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Crypto 101: Learn All About Crypto In Free Guides

Learn how to use cryptocurrencyKeen to learn more about cryptocurrencies? How to buy, trade, sell and invest? Or would you rather discover how to play on crypto casino sites in the best possible way?

Crypto Lists’ learn section provides lots guides and informative content, discussing everything from taxes to crypto sites to avoid. You can find out how crypto works, how to start with crypto or how to spend it, while uncovering how to stake or make payments with crypto. Some might be confused about the different types of Bitcoin casinos, which range decentralized casino sites to those focused on anonymity. Continue below to find a suitable section to learn more about cryptocurrency related topics.


Your first way into cryptocurrencies may start at Crypto Lists and our guide has sections for both beginners and more seasoned users familiar with day-to-day usage, trading, and gambling with crypto.

The crypto market today

The cryptocurrency market with a graphExplore more about the crypto market’s size, growth rate and also see future forecasts for 2025-2030. Go to discover the crypto market and see the latests trends, innovation and adoption.

The history of Bitcoin casinos

When it comes to historical events in the crypto space, many are probably aware that Bitcoin (BTC) was launched in January 2009. History letter with watch and Bitcoin symbolBut what do you know about the weird and wonderful history of BTC casinos? It took more than 3 years from launch until the earliest adopters could play on Bitcoin casinos. Learn what happened between 2009 and 2023, see when the first and second Bitcoin casino was launched and much more in the historical overview.

The history of Ethereum casinos

We don’t suppose you’ve heard of Ether Slots, the world’s first Ether-accepting online slot machine? Not to worry, we hadn’t either until recently. If you’re keen to uncover the history of Ethereum casinos then you’re in the right place. Discover the history of the blockchain and how the coin was launched to the world, how casinos began including the currency into the banking options, and how some casinos even began building their whole sites on the network. Fascinating stuff indeed.

What’s different about crypto?

The crypto differenceHow does crypto differ from fiat, you might wonder? Some of the biggest opportunities with crypto are also the biggest risk factors, such as lack of a central bank or authority. While the transfer speed might be obvious, many don’t know that security and traceability is often better for crypto than fiat. We’ve created an in-depth page exploring all the differences between traditional money and crypto, which you can check out here.

How to set up a crypto wallet

Bitcoin walletAre you going for a software wallet or hardware wallet? Initially, we explain which types of crypto wallets that exist, how to get started and what to consider when selecting a specific storage method. There are desktop wallets, software wallets, hardware wallets and more. And, in some cases there’s overlap between different types. Learn more in our crypto wallet guide, where we explore everything from what’s on offer, step-by-step setup guides, and some of our top choices.

How to buy Bitcoin

Buy BTC - blue basketThe first and most well-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is often a way into digital assets. Learn how to buy Bitcoin cheaply, without any annoying extra costs. But we have to warn you, once you swallow the BTC pill, you’re about to go on an exciting journey into the cryptosphere. A bit like Neo in the Matrix after being introduced to Morpheus. Indeed, this might also be a way into NFTs, DeFi and other crypto assets. In this section, you’ll learn about the Lightening network that is the fastest, cheapest (and safest) way to buy, sell and transfer Bitcoin. Check out how to buy Bitcoin effortlessly.

How to trade crypto

Bitcoin graph traderPerhaps you already own Bitcoin and/or simply want to try something else. Here, Crypto Lists guides users into futures trading, spot trading, and others types of trading that enable both going long or short in Bitcoin or altcoins. In this section you’ll get the lowdown on it all. Some of what you can expect includes setting up an account on a trading exchange, what different terminology actually means, the process of making trades, how to withdraw into fiat, and much more. Reaf the full and in-depth trading guide.

Getting started with crypto

Getting started with cryptocurrencies involves a few key steps. First, research the different types of cryptocurrencies and their respective blockchains. Next, choose a reputable cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell your chosen digital assets, and create an account. Finally, set up a secure digital wallet to store your crypto (and check out the guide too!), ensure you protect your private keys, and start exploring the various opportunities in the crypto market.

How to buy alt coins?

To buy altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin), you’ll first need to sign up for an account on a cryptocurrency exchange that supports the specific altcoin you’re interested in. Once you’ve set up an account, you can deposit funds, either in fiat currency or another cryptocurrency, and use these funds to buy your desired altcoins. Often you’ll use Bitcoin or a stablecoin like Tether to buy altcoins, but this is sometimes for more experienced crypto enthusiasts. See a toplist of 100 altcoins in order to get inspiration.

How to stake crypto and earn interest

Staking crypto involves locking up your digital assets in a wallet or on an exchange to help secure a blockchain network, in return for earning interest or rewards. To stake your crypto, you’ll need to hold a supported proof-of-stake (PoS) cryptocurrency in a compatible wallet or exchange. Many popular exchanges offer staking services, making it easy for you to earn passive income while holding (or HODLing!) onto your assets. Be aware though, that staking does come with some risks, so always do thorough research before committing your funds. You can get to the bottom of it all by reading our complete staking guide.

How to spend crypto

Spending cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly easy as more businesses and merchants begin to accept it as a form of payment. To spend your crypto, you’ll need a digital wallet and access to a cryptocurrency exchange that supports the specific currency you hold. Once you’ve set up your wallet and exchanged your crypto for goods or services, simply send the required amount to the recipient’s wallet address.

Increasingly, there are crypto debit cards and phone payment apps that can automatically convert your crypto to fiat when paying in shops, restaurants, and online. And, as the world shifts to Web 3.0, we can only imagine solutions like this will increase. And, eventually crypto payments will be as commonplace as using Visa or Mastercard. People might not understand how they work, they just understand that they do. Not sure which method to use? Check out the extensive list with 280+ deposit methods.

How crypto works

Cryptocurrencies work by utilizing decentralized networks based on blockchain technology, ensuring secure and transparent transactions. Instead of a central authority, transactions are verified by a network of computers, which maintain a public ledger containing all transaction records. Cryptography is used to secure these transactions, making them nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend.

How to mine crypto

Mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin involves using specialized computer hardware and software to solve complex mathematical problems, which helps validate and secure transactions on the blockchain network. Successful miners are rewarded with newly minted cryptocurrency coins. However, mining can be energy-intensive and requires significant upfront investment in hardware. For beginners, it’s essential to research the different mining methods and requirements, as well as the potential profitability of mining a specific cryptocurrency. Want to try it for yourself? You should read our crypto mining guide first.

Playing on Crypto Casinos

Perhaps you’re unsure what exactly a Bitcoin casino is or why you should choose one. Our linked pages below should give you a thorough understanding of the ins and outs. If you’re keen to learn about how the whole trend got started off, you might be interested in the complete history of Bitcoin casinos that we put together with in-depth research.

Choosing the best Bitcoin casino

Crypto casino gamblingQuite a few of our visitors are looking for the optimal crypto casino site. Here, we guide you through various steps when selecting a suitable casino site that accepts crypto payments. The tricky part can be to find an anonymous casino that you still can trust, without regulations from even the least punitive markets such as Curacao. Many players prefer new crypto casinos with fresh bonuses and a slightly more modern design and better usability than more dated brands. You can also learn the things that Bitcoin casinos need to improve on in another exclusive Crypto Lists guide.

Finding the most genuine crypto casinos

Indeed, it could sound like a job for Sherlock Holmes to find the most tried and true sites out there. But with a lot of hybrid sites masquerading as the real thing (not without their own merits in fairness), it’s important to find the genuine article so to speak! An authentic and true bitcoin casino contains elements that others simply don’t or aren’t able to. And, that’s why we’ve explored how to find genuine crypto casinos in a brief but hopefully helpful 101. Inside we discuss topics like blockchain variety, lack of KYC procedures (in a good way), integration into a broader Web3 ecosystem and much more.

What is a decentralized casino?

Crypto market on planet earthNot many crypto casinos are decentralized, but a select and lucky few are added to our list. Decentralized casinos are a new and innovative form of online gambling that leverage blockchain technology to provide a transparent, secure, and fair gaming experience. These sites almost always support crypto-only transactions, and operate on a decentralized network, ensuring autonomy and eliminating the need for middle men. This results in enhanced security, lower fees, and increased fairness in games, as outcomes are determined by smart contracts. The list of provably fair casinos cover sites that got high RTP games that came be controlled by and provably fair algorithms possible on DeFi casinos. Find a toplist of the best decentralized casinos here.
anonymous crypto casinos

What is an anonymous no-KYC casino?

Good question. You can see a full list of no KYC casinos here, but many people confuse anonymous sites for decentralized ones. In essence, an anonymous casino – also known as a no-KYC casino is one where you can sign up super quickly without giving any personal information. The very best ones that truly deserve the title and appear on our toplist don’t ask for information on withdrawal either. When they say “no KYC” they really mean it. Both of these types of site prioritize crypto only, so you can not use dollars, euro or other fiat currencies on those sites. If you’d like to understand both a bit better, you can read our piece comparing anonymous and decentralized casinos.

How to bet on a Bitcoin casino

Roulette table - betting with BitcoinIt’s sometimes easy to forget that not everybody is as well versed in the world of crypto casinos as us. Understandable, given that we spend our day-to-day lives immersed in this exciting space. However, for a lot of people who only have experience in traditional online casinos, or perhaps no online gambling experience at all, the prospect might be a little daunting. That’s one of the reasons why created a very comprehsive betting guide that takes you through the specifics of slots, table games, crash games, and much more. Read ‘How to bet on crypto casinos‘.

Understanding casino licenses

A verify buttonWhen it comes to crypto casinos, there is a fairly complicated licensing system for the ones sublicensed in Curacao. However, with our helpful guide, you’ll be able to tell the difference between all the different bodies, as well as verify certificates to make sure they’re legit. Plus we also go into the verification procedure for Malta and United Kingdom licenses too, which are considered among the most reputable in the iGaming industry. Read our casino license verification guide.

Fun reads and guides!

Not in the mood for an academic read on this fine day? Not to worry, and totally understandable, especially if you’re unfamiliar with all the crypto terms and specifics. Below we’ve got some lighthearted guides that can help you while away the time instead of clock-watching on a Friday afternoon.

10 signs you’re a crypto maniac

Crazy bitcoin maniakIs it time to slow down with cryptocurrencies, or is there still more to learn? Do you check cryptocurrency prices on your mobile several times a day? Perhaps you read everything you come across about crypto? Find out if you are one of the crypto maniacs in 2023 and how to put that magnificent brain of yours to good use!

12 things crypto casino maniacs look for

crazy crypto casino guyWhat should you consider when playing on crypto casinos? High RTP and low house edge, lots of options with generous cashback and less headache with KYC are some extra benefits. True crypto casino enthusiasts look for a range of features when choosing a site to play on. But what are they, and why are they so important? In our guide we explore them all, but more than that it’s a fun opportunity to talk about the crypto and Bitcoin casinos we’re so fond of!

5 ways crypto is better than fiat

Five in blueThere are times when using cryptocurrencies can be more advantageous than fiat currencies. For instance, when sending money across borders, crypto transactions tend to be faster and cheaper due to reduced fees and the elimination of intermediaries. The best sites offers improved privacy and security in online transactions, as well as the potential for higher returns through investment and trading opportunities. Many Bitcoin maximalists – those who think BTC is the only true crypto currency – believe it’s a very powerful hedge against inflation, and as such, will eventually become the world’s reserve currency. You can learn more in our fun (and hopefully helpful) guide comparing crypto and fiat.

Deep dive on deposit methods

There are many ways to make payments in order to buy crypto or play at a crypto casino, and here are some of the most common options.

Aquire crypto with Paysafe

If you’re looking to acquire digital assets using Paysafe, you’re in the right place. It’s a popular payment method that’s based in the Isle of Man and features on a lot of Bitcoin casinos. We’ll guide you through the process of purchasing cryptocurrencies with this popular prepaid card. First, select a reputable exchange that accepts Paysafe and create an account. Then, navigate to the deposit section, input the desired amount, and choose Paysafe as your payment method. Get the inside scoop on the sites and exchanges that accept the paysafecard here and also discover what makes it a great funding option.

Buy crypto with Webmoney

Webmoney, the reliable online payment system, is here to facilitate your crypto purchases. As a dependable processor that’s very popular in Russia, it’s here to help you in your quest to acquire cryptocurrencies. After creating an account and completing the required verification steps, proceed to the deposit page. Choose Webmoney as your payment method, enter the desired amount, and confirm the transaction. See the sites that accept Webmoney here, and also see how it works and why it’s great.

Buy crypto with Unionpay

For Bitcoin enthusiasts with a Unionpay card, the process of purchasing the world’s most renowned cryptocurrency has become more streamlined. It’s a deposit method based in China but used worldwide and is increasing in popularity. With Unionpay, you can easily acquire crypto in just a few steps. First, search for a trustworthy exchange that accepts Unionpay. After finding the ideal platform, create an account and complete any required identity verification. Then hey presto, you’re on your way. But, you can learn in more detail about this card on our dedicated page. Plus, you can see which exchanges and crypto casinos accept it.

Buy Bitcoin with fiat

Last but not least, have you ever thought about buying Bitcoin using your traditional (aka ‘normal’) currency? It’s actually pretty simple and accessible these days. All you need to do is find a reputable exchange platform, like Coinbase or Binance, and create an account. Once you’ve done that, you can link your bank account or credit card to your exchange account, and then you’re all set! Just choose the amount of Bitcoin you want to purchase and complete the transaction. It’s a great way to dip your toes into the world of cryptocurrencies, and you can learn more in the guide we have about buying Bitcoin with fiat money!

Buy crypto or play casino with e-wallets

If you’re looking to dive into the world of cryptocurrencies and online casinos then e-wallets are among your best bet for a seamless experience. They’re super convenient and offer a secure way to buy crypto and play your favorite casino games. Just find a reputable platform that accepts popular e-wallets like Neteller, Skrill, or even Paypal. Once you’ve got your e-wallet all set up, simply deposit your funds and start buying crypto or hitting the virtual casino floor. Read our page about e-wallets to learn more.

Buy crypto with debit- or credit card

Interested in buying Bitcoin with card? There are a bunch of platforms out there that make it super easy to get started. First, find a secure and reliable exchange that accepts your card of choice. Next, create an account and add your debit or credit card information. Once you’re all set, just select the cryptocurrency you want to buy and voila! You’ve got yourself some crypto bought with the ease and speed of a Visa or Mastercard. Bear in mind that transaction times and fees may vary, so keep an eye out for the best deals.Learn more about depositing with cards on our helpful and handy page.

Buying Bitcoin without KYC

Want to buy crypto without going through the hassle of KYC (Know Your Customer) verification? We’ve got you covered. Some platforms let you buy crypto without KYC if your purchase doesn’t exceed a certain amount. And, some casinos let you sign up using only a Web3 wallet such as MetaMask. Alternatively, if casino isn’t your bag and you’re only really interested in buying Bitcoin you can always go into a Bitcoin shop and do it all over the counter. There are also Bitcoin ATMs that many enjoy using too, and they can often be found in major train stations.

News and updates

From news posts exploring the latest developments in Web3 technology to summaries of crypto casinos from our team of writers, every day there’s something new on Crypto Lists. We also publish newsflashes which cover breaking news as well as the latest offers for you to use on our list of Bitcoin casinos. Last but not least there’s a press section where both us and our partners announce big updates.

The latest crypto news – See daily articles about what’s happening in the crypto scene and gain insights into the latest Bitcoin and crypto casinos.

News flashes – Don’t fancy the long news? Check out the short crypto news flashes.

Press – Breaking news about cryptocurrencies, tokens, blockchains and crypto casinos.

Industry insights

From taxation to crypto-specific industry regulations, this is where you’ll find it. We try to be as comprehensive as possible, and cover these rules and regulations from as many angles as we can.

Bitcoin halving

If you’ve been around the cryptosphere for some time you’ll no doubt have heard of the Bitcoin Halving event, sometimes referred to as ‘the halvening’. It traditionally kicks off the next bull cycle (or in layman’s terms, when the market starts a long-term upward trend), and happens every four years. You can learn more about it and get updates as the next one in around spring 2024 draws closer in our dedicated BTC halving page.

Crypto taxation worldwide

Crypto Tax on EarthA basic introduction to cryptocurrency taxes around the world, from countries with the lowest crypto taxes (0% in some cases) to the highest ones. Perhaps you’re about to move and would prefer a crypto friendly jurisdiction? Alternatively, you’re new to crypto and want to learn more about the local taxes. Then head on over to our article with facts about how crypto taxes works in 36 countries around the world.

Recent changes in crypto legislation

EU flag with Bitcoin in the middleThe crypto rules and legislation keeps changing. While Biden’s outdated administration don’t seems to see the benefits of a separate crypto regulation, EU is implementing the MICA regulation between June and end of December, 2024. The countdown has begun and other markets are looking at Europe for once, for something other than old buildings, champagne and premium cars. Learn about the What’s, When’s and Why’s when it comes to MICA.

You might also be interested in getting to the bottom of the SEC’s war on crypto in the United States and what the possible outcomes are.


Crypto glossary

Do you know your ‘moon’ from your ‘HODL’, perhaps you think the Lightning Network is a new weather channel? If so, we’re here to help. Our crypto words & phrases guide covers all the basic phrases you’ll stumble across in the cryptoverse, as well as some interesting additions that we know from the Bitcoin casino space too.

Consensus mechanisms

You might have come across something called consensus mechanims before, specifically proof of work (which Bitcoin uses) and proof of stake (which Ethereum uses). You can go to the two pages separately, or you can check out this comparison page. Alternatively, you can see the differences in their environmental impact and read a contrarian opinion that makes a green case for Bitcoin.

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