that the bottom may be near for Bitcoin and alts in the coming days. Mike McGlone, a Senior Commodity Strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, said current events “may trigger capitulation sell stops in most markets that have been under pressure this year”. Given that Bitcoin tends to dictate the wider market, it’s speculated a capitulation of BTC to $10k may result in a 40% drop in alt prices. If you want to get involved in crypto at the right time, sign up for Coinbase here, a very well-regulated exchange.


    DeFi and environmental innovation continues for AVAX

    DeFi and environmental innovation continues for AVAXFriday, 11 Nov 2022 2:52 pm
    In exciting news for fans of the Avalanche blockchain, the network has announced another partner (GMX) to their Rush program. Avalanche Rush is a  liquidity mining initiative that brought the largest and most foundational DeFi protocols to Avalanche. The company has also announced a scheme with Bye Bye Plastic. The move will see them minimize single-use plastic from their upcoming events to solidify their status as a greener crypto firm. You can trade Avalanche’s native coin AVAXon a decentralized exchange by signing up for Biswap here.


    Binance in talks with US regulator over FTX deal

    Binance in talks with US regulator over FTX dealFriday, 11 Nov 2022 9:30 am
    After reportedly pulling out of the deal to acquire FTX, Binance, are speaking with US authorities about next steps. The US Department of Justice (DOJ) and other financial regulators wish to discuss the matter further, given the recent turmoil and its effects on the wider space. We’ll keep you updated as more news comes out. Do you want to start your crypto journey? Sign up for Binance here


    USDT and other stablecoins begin to settle

    USDT and other stablecoins begin to settleFriday, 11 Nov 2022 4:43 am
    Due to the commotion with FTX, lots of stablecoins depegged slightly, but the volatility seems to have settled somewhat. Markets have recovered slightly since the events of Tuesday and Wednesday, with a 5% gain in market cap overall.Time will tell whether we’re set for another fluctuation. USDT and others remain good options for those wishing to wait to enter the market when prices are suitably low. If you want to begin your journey into crypto, you can Sign up for eToro here.


    Is the market pumping before another leg down?

    Is the market pumping before another leg down?Thursday, 10 Nov 2022 2:10 pm
    After a highly eventful week, markets are pumping currently despite the CPI data being released by the Fed. A monthly occurence that given broader economic downturns usually signals a bearish swing in the market. Perhaps this could be because inflation has cooled somewhat compared to October’s results. However, famed Twitter analyst
    ‘Il Capo of Crypto’ and others say this is potentially a bull trap before another leg down. Time will tell. If you want to get into crypto, it’s easy. Sign up for Binance here


    Huobi’s stablecoin USDD depegs

    USDD iconThursday, 10 Nov 2022 12:21 pm
    The native stablecoin from Huobi, Decentralised USD (USDD), has been depegging today. Even if the depegging is not so heavy yet, it’s trading around 0.976 to the dollar, it’s still not a good sign. Let’s hope that Huobi (see review) – get this together. If you’d like to change to another stablecoin, you can visit Huobi here.


    How will the $800m in unstaked Solana affect prices?

    Dark solana logoThursday, 10 Nov 2022 7:36 am
    With Solana (SOL) down 50% this week as of time of writing, a further downturn could be on the cards. With almost $1bn in unreleased SOL coins set to hit the markets over the coming day, traders are concerned this could lead to a further leg down. Despite the massive downward turn, many in the industry are still optimistic about the future of the network, pointing to its ambitious plans and impressive developer community. Want to buy the dip? Sign up for Coinbase today!


    Breaking: Binance Abandon The FTX Deal – Walks Away

    Walking awayWednesday, 9 Nov 2022 9:07 pm
    The world’s biggest crypto exchange, Binance, reveal that they will walk away from the FTX deal. Expect a highly volatile week for crypto going forward, with millions of Solana coins being unstaked tomorrow. There might be lots of liquidations coming and the risk is high for most cryptocurrencies. Solana has moved from 23 to 13 USD today, and with a huge amount of additional unstaked coins coming to the market – further downfall could be possible. Meanwhile, ETH is trading around 1150 USD, and BTC around 16 000. BNB is also down around 15% to trade around 270. Polygon (MATIC) is down over 20% and trading for 0.81 USD at the moment. Stay safe.


    SOL dips below $20 for the first time since April 2021

    SOL dips below $20 for the first time since April 2021Wednesday, 9 Nov 2022 7:47 am
    Perhaps pushed forward by the ongoing shennanigans between Binance and FTX, the crypto market is in a highly voliatile state. While some are panicking, many see this as a golden buying opportunity. It really depends on a person’s indivdual outlook. During the early hours of Wednesday morning UK time, Solana (SOL) dropped briefly below the $20 mark for the first time since 2021. How much further can this major altcoin drop? If you want to get involved when this price is down, you can sign up for here.


    FTX Withdrawls Paused Until Further Notice

    Pause buttonTuesday, 8 Nov 2022 8:48 pm
    When Crypto Lists made a test to withdrawal crypto from FTX (see review), the notification re received was slightly different to usual. While the requested amount and selected coin was shown as usual, there was an extra code in the bottom of the email: “Withdrawals are processed within a few hours”.

    Now, it’s been over 5 hours and withdrawals are still paused until further notice. expects Binance to step in and assist within 24 hours, since they signed an agreement to purchase FTX global. The US subsidiary of FTX is not affected by the news. The FTX token has fallen from 22 USD at the early morning to 4.6 USD when writing this newsflash. During the bottom 1-2 hours ago, FTX token was down over 86%.


    Breaking: Binance Signs Agreement To Buy FTX

    CZ at Websummit in Lisbon, 2022Tuesday, 8 Nov 2022 4:36 pm
    Sam Bankman-Fried confirms on Twitter that Binance signed a letter of intent to buy FTX, one of their rivals. There has been heavy discussions between Sam and CZ – CEO of Binance – lately. Luckily, this may solve all of their previous issues. Keen on trading the FTX token? Then you can buy signing up for Binance now!


    Ledger and Solana announce mobile integration

    Ledger and Solana announce mobile integration Tuesday, 8 Nov 2022 2:03 pm
    Leading digital asset security firm, and Solana-Labs subsidiary Solana Mobile, have announced a partnership. They’re integrating to deliver enhanced security to Solana Mobile users, a userbase set to increase once the blockchain company releases its Saga phone in the coming few months. This integration will allow seamless and simple transfers of digital assets between a Solana Mobile phone such as Saga and a Ledger device. Learn more about the Solana Network, and start your crypto journey by signing up to today.


    Will FTX news propel the bear market?

    Will FTX news propel the bear market?Tuesday, 8 Nov 2022 8:05 am
    With the latest news around the famous FTX crypto exchange and its native token, FTT, sending shockwaves through the industry, it’s worth considering the wider impact of Sam Bankman-Fried’s feud with Binance. Bitcoin and altcoins are on a downward trend, and industry analysts online predict further bearish moves before an upturn in late Q4 2022 or Q1 2023. Despite the ongoing turmoil, the platform remains one of the best exchanges to trade crypto. You can sign up for FTX here!


    BetDEX to launch on Solana ahead of World Cup 2022

    BetDEX to launch on Solana ahead of World Cup 2022Monday, 7 Nov 2022 3:18 pm
    The Crypto Lists crew have been getting lots of info at this year’s Breakpoint expo. On stage, BetDEX Labs announced that their exchange will officially launch on Solana mainnet on November 17 to coincide with the beginning of the 2022 World Cup. They will accept real-money bets on soccer won’t charge any fees for bets placed on World Cup matches. Back of the net! BetDEX is the first fully-licensed sports betting exchange built on the Solana Network. Want to get in on crypto but not sure where to begin? Sign up for here It’s one of the first and largest platforms for beginners and pros alike.


    Solana co-founder speaks on Jump Crypto partnership

    Solana co-founder speaks on Jump Crypto partnershipMonday, 7 Nov 2022 8:12 am
    With a fair few outages and system vulnerabilities, the Solana blockchain
    hasn’t always been the subject of kind words in the crypto space, attracting spiked comments from Cardano Foundation founder Charles Hoskinson in the past. However, in an interview at this weekend’s Breakpoint coinference, Anatoly Yakovenko said partnering with Web3 firm Jump Crypto could hold the key to resolving network issues. He said,”Obviously we still have challenges with outages and bugs. But having a second implementation and a second client built by a different team with a fully separate code base, the probability of the same kind of bug existing in both is virtually zero.” Want to jump on board the Solana (SOL) coin train, then sign up for eToro here.


    Euro Coin will go live on Solana in November, 2022

    The Euro SymbolSunday, 6 Nov 2022 3:00 pm
    Circle revealed at the Web Summit in Lisbon 2022 that EUROC, the euro denominated stablecoin that is created by an American company, will go live on the Solana Network in November. While the United Kingdom has banned the use of “coin” in connection with their national currency, ECB and MICA is still behind the project when it comes to regulating the use of “coin” together with Euro. The next vote related to MICA is delayed until February, 2023 and the official regulation will not go into effect until the 1st of January, 2024.


    How Solana’s New Mobile For 2023 Looks Like

    Solana Mobile - Breakpoint 2022Sunday, 6 Nov 2022 10:31 am
    In only 3-5 months, the new Solana mobile will be live for 1000 USD. In contradiction to other mobile phones, Saga from Solana Mobile enables web3 in your pocket. You can easily trade tokens and coins, mint NFTs, play on-chain games and access the hottest dApps. Pre-orders is possible from 100 USD and the final price is expected to be 10x more. All Solana DeFi protocols are supported and you can use NFT marketplaces with easy. The Solana mobile experience got a 6.67″ OLED display, 512 GB of storage and 12 GB of ram. It’s built on Snapdragon 8+ generation 1. Solana’s mobile gives serious web3 lovers a phone that is built for handling crypto transactions and NFTs. Want to know more? Go to Solana Mobile for more info.


    Instagram’s Push Into Web3 – Enabling NFT import

    Ty Swarts from InstagramSunday, 6 Nov 2022 9:58 am
    At Solana Breakpoint, where Crypto Lists Ltd cover hot topics and the first day was really interesting with many new features. One piece of big news is that not only Twitter will go crypto, but also Instagram. The leading social network for photo sharing is adopting crypto, which will be available from the main menu. You will also be able to import NFTs directly from your crypto wallets. Today, Markus and Marcus will cover Soon™ – some kind of news from Circle that got the most trusted stablecoin (USDC). Yesterday, Circle were giving out 10 USDC to all those with a Solana Wallet. Later today, there will be a session about Bringing Real World Assets to DeFi and Emon Motamedi from Solana Labs are going to talk about “A new hub for the Solana Ecosystem”. Initially the NFT feature will only be available to certain US-based accounts, but the plan is to roll it out to further locations over 2023. Want to get involved in the innovative world of NFTs? Then sign up for Binance here!

    Just before lunch – a topic named “Wen Mint” will cover NFT artists journey from sketch to launch. Another topic that Crypto Lists will follow closely is “The State of the Helium Network“. If you’ve got any suggestions about topics to cover, speak to us at Solana Breakpoint or use the contact form on Crypto Lists.


    Kraken launches ‘no gas’ NFT marketplace

    Kraken launches 'no gas' NFT marketplaceFriday, 4 Nov 2022 2:45 pm
    For NFT lovers, your day just got better… Kraken has announced a ‘gasless’ NFT marketplace. The 6th largest exchange said it will initially host over 70 Ethereum and Solana-based NFT collections, and will also allow customers to store all of their NFTs on the exchange at no extra cost! Want to get involved? Sign up for Kraken here and enjoy one of the most widely used platforms in the world.


    Solana support now available on The Graph Substreams

    Solana support now available on The Graph SubstreamsFriday, 4 Nov 2022 7:42 am
    New to crypto and not sure what The Graph is? In short, The Graph is an indexing protocol for querying networks Anyone can build and publish APIs, making data easily accessible. And, Substreams are part of its ecosystem, enabling a multitude of development postitives. Yesterday it was announced that Solana support was available, helping the Solana developer community to build lightning-quick dApps. Eva Beylin, Director of The Graph Foundation, commented: “We are thrilled to bring substreams to the Solana developer community.”


    Is Polygon’s MATIC set for a massive 200% price push?

    Is Polygon's MATIC set for a massive 200% price push?Thursday, 3 Nov 2022 3:44 pm
    With the latest news that the Polygon Network has partnered with Instagram to provide NFT services on the social media platform. As a result, the coin native to the blockchain, MATIC, could be set for a price push of close to 200% according to experts. Polygon has announced several high-profile partnerships recently, such as JP Morgan, Disney, and Starbucks, so it seems to be going from strength to strength. Want to invest in MATIC? Sign up for eToro here!


    Hacker steals $3m from NEAR launchpad project

    Hacker steals $3m from NEAR launchpad projectThursday, 3 Nov 2022 2:02 pm
    In concerning news, Skyward Finance – a project on the NEAR blockchain – has been hacked for three million dollars by an anonymous cybercriminal. The team at Skyward explained that the “Skyward Treasury has been drained through a contract exploit.” In a single transaction, the fraudster obtained more than 1.1 million wrapped NEAR tokens. Although crypto hacks seem to be on the increase, that’s to be expected in an industry on the rise and gaining mainstream traction. Start your crypto journey on MEXC Global here.


    The NEAR ecosystem gets new South Korean Web3 hub

    The NEAR ecosystem gets new South Korean Web3 hubThursday, 3 Nov 2022 8:36 am
    Have you heard? The NEAR network is opening a brand new office in the South Korean capital of Seoul. With a focus on helping business move to the decentralized, blockchain-focused Web 3.0, the NEAR Foundation said the regional hub will be dedicated to innovation, business development, education, and talent throughout the country. Korea has one of the most established Web3 ecosystems in Asia and is one of the most active cryptocurrency economies in the world. Have you started your crypto journey yet? Get involved by signing up for here!


    Render Token Launched on Revolut

    Revolut logoWednesday, 2 Nov 2022 4:21 pm
    Just days after Render Token (RNDR) went live on Revolut, the price went up over 30%. Many of the less tech savy users that are not aware of more professional crypto exchanges or brokerages with leverage use Revolut as an entry point. Even if Revolut’s exchange fees are way higher than other sites recommended by Crypto Lists, the target group is huge. After adding RNDR, there are now 95 crypto coins and tokens at Revolut. Since it’s mostly an exchange app and the rates are worse than most other competitive sites, we rather recommend Kucoin instead. There, you get way lower spread, can stake your assets and get leverage if you prefer that. Overall, Kucoin is a cheaper crypto site for buying Render token.


    Lugano leads with the Swiss town’s crypto payments boom

    Swiss flag in LuganoWednesday, 2 Nov 2022 2:45 pm
    Bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts gathered in the Swiss city of Lugano last weekend. Why? To demonstrate the capability of Lightning Network, the layer-2 payment protocol built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain and the possibility of the town becoming one of the best places to spend crypto in Europe. Over 60 merchants now accept crypto for payments and this is set to grow. It was also perhaps to show that as well as being a digital gold, Bitcoin is, and was in fact invented as, an electronic cash system. Want to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies? Try Swissborg today!


    Which altcoins profited most this ‘Uptober’?

    Which altcoins profited most this 'Uptober'?Wednesday, 2 Nov 2022 8:33 am
    With a recent pump at the end of October, we saw Bitcoin (BTC) and rally. However, the biggest winners were arguably altcoins. But which saw the biggest gains? The clear front runner is Dogecoin, which pumped hard following news of Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover. In second place with a 98% boost was Huobi Token, the native coin of the famous exchange. Want to get in on the hype? Try Capital for crypto trading today!


    Huobi to partner with TRON and BitTorrent

    Huobi to partner with TRON and BitTorrentTuesday, 1 Nov 2022 3:09 pm
    In interesting news for fans of Huobi’s Heco ecosystem, board member Justin Sun has announced a partnership between the company alongside TRON and BitTorrent. He announced capital will be made available to developers to develop on the BTTC chain. Sign up for Huobi here and enjoy an exchange that’s available in most countries around the world.


    Binance launch new subsidiary firm in Ireland

    Irish flag blowing in the windTuesday, 1 Nov 2022 9:00 am
    The world famous Binance trading platform has announced that they’ve established another addition to their Irish portfolio: Binance Global Sourcing. Despite choosing Paris as its European HQ, the crypto exchange has added to the other six companies registered in Ireland – a fast-growing technology center in the EU. If you want to trade crypto on an Irish platform, then be sure to sign up for Avatrade here.


    Top 10 Voted Coins & Tokens – 31st of October, 2022

    Popular crypto coinsMonday, 31 Oct 2022 11:59 pm
    Monday the 31st of October is the first day that Top Voted Coins has been live a full day. At 23:59, the following coins and tokens are today’s 10 most upvoted among Crypto Lists visitors: Wagmi Games, Solana Coin, Cronos, Bitcoin, BNB Coin, Ripple, Kishu Inu, Pound Token, Ether and Cardano.


    Payments giant Visa files trademark for new crypto wallet

    Corner of a Visa cardMonday, 31 Oct 2022 8:49 am
    In noteworthy news from the traditional banking space, Visa has filed trademarks for an upcoming crypto wallet. More specifically, they have filed applications claiming plans for managing digital, virtual, and cryptocurrency transactions which shows they’re also keen to enter the metaverse space. And, the management of digital and crypto currency wallets. And NFTs too! But, you can get ahead of the traditional banking giants by getting involved with crypto today at Coinbase. It’s one of the most popular platforms in the world and ideal for beginners.


    Top 7 Crypto Exchange Coins & Tokens in October, 2022

    Number 7 - Blue ballSunday, 30 Oct 2022 11:47 pm
    Do you know which crypto exchange coins have the highest valuation? Crypto Lists can reveal that Binance’s own Build and Build Coin (BNB) has the highest market cap, ranked as the 4th biggest cryptocurrency in the world when counting the total value of all BNB’s in circulation.

    On 23rd place in terms of market cap comes FTX Token (FTT), tightly followed by Cronos (CRO) from that is the 25th highest valued coin in the word and the 3rd biggest crypto exchange coin.

    The 4th biggest exchange coin is Huobi Token (HT), while KuCoin Token (KCS) is just a little bit behind. The 6th biggest exchange related coin comes from a DEX – and that is the SushiSwap Token (SUSHI). The 7th biggest cryptocurrency related to exchanges is a platform token – Swissborg Token (CHSB).


    Top 5 Meme Coins in October, 2022

    Happy Shiba InuSunday, 30 Oct 2022 11:45 pm
    The highest market cap among meme coins in October 2022 comes from Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and ApeCoin, which are all among the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. The two most fast growing tokens from the meme category are Dogelon Mars and Baby Doge Coin. If they keep growing during the next six months, one of them might reach the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization in 2023.


    Dogecoin Up 36% After Elon Musk Takes Over Twitter

    Twitter blue iconSaturday, 29 Oct 2022 4:29 pm
    Elon Musk’s recent takeover of Twitter is good news for Dogecoin, one of the most touted cryptocurrencies by the new owner. It seems like the crypto market is expecting Twitter to be even more powerful place for Elon to mention his dog called Floki. If you are a Shiba Inu lover and think that Elon Musk will continue to promote DOGE, it might be worth looking into trading with a site such as Skilling.


    Scott Malsbury – The Creator of AAVE Community

    Scott Malsbury - headshot from GibraltarSaturday, 29 Oct 2022 12:36 pm
    During Crypto Gibraltar, met Scott Malsbury, who handles the community behind AAVE. He was one of the lucky ICO investors, and got a decent return from his investment. The AAVE token went from $0.01 to $619 at its ATH, while currently trading at 84.2 USD. That is an increase of 6.19 million percent from the start, while the price of the AAVE coin gone up 842 000% to date from the initial coin offering. Not bad right? Scott Malsbury is happy about his engagement and is sailing around the world now. Did you miss this coin? Check out our toplist of new cryptocurrencies launched in 2022.


    Rishi Sunak presses ahead with UK NFT project

    UK flag graffiti on wallSaturday, 29 Oct 2022 12:35 pm
    The much-anticipated Royal Mint NFT is pressing ahead as planned, according to sources close to Rishi Sunak. The collection of official British NFTs is designed ‘to show the forward-looking approach we are determined to take towards crypto assets in the UK,” according to the Treasury. Alongside this year’s launch of the regulated Pound Token (GBPT), it seems the UK is flying the (Union Jack) flag as the biggest European crypto hub. Want to get involved in the industry? Try Capital for crypto trading today!


    Is Cardano set for a ‘monster’ bull run? EU lawmaker says so

    ADA coin in front of chartFriday, 28 Oct 2022 3:16 pm
    A member of the European Parliament, Stefan Berger, has heaped praise on the Cardano Network after a meeting with its CEO. He believes that its native coin, ADA could be set for an enormous upsurge in price, calling it a “rocket in the cryptocurrency industry” due to the advances of its blockchain’s recent Vasil hard fork upgrade. Want to get involved with the 8th biggest crypto? Sign up for MEXC Global here


    Crypto market hits one trillion market cap again

    Market heading upwardsFriday, 28 Oct 2022 9:09 am
    With Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) doing impressive numbers over the past few days, other coins have rallied to help the crypto space reach the $1,000,000,000,000 mark again. November is traditionally a good month for crypto, so we’ll have to wait and see if we’re on the verge of a bull run. To get started in the crypto space, Sign up for CEX here and enjoy an exchange that’s available in tons of countries around the world.

  release new crypto Visa card for US market

    Visa logoThursday, 27 Oct 2022 2:14 pm have partnered with Visa to launch a debit card specifically for the American market. The waitlist for the card had 50,000 sign-ups at launch and will roll out to other countries beginning in 2023. The card will give 1% crypto back on all purchases. Head of Crypto at Visa said: “At Visa, we believe for crypto adoption to grow, it’s critical for it to be easily accepted everywhere” in promising news for mainstream adoption. Want to get started in crypto without waiting for a specialized debit card? Sign up for here


    UK parliament votes to include crypto in finance regulation

    UK flagThursday, 27 Oct 2022 9:01 am
    In news that will excite the cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the country, the United Kingdom’s governemt voted to include new amendments on digital assets in a new bill passed through the first round on Tuesday. Before it becomes law, it will need to go through several review rounds. If passed, the amendments will give the country a more robust regulatory framework for crypto, giving individuals and investors the added security that comes with other financial assets. If you want to start your journey into crypto, sign up for Binance here, as it’s one of the top exchanges in the UK.


    USN Gets $40M Bail Out Fund from Near Foundation

    Near Protocol IconWednesday, 26 Oct 2022 1:16 pm
    The Near Foundation decided to set-up a $40 million potential bail out fund for USN, their own stablecoin. Yesterday, Near halted the minting of USN due to 40 million undercollateralization. The new fund will be based on wrapped Tether. The new USN protection program tries to cover undercollateralization problem, which according to Near Network is not related to the NEAR coin price.


    DOGE leaps 10% as crypto market sees overall upturn

    Dogecoin iconWednesday, 26 Oct 2022 12:17 pm
    The famous meme coin has leapt up 10% over the past day as cryptocurrency bounces to highs not seen since August. Dogecoin (DOGE), known to be Tesla-founder and crypto advocate Elon Musk’s coin of choice, is up almost 12% since this time last week. Additionally, the number of DOGE holders (or should that be HODLers!) has increased by almost 100,000 over the past three months. Want to jump in on the bounce? Sign up for MEXC Global today!


    Bitcoin breaks $20,000 barrier as bullish trends brew

    Bitcoin breaks $20,000 barrier as bullish trends brewWednesday, 26 Oct 2022 9:11 am
    The reversal of recent downward trends in the crypto winter looks to be in play as Bitcoin (BTC) breaks the $20k barrier for the first time since August. In what looks set to be a mini-bull run before what analysts predict will be an inevitable swing back down in mid-November, Ether (ETH) also rose past $1500. You can sign up for Coinbase here and take advantage of what looks set to be a positive few weeks in the market.


    Mastercard partners with BitOasis to launch new crypto card

    Mastercard partners with BitOasis to launch new crypto cardTuesday, 25 Oct 2022 5:01 pm
    A partership between Dubai-based crypto exchange BitOasis and Mastercard will see new cards launched that will initially target target users in the Middle East and North Africa. With the MENA a key region of crypto adoption, the cards will help customers purchase things at both physical points of sale and online too. Want to begin your digital asset journey? Try today.


    Why NFTs mean Avalanche’s future looks bright

    Why NFTs mean Avalanche's future looks brightTuesday, 25 Oct 2022 9:42 am
    In interesting news for AVAX fans, the Avalanche network behind the coin have announced expanded support for multiple NFT platforms. Being able to buy or sell across multiple platforms using Avalanche means the network can tap into more NFT volumes, and it might achieve higher demand for AVAX as a payment medium. AVAX’s short-term outlook suggests a significant probability of crossing above the $17 price level in the next few days. Want to start investing in AVAX? Sign-up for Binance here


    Spain home to 3rd largest amount of crypto ATMs globally

    Spain home to 3rd largest amount of crypto ATMs globallyMonday, 24 Oct 2022 5:22 pm
    Spain has overtaken El Salvador to become the third largest crypto ATM hub in the world. Their network of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency self-service machines puts them in third position after the US and Canada. Spain currently hosts 215 ATMs, placing them number one in Europe with 14.65% of total installations on the continent! To buy Bitcoin peer-to-peer, head to LocalCryptos today!

    PS. Get 0.5% discount on your next BTC withdrawal with GTBC in Marbella.


    Is Ether set for a price breakout?

    Is Ether set for a price breakout? Monday, 24 Oct 2022 9:35 am
    In exciting news for fans of the Ethereum network, the price of the Ether (ETH) coin could be set for a mini bull run according to some. Data from yesterday shows some positive signs that the currency might surge above the $1,400 resistance level. Want to jump in on the action? Try Kraken for crypto trading today!


    Coinbase Pro to migrate to main site on November 9th

    Coinbase Pro to migrate to main site on November 9thSunday, 23 Oct 2022 12:23 pm
    Coinbase Pro is to close as an independent entity on November 9th this year. From that date, all the features as well as your balance will merge with the ‘Advanced Trade’ section of the main Coinbase platform, so that you can manage all of your trading activity with a single unified account. Want to try Advanced Trade for yourself before the migration? Sign-up for a Coinbase account here


    Will Tron (TRX) go beyond $0.075 soon?

    Will Tron (TRX) go beyond $0.075 soon?Saturday, 22 Oct 2022 12:20 pm
    In recent news, some analysts have predicted that the TRX coin could be set for somewhat of a bull run. The crypto has been discussed as deflationary after the TRON Network
    agreed to introduce a mechanism that decreases its total circulating supply over time, making the coin appealing in some regards when compared to inflationary currencies. If the coin manages to break through the resistance level of $0.075, it may continue its run toward a year high of $0.088, and perhaps further to $0.1! You can sign-up for Binance here to make an investment in TRX.


    Helium goes over to Solana network

    Amir Haleem, co-founder of HeliumSaturday, 22 Oct 2022 11:10 am
    The layer one blockchain Helium had a vote today about the future plans. Over 6000 community members (>81%) surprisingly voted to move Helium network over to Solana network. Update: Helium co-founder Amir Haleem confirmed on Solana Breakpoint 2022 that Helium will be moving over to Solana, along with the HNT coin, IOT Token and the MOBILE token. See the video by Crypto Lists with Amir Harleem speaking at Breakpoint here.


    The UK now Europe’s number one crypto economy

    The UK now Europe's number one crypto economyFriday, 21 Oct 2022 3:03 pm
    The UK received an enormous $233bn(£209bn) in raw transaction value of crypto from July 2021 to June 2022, according to an official report released today. The highest of any European nation, and now the 6th largest in the world for cryptocurrencies. Interestingly, much was related to DeFi, with NFTs also of large interest to the British public. The only major Western European country to grow its crypto market between July 2021 and 2022, the news suggests the UK has benefited from certain regulatory measures, according to HMRC. A spokesman said “I would like to think it’s because we’ve tried to provide certainty as far as crypto regulation and taxation go in the UK,.No one wants crypto to be taxed, but if there’s uncertainty about how it will be taxed, that can cause some level of consternation too.” Check out the best place to buy crypto in the UK and start building your portfolio.


    Tesla continues to HODL their crypto

    Tesla continues to HODL their cryptoFriday, 21 Oct 2022 10:36 am
    Despite being in the midst of the infamous Twitter buying debacle, Elon Musk’s Tesla remains one of the largest corporate HODLers of Bitcoin. In fact, the figures are unchanged since Q2 of this year. In the electic-car giants’ investor relations call, they announced that while they did indeed sell around $936m worth of Bitcoin in July, they continue to hold $222m in ‘digital assets’. Almost certain to be BTC. Before you buy Bitcoin, check out our review by clicking the link!


    Crypto approved as financial product in South Africa

    Crypto approved as financial product in South Africa Thursday, 20 Oct 2022 3:54 pm
    South Africa’s financial markets regulator has announded that Bitcoin and other crypto assets are a financial product, setting the grounds to bring cryptocurrencies under regulatory review which may lead to an upswing in adoption among both the public and institutional investors within the nation. The statement, which has been welcomed by many in South Africa’s crypto industry, applies to any “digital representation of value which is not issued by a central bank but is capable of being traded, transferred or stored electronically by natural and legal persons for the purpose of payment, investment or other forms of utility.” Want to start building your crypto portfolio? Sign-up for MEXC Global here


    Three reasons why Solana’s bearish before heading bullish

    Three reasons why Solana's bearish before heading bullishThursday, 20 Oct 2022 9:48 am
    It’s no surprise that Solana is down this month, as the whole market is. Partly down to the US Fed’s monetary actions, but also due to these three key factors: Firstly, the network’s total value locked (TVL) broke to its lowest level since September 2021, highlighting centralization issues. Alongside that, a decrease in the network’s DApp use and fading interest from derivatives traders. But, Solana maintains a strong buzz and reputation as one of the key coins to hold during the next bull market. You can read our review of Solana’s SOL coin and if you’ve not started building your portfolio in time for the next bull run then sign-up for Binance today!


    Huge 75% increase in transactions on the Cardano blockchain

    Huge 75% increase in transactions on the Cardano blockchainWednesday, 19 Oct 2022 3:39 pm
    In fantastic news to hear during a bearish market, research has found transactions on the network have increased by over 75% since the beginnning of the month. now ranks among the top three NFT chains, trailing only Ethereum and Solana. You can read our in-depth review on Cardano’s native coin ADA and make a small investment at Coinbase here!


    Dogecoin hash rate hits highest rate in seven monthsh

    Dogecoin iconWednesday, 19 Oct 2022 9:49 am
    Dogecoin’s native blockchain has hit 815 TeraHashes per second (TH/s) according to the latest data. This seven-month high indicates a big increase in interest in mining the second largest proof-of-work (PoW) blockchain. Does the increased interest in DOGE have something to do with chief celebrity endorser Elon Musk’s potential Twitter takeover? Perhaps. If you’re intrigued, why not check out our review and see if they hype is real! What do you think will happen with DOGE? Register to go either long or short with Skilling here!


    Alpine Cars NFTs Launched on PreMint

    Alpine Pre-mint NFTsTuesday, 18 Oct 2022 8:27 pm
    Looking to get a cheap NFT from Alpine Cars, the same company that are doing well in Formula One? Currently, the French Alpine driver Esteban Ocon with number 31 is ranked on the 8th place in Formula One 2022, while another Alpine driver, Spanish Fernando Alonso, is ranked on the 9th place.

    Let there be light is the new slogan for Alpine’s NFT collection. Pre-mint registration is now open here. In order to be selected for the pre-mint, you need to have at least 0.01955 ETH in the crypto wallet.


    Terra aiming to bounce back with exciting proposal

    Luna logoTuesday, 18 Oct 2022 4:33 pm
    After the collapse of the Terra ecosystem earlier this year, the company have announced proposals to take their Luna 2.0 coin and blockchain to the next level. They shared the upcoming protocol on Twitter, outlining a four-year program with three primary objectives: incentivizing developers to build on Terra, deepening liquidity on Terra and onboarding users to Terra. Not begun trading? Buy Luna 2.0 from here!


    Ethereum wallet MetaMask enables instant bank transfers

    MetaMask fox iconTuesday, 18 Oct 2022 9:49 am
    One of the leading Ethereum crypto wallets, MetaMask, is trying to improve usability and increase adoption by making it easier for people to turn their fiat into crypto. You’ll now be able to add funds to your wallet using instant bank transfers whereas previously users had to wait for traditional fund transfers to clear. To achieve this, they’ve partnered with fintech firm Sardine in what is exciting news for the space.


    XRP Ledger Network Reach 75 Million Blocks

    XRP Ledger iconMonday, 17 Oct 2022 10:57 am
    The highly scalable XRPL network, which the Ripple coin is based on, is reaching a milestone; over 75 000 blocks. XRP Ledger is highly popular and ranking on the top 7 list of the best blockchains on, out of 63. Over 4.3 million accounts own XRP to date.


    Sovereign wealth funds looking increasingly at crypto

    Soverign wealth investor looking into cryptoMonday, 17 Oct 2022 10:05 am
    In interesting news, noted crypto investor Kevin O’Leary has stated that while most large sovereign wealth funds haven’t dipped their toes into crypto’s waters yet, this could soon change. Speaking on Friday 14th with Cointelegraph, O’Leary said “Most of the sovereign wealth funds that I work for as an indexer have zero position in crypto of any kind. When you ask them if they’re going to buy anything, they want the granddaddy, which is Bitcoin.” A strong advocate of regulation, he went on to say once Stablecoins become regulated then other cryptos will follow and that’s when larger institutional investors will get involved in a bigger way. Want to join the investment funds and get into crypto using a large, regulated exchange? Sign-up for Binance here!


    Cardano founder announces major plans for ADA coin and more

    Cardano foundation logoSaturday, 15 Oct 2022 11:01 am
    Charles Hoskinson said on Friday that he envisions ADA and other digital assets “in general to become the financial operating systems of the world” in what is sure to be good news to crypto enthusiasts worldwide. Saying digital currencies supplied by central banks were a bad idea, he noted cryptos offer a route to true financial freedom. With the recent Vasil Hard Fork, the Cardano blockchain’s native coin has improved in various functionalities. Read our in-depth review on ADA today.


    eToro US release retail investor beat for Q3, 2022

    USA map and flagFriday, 14 Oct 2022 4:33 pm
    One of the worlds biggest copy trading brokers, eToro US, is noticing a new trend among their investors in their quarterly Investor Beat report. Investors are being more defensive and hold cash or stablecoins to a higher degree than usual. 37% of investors on eToro are reducing the amount they invest in order to handle increased inflation with higher household bills. At the same time, 1/3 are waiting for better times and 30% are saving up for emergency expenses. What many investors don’t think about is that both long and short positions can be done for crypto. Not a customer yet? Sign-up for eToro US here!


    Mastercard proposes exciting crypto developments

    Mastercard embraces cryptoFriday, 14 Oct 2022 4:14 pm
    The payments giant has announced five areas in the crypto space that they want to expand into in the near future. CBDCs were a key area of discussion, with a senior executive proclaiming “Someday soon, the ability to own and spend a digital currency could be as seamless as making a contactless card payment.” Over 21 sites accept Mastercard crypto for deposits, and Skilling is one of our most highly rated brokers.


    Crypto begins price recovery after yesterday’s bearish moves

    Market moves upwards after recent downward turnFriday, 14 Oct 2022 8:10 am
    Crypto has begun a rebound after yesterday’s sharp drop in prices, indicating possible short-term bullish moves across both Bitcoin and alts. Not in the market yet? Try Coinbase now, one of the best platforms for beginners.


    Bitcoin returns to below $19,000 as bear market continues

    Bitcoin logoThursday, 13 Oct 2022 5:01 pm
    The bear market affecting crypto prices continues, as Bitcoin slumped below $19,000 after the announcement of US inflation figures. Can it go lower? You can go go long or short with Skilling, a broker with low spread for Bitcoin trading.


    Google moves into crypto payments with Coinbase custody

    Google Cloud and Coinbase logoWednesday, 12 Oct 2022 8:00 am
    Google finally starts to accept crypto payments, such as deposits with Bitcoin, for their cloud customers. The payment service is provided through a custody service implemented through CoinbasePay. For a huge listed company like Alphabet Inc, this is a big change. Crypto Lists hope that more major businesses follow suit.


    Shiba Inu recovers after 10% price drop

    Cool Shiba Inu in SunglassesTuesday, 11 Oct 2022 6:34 pm
    It’s been a volatile day for Shiba Inu. The well-known meme token was down over 10% today, before recovering to -3% for the day. One of the most reputable crypto exchanges where you can trade Shiba Inu against most crypto pairs is Kraken.


    Coinbase finally receives a Singapore crypto license

    Coinbase blue iconTuesday, 11 Oct 2022 5:45 pm
    In exciting news for would-be crypto enthusiasts in Singapore, Coinbase (read our review here)  has finally obtained a licence to operate in the country. This development means both individuals as well as institutional investors can leverage digital payment token services. Not a customer yet? Try Coinbase now.


    Skilling add Credit Suisse CFDs after market turmoil

    Skilling add Credit Suisse CFDs after market turmoilThursday, 6 Oct 2022 6:20 pm
    The Scandinavian CFD broker Skilling is adding the heavily discussed bank, Credit Suisse, to their list of CFDs. The entire stock- and crypto market was in free fall after worries that both Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank could collapse last week. Al Jazeera reported that while it mostly could be rumours, the need for a restructuring of the business is clear. Credit Suisse shares in Switzerland is trading at 88.75 CHF in 2007 and stood at 4.44 CHF when writing this. That is a drop of over 80% since the top. So, are you long or short? Trade Credit Suisse with Skilling today!


    Swissborg Thematics Goes Live To Genesis Members

    Web 3 thematic portfolio from SwissborgThursday, 6 Oct 2022 4:21 pm
    Today, Swissborg is launching a new product that mix a range of cryptocurrencies that are more or less relevant for Web3. With the click of a button, it is possible to get diversified and invested in several web3 related coins and tokens. During the launch, 10% will be allocated to Cosmos (ATOM), 10% to Ether (ETH), 10% to Polkadot (DOT), 10% to Polygon (MATIC), 10% to Secret (SCRT) and 10% to Swissborg Token (CHSB). As if the Swissborg Genesis members did not have enough CHSB already? Not the optimal allocation of capital, but only 10% in CHSB could probably be alright, since the value of their own token gone down rather much and there should be decent upside over time. From the remaining web3 basked, 7.5% of the capital goes to Kusama (KSM) and 7.5% to Mina (MINA), while 5% each goes to Avalanche (AVAX), Cardano (ADA), Celo (CELO), Near Coin (NEAR) and Solana (SOL).

    Withdrawal fees for Thematics are 0.1% for all tiers, while the minimum fiat fees range from 1 EUR to 4.5 CHF. For those that are looking to make a transfer from a stablecoin, the cost is minimum 3.2 USDT or 3.2 USDC. Buy and sell fees for Swissborg Thematics are 1% for Genesis and Generation Tier, while Pioneer and Community Tier clients are charged 1.5% and Standard and explorer customers will be charged 2%. During the beta test (that just started), there are no fees at all for all tiers. Rebalancing of the Swissborg Thematics portfolio is done every week, while reallocation is done every 70 days. Not a customer yet? Try Swissborg today!


    Near Foundation Anounce Collaboration With Google Cloud

    Illia Polosukhin on stage during NearCon 2022 in LisbonWednesday, 5 Oct 2022 2:31 pm
    Near Foundation that is behind the Near blockchain and NEAR coin are collaborating up with Google Cloud, 9 months after the Google Cloud asset team was launched.

    It means that Google Cloud will be providing technical support for NEAR grantees, when scaling and developing their Web3 projects and dApps. Illia Polosukhin, the co-founder of Near, was an engineering manager for Google research between 2014 and 2017. At Google, he was also an expert that worked to enhance Google’s search algorithm related to deep learning and understanding of natural language and queries by users. Crypto Lists conclude that Illia made a great work at Google, since they team up with his blockchain.

    In a press release by Near, the organisation says that projects building on NEAR will benefit from Google Cloud’s open and developer-friendly cloud infrastructure. Crypto Lists assume that new projects on Near will receive free infrastructure with Google Cloud.


    New Technology: Mastercard Crypto SecureTM Goes Live

    New Technology: Mastercard Crypto SecureTM Goes LiveWednesday, 5 Oct 2022 1:33 pm
    The world’s most innovative debit card provider, Mastercard, is releasing a brand new technology called “Mastercard Crypto SecureTM”. It is a way of adding additional security, trust and safety to blockchain users. While Crypto Lists finds it great that Mastercard (see toplist) looks into various VASPs, it is also a risk that some crypto exchanges that do not work close enough with them might get negative exposure or less customers from debit card users or services that rely on Mastercard. The official release from Mastercard can be found here.


    Bitcoin Casino IO Release Rapid Withdrawals

    5 minutesSaturday, 1 Oct 2022 3:42 pm
    Most crypto casino players want to be able to withdraw their winning as soon as possible. Therefore, Bitcoin Casino IO (see review) launched guaranteed withdrawals within 5 minutes. Yes, you read that right. Looking for a better crypto casino? Sign-up with Bitcoin IO today and grab 0.6 BTC in bonus.


    Breaking: Skilling lower spread to Zero for Dogecoin

    Angry Dog looking a bit like DogecoinFriday, 30 Sep 2022 1:27 pm
    One of Scandinavia’s favourite cryptocurrency brokers that offer Dogecoin CFDs, just gone out with a new announcement. They are lowering the spread to zero for all Dogecoin CFD transactions, making competing crypto CFD brokers angry. The only crypto pair with Dogecoin that Skilling (see review) got is DOGE/USD, tradable as a CFD. While many cryptocurrencies are going down in lately, Dogecoin is one of few that has been showing signs that a upward price breakout is possible. In the beginning of the week, DOGE increased 18%, following a long period of declining prices. Still, many crypto pessimists believe that this top rated meme coin should continue down. What do you think will happen with DOGE? Register to go either long or short with Skilling here! You start with a free demo account and can easily change to a real account when you feel ready. What are you waiting for?

  APP & Exchange Gets DASP Approval in France APP & Exchange Gets DASP Approval in France Wednesday, 28 Sep 2022 2:49 pm
    The latest firm to receive regulatory approval as a Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP) in France is Exchange and App. An increasing number of international crypto exchanges are following Binance, the first crypto site to get approval in France. The 1st of January, 2024, the new Markets in Crypto Assets (MICA) regulation will start in Europe, that could change the landscape for cryptocurrencies and firms involved. Crypto Lists Ltd estimate that the biggest change will come to the NFT industry, where assets that are not genuinely unique will come under scrutiny. Cronos (CRO), the native token of Cronos blockchain, fell 5% today after the announcement.


    Troubles ahead for FTX? Bahamas on EU’s blacklist

    Troubles ahead for FTX? Bahamas on EU's blacklistTuesday, 27 Sep 2022 12:47 pm
    It seems to be trouble ahead for FTX European customers, following a report from Bloomberg confirming that Bahamas will be blacklisted from next week. The reasons is that “Bahamas continues to facilitate the operation of offshore firms for purposes of tax evasion”. European Union is also expected to add Anguilla and Turks and Caicos to the updated list, expected to be released next week.

    Meanwhile, Tunisia and Bermudas are expected to be removed from the blacklist, since they started to exchange information with EU. Armenia is one of the countries that will be classified as a grey zone. Crypto Lists continue to watch the latest updates from MICA that will change the rules for cryptocurrency investments in the EU, starting the 1st of January, 2022. If you are considering to change from FTX and live in the U.S, then Kraken is the best alternative, since they have a huge amount of crypto pairs, are based in the U.S and cooperate with the European Union.

  cover Crypto Gibraltar 2022 cover Crypto Gibraltar 2022Thursday, 22 Sep 2022 4:46 pm
    Today, the founders of Crypto Lists arrived in Gibraltar. The coming days will be full of different events, networking and seminars at Crypto Gibraltar 2022. Make sure to visit to see the latest updates from the biggest crypto conference in Gibraltar. Are you here in Gibraltar and would like some extra exposure for your brand? Contact us here or send a DM on Instagram. Update: See the latest photos, videos and people attending Crypto Gibraltar here.


    Do Kwon – From billionaire to prison?

    man in jailThursday, 15 Sep 2022 1:39 pm
    An ongoing investigation started in South Korea after the collapse of the Terra blockchain. Today, a court in Seoul issued an arrest warrant for Do Kwon, the CEO and founder of Terra network. While it’s early to say if he is still a billionaire of not, and if he is going to end up in prison or not, this is definitely a topic that Crypto Lists will follow. From my personal talks with several founders and people previous heavily involved in the Terra ecosystem, it seems like most old Terra projects are choosing to move away to other ecosystems, even if huge grants are been given out.


    Monero & Dash delisted from Huobi due to regulative pressure

    Dash crypto iconTuesday, 13 Sep 2022 3:00 pm
    The crypto exchange Huobi is today delisting Monero, Dash and Zcash, a few of the most famous privacy coins and tokens. The banning comes after increased regulative pressure from the US. Other crypto sites that still accept those tokens include Binance and


    Near Entusiasts at NearCon, 2022

    Near founders and entusiastsMonday, 12 Sep 2022 11:50 am
    Yesterday, Crypto Lists had the pleasure to meet lots of Near Entusiasts. Here are a few of them. Do you recognise any of them? To the far right we have Mark Mi and in the middle with green t-shirt is Alexander Scharrer – both working with business development at Near Foundation. Over 3000 people were present at NearCon 2022 and later today, we’ll post more pictures from the event.


    Ether transfers are down for SwissBorg

    Ether transfers are down for SwissBorgTuesday, 6 Sep 2022 4:29 pm
    SwissBorg outbound and inbound transactions are usually among the quickest for most cryptocurrencies. A BNB transfer can take less than 30 seconds, and ETH is usually quicker or at least just as fast. However, when trying to do an outbound transfer from the crypto platform today, Swissborg says it temporary unavailable. Meanwhile, Crypto Lists recommend Kucoin for quick transactions instead.


    PacMate launch a new pre-sale with lower supply

    PacMate pre sale - 1 day before launchTuesday, 30 Aug 2022 12:04 pm
    PacMate didn’t manage to fill the first round, where the soft cap was 100 BNB. That was during a period when ETH and BTC dropped significantly, and many investors were probably worried to invest in a new token. Since they could only reach 73 BNB, they closed the first pre-launch at 5 before it was closing.

    However, the second round of PacMate pre-sale round is now live and the soft cap at 50 BNB instead of 100, is now live. During pre-sale, 1 BNB gives 3,789,866.34 PCMT tokens. When writing this, 65.96 BNB is put into the pre-sale. Since the soft cap is 50, Crypto Lists estimate that PacMate might over deliver to all that put in money. But they might as well cap it at 50, and then nobody will get any allocation after the 50 soft cap was reached a few hours ago.

    Since new cryptocurrencies are risky, make sure to do your own due diligence. First of all, read our PCMT review (without rating since it’s brand new) and then check out PacMate’s Telegram group and other official links such as their website. All important references are shown in the review, as usual.


    USDN, the Waves Backed Stablecoin Breaks Peg & Come Back

    USDN, the Waves Backed Stablecoin Breaks Peg & Come BackMonday, 29 Aug 2022 3:42 am
    You probably heard about quite a few problems related to algorithmic stablecoins, and USDN is the latest to face repeated de-pegging issues. On the 26th of August, the Waves backed stablecoin called Neutrino Dollar (USDN) traded at 0.90 USD instead of 1 USD, Three times earlier this year, in March, April and in May – USDN was breaking the peg to USD. The latest de-peg came after implementing a new algorithm behind the stablecoin. Crypto Lists anticipate that this will be an eye opener for some investors, that will move away from both the Waves blockchain and USDN. Update: On Monday the 29th at 02:480 GMT, the price for USDN stood at 0.98, meaning it’s almost back to the peg again.


    Bitcoin bounce at 20k, ETH at 1500

    Bitcoin bounce at 20k, ETH at 1500Saturday, 27 Aug 2022 2:21 pm
    Those looking to buy Bitcoin just got a new floor to look out for. Bitcoin was slightly below 20 000 USD, before bouncing back to 22 000 USD. For those planning to buy Ether (ETH), the price was also the lowest in a few weeks, reaching just below 1500 USD before bouncing back. Now, it’s important to keep track of the 20k level for BTC, since a few days break below that level could indicate that 16 000 might be the next stop. Are you long or short in BTC? Try trading Bitcoin with Local Bitcoins today!


    FTX remove Paysafe for Deposits

    FTX remove Paysafe for DepositsFriday, 26 Aug 2022 6:21 pm
    Paysafe, on of 10 most used crypto deposit methods in Germany, is today removed for EU citizens from FTX. Crypto Lists assume that Paysafe is asking for some kind of fee from FTX, which they don’t want to pay. FTX (see review) recommend users to either go with debit cards or bank transfer instead of Paysafe.


    MINERIAapp expands to Africa

    MINERIAapp expands to AfricaMonday, 22 Aug 2022 7:25 pm
    Before the MINERIAapp van is driving to Africa, they are live on Crypto Lists. Yes, Crypto Lists is the first major crypto site that writes about the MINERIAapp Token (NUBE). Do you know that NUBE is the newest crypto token featured on Crypto Lists? It is also one that we follow closely. Check out the review about MINERIAapp Token here.


    Ora – A new blockchain search engine from Solana hackathon

    Ora - A new blockchain search engine from Solana hackathonThursday, 18 Aug 2022 9:17 pm
    Solana’s hackathon resulted in a new blockchain search engine, that is called Ora – yet to be launched. The goal is to help blockchain beginners to find information they are looking for. In a few days or weeks, is likely to go live. Meanwhile, you can read up about Solana blockchain and the Solana Coin. Let’s see if we really need a new search engine for web3 and blockchain, or if Google will continue to be the best option?

  gets FCA Approval in the UK gets FCA Approval in the UKWednesday, 17 Aug 2022 1:40 pm
    Finally, APP and Exchange gets approval by FCA in the UK. This means that Brits now can use’s exchange with local laws and regulation. The local name for the firm in United Kingdom is FORIS DAX UK LIMITED and the office is located on 50 Mark Ln in London. Not a customer yet? Buy Bitcoin from here!


    Swissborg List NEAR Before NearCon

    Colourful Near LogoWednesday, 10 Aug 2022 6:27 pm
    Just in time for NearCon, the conference about Near blockchain and Near cryptocurrency – Swissborg decided to launch the NEAR on their app. This blockchain aims to eliminate slow transaction speed, throughput and the flagship event in Lisbon will take place the 11th to 14th of September, 2022. There is surely something for everyone, with 2000+ delegates ready for networking, discussions about sustainability, NFTs, protocol updates and web3. Have you not got any Near coins in your wallet? Try Swissborg to get some NEAR today!


    Top e-wallets for crypto funding; Alipay, Neteller & GPay

    E Wallet IconSunday, 7 Aug 2022 9:47 pm
    Crypto Lists has introduced a new segment focusing on e-wallets for crypto funding. Several crypto sites accept the method as it offers fast, convenient, and low fees payment transactions.

    Some of the most utilised e-wallets include PayPal worldwide, WeChat Pay and Ali Pay in Asia, Apple Pay and Google Pay for EU and North America, while Skrill and Neteller is popular among gaming people. Crypto Lists has a listing of the top sites for trading crypto with E-wallets including eToro, Paxful, Skilling, Coinbase, and FTX, amongst others.


    Poloniex + Ethereum PoW = True

    poloniex iconFriday, 5 Aug 2022 12:08 am
    The 32 year old founder of Tron blockchain and the owner of Poloniex, Justin Sun, has officially given support to the Ethereum´s PoW) hard fork. Before the merge of Ethereum blockchain, Justin is not the only supporter of Ethereum Proof of Work. While there are only around 2050 Twitter followers today, Crypto Lists expects this number to increase significantly the coming month. Mr Sun has promised to donate some of his ETH to the PoW ecosystem, so it can be developed further. Finally, holders of Ethereum will be able to exchange between either Ethereum as PoW or PoS to a 1:1 ratio after the upgrade is complete. Not a customer at Poloniex yet? Give them a try today!


    Binance & Mastercard Launch Bitcoin Rewards Card

    Argentina Map and FlagThursday, 4 Aug 2022 8:23 pm
    With over 60% inflation and a super weak local currency, Argentina got one of the highest crypto adoption rates in the world. Now, both Binance and Mastercard are trying to take advantage of this, by offering a prepaid debit card with special Bitcoin rewards in Argentina, writes PrNewsWire. Users in Argentina can expect up to 8% cashback and zero ATM fees for withdrawals. Sign-up for Binance here if you live in Argentina and take advantage of the new card.


    Mercedes Benz launch on Acentrik blockchain

    acentrik logoThursday, 4 Aug 2022 11:47 am
    Mercedes Benz Group has launched its Acentrik blockchain platform through Daimler South East Asia. It is a decentralised data market for enterprises. Businesses can gain financial benefits from it. If businesses are concerned about how to share data in privacy, this marketplace could be ideal for them.

    Acentrik is not domain specific and applies to clinical trial data, insurance information, and other fields. It targets enterprise users such as Know Your Business and access controls. Acentrik does not store data in the blockchain. It stores it in an NFT that represents each data set with a metadata hash.
    The public blockchain, Polygon, and Ethereum Rinkeby test network execute these transactions. Users may pay for data using a stablecoin instead of crypto. However, a MATIC token is required when paying Polygon gas fees. IPFS or AWS S3 stores the underlying data.


    Etoro launches eToro Private Equity Portfolio

    Etoro investment categoriesWednesday, 3 Aug 2022 12:43 am
    Etoro announced its launch of a Private Equity Smart Portfolio to add to its provision of access to opportunities in private markets to retail investors. The cryptocurrency volatility incentivised institutional investors to diversify in alternative investments including private equity. Some of the sectors include renewable energy (+68% YTD), Panic Mode (-12% YTD), Utilities (+16%), AutoIndustry (+104%=. Asian Dragons (-29%) and Battery Tech (-1%), which could be an addition to crypto coins and tokens.

    Etoro offers 14 publicly listed asset management and investment firms through its Private Equity Smart Portfolio. The Smart Portfolios of Etoro are investor ready and a long-term investment solution. The starting amount for its investments is $500 to access tools to track its portfolio’s performance. Not a eToro customer yet? Sign-up for Etoro today!


    No SEC complaints after BNB´s Changes

    Logo of BNB BeaconWednesday, 3 Aug 2022 12:33 am
    Binance CEO, ChangPeng Zhao, claims that the SEC probe on whether the BNB token is a security is just the commission asking questions. Yesterday, Binance US delisted a couple of cryptocurrencies that was cited as securities by SEC, writes WSJ.

    A Freedom of Information Act request to the SEC on a subpoena sent to Binance by the SEC on an investigation of the chain’s utility token did not gain any responsive documents. These findings suggest that there is no legally binding subpoena to compel the Binance exchange to produce documents and present staff for questioning. In 2017, there were reports on investigations into the Initial Coin Offering of the BNB token. There were accusations that proceeds amounted to the sale of security that the exchange should have registered with the agency. Its CEO has publicly denied that the company had been subpoenaed and the exchange is in regular contact with authorities.


    Crypto Lists launches a conference page

    Gibraltar harbourTuesday, 2 Aug 2022 12:03 pm
    Crypto Lists Limited can today announce the launch of a conference and events page to issue information on worthwhile crypto conferences. The Crypto Lists team will attend these meetups to report firsthand information on the proceedings. Crypto Lists establishes that in-person meetups are critical for long-term partnerships. It is essential to build trust in the cryptocurrency industry and increase knowledge about blockchains, coins & tokens. Crypto Lists’ view is that revealing your identity on serious crypto projects should not be an issue and assists these crypto businesses and projects evolve. More info about upcoming crypto events & conferences can be found here.


    Avalanche + Multiverse = $290M incentive

    Avalanche - red round logoTuesday, 2 Aug 2022 11:49 am
    The Avalanche Foundation has launched its Multiverse accelerating the adoption of its subnet functionality. The $290 Million incentive program enables a prosperous ecosystem of scalable app-specific blockchains. The initial focus of the Avalanche network will be to support new ecosystems such as DeFi, NFTs, blockchain-enabled gaming, and institutional use cases.

    There will be DeFi kingdoms specific subnet with at least $15 Million of incentives in $AVAX and $CRYSTAL. Ava Labs is to collaborate with other organisations to pioneer a horizontally integrated blockchain particular to Institutional DeFi with KYC functionality. It facilitates regulated institutions to utilise subnet power and access DeFi primitives with institutional adoption of DeFi. The Multiverse is in at least six phases to support project cohorts that intend to participate in the program. More info can be found from the official AVAX Medium article.


    Solana Breakpoint tickets are live

    Solana Breakpoint tickets are liveMonday, 1 Aug 2022 1:29 am
    Ticket for the highly anticipated Solana Breakpoint go live to bring the Solana Community back together. The conference is in Lisbon, Portugal from 4th November to 7th November 2022.

    Ticket information is as follows:
    Early Bird 3-Day Pass is available until August 4th for $900.
    Regular 3-Day Pass sales will begin on August 4th for $1000
    Late Bird 3-Day Pass is available from October 20th for $1400.
    3-Day Pass + Support a Developer or Student is available for $1600 until October 20th.
    Standard VIP is also available until October 20th for $4000
    VIP late bird available afterward for $4600.
    VIP + Support a Developer or Student ticket runs until October 20 for $4600. Crypto Lists will be reporting the decentralised event in various venues in Lisbon as the community meets to learn, build and connect around Solana.


    CZ from Binance Sue Bloomberg

    logo binanceSunday, 31 Jul 2022 11:49 am
    The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao aka CZ, is suing Bloomberg Businessweek in the Hong Kong High court. CZ filed a lawsuit for defamation citing the media company’s report published on July 6. The content of the publication included false and unproven criminal charges. The Binance CEO confirmed the legitimacy of the publication titled Changpeng Zhao’s Ponzi Scheme from Watcher Guru. The defamation lawsuit also highlights that this recent publication is the 250th issue by Bloomberg Businessweek on CZ along with social media posts on Twitter and Facebook. The Bloomberg Businessweek is under the Modern Media Company. CZ highlighted that the publication from such an influential medium is spreading hate and harming the image of one of the most prominent personalities in the crypto industry. It also highlights the embarrassment and distress caused to the CEO. The lawsuit demands the Media company take out the report and issue an apology. Crypto Lists expects CZ to win.


    Paxful accepts biometric verification for transactions

    Paxful icon 200 pixelsSaturday, 30 Jul 2022 6:38 pm
    Paxful is now implementing biometric verification for remote transactions. It has partnered with iProov to enable customers to validate their identity using an identification document and a selfie upon registering with the platform. Registered customers can access the Paxful platform via face recognition on their mobile devices. Paxful is moving away from the use of a password and a one-time password in carrying out transactions.

    The partnership assists businesses and public sector agencies shield themselves and their users from stolen and fake identities for new account fraud and account takeover fraud. The influx of crypto users has seen a similar increase in the number of fraudsters in the industry. Paxful’s initiative and mission are critical for secure remote verification measures. Not a customer yet? Sign-up for Paxful now!


    Ethereum Classic is spiking 50% this week

    ETC logoSaturday, 30 Jul 2022 4:30 pm
    The hard-forked version of Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, has spiked 50% in a week stemming from fundamental factors such as the Ethereum Merge and a new investor. The highly anticipated Ethereum merge involves transitioning the Ethereum blockchain from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. There will be no more mining with staking upholding the security system. Miners are currently in a rush in finding alternatives hence the spike in Ethereum Classic. Antpool has also invested over $10 million in the Ethereum Classic ecosystem. The token´s price of over $40 is still short from a year ago.


    Paxful celebrate 10M clients – and 2 million in Nigeria

    Paxful transparent logoWednesday, 27 Jul 2022 10:04 pm
    The peer to peer crypto exchange Paxful celebrated their 7th anniversary and revealed that they reached 10 million users globally. Some emerging markets such as Nigeria stands out, with $760M in trade volume last year and over 2 registered million users. Paxful promote financial education or what they they call Bitcoin education, from PaxNaija Education Center located in Nigerias capital, Abuja. Not a customer yet? Sign-up for Paxful now and discover what 10 million people already enjoy!


    1 billion crypto users in 2030, says Bitget in new report

    1 billion crypto users in 2030, says Bitget in new reportWednesday, 27 Jul 2022 4:26 pm
    A new report from Bitget together with Foresight Ventures and BCG reveals that the amount of cryptocurrency holders and investors will increase from around 300 million in 2020 up to 1 billion users in 2030. The biggest holders of crypto reside in United States, where the average cryptocurrency wallet consist of digital assets worth around 18 000 USD. Have you got enough crypto in your portfolio? If not, sign-up for Bitget now!


    Coinbase falls like a rolling rock, -21%

    Coinbase falls like a rolling rock, -21%Wednesday, 27 Jul 2022 12:06 am
    The American crypto exchange Coinbase is falling like a stone today, after having trouble with SEC. Coinbase allow trading of slightly above 150 coins and tokens, but according to SEC it seems like the company allowed instruments to be traded that should be classificed as securites in the U.S. Coinbase denies any wrongdoing. If any of Coinbase listed products classifiy as a security, they might need to register as a crypto exchange with the SEC. Crypto Lists already classify Coinbase Pro as an exchange and Coinbase App as a platform. Shares in Coinbase fell 21% and the stock is down almost 80% in 2022.


    BCG & Bitget about the future of crypto exchanges

    BCG & Bitget about the future of crypto exchangesTuesday, 26 Jul 2022 12:07 am
    Boston Consulting Group (BSG), Bitget and Foresight Ventures has created a crypto industry report. about how the future of crypto transactions from DEX and exchanges might looks like. The report consider that cryptocurrencies and blockchain is still in the beginning of the adoption curve and point out 3 major maxtro trends that heavily impact the growth of crypto exchanges.

    The report claims that top emerging markets for crypto include Nigeria, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Argentina and Turkey. Among European nations, Netherlands is in the forefront according to the report and neither U.K, France, Portugal or Italy are mentioned, which we find a bit odd or at least skewed towards Asia. The report also found that crypto assets only stand for 0.3% of global wealth, while equity as a percentage of individual wealth stands for around 25%. Crypto Lists find those numbers a bit odd as well (too low for crypto) and wonder exactly where they got the data from. Want to know more? Check out a review of Bitget here, alternatively sign-up for Bitget now or read the report here.


    Swissborg introduce crypto transfers with mobile number

    Swissborg introduce crypto transfers with mobile numberMonday, 25 Jul 2022 12:49 pm
    The latest innovation by Swissborg is what they call “Smart Send”, a transfer service still in beta. By using Swissborg´s Smart Send, you can transfer money to your friends free of charge and just need to put in their mobile number. Keen to try? Sign-up for Swissborg here.


    C++ Becomes the Best BitGet CopyTrader in July

    C++ bitget copy traderThursday, 21 Jul 2022 7:20 pm
    There are some amazing results among the copy traders at Bitget. The winner so far in July is called C++ and he is mainly doing crypto day trading with ETH. From 69 trades in July, he got a 100% win rate so far and 12225% ROI. While it is not common with such high returns, this is definetely a guy Crypto Lists will continue to follow. Have you tried copy trading yet, where you simply copy a selected trader that match your risk level? If not, sign-up for Bitget CopyTrading now!
    Note: Previous results are no guarantee of future results.


    Tesla Reveals: Sold BTC for $936M in Q2

    Tesla logotypeThursday, 21 Jul 2022 3:07 pm
    In Tesla´s shareholder letter, Elon Musk reveals that the company sold 75% – equivalent to 936 million USD – of their Bitcoin holdings. Musk told the audience in a conference call that the Bitcoin sale should not be seen as a verdict on BTC. Tesla was simply concerned about their liquidity in China, due to covid shutdowns, he claims. Do you want to buy or sell Bitcoin right now? Try Paxful that offer BTC futures trading where you can both go long and short.


    Crypto Exchange Zipmex Halt Withdrawals

    Zipmex with a back soon notificationThursday, 21 Jul 2022 2:01 pm
    The Asian cryptocurrency exchange Zipmex that operate from Singapore stopped customer withdrawals today. They have over 2 million customers affected according to Forbes. The crypto exchange is currently pending between being up and showing a «we’ll be back soon» image. Zipmex blame the halted withdrawls on difficulties at partners, including Babel Finance and Celcius Network. They are currently exploring options to sue Celsius Network and raise funds. Let’s see what happens. If you are looking for a more stable crypto exchange, check out the toplist for crypto exchanges.


    ETH – Up 45% in a week, but what´s next?

    ETH - Up 45% in a week, but what´s next?Tuesday, 19 Jul 2022 6:48 pm
    After touching both 1600 and 1500 USD during the last 24 hours, Ethereum is in a clear uptrend after breaking the important 1500-level yesterday. If holding above that level for a few days, Crypto Lists analyst Stanko think that 2000 USD is the next major resistance for the second most traded cryptocurrency. If you are into leverage and CFDs, check out Skilling (review) that offer super tight spread for ETH. Sign-up for Skilling now! Alternatively, if you prefer to trade without leverage then try Paxful instead, a fantastic crypto exchange with the biggest amount of various deposit methods of all crypto sites.


    Binance Gets €3.3M Penalty in Netherlands

    Binance Gets €3.3M Penalty in NetherlandsMonday, 18 Jul 2022 4:23 pm
    The Dutch Central Bank (DNB) is giving Binance (review) a 3.3 Million Euro penalty for doing business in Netherlands, without being registered. The only reason for not getting maximum penalty is that Binance applied for a license, which reduced the total fine. Binance is currently working hard to get licenses in Europe, after their breakthrough in France. Want to try the soon to be regulated crypto exchange? Sign-up for Binance here!


    Union Pay Issuing Cards in Electronics Stores

    Union Pay Issuing Cards in Electronics StoresMonday, 18 Jul 2022 11:58 am
    Find it hard to get a Union Pay Card? Not anymore! You can visit any affiliated electronics store and receive an anonymous debit card from Union Pay. The Chinese card manufacturer currently only offers the service in China, but will probably expand the service to Russia, Ukraine and a number of Asian countries soon. What is needed to get Union Pay´s pre paid card? A document confirming travelling abroad, along with your passport, entry VISA, plane ticket and a hotel for your stay. Do you want to see which crypto sites allowing this funding option? Check out our review of Union Pay here.


    Paxful Celebrate 7 years – hurray!

    Paxful Celebrate 7 years - hurray!Sunday, 17 Jul 2022 7:26 pm
    In the second half of July 2022, the crypto exchange with the most deposit methodsPaxful – will celebrate 7 years on the crypto market. A competition will take place and all Paxful customers got the chance to win big. Are you not a client yet? Sign up for Paxful today!


    Cronos Chain Can Now Process 100% More

    Cronos Chain Can Now Process 100% MoreSaturday, 16 Jul 2022 8:18 pm
    A block size update at Cronos Chain makes the already fast blockchain double as fast. Cronos expect that the transaction fees remain the same. Read more about the main coin for this blockchain, called Cronos (CRO) or go to the main exchange for this network, called exchange.


    SwissBorg Burn 3.45 million CHSB tokens

    SwissBorg Burn 3.45 million CHSB tokensThursday, 14 Jul 2022 11:43 am
    Swissborg has been doing their biggest token burn ever, 3 450 000 tokens, following a vote by the community members. Since the price of CHSB was falling against BTC, Swissborg used available funds to buy back CHSB. In June alone, Swissborg bought back 5.8 million CHSB tokens, for an average price of around €0.42 per CHSB. The top tier Swissborg members called Genesis, was the ones that voted mostly for a 100% burn of remaining tokens from the ones put aside. Keen on trading CHSB or simply want to join a simple, user friendly and affordable crypto platform? Try Swissborg now!


    BTC price in EURO or USD? Both cost the same amount

    BTC price in EURO or USD? Both cost the same amountWednesday, 13 Jul 2022 7:03 pm
    Today, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) cost the same in both euros and dollars, around 19300 euro or usd. It’s the first time in 20 years, that the dollar is this strong against the EUR. One crypto site where you can trade both EUR/USD and BTC against USD and EUR is eToro (review). You can try eToro for free today!


    Downtrend continues – BTC below 20k, ETH -7%

    Downtrend continues - BTC below 20k, ETH -7%Tuesday, 12 Jul 2022 3:23 pm
    The cryptocurrency downtrend continue, after the European stock markets is in red and DOJ, S&P500 & Nasdaq seems to open down as well. Bitcoin (BTC) is now below $20k again, while ETH is down around 7% and can be traded for $1073. Polygon (MATIC) is the only winners among the top 35 coins by market and you can see Stanko’s price analysis for MATIC here. Do you want to trade? Check out eToro that allow users to follow top traders for free. Sign-up for eToro here.


    Swissborg Launch Competition & NFT WhiteList Goes Live

    Swissborg Launch Competition & NFT WhiteList Goes LiveThursday, 7 Jul 2022 11:51 am
    The Swiss crypto plattform Swissborg have launched a new competition where you can win up to 2000 CHSB, their own native token, and a premium account. The new NFT season is also going live soon, and whitelist spots are up for grabs. The Swissborg partner, CryptoChefs, is well known for excellent NFT projects with fantastic graphics. Sign-up for Swissborg today, the excellent and very user friendly platform with lots of benefits for active users.


    Stepn gets a new website

    Stepn gets a new websiteWednesday, 6 Jul 2022 4:03 pm
    Stepn (GMT) and GST, the crypto project that try to get you moving, has launched a new website. In case you like incentives to live healthier lifestyles and want to invest in a cryptocurrency at the same time, then Stepn might be a good alternative. Read more about the Stepn token here.


    Vauld bites the dust: Too high interest rates?

    Vauld bites the dust: Too high interest rates?Monday, 4 Jul 2022 2:08 pm
    Vauld, a Singapore based website that claims to build wealth automatically, has now blocked all withdrawals. It’s another highest interest focused crypto exchange that is facing difficulties, not long after Celcius stopped their withdrawals. They blame volatility, but what is the real reason behind? Most likely, too high interest rates on cryptocurrencies that cannot handle big withdrawals from customers that exit the market. Yesterday, we wrote about Kucoin, that seems to be doing well again. If you are interested in a really safe crypto exchange with a bit lower interest rates, then give Swissborg a try.


    Are the Kucoin insolvency rumours true or false?

    Are the Kucoin insolvency rumours true or false?Sunday, 3 Jul 2022 2:11 am
    The Palm Beach letter is sending out warnings that Kucoin may be in financial troubles and that they are blocking withdrawals. They recommend all owners to take out their coins. However, when Crypto Lists tested to withdraw coins from Kucoin, it worked without any trouble and really quick. The CEO of Kucoin, Johnny Lyu, dismiss the rumours and says there are no plans at all to stop withdrawal for customers. Kucoin recently closed a 150 million USD funding round and the CEO says there are no problems with any kind of exposure to coins such as LUNA or 3AC. Probably, Kucoin are just as good as they always been, the rumours are likely false and you can get an account yourself here. Competitors try all kinds of negative and false rumours those days to win over their fellow exchanges and this might be something started by a competitor. Or what do you think?


    Binance help SERC to issue crypto licenses in Cambodia

    Binance help SERC to issue crypto licenses in CambodiaFriday, 1 Jul 2022 1:51 am
    The Securities & Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC) has signed a non-binding agreement with Binance, to collaborate and develop the crypto sector. Binance will give proper training on cryptocurrencies for the region, while sharing their technical knowledge and experience with SERC. Together, they will work on a legal framework for regulation of the sector. Do you want to experience the top exchange out there? Sign-up with Binance now!


    Volatile day for crypto – SHIB up, ETH & BTC down

    Volatile day for crypto - SHIB up, ETH & BTC downThursday, 30 Jun 2022 5:48 pm
    It’s been a volatile day for cryptocurrencies and before the U.S market opened, it was down even more. Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $19200 at the moment, while ETH is priced around 1035 USD. One of few winners today is Shiba Inu (SHIB). Keen on getting some action today? Sign-up for eToro, the leading copy trading platform where you can follow traders such as Mario Paladini.Riskvarning: Previous results are no guarantee for further trading results.


    Today’s crazy crypto market: A stablecoin rise most

    Today's crazy crypto market: A stablecoin rise mostTuesday, 28 Jun 2022 8:14 pm
    When the best coin of the day is TerraClassicUSD (USTC), a failed stablecoin, you know that the market is a bit strange. USTC is rising 20% in a otherwise rather flat crypto market.


    Immutable X partner with Wagmi Games

    Immutable X partner with Wagmi GamesTuesday, 28 Jun 2022 9:53 am
    Wagmi Games (WAGMIGAMES) aims to minimise gas fees and costs for their NFT holders. What is then more natural than partnering with Immutable X, a layer 2 network that comes without any gas fees? Now, all Wagmi Game transactions can be done without extra costs, in a fast and simple transition.


    APE, DOGE and SAND among today’s winners

    APE, DOGE and SAND among today's winnersSunday, 26 Jun 2022 5:16 pm
    Sunday the 26/6 is another day with mostly green numbers in the crypto world. Some of today’s winners include ApeCoin (APE) that is +17%, while Sandstorm (SAND) is going up 13% and DogeCoin (DOGE) rises 12%. Keen on trading? Try out Biswap today, a great DEX with low fees and a wide range of crypto pairs.


    Axie Infinity, Sandbox & Play To Earn Leads Today’s Rise

    Axie Infinity, Sandbox & Play To Earn Leads Today's Rise Friday, 24 Jun 2022 12:55 pm
    Friday the 24th of June 2022 is a great day for Play to Earn coins. Crypto Lists notice a 15% rise for Axie Infinity while Sandbox gains 10%. Other noticeable gainers today include Avalanche (+8.7%) and Ripple (+12%), while Bitcoin is up 1.7% and Ether is gaining 5.3% the last 24 hours. Are you keen to trade? Try Skilling for CFD trading or Biswap if you need a great DEX.


    Tether launching GBP-pegged stablecoin GBPT in July

    Tether launching GBP-pegged stablecoin GBPT in JulyWednesday, 22 Jun 2022 12:26 pm
    Just a few days after Circle announcing the release of EUROC, Tether counters with launching a sterling based stablecoin. Similar to USDT, the name for the upcoming release will be GBPT and it is pegged 1:1 against the British pound. In early July you can expect to be able to spread your exchange rate risk with having GBPT in your crypto wallet. Sites such as Kucoin (review) will have it and you can sign-up for a free Kucoin account here.


    Trending coins – Waves, ZIL & TITAN

    Trending coins - Waves, ZIL & TITANTuesday, 21 Jun 2022 1:41 pm
    The crypto market is turning upwards for a third day in a row. Some of the most discussed gainers today include Waves +20%, Zilliqa (ZIL) +22% and TitanSwap (TITAN) that is up 50%. What are you trading today? Check out Binance or Kucoin where you can trade most of those coins at favourable prices and with low spread.


    BTC futures is cheaper than the spot price

    BTC futures is cheaper than the spot priceMonday, 20 Jun 2022 10:27 pm
    Bitcoin (BTC) traders seems more negative about future prices than usual. For the first time this year, BTC futures are trading below the current spot price. Does the derivate traders know something that others don’t? If you are keen to trade Bitcoin futures, Crypto Lists can recommend Kucoin for both spot and futures trading, regardless if you want to go long or short in BTC. They got low spread, high volumes and fair conditions for traders.


    Chainlink launching roadmap for staking

    Chainlink launching roadmap for stakingMonday, 20 Jun 2022 4:19 pm
    Chainlink blockchain has released a roadmap that describes how it will implement staking rewards. When this system is implemented, LINK coin holders will be able to earn passive income as they increase security guarantees on the blockchain. Following the announcement, the native cryptocurrency of the blockchain, LINK, shot up 20% and reached a high of $9. This has made it one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies over the past 24 hours. It is still unclear when the staking rewards will go live, but the company has noted that the system will evolve over time.


    Crypto Exchange FTX Goes Live in Japan

    Crypto Exchange FTX Goes Live in JapanMonday, 20 Jun 2022 12:03 am
    FTX has launched in Japan, a market that possesses a potential $1 trillion in crypto investments. This comes after the company acquired the fintech firm Liquid Group and its subsidiaries. This acquisition granted the firm a Type 1 Financial Instruments Business license. With FTX, Japanese customers will be able to engage in spot and derivatives trading.

    This is the latest move in the company’s global expansion. In March, FTX established a new division in Australia, a move that was welcomed by the Australian government. Recently, it also established FTX Europe to offer its services across the European Economic Area (EEA). It expanded into the African market by linking with AZA Finance, a company that is based in Nairobi, Kenya. AZA Finance claims to be the first digital currency exchange in Africa. Not a customer yet? Try FTX today.


    Bitcoin breaks $19000 & ETH goes below $990

    Bitcoin breaks $19000 & ETH goes below $990Saturday, 18 Jun 2022 11:02 am
    We are witnessing a significant downturn for crypto and the fear of holding on (FOHO) takes hold. Bitcoin broke 20 000 USD earlier this morning and are now just below the $19000 level, trading at $18907. Meanwhile, ETH is trading at around $989. If they stay below those levels for at least one day, an even bigger downturn is rather likely. Are you going long or short? Try either with Skilling CFDs. They offer super low spreads and fair trading conditions for both ETH and BTC.


    Has the crypto market gone from FOMO to FOHO?

    Has the crypto market gone from FOMO to FOHO?Friday, 17 Jun 2022 7:54 pm
    After TINA (There is No Alternative) came Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). However, the latest analysis from fund managers such as Peter Tchir from Academy Securities conclude that we gone from FOMO to FOHO. Never heard about FOHO before? Well, it stands for Fear Of Holding On. Yes, that happened in the crypto market for a while, and might even hit stocks soon. Especially Bitcoin seems to be the talk among investors and banks. Are you going long or short? You can do both at Kucoin, one of the most popular crypto exchanges around.


    Despite the downturn: BTC will reach $1M, says Saylor

    Despite the downturn: BTC will reach $1M, says SaylorWednesday, 15 Jun 2022 1:29 pm
    While many people have been worried that Bitcoin may never recover from the current downturn, Michael Saylor, the CEO and co-founder of Microstrategy, has stated that the cryptocurrency is likely to hit $1 million a coin. In an interview with CNBC, he mentioned that the current downturn isn’t a real concern as the coin’s long-term prospects are still great. Saylor also denies receiving a margin call yesterday. Are you long or short in BTC? Try trading at Skilling today!
    He pointed to a recent crypto regulatory bill that was presented by Senators Lummis and Gillibrand, which classified Bitcoin and other fully decentralized assets as commodities. This bill would help to prove that Bitcoin is a real asset that has value. Saylors has been a Bitcoin supporter for a long time and even believes that it is likely to be the future of money.

    MicroStrategy has spent around $4 billion in the purchase of Bitcoin since 2020 and currently holds about 130,000 coins. Although the value of these coins has since tanked, the company has stated that it has no intention of parting with its BTC. Microstategy shares are trading at 153 USD before opening, down from 1000 USD in February, 2021.


    Skilling add Paypal as a Deposit Method

    Skilling add Paypal as a Deposit MethodSunday, 12 Jun 2022 7:47 am
    Everything is red today, following the downturn on the stock market and increased need for interest rate increases. Skilling (review) has added PayPal as one of its payment methods. This is a widely-available payment method, and its addition to the trading platform is likely to increase transaction activity. With PayPal, traders on the platform will be able to make instant deposits. However, withdrawals will take up to 24 hours to process. Skilling allows its customers to make minimum deposits of 100 EUR or USD via PayPal.

    Using PayPal for deposits is quite easy. You just need to sign in to your Skilling account and go to the payment page, where you can select PayPal and enter the desired deposit amount. You also need to provide the email associated with your PayPal account. After that, the site will redirect you to PayPal, where you will have to enter your credentials to complete the transaction.


    The best copy trading accounts on eToro in 2022

    The best copy trading accounts on eToro in 2022Saturday, 11 Jun 2022 11:10 pm
    The past few days has been brutal for those going long in crypto. But as a crypto trader, it is highly advantageous to work with copy trading platforms since you can follow experienced traders that can go both long and short. This allows you to make profits without having a lot of knowledge of the market and saves time by automating the trading process. There are many excellent crypto traders on eToro (see review), and the network makes it very easy for users to copy their trades. Here are the top copy trading accounts on the platform:
    +NT Invest
    You won’t need to make any payments to the traders in order to copy their strategies, you just need to have a free eToro account. While these traders have consistently made profits while trading cryptocurrencies, you should still remember that crypto is a volatile market that can go up or down randomly.


    Binance & money laundering: True or false?

    Binance & money laundering: True or false?Friday, 10 Jun 2022 12:11 am
    A recent report by Reuters claimed that Binance was used to launder about $2.4 billion in illicit funds between 2017 and 2021. According to Reuters, the illicit funds originated from on-chain hacks, investment fraud, and the sale of illegal drugs. These included theft by a North Korean group that was behind a $600 million attack on the Axie Infinity’s Ronin chain. Binance responded to this report, stating that it was full of falsehoods and poor data.
    Binance has been in the middle of money laundering allegations for a long time, and it has been under investigation by the IRS, US Department of Justice, and the UK Financial Conduct Authority. These allegations have forced several governments to ban the crypto exchange in their jurisdictions. However, France recently approved Binance which is good for EU citizens.

    As the largest crypto exchange in the world, Binance processed more than $9.5 trillion in transactions in 2021. Have you not tried the worlds biggest crypto site yet? Sign-up for Binance now!


    TRON on the way up, while ETH is going down

    TRON on the way up, while ETH is going downTuesday, 7 Jun 2022 11:00 pm
    The crypto sector is still experiencing significant losses, and these have seriously affected DeFi staking in particular. Ethereum blockchain, the largest out there, has experienced a decrease of 35% in DeFi staking. Other major blockchains, including Solana, Binance, and Polygon have also experienced declines ranging from 27% to 38%. Although many blockchains have shrunk since the year started, Tron has set itself apart by increasing its total value locked by 47% month over month in May. As of May, its TVL is $6 billion. This has made the network the third-largest DeFi dApp by total value locked. Ethereum is by far the largest DeFi dApp, and BSC comes in second place. Other notable blockchains in the DeFi sector include Avalanche blockchain, Fantom, and Arbitrum. Given the current market trends, it is possible that Tron will overtake BSC soon in terms of total value locked.


    Red day for crypto – BNB falling 11% & ETH is down 9%

    Red day for crypto - BNB falling 11% & ETH is down 9%Tuesday, 7 Jun 2022 2:50 pm
    Crypto Lists notice mostly red numbers for crypto coins and tokens. Some of the most remarkable volatility include BNB falling 10.51%, while ETH is down 9.5% and Solana is falling 14.5%. S&P 500 is falling 0.8% in the pre-market trading and Nasdaq is down 1.2%. Will both markets turn when U.S open, or will it continue down? Stay tuned to find out and give Kucoin a try – where you can go both long and short in most cryptocurrencies.


    Solana blockchain has been down for 8 hours

    Solana blockchain has been down for 8 hoursWednesday, 1 Jun 2022 11:14 pm
    The native Solana coin is down 11.5%, trading at just about 40 USD. The problem for Solana is an outage that kept the entire Solana network down for 8 hours, as can be seen at the latest block transactions. Generally speaking, the bear market continues for most other crypto pairs as well, including Bitcoin (-6.4%), ETH (-7.6%) and Luna (-23%). Among the daily winners, we have Waves (+10%) and the OP token that is up 33%. Ready for trading? Try OP trading at Crypto dot com today!You can get started with them in less than 30 seconds.


    Kucoin release Luna 2.0 futures: LUNA/USDT

    Luna 2.0 futures logoTuesday, 31 May 2022 5:45 pm
    For those into leverage trading, that is now possible with Luna 2.0 and Tether (USDT) through Kucoin (review). You can set the leverage between 1x (so no leverage) up to 20x. You can go both long and short in Luna 2.0 and if setting a take profit and stop-loss, it’s simple to handle the position. Kucoin shows the amount of long and short positions, that varies constantly. While writing this – 60% are long in LUNA and 40% are short. Keen on trying? Sign-up for Kucoin today and give it a try!


    Gate IO Release NEW, Improved Design & More Features

    Gate IO new iconTuesday, 31 May 2022 2:23 pm
    For old Gate IO customers, the new and way improved design is a blessing they been waiting for. For new Gate IO customers, it’s like everything is already there. With over 1400 cryptocurrencies, all services you can imagine and a 100 dollar voucher for new customers, it’s easy to understand why this crypto exchange is so huge. Gate IO (see review) have over 2.1 billions in daily spot volume, more than 2.8 billions in crypto futures volume and more than 2 billion in daily copy trading volume. The best return from copy trading today was 522%. Create an account with the updated Gate IO today! You can get started in less than a minute.


    A moon-day for crypto – Luna goes up 95%

    Moon at nightTuesday, 31 May 2022 12:04 am
    It’s been a really positive day for cryptocurrencies again. Luna 2.0 is up 95% today, while Terra classic up up 17%. Other coins such as the fitness related cryptocurrency called STEPN is up 17%, while Bitcoin is up 7.6%, ETH is up 9%, Waves shows a 67% gain and ApeCoin goes up 16%. What are you trading today? Try with or without leverage at fantastic eToro today, one of the most popular crypto brokers in the world.


    New Luna (2.0) is Live: Up 1000%

    Luna 2.0 logotypeSaturday, 28 May 2022 2:45 pm
    The new version of Luna 2.0 is now live with the same ticker as the old one (LUNA). While the new LUNA is up 1000%, the old Luna Classic (LUNC) is down 48% today. It seems like many old Luna classic owners are selling off their stake, dragging the price down. Meanwhile, people are getting into the new LUNA, even if it’s going to be volatile in the coming days. You can try trading with out favourite Kucoin here!


    Blood bath on the crypto market this morning

    blood dropsThursday, 26 May 2022 2:09 pm
    Today, the bear market for crypto currencies continue with Ether (ETH) falling below $1860. According to Kucoin, the sentiment is cold and for DeFi coins it drops almost 9% today. Other significant losers include Solana (-10%), Avalanche (-14%) and Fantom (-11%). For both short sellers and dip buyers, Kucoin is a great site to start trading.


    The price of Solana is falling sharply

    solana logotypeTuesday, 24 May 2022 4:21 pm
    Solana, the 9th biggest cryptocurrency by market cap, is down 9.6% today and trading around $47.5. Some prominent technical analysts that Crypto Lists spoke with indicate that SOL can reach $25-30 level, which currently is the strongest support. The upside is however also big, with all time high at 262 USD in November, 2021. Keen on going long or short in Solana? Give Kucoin a try today!


    A trending crypto market – Some of the winners

    A trending crypto market - Some of the winnersFriday, 20 May 2022 1:15 pm
    It is a nice and trending market today for most cryptocurrencies. Among the better crypto coins today, we find Bitcoin (BTC) that’s up 4.1%, Ether (ETH) that’s up 5.6%, Solana (SOL) +9.3%, Avalanche (AVAX) +13.2% while ATOM is up 18.5%. What are you trading today? For CFD traders looking for leverage, we recommend Skilling, while those looking for the lowest spread and best prices can try Kucoin.


    Nasdaq & major cryptos are steady after Asian downturn

    tower in Tokyo, JapanThursday, 19 May 2022 4:07 pm
    Even if the stock market in Asia went down significant, after the -5.5% Nasdaq downturn yesterday, major cryptocurrencies are holding steady today. Bitcoin (BTC) trades at $29 468 while writing this, while ETH is trading at $1,983. Tether is back at the peg or even slightly above. Traders are going to CFD. brokers such as Skilling and Stormgain, alternatively to crypto exchanges such Kucoin and Binance. Where are you trading?


    Increased Risks For Tether (USDT) De-Pegging

    tether green logoWednesday, 18 May 2022 4:09 pm
    Tether tried to block the public from viewing documents released by New York’s Supreme Court that shows the composition of the USDT reserves, but the request was rejected. In the early hours of the 18th of May, Tether de-pegged 5%, after $7 billion been withdrawn from USDT in less than 24 hours. Most cryptocurrencies are traded against USDT, which is the biggest and most important stablecoin. Even if USDT is trading around the 1:1 dollar peg now, it might be a bit risky for those looking for a super safe stablecoin. Many crypto investors rather put their money in USDC instead of USDT at the moment. You can exchange USDT for USDC at all major crypto exchanges, such as Kucoin and Binance.


    ETH below 2k, BTC below $29500

    bitcoin logotypeWednesday, 18 May 2022 3:31 pm
    A lot of short sellers and panic sellers are out in the crypto market today. ETH recently broke down below 2000 USD, after a few days where it was near $2200. Bitcoin also continue down and is trading below 25 000 USD when the american market open. Is it another day when you earn more with short selling crypto, than buying? You can both go long and short with crypto CFDs from the exceptionally user friendly Skilling. You can be ready in 30 seconds with a new account that offer the lowest spread for major crypto CFDs. Try here!


    Terra (LUNA) testing 0.02 level; Vote likely to pass

    blue terra logoThursday, 12 May 2022 3:24 pm
    Everything points towards a resolution in the new proposal for UST, meaning that minting rewards for Terra (LUNA)Terra network – LUNA – is down from 90 USD 2 weeks ago to 0.02 today. For swing traders, it can be an interesting day ahead. If Terra even gets near to gain trust and approval from investors and the community again, volatility even on the upside might continue. However, the downside risk is also important to consider in this high risk coin. Anything can happend. Some of us at Crypto Lists expects that when California wakes up, the market might turn upwards a bit more again. What do you think? Our favourite site for swing trading is Kucoin, that supports both long and short positions. Try Kucoin today!


    Will the Terra network collapse?

    terra network logotypeWednesday, 11 May 2022 1:00 pm
    The risk of collapse of the Terra network seems to increases for every day that goes, without any significant changes in the algorithmic stablecoin and it’s ties to Terra (LUNA). Do Kwon, the South Korean founder of LUNA, said on Twitter yesterday that he is “close to announcing a recovery plan for $UST. Hang tight”. Still, 19 hours later, no announcement has been made about upcoming changes and UST is trading at 0.5 to the dollar, recovering from 0.3 for one dollar in the early morning. Crypto Lists find the de-peggning as far away from the wish of a stablecoin that’s possible. There are surely ways to adjust the algorithmic pegging, but something has to be done – and that’s quick. Terra (LUNA) fallen from top 10 in terms of market cap among the leading cryptocurrencies, to top 50 while writing this. Luna is down 90% today alone, and is trading for $3. Two weeks ago, the price for one Terra (LUNA) was 90 USD. So in general, all investors in LUNA has taken a way bigger hit than UST investors. Crypto Lists expects further volatile days or even weeks, and everything can happen now. We might see a total collapse of the entire Terra ecosystem or some kind of solution that makes it fly again. But after all, we are in a bear market and Crypto Lists believe that it’s more likely to see increased selling pressure, then a huge buying pressure the coming weeks. What do you think? It’s possible to trade both UST and Terra on most major crypto exchanges (for the best prices) or from crypto platforms (for the most simple user experience).


    Will the Terra blockchain survive?

    major terra blockchain coinsTuesday, 10 May 2022 9:00 pm
    It’s been some hard days for the Terra blockchain, and still is, with UST de-pegging from USD to various degree. Only on TerraSwap, you still get the 1:1 peg. On leading crypto exchanges such as Kucoin, the difference is 9.25%, and you have to pay 1.0925 UST in order to get 1 USDC or 1.091 UST to get 1 Tether. Both and FTX is on similar levels. How long can the de-pegging continue for UST, before they throw in the towel? Luna Foundation Guard used 1.5 billion of their fast declining Bitcoin reserves in order to help the algorithmic stablecoin to survive. Crypto Lists cannot guarantee that UST is still around in 6 months from now, or even 3 months. So stay safe and be careful with your investments in the Terra ecosystem at the moment.


    Short Sellers gain on 98 of 100 major cryptocurrencies

    confused crypto tradersMonday, 9 May 2022 12:54 pm
    It has been an unusually tough weekend for anyone waiting for a rise in the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap. A bear market for both growth stocks and cryptocurrencies has been noted, which has made it easier for short sellers. In 98 out of 100 cases, short sellers have gained. Among the largest declines, Terra (LUNA) lost 25.6% in a week, Shiba Inu (SHIB) went down 20%, Cronos (CRO) is down 22%, ApeCoin (APE) lost 28.9% and Arweave (AR) went down 23.8% in a week. The only two winners among the major cryptocurrencies are Tron (TRX) and the native coin of Waves blockchain. Will we see continued declines, or will the crypto market reverse soon? Try trading yourself from leading CFD brokers like Skilling and eToro. You canbe ready with a new account in a few minutes.


    DogeCoin loses 40,000 holders

    Shiba Inu faceMonday, 9 May 2022 11:56 am
    Dogecoin (DOGE) is down 83.4% since all time high almost 1 year ago and is currently trading around $0.12. DogeCoin has recently lost 40,000 holders, following the downturn for most cryptocurrencies. It is the most successful meme coin in history in terms of users and market cap. Yet, several investors have always been cautious over its fair share of hits. Faith in the meme coin decreases as investors pull out. There has been an exodus of investors, and the recent batch of 40,000 Dogecoin holders is not much of a surprise. This occurred ten days after news that the coin has over 700,000 investors that backed out. The loss is directly related to the continuous price decline with a lack of a correction strategy. Dogecoin reached its all-time high price of $0.7 last year after mentions and hype by Elon Musk on Twitter. Its loss of 83.4% of this figure does not reflect its peak number of holders at about 4 million. The highest recorded of any meme coin. Keen on going long or short in DOGE? Try trading Dogecoin with eToro today!


    What is main risk & potential for Flow?

    Flow logotypeThursday, 5 May 2022 6:16 pm
    Flow has constantly been performing since the turn of the year. It has stabilised at the $4.4 floor within 12 months, and an increasing amount of people learned about the Flow blockchain. The bulls have been dormant while sellers benefited from the recent falling wedge plummet. This pushed it below its 20/50 EMA while hovering below its high liquidity range close to its Point of Control. The current price of FLOW is at $4.5, down by 4.3% in the past 24 hours. The RSI seeing exponential growth. Recent partnerships and growth of the ecosystem indicate significant potential in the long term despite its all-time high at $46.16. While the upside can be significant, the downside risk comes into play if Flow coin breaks below 4.5 for more than one day. Then we might see the 3 USD level, before turning up. Keen to trade Flow, either buying or going short? Then try FTX today!


    ApeCoin price volatility after Yuga Lab’s virtual land sale

    Bored Ape Yacht clubThursday, 5 May 2022 3:17 pm
    ApeCoin faces a significant stumble upon its role in the Bored Ape Yacht Club metaverse NFT land sale. Yuga Labs, the creator of the Bored Ape, received over $320 million in selling Otherdeeds. These were virtual land deed NFTs for its highly anticipated project Otherside. Increased demand for the NFTs on Ethereum blockchain led to a congestion of the network. The congestion created overinflated transaction fees with reports of transaction fees being over 100 times more than the cost of the NFT. Due to the high demand for virtual land deeds, some transactions were not complete. YugaLabs assured such users receive refunds for the transaction fee incurred. Users required ApeCoin to purchase the Otherdeeds, even if ETH can be used on Opensea as well. The virtual plot of Otherdeeds traded for 305 ApeCoins (about 2.3 ETH) and are for sale from 3.85 ETH now, but activity seems rather low on Opensea. There were a total of 55,000 plots available for sale. After the chaos witnessed on the network over the weekend, ApeCoin dipped by 16%. Today, ApeCoin is up 1.6%, but was up more than 15% as best on Thursday the 5/5. You can trade ApeCoin from eToro, both with or without leverage. Crypto Lists expects further price volatility for ApeCoin in the coming weeks.


    SpaceLegends – A new Fantom NFT

    Zerog LogoThursday, 5 May 2022 11:45 am
    SpaceLegends collection celebrates the passion and hope that space gives humanity for the future. It is a collection of 2,500 NFTs minting on the Fantom network. The ultimate prize for a lucky holder is the Zero-G experience. Carson Bonner, the founder of SpaceLegends, highlighted that bridging NFTs with real-world experiences is the motivation behind the Zero Gravity feature. It involves a modified Boeing 727. It flies in parabolic arcs as if you were in space. The Zero-G is the sole FAA-certified provider of weightless flights same as Part 121 of passenger flights. The Ramp team manages the SpaceLegends collection. The team provides consultation and onboarding services for blockchain technologies. More info can be found at


    A smart partnership: Polygon & Nexity

    nexity blockchain logotypeThursday, 5 May 2022 11:28 am
    Polygon blockchain and Nexity network have joined forces and are set to revolutionize blockchain technology. Nexity has received a grant that will fund its projects within the Polygon network. With the partnership, Nexity will be able to create circular business applications, and these hope to solve some of the biggest problems in blockchain technology. It will also optimize smart contracts and make them more efficient. A success of the partnership will lead to a surge in demand for the MATIC coin, so you should make a point of watching this cryptocurrency. We will offer regular updates on the cryptocurrency at Crypto Lists.


    Binance Network Makes a Push in India

    map of IndiaWednesday, 4 May 2022 5:00 pm
    Binance (see review) has started an initiative in India to educate and empower crypto investors. The company aims to primarily target students and hopes to promote financial freedom through the adoption of crypto, at least BNB. One of these programs is known as the Blockchain for Good Ideathon, and this is focused on solving problems using blockchain technology. In the program, students can attend hands-on workshops that are hosted by experts from Binance blockchain and other reputable individuals. Have you not tried Binance yet? It’s one of the top sites, so give Binance a try now! The company also organized a free webinar known as Crypto for All. This was held on May 1st and covered the basic concepts of crypto. The third program is known as Learn and Earn, and this allows individuals to earn crypto as they learn about blockchain technology. Binance has partnered with the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) to organize a cultural festival known as Rendezvous.


    What does Nasdaq bear market mean for BTC?

    nasdaq buildingWednesday, 4 May 2022 4:42 pm
    Nasdaq has now slumped more than 20% from its high point in November last year. In November, the price of Bitcoin was around $67,580, and it has since gone down to about $38,870 today. Experts have noted that the stock market and Bitcoin have a correlation of about 60%, and this goes against the popular theory that Bitcoin will work as digital gold. Instead, it seems to follow the patterns of the stock market. Given the historical data, it is likely that the Nasdaq bear market will lead to a similar drop in the price of Bitcoin. Tips: You can go both long and short in BTC with sites such as Stormgain – Try now! Bitcoin has been considered a hedge against inflation because of its limited supply and relative popularity. While this may not be exactly true, experts still agree that it has a good hold rating for long-term gains.


    The buying opportunities for TRON (TRX) investors

    Tron (TRX) logotypeWednesday, 4 May 2022 4:05 pm
    The TRX bulls have been brutally defending the $0.057 and $0.062 levels. The cyan box covering the $0.062 area showcases a bearish order block from mid-February. The Tron coin alternates between bulls and bears. In mid-April, it was back to the hands of the bulls. If TRX should maintain its bullish structure, it must defend the $0.057 and $0.062 levels in the following days and weeks. Fibonacci retracement levels assist TRON (TRX) investors seeking buying opportunities. $0.0795 to $0.0577 can be of particular interest, since those levels indicate a 61.8%-78.6% retracement level. The area between the two levels, $0.0712-$0.0749, is a good position for sellers to take profit. Besides, buyers can drive prices beyond these prices, according to Fibonacci experts. This would lead to seller exhaustion, and the bulls could push the price beyond the $0.08 mark. An increasing amount of USDT owners are also using the Tron blockchain, since they offer the lowest transfer costs. What do you think is the next step for Tron? You can trade Tron here!


    Algorand + FIFA = True

    FIFA blue logoWednesday, 4 May 2022 3:44 pm
    Algorand (coin) will be the official blockchain sponsor of the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. As part of the deal, the organization will provide a Algorand blockchain-supported wallet solution on in the sports event. In addition, it will be a regional supporter of the FIFA World Cup in North America and Europe. The company was also named the Official Sponsor of the Women’s World Cup in New Zealand and Australia. This partnership was announced by FIFA President Gianni Infantino and the founder of Algorand, Silvio Micali. You can buy Algorand at Binance. In the next 24 hours after the partnership was announced, the price of ALGO tokens rose by about 20%. It is worth noting that the price of ALGO has been on a downward trend since April 2022. Its highest price to date was recorded in September 2021 at $2.3, and this is far higher than the current price.


    When is ETH 2.0 going live?

    ETH 2 logoWednesday, 4 May 2022 3:36 pm
    Tim Beiko, a developer at the Ethereum Foundation, has noted in a tweet that Ethereum 2.0 is set to go live in the few months after June this year. The main aim of the merge is to transition Ethereum network from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS). While the current consensus system is extremely secure, it consumes a lot of energy and generally affects the planet negatively. You can trade ETH on sites such as eToro. Proof-of-stake will cut the energy consumed by the blockchain significantly and will effectively make Ethereum mining obsolete. Beiko has mentioned that tests on ETH 2.0 are going well and that they are in the final chapter of the implementation. Ethereum has been the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, and it is the backbone of many other blockchain projects, including hundreds of thousands of tokens.


    Thematic crypto investments at Swissborg

    swissborg thematic crypto themesWednesday, 4 May 2022 11:57 am
    The Swiss-Estonian crypto plattform Swissborg (learn more) is about to launch a new way of investing in crypto through thematics. Crypto Lists Ltd expects that you can find DeFi portfolios, Metaverse and NFT portfolios open for investment soon. Current customers get to access the new thematic crypto investment first. So what are you waiting for? Sign up at Swissborg today! You can be making your first investments in a matter of seconds.


    Cronos native coin at new low for 2022

    cronos logoTuesday, 3 May 2022 10:20 pm
    Cronos, the native coin of, has dropped more than 10% over the past 24 hours. The coin has now hit a 6-month low price, and it is currently ranked as the 21st most popular cryptocurrency by market cap. The decline in price was likely motivated by the company’s announcement that it would phase out staking rewards for Visa cards. The company also mentioned that it plans to cap CRO rewards to $25 or $50, depending on the type of Visa card. However, card benefits like Spotify and Netflix subscription reimbursements will remain in place. The slashing back of staking rewards and CRO rewards is meant to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Cronos network. Keen on going long or short? You can both buy and short sell Cronos at App. coin was rebranded to Cronos earlier this year, and this was meant to remind users that the coin is decentralized.


    Cardano blockchain Vasil Hard fork update Likely in Sept

    cardano logoTuesday, 3 May 2022 5:12 pm
    The price of Cardano (ADA) has been declining with the delay of the implementation of the Vasil hard fork update. This hard fork is set to go live on June 29th, 2022, but it may still take a few months or weeks for the updates on the dApps to be fully implemented. Experts believe that these Cardano blockchain updates will be fully implemented by September 2022. Do you still don’t own any Cardano? Try to trade Cardano with Skilling! With the upcoming network Cardano update, smart contract users will be able to process dApps transactions even quicker. Overall, the hard fork will significantly improve the performance and scalability of the blockchain. Other changes that will be included in the hard fork include a new lightweight wallet and bridges that allow users to move assets from the main layer to the side chains. With the side chains, users will be able to create decentralized exchanges, where users can exchange cryptocurrencies with smart contracts.


    Two scalable blockchains gaining supporters: Near & Solana

    Two scalable blockchains gaining supporters: Near & SolanaTuesday, 3 May 2022 11:42 am
    Near Protocol and Solana Network have been gaining popularity among crypto enthusiasts in the last months, and there are very good reasons for that. The development of Solana started in 2017, but the network went live in 2020. This blockchain aims at improving scalability by adding a proof-of-history consensus on top of the proof-of-stake consensus. The SOL coin also enjoys speedy transactions and low transfer costs. Solana has a market cap of over $28 billion and is ranked as the eighth most important cryptocurrency. On the other hand, Near protocol has a market cap of about $7 billion. This network uses the proof-of-stake consensus and has a sharding solution that allows it to scale more efficiently. Sharding keeps the transfer fees low and enables the network to support a greater number of transactions per second. It is worth noting that Solana transactions are faster, more decentralized, and less costly compared to Near protocol transactions.


    Today’s crypto winner: Avalanche

    Today's crypto winner: AvalancheTuesday, 3 May 2022 10:20 am
    Every day, there are some cryptocurrencies that go better than others. Today’s best major cryptocurrency is the Avalanche (AVAX), rising 5.5%. To some extent, Crypto Lists think it’s a return from the losses in April. AVAX sank over 30% in April, and there might be quite some room for advancement in the coming months. But like always, keep track on ETH and BTC, to see the general market trend. You can trade with good conditions at FTX (review). No account? Try FTX now and discover the difference!


    Lower Cashback From Crypto Visa Card

    Lower Cashback From Crypto Visa CardMonday, 2 May 2022 8:48 pm
    From 1st of June, the cashback will be drastically lower for all (review) Visa card holders. Cashback has been one of the main benefits with the pre-paid Visa card at Now, it’s falling from 8% to 0-2%, but it depends on the tier how little you’ll get. Still keen on getting a little cashback? It’s higher until June at least. Try here!


    Cryptocurrencies almost flat during Monday

    Cryptocurrencies almost flat during MondayMonday, 2 May 2022 5:44 pm
    The week begins with rather slow movements for major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (+1.3%) and Ether (+1.2%). Binance Coin (BNB) is also very stable today, while Avalanche gains 3.1%. Keen on going into the market when prices are still fairly low compared to 3 months ago? Try trading with Binance today! You can get started with them in just 30 seconds.


    No need to regulate UST & LUNA?

    No need to regulate UST & LUNA?Monday, 2 May 2022 4:59 pm
    Some experts foresee algorithmic stablecoins risks. Algorithms influence market incentives to maintain a stable price against a currency. TerraUSD (UST) is one of the algorithm stablecoins and the third-largest stablecoin in market value. It is inherently fragile. The relationship between the stablecoin and LUNA, which is on Terra’s blockchain, maintains TerraUSD’s dollar value stable. The blockchain recently added Bitcoin reserves to support its algorithmic system. Its Anchor Protocol is a complex system that allows lending coins for a 20% return. It stabilises the coin as well. Currently, there are no regulations on staking platforms like Anchor. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, made a comment regarding the digital asset regulation bill, saying that “algorithmic stablecoins shouldn’t be regulated”. The reason is that the congress don’t fully understand their impact on our financial system. There are recommendations to congress to install safeguards for stablecoins while allowing experimentation. Mark Cuban insists a distinction between pegged and algorithmic stablecoins assists in it.


    Warren Buffet recent criticism causes Bitcoin drop in Price

    Warren Buffet recent criticism causes Bitcoin drop in PriceMonday, 2 May 2022 10:04 am
    In his annual shareholder meeting for 2022, Warren Buffet criticised the bitcoin that it does not produce anything. The Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A) CEO claims that if one individual owned all of the BTC coins, he would not buy them for $25 because there is nothing he would do with it. These recent sentiments may have caused Bitcoin to fall further by 1.4%. It results in a total of 5% slump in a week. An overall slump in the crypto market followed the news with a 1% of market cap in 24 hours. Bitcoin struggles to lift off from the $40,000, and the BRK-A CEO attack on the leading crypto made it more challenging to hold the resistance level. He previously expressed that Bitcoin will have a bad ending, and Berkshire Hathaway does not consider having a position on them. He attributed the frenzy of Bitcoin to a form of magic that grasps investors. Do you think like Warren buffet that Bitcoin is worthless? You can go both long and short on BTC with eToro, try here!


    Pay with Elrond, BTC or ETH in Panama

    Pay with Elrond, BTC or ETH in PanamaSunday, 1 May 2022 6:28 pm
    Panama has had a long-standing reputation for being a tax haven, and it is now set to accept the use of cryptocurrencies to pay taxes and make private transactions. Gabriel Silva, a lawmaker from the Latin American country, tweeted recently that parliament had passed a law to make several cryptocurrencies legal tender. These include Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, Litecoin, XDC Network, IOTA, Algorand and Elrond from the Elrond network. According to Silva, the legislation will turn Panama into a hub for innovation and technology. The new law will also allow the tokenization of precious metals and other items. The law makes Panama the third country to make cryptocurrencies legal tender. The other two countries are El Salvador and the Central African Republic. To ensure that residents are able to carry out crypto transactions in a safe way, Panama will launch an official digital wallet.


    Too many NFT transactions on Solana Network?

    Too many NFT transactions on Solana Network?Saturday, 30 Apr 2022 9:35 pm
    The Solana blockchain experienced a performance issue on Saturday with a sudden surge in NFT transactions. The blockchain came to a complete halt and had to be restarted. The network was completely offline for about eight hours, and in this period, no blocks were produced. A report indicated that the congestion resulted from the activity of bots that were trying to blind mint NFTs, after which they would sell them on secondary markets.
    It is interesting to note that Ethereum also experienced a flood of transactions over the weekend as Ape DAO members tried to mint NFT land parcels. However, Ethereum transactions did not stop; the gas fees simply went up significantly. Solana does not have a fee system that can discourage spam and sudden surges in traffic. Although the performance issue of the blockchain was worrying, it did not hurt the price of the cryptocurrency.


    Fantom Network get extra bandwidth from POKT

    Fantom Network get extra bandwidth from POKTSaturday, 30 Apr 2022 2:30 pm
    Pocket Network or POKT offers a limitless blockchain bandwidth to applications in Web 3 across 45 blockchains, including Ethereum and Polygon network. Recently, it has added support for Fantom Network. With the Pocket Network, developers are able to mint Fantom coins remote procedure call (RPC) endpoints for their applications. You can buy Fantom from Gemeni to low spread and good price! Pocket Network uses a distributed network of 44k+ full nodes. It will bring true decentralization to Fantom’s RPC. With many centralized blockchains, the applications are limited to a specific number of requests per day. This issue will be solved by the integration of Pocket Network as it has load balancing built-in.


    BAYC Launch New Metaverse with Sandbox

    BAYC Launch New Metaverse with SandboxThursday, 28 Apr 2022 4:34 pm
    Otherside” is what the new metaverse from Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Sandbox is called. The mint to buy land in the Otherwise metaverse will go live at 12 PM on 30th of April, 2022. In total, 100 000 NFTs will be released, where 30 000 of them will be reserved for Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) and BAYC holders. The land sale will take place with a dutch auction. This means that prices starts at top, and goes down slowly. The first to accept the price will get the land plot. The newly released Ape Coin (APE) will be used for minting.


    Skilling adds ETC & Euro based cryptocurrencies

    Skilling adds ETC & Euro based cryptocurrenciesWednesday, 27 Apr 2022 4:19 pm
    Skilling has added a number of new tools in recent days. Among the metals, Platinum has been added, which complements trading with gold CFDs and silver ETFs. But the company mainly adds new cryptocurrency pairs. Some of the most interesting euro-denominated crypto-pairs with CFDs include BTC/EUR, ETH/EUR and XRP/EUR. Ethereum Classic (ETC/USD), Qtum (QTUM/USD) and ZCash CFD has are also added. Even some less used cryptocurrencies such as OmiseGO (OMG/USD) and (YFI/USD) can now be traded as CFDs at Skilling. Are you curious to learn more about what they got? Try the fast registration from Skilling now! It doesn’t need to take more than 30 seconds to get started with a demo account.


    Swissborg gets PSAN licence i France

    Swissborg gets PSAN licence i FranceWednesday, 27 Apr 2022 3:44 pm
    The crypto platform Swissborg announces that they got their PSAN license in France from AMF. This means that Swissborg can offer and store digital assets in France through its platform, on behalf of customers. This is a step towards becoming a major provider of crypto-asset management in Europe. In order to get there, they probably need to improve their support and add more crypto assets. However, Swissborg is one of the most user friendly crypto platforms out there to buy and sell a variety of popular cryptocurrencies. Try Swissborg today, and see for yourself. It’s really easy to get started and the firm got several worthwhile staking offers, such as CHSB with up to 28% yield. Today, there are 36 registered crypto companies with AMF in France and Swissborg Solutions OÜ is the 34th registration, with reference number 14769371.


    0X Obtain $70M From Greylock

    0X Obtain $70M From GreylockTuesday, 26 Apr 2022 4:43 pm
    0X Labs are delighted to share that they managed to obtain $70M in a series B round, led by Greylock partners, on of the oldest VC firms in California. Other participants in this round include OpenSea, Coinbase, Raid Hoffman and Pantera. 0x (ZRX) works with multi chain integration across all layers of web3, aiming to lower the transaction cost for cryptocurrencies and NFTs. You can trade 0x at sites such as Coinbase!


    Coinbase Select 0x For New NFT Section

    coinbase nftsWednesday, 20 Apr 2022 9:35 pm
    Today, Coinbase reports that their new marketplace for Ethereum based NFTs goes live. They have chosen 0x as their partner, thanks to low transfer costs compared to Ether. Want to learn more? Check out Coinbase website today!


    Bitcoin below $40000 – what’s next?

    BTC logotypeWednesday, 13 Apr 2022 1:44 pm
    Similar to yesterday, Bitcoin (BTC) is down slightly below 40 000 USD once again. Is it a buying opportunity, are you rather waiting for better opportunities or would you go short? If you like to buy Bitcoin right now, Kucoin got a great spread and many deposit options. For those into shorting BCH with CFDs, Skilling is probably the best option right now since their spread is low and their prices fair.


    Will Ether test the 3000 level today?

    ETH logotypeMonday, 11 Apr 2022 3:32 pm
    After a 6.2% fall, many investors and traders wonder if Ether will test the 3000 USD level today. If breaking below, the $2000 could be the main support that many investors rely upon. Meanwhile, BNB is down 5% to $401 and Solana (SOL) is down 8.1% to 102 when writing this. If you are keen to trade with low spread, give Skilling a try. For those looking to invest, try Kucoin with an amazing range of crypto asset. Kucoin (review) allow both short selling and leverage for pessimistic traders.


    Another day when shorting crypto gives high returns

    Bitcoin going down in priceThursday, 7 Apr 2022 1:59 pm
    For the second day in a row, short sellers of cryptocurrencies make the best deals. BTC is down 2.5% and ETH is down 1.75%. Did you know that it’s possible to earn money from crypto coins that fall in value? It’s called short selling, and can be done from exchanges such as Kucoin, Gate IO and Stormgain. Cryptocurrencies seems to correlate increasingly to the stockmarket, which is currently down.


    Solana shows strength – Up 21.65% in 1 week

    solana logotypeMonday, 4 Apr 2022 1:22 am
    Solana (SOL) has gathered more strength in weekly gains than the top major cryptocurrencies. It has had a massive 21.65% gain. Several of the major cryptocurrencies tanked in the past week. The European lawmakers’ vote favouring the elimination of anonymous crypto transactions impacted the general cryptocurrency market. Most of the best 100 cryptocurrencies decreased between 4% and 11%. However, Solana continues to benefit from its earlier developments. Wisdom tree announced that Solana, Polkadot, and Cardano will be listed as exchange-traded products (ETPs) in France and Netherlands. It has a total expense ratio of 0.95%. It is a measurement of the total costs related to managing a particular investment fund. Additionally, during the week, SIZ Swiss Exchange and Xetra launched the same ETPs. Crypto Lists recommends trading Solana and Cardano at top exchanges such as Kucoin instead of buying them as ETPs, giving lower fees and more exact price correlation.


    Be[in]Crypto’s Top 5 coins & tokens for April 2022

    secret iconMonday, 4 Apr 2022 1:21 am
    Are you looking for inspiration when it comes to crypto investments? Be[in]Crypto created a top list for coins, where the following are mentioned as some of the best options right now:
    SXP’s updates include mobile wallets, web wallets, and the Solar Side Ledger Protocol.
    Axie Infinity (AXS) use cases will increase with the deployment of the land gameplay and the Axie origins V3.
    Cosmos (ATOM) is doing the Deployment of Version 8 of the mainnet upgrade, called Rho.
    eGold (EGLD) will make the release of Web3 metbonding.
    Secret (SCRT) will be involved in the Alpha mainnet upgrade, which is also positive for Secret blockchain. Finally, the release of Mandel 2.3 could be helpful for EOS.


    Fantastic weeks for ZIL – what happened?

    zilliqa logoSunday, 3 Apr 2022 10:30 pm
    Zilliqa’s token has been one of the best cryptocurrencies recently. It has rallied over 280% in the past two weeks with its current price hanging over $0.17. It is tremendously far from the opening price on March 21st at $0.04. The chart predicts that this uptrend of the ZIL coin may be set to continue. This is due to it displaying a large bullish trend. The elevation of its volume pattern also supports this trend. Traders anticipate sideways price action with a potential correction into $0.14 in the short term. It is for the market makers to amass their liquidity. Read more about the Zilliqa blockchain here.


    EU takes steps towards KYC for crypto wallets

    Round EU flagSaturday, 2 Apr 2022 1:36 am
    The European Union lawmakers voted to formulate traceability and safeguard measures on crypto transactions on 31 March 2022. The news had an immediate impact on the market, especially on Bitcoin. The Bitcoin price dipped by over 4% following the news. The majority of the major cryptocurrencies also took a price dip. Most significant were Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT), Terra (LUNA), and XRP. They all dropped between 4.5% and 6% in value. The second-largest crypto coin, Ethereum, also declined by 3.6%. There was only one cryptocurrency amongst the top ten that maintained an uptrend. Solana (SOL) continued displaying its green following its strengths in recent weeks. The dips coincide with the EU lawmakers’ vote on the regulation of crypto that requires crypto service providers to acquire and hold information on their crypto users and transactions on unhosted wallets. Check out our DEX section to see some examples of unhosted crypto wallets.


    Why is Ape Coin dropping so much?

    Apecoin (APE) logoSaturday, 2 Apr 2022 1:05 am
    Apecoin has dropped by 33% in the last two and a half weeks to risk a significant selloff. ApeCoin has been severed with inflation risks following its classic bearish reversal pattern. In mid-March, Apecoin witnessed a euphoric price rally. However, the rally appears to be depleted with over 30% drop in price. A rising wedge is primary to the bearish trend of the coin. The rising wedge is a technical configuration established as the value consolidates upwards within a range. Two converging ascending trendlines define this range. From March 18, ApeCoin has established a trend consistent with a rising wedge. It has proved to be an ideal scenario of a rising wedge where it resolves into a bearish breakout. The bearish breakout is lower than the trendline which assumes the price to be as low as the maximum height of the wedge.


    Shiba Inu Enters Metaverse

    Shiba in metaverseFriday, 1 Apr 2022 3:15 pm
    According to the official Shiba Inu blog, the alert and bold dog is about to enter Metaverse. All the tokens created by Shiba Ino, eg SHIB, LEASH and BONE, will take place in Shib – The Metaverse. If it’s an april fools joke or not, remains to be seen tomorrow. You can learn more about Shiba Inu in our review.


    Ether down 3.7% – Will the $3000 level hold?

    Ether logotypeFriday, 1 Apr 2022 11:05 am
    After a week of gains, Ether (ETH) is turning down again. The 3000 USD level is seen as a key resistance, and if it breaks, an increasing amount of short sellers might enter again. Are you keen to go short in ETH or do you think it will rise quickly again? You can go long from all sites, or go short from crypto sites such as the crypto exchanges Kucoin (learn more) and Gate IO (review), or from CFD brokers such as Skilling (review). Try going long or short with Skilling today!


    Luniland – First Virtual Land on Terra goes Live

    Luniland smiling dogFriday, 1 Apr 2022 10:58 am
    Terra (LUNA) is growing quickly and an increasing amount of new tokens and coins goes live. One of them is called Luni Coin (LUNI), and their virtual land is now live. All land plots in the Luniland Metaverse sold out in less than 45 minutes. Despite launching on Metaverse, Luni is down 8.3% against the UST today. You can only trade Luni with help of the native stablecoin UST. The best way to get UST is from Kucoin (review), where you can both buy and sell the coin. Try Kucoin now!


    Messi promote crypto fan tokens from Socios for 466.7 BTC

    Messi shirt with PSGTuesday, 29 Mar 2022 7:33 pm
    It only took 20 million euro (or 466.7 BTC) to get Messi to become the face of Socios fan tokens for 3 years. He explain to his fans on that he now is Socios global brand ambassador. Socios is the founder of Chiliz (CHZ), the native cryptocurrency behind fan tokens that football teams such as Paris Saint Germain F.C, Barcelona, AC Milan (ACM), Arsenal FC (AFC), Athletico Madrid (ATM), Juventuc (JUV) and Manchester City (CITY). Keen to learn more about the coin that Messi’s promote? On Swedish Skilling (review) you can trade with the CHZ token with leverage if you live in Europe. For the global audience, Binance (review) is the quickest way to grab some Chiliz tokens, or sell for that matter. On both Binance you can use deposit methods such as Mastercard and Visa to quickly get started with any fiat to crypto transfer.


    Good start to the week for cryptocurrencies

    major crypto logotypesMonday, 28 Mar 2022 8:02 pm
    Many of the major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) with +6%, Ethereum (ETH) going up 6.4%, Solana (SOL) is +9.3% are going up significant. For Terra (LUNA), Crypto Lists can report about a +10.2% increase today. After several months of declining prices for crypto, the wind seems to change. Try Poloniex for crypto trading today!


    Local Bitcoins Remove Fees For Ukrainians

    local bitcoins small logoWednesday, 23 Mar 2022 1:00 am
    The peer-to-peer crypto trading exchange, LocalBitcoins, has eliminated fees for the residents of Ukraine in a display of support for the country. There are no costs incurred in receiving Bitcoin in Ukraine with the transaction processing being fast. The platform has also eliminated conversion fees from Bitcoin to the Ukrainian Hryvnia and increased the speed. It also mentions that Ukrainians in the country and abroad receive a free Bitcoin wallet. The platform relayed this message through its Twitter handle while emphasising its core value of freedom. It acknowledges the challenging times in Ukraine and the derailing conditions of the war that have limited access to traditional finance systems. It has led to an increase in reliance on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Several other platforms have assisted Ukraine with crypto donations surpassing over $20 million.


    Lucky Block Separate Between DEX and CEX tokens

    version 2 of lucky blockWednesday, 16 Mar 2022 9:54 pm
    In an attempt to give long term holders the maximum benefits, version one LBLOCK holders get to enjoy the exciting lottery and receive rewards, while paying 12% tax on sales. The LBLOCK token v1 can be bought from various DEX, such as Dextools (WBNB/LBLOCK), Pancake Swap (BNB/LBLOCK or CAKE/LBLOCK) and Poocoin (LBlock/BNB). From the DEX tax, 4% goes to the lottery pool, 4% goes to the liquidity pool, 3% goes to NFTs and gaming royalty fund and 1% goes towards token burn. For those that prefer using a Centralised Exchange (CEX), day trading or longer term holdings without tax is possible. However, you don’t get the benefit of the lottery or rewards from the liquidity pool when using a centralised exchange. Currently, you can trade LBLOCK/USDT from a CEX called LBank with Tether. More CEX will come for Lucky Block when v2 is out.


    WoW & Sandbox = True. $25M Diversity Fund Goes Live

    Sandbox and World of women logoThursday, 10 Mar 2022 10:32 am
    The Sandbox (SAND) got a new partner. Crypto Lists can reveal that World of Women (WoW) and The Sandbox together set up a $25M dollar fund, in an attempt to enhance diversity and bring more women to the Metaverse. In order to reach the mission of the new female focused crypto fund, 4 projects will be launched: 10k World of Women 3D interoperable avatars, The World of Women Museum that will be featured on a 2×2 Sandbox plot, The WoW University – giving free lessons and the WoW Academy – acting as an incubator.


    One of the Top Coins, Terra (LUNA), is up 23.4%

    One of the Top Coins, Terra (LUNA), is up 23.4%Wednesday, 9 Mar 2022 5:36 pm
    Terra (LUNA) is on a run today, with a price increase of 23.4% today. With a market cap of 37.4 billion and a daily 24 hour volume of 5.87 billion, it’s the 5th most traded cryptocurrency coin today. You can trade Terra (LUNA) at Skilling with super low spread.


    Key Developers Exit Fantom (FTM) – Drops 22%

    Key Developers Exit Fantom (FTM) - Drops 22%Wednesday, 9 Mar 2022 11:17 am
    The native coin for one of the worlds fastest blockchains, Fantom (FTM), has fallen significantly and is down 23% today. Two South Africans Anton Nell, a solutions architect and Andre Cronje, a creative developer, have left without citing and reasons for their departure. Critics wonder how much this will affect the development of the Fantom Opera blockchain.


    Bitcoin below $40 000 again..

    Bitcoin below $40 000 again..Friday, 4 Mar 2022 9:37 pm
    It seems like the cryptocurrency market is turning red again, with Bitcoin losing momentum and falling below 40 000 USD once again. For those looking to go short in Bitcoin, a CFD broker such as eToro can be a great option if you live outside the U.S. With eToro, you can go short in BTC and other cryptocurrencies with the click of a button, and obviously you can go long too. Give eToro a try here!


    Dogecoin for Tesla Charging Stations

    Dogecoin for Tesla Charging StationsWednesday, 2 Mar 2022 2:22 pm
    Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stated that in the near future, Tesla Charging Stations will be accepting Dogecoin (DOGE) as payment for charging up the electric cars.

    This was in response to a Twitter user who noted that a few supercharging stations had been set up in Santa Monica and California. In addition, Elon said that a plan is in the works that will see a futuristic drive-in theatre and diner, which will be set up in Hollywood. Consumers can pay for it using – yes you guessed it – Dogecoin.

    Elon has been making waves for the Dogecoin community in recent days. Last month, he confirmed that clients would now be able to buy select merchandise using Dogecoin. So far, items, including the Cyberwhistle, Giga Texas Belt Buckle, and the Cyberquad, are all available for purchase using Dogecoin.

    This announcement caused the crypto asset to move from $0.16 to $0.20. This was a 23% increase in value. Musk is a crypto holder himself. He owns some top crypto such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. When writing up this post, DOGE was exchanging at $0.137. Notably, this is an 11.5% decrease from its initial high of $0.15.


    Russian invasion on Ukraine, day 2

    Russian invasion on Ukraine, day 2Friday, 25 Feb 2022 4:57 pm
    The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues on day 2. After a huge drop in stock markets around the world as well as cryptos yesterday, many of the crypto currencies have today increased with double digits. Market uncertainty continues but Bitcoin is now again closer to $40,000 than to $30,000. At this time Bitcoin stands at $39,449.

    Pressure is put on Russia and Putin with new sanctions from US and EU. People all over the world will continue to monitor the development and the European stock markets will soon close over the weekend. Crypto will obviously continue to be traded 24/7 and paper based crypto assets will adjust in price when markets open on Monday. This is one of the main reasons why owning real crypto is a preferred way compared to owning paper based crypto assets that you are unable to trade during off market hours.


    World’s 1st NFT vending machine from Solana i NYC

    World's 1st NFT vending machine from Solana i NYCWednesday, 23 Feb 2022 2:06 am
    Solana becomes the first NFTs available from vending machines. It’s supposed to be an easy way to buy Solana NFT’s for the widest possible audience, New Yorkers. Keen to buy? Then you can go to 29 John St in Lower Manhattan, just off Wall Street. In case you live outside NYC and rather buy online, read the review about Biswap or if you can’t wait sign up here.


    Bitcoin below $38000 – what’s next?

    Bitcoin below $38000 - what's next?Monday, 21 Feb 2022 2:57 pm
    Bitcoin (BTC) is today trading about 2% down from yesterday, at a price around 37500 USD. Some traders see this as a good opportunity to buy from leading crypto exchanges such as, Binance or Kucoin. Others that rather go short in BTC, can use Stormgain for short selling, while they also got normal buying opportunities with or without leverage.

    Regardless if you are into local Bitcoins or the just want to buy or sell Bitcoin, the price seems to be lower for every day lately. Where are we heading?


    Union Pay International Partner With DinaCard in Serbia

    Round Serbian flagSunday, 20 Feb 2022 11:26 pm
    Shanghai based UnionPay International (UPI) has reach a partnership with DinaCard from Serbia, the main debit card in the Serbian market. The partnership took place thanks to helpful support from NBS, the National Bank of Serbia. Over 170 million UnionPay cards are available worldwide, and Russia is the fastest growing market for the card provider at the moment. UnionPay’s coverage is now above 90% in Asia-Pacific, around 80% in EU and almost 70% in the U.S and Canada. Over 2.9 million ATM’s accept UnionPay cards, but only 3 crypto sites offer this deposit method. So there is still lots of room to improve for exchanges, platforms and brokers.


    Ether (ETH) breaks below the $3000 level

    Ether (ETH) breaks below the $3000 levelThursday, 17 Feb 2022 4:23 pm
    After being above the important support level at $3000, Ether (ETH) have now broken down below, making it a resistance level. Crypto experts debate whether 2750, 2300 or 2000 are the most likely turning points from a technical analysis perspective. Still, Ether might break below even 2k in the near future if v2 is not rolled out soon and the crypto market continue down. What do you think will happen with your cryptocurrencies in the coming days – up or down? Crypto brokers such as Stormgain (review) offer leverage for both going long or short in Ether.


    Doge Dash Rambo NFT Sells for 10 ETH

    Doge Dash Rambo NFT Sells for 10 ETHThursday, 17 Feb 2022 1:44 pm
    The meme and play to earn DogeDash have made a few pre-released of their NFTs as drops to some of the long term holders and active users. One of the unique DogeDash NFTs with a Rambo theme sold for 10 Ether. Not bad. Within 1 month, minting of DogeDash NFTs is expected to go live. You can read the review of DogeDash token here. Are you looking forward to this as much as CryptoLists?


    BSC, Cronos & Fantom Added to the Blockchain List

    BSC, Cronos & Fantom Added to the Blockchain ListTuesday, 15 Feb 2022 8:58 pm
    Crypto Lists is continuously adding new reviews of blockchains. Some of the latest include Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Cronos, Ethereum (ERC-20), Fantom, Solana and Terra. Expect even a few more newly added blockchains here in the next few days.

  Release 16 Copy Trading Strategies Release 16 Copy Trading StrategiesTuesday, 15 Feb 2022 8:28 pm
    Many investors and day traders are looking for inspiration in their daily trading. Through copy trading, you can get inspiration from successful traders and copy their strategies.
    Now, all potential copy traders got a new place to check out. (see review) released their top list with 16 trading strategies. If you don’t have a Gate account, then create one here and discover the interesting trading strategies for cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Solana and BNB.


    Biswap DEX improves BFG staking rewards

    Biswap DEX improves BFG staking rewardsMonday, 14 Feb 2022 3:27 pm
    Since Biswap offers great opportunities to their users every day, Betfury decided to give out some extra rewards. If you are into betting, then perhaps BFG Token from Betfury could be of interest. Biswap DEX added another 111 110 BFG in daily staking rewards. If you don’t own any of their tokens, check out Biswap Tokens (BSW) here – or go directly to the Biswap DEX instead.


    Etoro & – Two major Super Bowl Sponsors

    Etoro & - Two major Super Bowl SponsorsSunday, 13 Feb 2022 11:25 pm
    In Super Bowl LVI, that goes live in 2 hours, we’re going to see two major cryptocurrency brands featured. look forward to see eToro’s ads, which probably will feature how easy it is to trade crypto with them. Alternatively, you can use eToro for copy trading, meaning that you follow some successful crypto traders and trade just like them, when they trade – automatically. Try an eToro demo account now!

    Another fast growing crypto platform –’s mobile app – will also be a sponsor in the Super Bowl final between Cincinnati Bengals vs Los Angeles Rams. Try now!


    Microstrategy (MSTR) Falls Near $400

    Microstrategy (MSTR) Falls Near $400Sunday, 13 Feb 2022 11:00 pm
    In the after market trading, Microstrategy’s share (MSTR) is down 2.2%. Yesterday MSTR went down 4.74%, partly because of declining Bitcoin price. Analysts
    average estimated reasonable price for MSTR is $638.33, with a range between 425 and 950. Unless Bitcoin continue to fall for an extended period of time, we might soon see more buyers coming into MSTR again. Learn more about Bitcoin here.


    Solana Testing Trading Resistance

    Solana Testing Trading ResistanceSunday, 13 Feb 2022 10:37 pm
    Solana (SOL) is near the support level at 92 USD, after testing 117 USD earlier this week. While Solana bulls view 130 as the next major resistance, Crypto Lists warns that a break below 90 USD might happen before a turnaround takes place. What do you think happens first? You can trade Solana at eToro (review), both with or without leverage and as CFD or the Solana asset itself. Create a eToro demo account here!


    ATLO Goes Live – Up 67% the First Day

    ATLO Goes Live - Up 67% the First DaySaturday, 12 Feb 2022 12:37 am
    The Terra-based cryptocurrency launchpad called ATLO, has today gone live. During the first day, Atlo’s went up 67%. Holders of ATLO will depending on their ATLO rating and staking get different allocations for new launchpads.


    Chiliz (CHZ) Blockchain 2.0 To Be Released in Q1, 2022

    Chiliz (CHZ) Blockchain 2.0 To Be Released in Q1, 2022Saturday, 12 Feb 2022 12:18 am
    Following the signing of tokens for Sevilla FC, CHZ is set to release the new version of Chiliz blockchain. The improved blockchain will be made together with Ankar (ANKR) and aims to target an even bigger audience. During the drop for Ethereum (ETH) today, most of the fan tokens from Chiliz are going up. Could fotball tokens be a way to hedge against a fall in major cryptocurrencies? We are yet to find out! Learn more about Chiliz (CHZ) here.


    Terra Sign $40M Deal with Washington Nationals

    Terra Sign $40M Deal with Washington NationalsFriday, 11 Feb 2022 6:00 pm
    If you are into baseball, you probably know that Washington Nationals are one of the middle level MLB teams. Terra blockchain just signed a sponsorship deal for almost $40M with Washington Nationals over 5 years in order to push out their name in the U.S capital, the official blog for the MLB team reports. The longer term goal seems to be getting TerraUSD (UST) more accepted. From Crypto Lists understanding, this is the only open-source blockchain project that is funding a MLB team. The Korean founder Do Kwon seems to be a happy about the new partnership that was described in detail at Terra Research.


    5 new cheap crypto tokens added

    5 new cheap crypto tokens addedWednesday, 9 Feb 2022 1:06 pm
    Crypto Lists added quite a few meme tokens yesterday. Many of them also fit into the list of cheapest tokens, since the supply of many of those assets are rather high and the price per token very low. Some new reviews in the coin top list include Baby Musk, Kishu Inu, SwinCoin, Shiba Inu and Samoyed Coin.


    Stablecoins – The future of finance

    Stablecoins - The future of financeWednesday, 9 Feb 2022 3:48 am
    One of the most used safe havens for cryptocurrency markets are being discussed today. Yes, we are talking about the future of finance. Lots of different voices have been heard when talking about stablecoins. Stephen Lynch wonder if central bank digital currency (CBDC) could possible reduce the value of stablecoins? Rep. Warren Davidson expressed that the most traded stablecoin – Tether (USDT) – is a time bomb. However, he find USD Coin (USDC) to be highly regulated and a way healthier stablecoin.
    It seems like both republicans and democrats agree on lack of regulation for stablecoin. They both find that it’s time to update federal law, hopefully already in 2022. It’s interesting to know that none of the speakers brought up commodity based stablecoins such as PAX Gold (PAXG).
    You can see the 4 hour long episode directly from U.S. House of Representatives Committee here.


    Trust yourself, says Binance Super Bowl Campaign

    Binance Super Bown Campaign message 2022Wednesday, 9 Feb 2022 3:19 am
    Binance (review) latest campaign that will go live on Super Bowl 2022 on the 13th of February takes a clear stance. Trust yourself, instead of celebrities, is the main message to the public. Binance is trying to raise awareness with the hashtag #CryptoCelebAlert. You can see the Super Bown Campaign in the final between the Bengals and the Rams on Sunday in Los Angeles.


    SwissBorg’s app releases improved marketplace

    Gradient Swissborg iconTuesday, 8 Feb 2022 6:17 pm
    The most useful functionality from Swissborg’s latest update app might be the categorisation. All your coins and tokens can now be put into categories such as new cryptocurrencies, earn (staking), DeFi, stablecoins, real life and metaverse. Two categories that we miss from Swissborg (see review) include utility tokens and meme tokens. You can now also sort crypto assets based on name, yield and percentage change at Swissborg’s user friendly app. Are you keen to learn more? Sign-up for Swissborg, it’s free.


    ETH might consider new transaction format to lower gas fees

    Ethereum logoSaturday, 5 Feb 2022 5:21 pm
    Since the gas fees for Ethereum (ETH) gone through the roof the last few months, often above 80 USD per transaction during peak hours, developers are looking into various solutions. One option could be blob-carrying transactions, says Vitalik Buterin on Twitter. He is referring to a recent note made on Ethereum, which could be rolled out in 2023. In case you are keen to trade ETH or 30 other cryptocurrencies, through a CFD firm with low spread, you can sign-up for Skilling here. The spread is only 0.2 in average between buying and selling rates for the above mentioned cryptocurrency.


    BILLIONAIRE accepts 20+ crypto currencies as payments

    Buy BILLIONAIRE outfits with cryptoFriday, 4 Feb 2022 7:54 pm
    The company group Philipp Plein behind brands like BILLIONAIRE has now started accepting crypto currencies as payments both when ordering products online in their and web stores as well as on The Billionaire brand currently also runs a sale at -50% discount and free shipping of some goods. Philipp Plain accepts payments in more than 20 different crypto currencies.

    Will we see even more crypto whales wearing BILLIONAIRE outfits?


    Solana above 100 USD again despite the Wormhole hack scandal

    Solana vertical logoThursday, 3 Feb 2022 11:54 pm
    Following the hack of 220 000 Ethereum through the Wormhole bridge, Solana is slowly recovering again. The Wormhole hack was worth about 320 million, but the group reports that all the funds has been recovered and the Wormhole bridge is live again.


    Breaking News in India: Crypto becoming legal?

    Taj Mahal in IndiaWednesday, 2 Feb 2022 10:15 pm
    The Indian government has now announced a 30% tax on income made from digital assets, e.g. NFTs and crypto currencies. The previous fear that crypto would be banned in India is thereby overcome, as crypto currencies are now legal.

    Read more in our news post here.


    Microstrategy continues its BTC shopping spree

    Microstrategy continues its BTC shopping spreeWednesday, 2 Feb 2022 2:54 pm
    After buying another 660 BTC MicroStrategy now owns 125,051 BTC in their portfolio to an estimated value of around 3.8 billion US dollars.
    – If you are interested in reading more about this you can do so in our news post here.

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