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Top 34 Crypto Sites Accepting Shiba Inu (SHIB) for Deposits

Shiba Inu Token logo
Shiba Inu Token (SHIB) launched as a meme coin in 2020 and has developed into much more with their own Shibarium, their layer 2 blockchain, their NFTs and huge community.

The massive growth for SHIB since launch has made it into one of the 20 biggest cryptocurrencies by market cap. The main benefits of Shiba Inu Token are that it offers quite high transfer speeds, that many people own it and that the NFT’s can be exchanged for SHIB and later used on some of the best crypto casinos. Shiba Inu token was meant to be a major competitor to Dogecoin and shares many similarities with this token but only around 1/5 as many casinos accept SHIB compared to DOGE. However, SHIB token is controlled by its own community and wasn’t launched as a ‘joke’ crypto. Below are more facts and a full list of all places where SHIB can be used.

There are 11 crypto trading sites supporting Shiba Inu and 23 crypto casinos which support Shiba Inu as deposit method as seen in the toplists below.

Top 23 casinos with support for Shiba Inu (SHIB)

BC Game
Providing community-based crypto casino for the best experience possible, both for betting and slot lovers.
6000+ games


Betplay Casino
Betplay is here and ready to thrill, come inside and get your fill. Play with Bitcoin, Ether and more. Winning here ain’t a chore!
3650+ games


Highroller Casino
Play roulette or other table games, or wager on slots to earn fortune and fame. Play here and be like James Bond, then go above and beyond!


Wild Casino
Want to win big bucks baby? Then play to win on Wild Coins AG!
500+ games


Bet Online
Whether you like a flutter on soccer or b-ball, you can win it all on Bet Online!
450+ games


Hell Spin Casino
Come inside and have fiendish fun on a crypto casino where you might win a ton!
4000+ games


An anonymous crypto casino with crypto crash gaming, slots, live casino, and sportsbook.
2000+ games


Shuffle Casino
Fancy a tussle against the house? Play on Shuffle like a game of cat versus mouse!
600+ games


Coins Game Casino
With a big bonus of 20,000 USDT you can bag what your eyes can see. Play slots & tournaments too, the perfect site when you’re feeling blue!
3200+ games


Uzbek Bet Casino
It’s new, it’s Uzbeki, you can win a euro or twenty! Uzbek Bet is a top BTC casino that has a top sportsbook and a great slot collection!
2000+ games


Bet Fury Casino
It’s decentralized and anonymous and has over 50 different crypto deposit options. Seriously, what’s not to love?
5000+ games


Bizzo Casino
A bigger presence than Lizzo, come and play on Bizzo! You can bet with crypto, not just Ether and Bit though!
3000+ games


National Casino
Play with more than 25 different crypto coins on National Casino and enjoy games from 130+ different developers!


20 Bet Casino
Lucky me, lucky you, do you want to bet with some niche cryptos too? Come play on 20 Bet and your hopes will come true!
5000+ games


Coinplay Casino
Play a different crypto casino every day, enjoy tons of developers and cryptos here on Coinplay!
3000+ games


Spinbet Casino
Don’t stand in rain if you don’t wanna get wet, but you can play with 11 different cryptos here on Spinbet!
5000+ games


Loonie Bet
Whether you’re a fan of Wayne Gretzky or Wayne Rooney, place your bets right here on Loonie!
1000+ games


Duck Dice Casino
Some casino sites are fun, and others are just nice. You can play great games here on Duck Dice!
2 game(s)


Bets.io Casino
Some players come, some players go. But they all have fun on Bets IO!
3000+ games


K8 Casino
Some say destiny, some say fate. Play to win here on K8.
4150+ games


Experience fun slots on a crypto casino with some of the highest rewards program in the industry.
3000+ games


Owl Games Casino
A true Web3 crypto casino that makes it fun, enjoyable, simple and easy to register and get started.
3100+ games


Crypto Games
Crypto Games gives way more than they take, try provably fair – you can see what players stake.
11+ games



Top 11 sites for buying, selling and trading crypto with Shiba Inu (SHIB)

This is the toplist with the best sites to buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies with Shiba Inu. To learn more why a certain site is ranked the way it is, you can read our review by clicking the review button.

Buy bitcoin & crypto from a trusted exchange suitable for almost everyone.
Deposit with both fiat and a large range of crypto coins and trade today on an up and coming exchange that’s available globally!
From margin trading to NFTs, you can trade any crypto asset you like on Digifinex’s fantastic platform.
Biswap DEX
The lowest trading fee among Decentralized Exchanges, only 0.1%.


Effortlessly exchange 70 traditional and cryptocurrencies in the Wirex app at exclusive OTC and interbank rates.
One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency copy trading platforms.
MEXC Global
Trade cryptocurrency on MEXC and benefit from 0% maker fees and support in 16 languages
One of the fastest functioning and hottest up and coming crypto exchanges. Try it and see for yourself!
One of the top three exchanges in the world for sheer number of cryptocurrency projects!
Buy and sell cryptocurrency on Bitfinex, the home of advanced digital asset trading.
Trade and leverage right here on BitMart, one of the most globally accessible exchanges around with tons of pairings available.

We generally recommend using an exchange or platform with good track record, great reputation and positive feedback from its customers. The better option for you as customer, the better ranking we give them.


Shiba Inu token lives on the Ethereum blockchain and is also the main token of the Shiba ecosystem. The token is used in hundreds of stores across the world and over 20 well selected crypto casinos. Many third-party intermediaries also accept the token. With the increased popularity of Shiba Inu, lots of exchanges have had to list it. These include Binance and Coinbase. A large number of decentralized exchanges also allow users to buy this token.

Advantage - logo


+It runs on the Ethereum blockchain and also got their own blockchain.
+Holders can ‘dig’ or ‘bury’ their tokens for returns.
+The value of Shiba Inu has grown significantly since its launch.
+Shiba Inu has a strong community behind it.
+It can be staked on Shibaswap for extra earnings.

Disadvantage - logo


-This cryptocurrency isn’t backed by anything.
-You can’t mine the SHIB token.
-SHIB isn’t as widely accepted by the major crypto casinos.
-Shiba Inu can he rather volatile.
-There are many other competing meme coins, even if they taken most things such as own blockchain and NFTs to another level.

What is the Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency?

This token differs from other meme coins in that it is centered on its online community, NFTs and even their own blockchain. It also offers methods of earning interest. For example, you can stake your tokens on the Shibaswap. Since it works on the Ethereum blockchain, the token offers very high levels of security, in addition to low transfer costs.

Shiba Inu Costs

Shiba Inu used to run only on the Ethereum blockchain, but it now uses the Shibarium blockchain as well. This is a layer-2 blockchain that is built on Ethereum. When making transfers, you will usually have to pay a fee of less than $0.01. Compared to blockchains like Ethereum, this one has very low transaction costs.

Since Shiba Inu does have both its own blockchain or you can go through ERC-20 – the Ethereum network – there is a lot of flexibility. Using the latter means users have to hold ETH when making transfers, and the gas fee will depend on the state of the network. The current transaction rate ranges around $1.1. This is a significant drop from the all-time high gas fee of about $71. It is worth noting that Ethereum has one of the lowest transfer costs among all blockchains.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Deposits: How to do it?

The process is rather simple. Simply use a crypto exchange or wallet of your choice.

1. Sign into the crypto exchange by adding your username and password
2. Go to the funding section and pick Shiba Inu token from the drop-down menu
3. Add the amount you want to deposit and proceed with the transfer
4. Enter your password or use verification methods like Face ID to complete the deposit

Transaction speed for Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu transaction speed is quite high. Depending on the state of the blockchain network, the transactions can take anywhere between 15 seconds and 5 minutes. Factors that can affect the speed of the transactions include the congestion of the network, gas prices, and whether you have a hot or cold wallet. With the high transfer speeds, Shiba Inu can easily be used for day-to-day transactions.

Which are the main countries where Shiba Inu (SHIB) is used?

According to Google Trends, this token is most popular in North Macedonia. It is also extremely popular in the USA, the UK, and Canada. Shiba Inu token itself hasn’t been explicitly banned in any country, but a number of places have a general ban on crypto. These include China, Saudi Arabia, and Bangladesh.

Can you withdraw with Shiba Inu (SHIB)?

If you’re playing in a crypto casino that accepts this token, you will be able to withdraw your winnings using the same cryptocurrency. As mentioned earlier, the transfers will usually be completed quickly and at a very low fee.

Reputation of Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu may not be as popular as DOGE, but it has quickly risen to become one of the biggest meme coins. The coin has a large and dedicated community on platforms like Reddit and Twitter. One of its Reddit communities has about a half a million members. The general sentiment in these communities is that the meme coin will continue growing in popularity over the next years.

Shiba Inu FAQ

Below are a few common questions related to deposits, usage and safety for SHIB.

Is it safe to use Shiba Inu for cryptocurrencies?
Like other tokens on the Ethereum network, SHIB token is extremely safe to use. You don’t have to expose any of your sensitive details when making transactions with this token. However, be careful when securing your crypto wallets since hackers are always working to find new ways of stealing crypto.

How do I set up Shiba Inu?
You will first have to get a crypto wallet where you’ll store your Shiba Inu tokens. This could either be a hot or cold wallet. You also have to purchase the tokens from a crypto exchange. The token is available on many decentralized and centralized crypto exchanges.

Is Shiba Inu instant?
This token is extremely fast and can be used for everyday transactions. The transfers typically take about 15 seconds. When the network is congested, this can go up to 5 minutes, which is still fairly quick.

When was Shiba Inu founded?
This token was created in August 2020 by Ryoshi, an anonymous group or individual. It was dubbed ‘the Dogecoin killer’. While both tokens are based on dogs, SHIB token promised to be controlled by its community instead of the creators of the token.

Which crypto exchanges list SHIB token?
This token is listed on several crypto exchanges, including Coinbase and Binance. You can also buy it on various decentralized exchanges, including Shibswap. Note that many centralized exchanges will require you to complete KYC before you buy or sell tokens.

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