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Stock Market Live Game Review

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The biggest live casino provider in the world - Scandinavian Evolution - decided to enter the crash game market and done so in style, like always. The new Stock Market Live is a crash game with ever better RTP and a totally different type crash compared to other similar games. What either crashes or rises to the moon is the stock market, which is simulated on this new Evolution casino game. In this virtual stock market game, there is an analyst (commentator) that discuss the current market moves. Your job is to guess the direction - if the stock market is going up or down in real time. You can see how all other players are investing (betting). The simplicity - guessing if the stock market is going up or down - and the high RTP (99%) is what will attract many new Evolution players to try crypto casino crash games. See a list of the best casinos that have Stock Market Live from Evolution below.

9.6 rating

The game was released on 26 March 2024 and was rated 9.6 out of a maximum of 10 in our review. It is thereby one of the best casino games that we have played. The return to player (RTP) is at a very high level of 99%.”

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Game Details

Release date: 26 March 2024
Game developer: Evolution
Game Type: Crash game

Game parameters

Game Variant: Stock market crash game
Default coin value: 0.1,0.5,1,5,10,20,50,100,250,500,1000,2500
Max bet: 2500
Max Win on Main game: 2x
Default bet levels: 0.1-2500
RTP min: 99
Game features: Innovation, See others players bet, listen to the commentators

Predict the stock market live - and if you win it's high five. This virtual stock market game has 99% RTP and comes from the iconic Evolution.


About the game

Every round start with 10 seconds to place your bets. Is the stock market going down or up in this round? That's the only thing that you need to gues. Players can cash out and pay a 1% commission when doing so.

You can see in real time all the recent winners. During our tests with Stock Market Live, there was some rounds with 500 active players guessing that the stock market would go up, and some rounds with around 500 betting on the market going down.

In a few months time when Evolution's latest hit - Stock Market Live - has been around for a while, Crypto Lists estimate that more than 5000 players will bet on one direction for the stock market. In fact, we would not be surprised if even 20 000 or 50 000 players are active in some rounds. Why? This crash game is new and unique - with better RTP than other crash games. It's fun and even more simple to understand than most other games.

The only negative might be that it's not based on real stock market data - but since I often have more luck on games than on real stock market predictions, maybe it's for the best. It's based on a random number generator instead of Nasdaq or any other major index or individual shares. And that number generator gives back 99% to the player - compared to 96-97% for most other crypto casino crash games.


More about Stock Market Live

Active players that placed bets can choose their own username and then also chat with other users.

There is a commentator aka analyst that gives you some suggestions why things are happening. You can choose to have the sound on if you like to hear the comments or off if you rather play in quiet mode.

The analyst might tell you that it's worth to stay alert and keep track of statistics that is shown. You can view the game history to see how you done in Stock Market Live during today's session. If you press the question mark in the top of the game, you can find the game objective, rules, payouts and many other facts. Each stock market live session last for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds where you are encouraged to place a new bet.

Are stocks going up or down today? Rather simple question right? If you predict it well, you're in for a good win but if you're unlucky then you might lose it big time on the stock market live casino game from Evolution. Go to the bottom of the page to find the best sites to play it right now.



How long is the statistics shown for?

You can see resent stock market statistics for the last 10 to 50 rounds. If you don't like to see stats, you can simply choose to hide it under game settings. Just tick the box "hide bet statistics". However, Crypto Lists recommend that you show and follow the statistics since it's more likely that you make better predictions in the virtual stock market with help of recent statistics.

If the stock market goes up 20% and I made a bet on "going up", how much do I win?

You will make 120% of the initial bet size. How much you win depends on how much you played for. If you play with Litecoin (LTC), it's between 0.001 LTC up to 1 LTC. So pretend you do bet of 0.1 LTC, then you can cash out 0.12 LTC minus the commission of 1% if you choose to cash out right now. Our suggestion is to not cash out immediately - at least if you continue playing the game.

What will I lose if the stock market goes down 15% and I was betting it's going up?

You will lose 15% of your initial bet and will therefore get back 85% of the bet you made. If you put in a 1 LTC bet on the stock market going up, you will get 0.85 LTC back (minus the 1% commission if you cash out straight away).


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32 Casinos where you can play Stock Market Live

Below you can see all the casinos where the game is available. Check out the casino review by clicking the logo and you can see what registration or deposit bonus they offer. When you find the most suiltable one, just signup and enjoy!
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    Tuesday, 9 Apr 2024 8:24 am
    The Swedish stock listed casino developer group Evolution have decided to venture into crypto casino crash games and they done it in style. In the end of March 2024, Stock Market Live was launched. Instead of guessing when the game is crashing, you bet on either a bull market or a bear market. The rather simplicity, low volatility and impressively high RTP (99%) is likely going to make Stock Market Live a super popular game. If you guess the stock market is going up and is right, where it rises 20% in a session, you earn 120% of the initial bet. The same is true if you bet the wrong direction; for instance expecting the market to go up but it goes down 20%, then you loose 20% (or get 80% of the initial bet back). That way, it's way more rewarding and long lasting than most big crash games. Not sure where to play? Either check out the review with 18 different options shown, or try it at the best anonymous casino called LTC Casino. Alternatively, play it on the daily jackpot casino called Bitstarz that currently...
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