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Genuine Crypto Casinos: What Is A True Bitcoin Casino?

Two genuine Bitcoin casinosThe last thing anybody wants is to land on a so-called crypto casino only to find out it’s not the real deal (like Evander Holyfield)!

The Crypto Lists crew has many, many years of combined experience analyzing the best and worst of what the world of true and top bitcoin casinos (see all sites) has to offer, and trust us when we say we’ve seen everything. Including sites that try to sneak under the radar and classify themselves as crypto casinos when in reality, they’re masquerading.

They’re just a sham, a poor imitation. You get the idea!

But of course there are the genuine crypto casinos, the true bitcoin casino pioneers that constantly push the envelope and more importantly – do exactly what they say on the tin, so to speak. They wear their credentials with pride and tick all the necessary boxes to be listed among the best of the best in the niche.

“Guys, what’s the criteria?” we hear you ask, and it’s a valid question. And we’re going to dive into detail and also provide some real examples of true bitcoin casinos for you to play on. And, we’ll also explore some negative things we hate to see.

Let’s begin!

What we love to see

Below are some things we really like and you should too!

Can deposit AND play with crypto

While it’s all well and good to be able to deposit and withdraw with crypto. It’s the bare minimum for a casino to be classed as crypto friendly. But the genuine crypto casinos go one step further with the ability to actually play on slots and wager on live dealer games with the crypto of your choice. Many sites

One site that we like that allows you to actually wager in crypto coins is LTC Casino (plus it’s anonymous too – so no KYC needed). But there are many more and it’s becoming a more ubiquitous feature to be found on the true bitcoin casinos out there.

Instant sign up without too many questions

Not much out there is as off-putting as spending ages handing over private details about the street you live on when you’d rather just get playing. Sites such as Cryptorino (try it now) that only ask for email and password or the previously mentioned LTC Casino (check it out) and BetPanda (sign up!) that also only require the most basic information is what a true Bitcoin casino should stand for.

Why would they need to ask for anything else? Just to waste your time? In order to collect more details for KYC? In either case, we don’t like to have to give out additional details or at least any more than we really have to. It should go quick – preferably instant and within 15 seconds, otherwise it’s not an authentic crypto casino sign-up. In fact, it’s essentially no different to a fiat casino (see all) signup.

Instant withdrawals straight to your wallet

Want to know something super cool? When you’ve got your crypto wallet of choice up on your screen and you enter in the casino’s crypto address… and BOOM, within minutes it lands and you can start playing. That’s one of the reasons wallet-to-wallet crypto casinos are so popular with proper Web3 gambling fans. In a nutshell, it’s the true bitcoin casino experience.

But do you know what’s even better? The reverse! You’ve just won a ton of dough in BTC or USDT, or whatever else it is that you’re keen on. And, you can simply enter in your wallet address and off it goes. This way, you can track the transaction on blockchain explorer sites to see how long it will take to reach its final destination.

Check out all instant withdrawal casinos here!

They don’t ask for KYC – ever

Perhaps our favorite category of casino is the one and only anonymous crypto casino sites (see them all), which are a niche within a niche essentially. These are sites that, as the name of this section suggests, don’t ask for any KYC at any point of the player journey.

You can simply sign up with a username, email, and password and off you go. But beyond that, even when you deposit and withdraw there’s nothing to show, nothing to provide. No ID, no documentation. This is the ultimate decentralized or ‘genuine crypto casino’ experience, in our opinion. It’s the Web3 way! And, to top it off, some sites like ETH Play (try here) don’t track your IP address either.

Some sites, like Bit Kong (review) for example, don’t even need you to have a username, they give you one. You can of course change this if you like to something more personalized, but if it’s genuine privacy you’re after then you can’t go far wrong.

Supporting multiple blockchains

Optimally, a really genuine crypto casino won’t only support the bitcoin network, and not only have ethereum too. We want to be able to deposit stablecoins such as Tether (USDT) with either Tron, Ethereum or the Solana network. The more the merrier!

Not only because people use different chains, but perhaps most importantly players want to be able to leverage faster speeds and lower costs during times of network congestion. Ethereum is the biggest network in the world in terms of projects built and ran on it, but because of this it can get really expensive at peak hours, although they’re improving it all the time.

However, instead of waiting, it’s much easier to just switch networks. This is usually only possible with USDT transfers, but there are some surprises along the way too. You can deposit in USDT on Tron or Ethereum on the very cool GOAT Casino (try it), which features an amusing homage to Bitcoin’s famous creator Satoshi Nakamoto… you’ll understand once you see it!

There’s also the Lightning Network , a solution built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain to give it similar speeds and costs to the more innovative layer-2 networks that have come on the scene since the original blockchain of them all.

Want to try a casino that features the epic Lightning Network? Sign up to Betplay IO!

Accessible all over the globe

Genuine Bitcoin casinos have no country restrictions at all. Anyone with crypto should be able to play. Since online casino laws are written for fiat payments or so called “real money” – they don’t consider how to handle digital assets for playing. For that reason, in many countries it’s indirectly allowed to play with crypto even if you cannot use the local currency. Cryptocurrencies are hopefully both decentralized and borderless – just like Cryptorino. Yes, it’s one of the most appraised sites by our players and several in our team has it as one of their favourite anonymous Bitcoin casinos. In fact, being anonymous is often a sign that they support crypto 100%. By not allowing any form of fiat payments, laws related to traditional currencies don’t apply and it’s their way of being truly global.

Conclusion: Definition of genuine crypto casinos

If we should define what an authentic and true Bitcoin casino really is, we have to mention 1) global accessibility, 2) support for multiple blockchains, 3) no KYC required, 4) instant withdrawals, 5) quick sign-up with only email and password requested, 6) can both deposit and play with with crypto. Because of current laws or the lack thereof, we can accept maximum one or two of the above parameters to be excluded to still be counted as a genuine one.

Bonus: Having their own crypto token

Not all genuine crypto casinos have their own coin but some do and it’s certainly something that earns more than a few brownie points with the crew at Crypto Lists. There are sites like Star Bets (review) that are anonymous – which we love – but also offer rewards in their own STAR token – plus additional perks and the chance to be part of a bigger project. Sign up to Star Bets to enjoy a really unqiue gambling experience. Another example of an authentic crypto casino with their own token is TG Casino (see review), where their cryptocurrency is called TG Casino (TGC).

Mega Dice Casino (read more) for example have their own Mega Dice Token ($DICE review) that’s not just a gambling coin but a utility token for the Mega Dice ecosystem. This is so important for the ongoing normalization of the crypto casino niche in the minds of the public so it brings us nicely to our next point. Still, you can obviously argue that most of those tokens are only worth a small portion of what their audience play for each month, assuming that part of the profit goes to the token holders. And from a HODL perspective, it’s rarely a good strategy to sit on those digital assets since the value tend to fluctuate more than major coins and the risk is way higher. If you get some airdrops from those crypto casinos with their own tokens, we usually suggest to exchange it for a more stable cryptocurrency or simply play for it. You see, the risk with small casino tokens are considerable.

Bonus: Building a broader crypto ecosystem

… Alongside the aforementioned Mega Dice, Bet Fury (review) is another with its own BFG Token (coin review) and with staking, options, and futures trading built into the platform.

That’s right, you can buy your favorite coins through the platform and trade like you would on an exchange. Then, stake them too – with reward percentages that give some established crypto platforms a run for their (digital) money!

These kinds of sites are offering a more holistic experience to players and customers than simply gambling and it’s great to see.

Play on Bet Fury and experience an authentic crypto casino complete with trading options too.

Bonus: Cutting-edge design and UX

If you’re on the hunt for a ridiculously cool looking site then you can look to very modern ones such as Monkey Tilt (review) that blend famous celebrities, live-action photos, with super-slick UX to deliver a very leading-edge player journey. But similarly, it’s not always the absolute newest sites that deliver on the looks front.

You’ve also got sites like Snatch Casino (see more) that blend elements of games like Grand Theft Auto with themes from Guy Ritchie’s films to give endless hours of entertainment. Another site that takes a similar approach is the awesome Gangster Casino (check it out) with its slew of shady characters and shadowy mobsters accompanying you on your quest to break the bank.

But of course, it’s not just about the way something looks but the way it works.

Bonus: A finger on the pulse of crypto culture

No site typifies this more than the super cool Wall Street Memes Casino, or WSM (read review) for short. Sure, it might fall short in some areas listed above but it certainly fits this criteria of being a genuine crypto casino.

It lives and breathes the culture, having its own crypto coin and being birthed from anti-establishment sentiment around traditional finance. Memes are part of its makeup and it does a better job than most of presenting itself as part of the wider crypto ecosystem. Give WSM a spin!

Bonus: Buying crypto once you’re inside

Perhaps last but not least is the ability to purchase some Bitcoin or other altcoins from inside the casino’s walls. Some players might want to do this in order to save some of their own crypto when HODLing, or because they have some fiat money they’d like to exchange and play with.

In any case, support for payment processors like CoinsPaid, Changelly and Onramper is great for users. It’s also a good way to onboard ‘newbies’ to the scene as they might be hesitant to partake in direct transfers because the whole thing feels a little alien and intimidating perhaps. So, allowing them to buy crypto within the casino might help them feel more at ease. Baby steps!

A really good site that allows players to purchase cryptocurrencies is the aforementioned adult playground known as Wall Street Memes!

What we hate to see

Below are some things we really aren’t too fond of,  and neither should you be! They tend to typify an inauthentic crypto casino and while we aren’t suggesting to avoid, they’re usually features found on sites that have superior alternatives.

Excessive sign up process

On the flipside to the anonymous casinos we were talking about earlier are sites with lengthy registration processes. This is where it’s not as simple as putting in your chosen username and email/password… nope, instead you’ve got to give a name, location and phone number. Plus, often there’s a second page where you have to put a street name and postcode.

For us, this is a sign that a casino isn’t really a true bitcoin casino, it’s not a real crypto casino in terms of its ethos. Sure, many of these sites will (and indeed have) catch up and innovate in regards to their registration procedure. But, we’re not going to stand around waiting and neither should you if more decentralization (see all decentralized casinos) is what you want.

But it’s also understandable that newcomers to the crypto casino niche want a bit of a ‘middle ground’, somewhere that lets them use their coins but still has all the procedures they’re used to in traditional online casino sites.

Slow KYC – boooooring!

If a casino insits on having a KYC process and isn’t anonymous with lightning-speed payouts like some of the cool sites we talked about earlier then perhaps their diametric opposite – the yin to their tang – is ones that take forever. They take ages to verify your documents, and require more and more information the more you win. That’s not really an incentive to play repeatedly on the site is it? Not in our opinion at least. Are you looking for a simple and rewarding casino session? Then sign-up for a site that never require any KYC, such as Cryptorino or ETH Play.

Heavy withdrawal restrictions

There are few things worse for a high rolling crypto player than to be restricted by withdrawal limits. This isn’t something we’re used to – to put it bluntly. Crypto gives people, not just players, the freedom to spend and send funds where and how they want. It’s borderless and unrestrained by national policies that shackle trad-fi (see our glossary), and it’s why mass adoption is almost an inevitability, especially as fiat currencies decrease in value over time.

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