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Top 24 Play to Earn Coins & Tokens

P2e games - logoPlay-to-earn games are a concept of gaming where a platform provides users with an opportunity to earn in-game assets that are a valuable resource in the real world. As tech becomes more accessible, video game companies have developed new business models. Play2earn is a new gaming model in the blockchain universe. These games allow players to generate revenues by simply participating. Therefore, players can create value for developers and gamers by engaging with the ecosystem.

24 Best Play to Earn Coins and Tokens

This is the toplist with Play to Earn coins and tokens for people in United States. There may still be restrictions what people in the your geographic region are allowed to play or buy. So please make sure that you read up on the regulatory restrictions as well as the terms and conditions for each game and crypto exchange and consider what is allowed or not allowed. Crypto is extremely volatile and not suitable for everyone to invest in. Never speculate with money that you cannot afford to loose.

Sandbox (SAND)
“Play, Create, Own, and Govern a virtual Metaverse made by players.”


Gala Coin (GALA)
“Own your gameplay, with Gala Games token.”


Green Satoshi Token (GST)
“Stepn players can earn crypto in the form of Green Satoshi Token by walking, jogging or running outside, with the GPS turned on.”


Stepn (GMT)
“Move to earn, with Stepn’s GMT coin.”


“The native token for Wagmi Games, a strategic play to earn game on the Ethereum blockchain.”




Gods Unchained (GODS)
“The native token of Gods Unchained play to earn game.”


Aurory (AURY)
“The only token native to the Aurory game”


Step App (FITFI)
“Step App turns fitness goals into income, social joy and a friendly competition.”


Echelon Prime (PRIME)
“Powerful play-to-earn gaming token”
No rating for new tokens

Battle Infinity (IBAT)
” The next big thing in the Metaverse gaming arena”
No rating for new tokens

Axie Infinity (AXS)
“A digital nation. Battle, collect and earn with Axie Infinity.”


Frutti Dino (FDT)
“FDT is running on the Ethereum blockchain as a play to earn token for Frutti Dino. Staking in possible in Dinoverse.”
No rating for new tokens

NvirWorld (NVIR)
“The token to bridge the platforms that encompass the NvirWorld ecosystem!”


League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA)
“LOKA is a governance token in the metaverse game called League of Kingdoms.”


Lucky Roo (ROO)
“Lucky Roo is bringing unique gambling and betting opportunities with their new crypto casino.”
No rating for new tokens

Walken (WLKN)
“Move to earn and play to win with this exciting new coin”
No rating for new tokens

My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)
“The charming farm and builder game – My Neighbor Alice.”


Enjin Coin (ENJ)
“NFTs that you can integrate.”


Doge Dash (DOGEDASH)
“DogeDash is the native meme token for the exciting play to earn game with the same name.”


Starz (STZ)
“Get involved in a football based NFT Play2Earn fantasy football platform!”
No rating for new tokens

Gritti (GRI)
“Upcoming move-to-earn disruptor”
No rating for new tokens

Exceedme (XED)


Luni Coin (LUNI)
“LUNI on Terra, where passive income meets entertainment in the virtual land called Luniverse.”


What is Play to Earn token in crypto?

Play-to-earn represents playing a game and getting rewarded with crypto. To break it down, players get in-game tokens for performing tasks like breeding new characters to sell, farming their land, or battling other opponents. However, unlike conventional games, the tokens aren’t trapped in a virtual world. Players can cash out these in-game tokens as real-world money through crypto. The real money can be easily transacted. It is an easier way of getting your playing token money to world cash. If you are good in the games you can really earn quite a lot.

How does Play to Earn coins differ from Proof of Stake coins?

Players or users need to play a game where they will gain in-game currencies with play-to-earn. They can later exchange or withdraw these currencies into real-world money. The proof of stake system helps process transactions while creating new blocks in the blockchain. The exchange to real world cash is the best thing about playing and earning. You can really go out of your way with these games. They are a valuable resource that allows users to have fun and earn.

Axie Screenshot

Which are the top 10 Play to Earn tokens and coins?

1. Axie Infinity Token (AXS) – AXS is another coin where players can earn by playing Axie Infinity.
2. Plant vs. Undead Token (PVU) – Players can gain PVU tokens by playing the Plant vs. Undead game.
3. Smooth Love Portion (SLP) – This is another P2E token you earn by playing Axie Infinity and winning the PVE Adventure.
4. ILV Tokens – Players gain ILV Tokens by playing Illuvium, a 3D RPG Open World game.
5. Sandbox (SAND) – Players who try out The Sandbox, a 3D virtual reality game, get rewarded with the SAND token to trade digital lands and transact in the marketplace.
6. GODS Token – You gain this token by playing Gods Unchained, and you can use the token to earn more rewards, purchase game packs, or craft NFTs.
7. GALA Coin – You obtain this coin by playing on the Gala Games platform. Here, you will find a variety of crypto games to choose from.
8. MANA Coin – The coin is an in-game token in Decentraland, a top 3D virtual reality crypto game.
9. ENJ Coin – This is the utility token of the ENJIN Protocol universe. One famous game from the ENJIN Protocol is Age of Rust.
10. MAVIA – This is a governance token that you can earn by playing Heroes of Mavia.

Which are the top 5 Play to Earn games for Android?

1. Reward Hunters – It’s a new play-to-earn game that features multiple avatars, an open world, and a battle royale mode.
2. Plant vs. Undead – It’s a multiplayer tower defense game that allows players to earn rewards without paying a fee.
3. Axie Infinity – One of the most famous play-to-earn games where players can raise, collect and battle monsters in PvP and PvE modes.
4. Monsta Infinite – It’s a monster-based game where players use their Monstas to participate in battle.
5. Binemon – This is a Pokémon-inspired crypto game that combines multiple elements like adventures, RPGs, gacha, and collectibles in a single universe.

Which are the top 5 Play to Earn games for iOS?

1. Reward Hunters
2. Binemon
3. Axie Infinity
4. Devikins – The game features a player-first mentality where players can breed and collect characters to make their roster more versatile and robust.
5. Plant vs. Undead.

Does BSC have any Play to Earn games?

Yes, it does. The platform hosts most upcoming play-to-earn platforms like Wall Street Games, HeroFi, and Step Hero. You can play and earn from the Binance Smart Chain games and your currencies exchanged to real money.

Which types of play to earn games exist?

You can divide this category into action games, card games, esports, metaverse games, puzzle games, racing games, sports games and strategy games.

Are there different categories of play to earn games?

Yes, there are. Some of the most common include action related games, card games, esport games, metaverse aka virtual worlds, puzzle games along with strategy and sport games.

Why is Play to Earn gaining so much interest and popularity?

Play-to-earn games have been gaining popularity, with nearly 60% of video game developers starting to use blockchain tech. Some developers start with incorporating NFTs into their games, while others use dApps to create games that work with specific tokens. All this is for customer benefit as they can play and earn.

Advantage - logo

Advantages of Play to Earn

+Allow players to earn from playing their favourite games.
+Use the best blockchain technologies to offer a unique gaming experience.
+Immerse players into the crypto and NFT world.
+Give users the ability to control their data.
+Some games don’t require players to pay.

Disadvantage - logo

Disadvantages of Play to Earn

-It can lead to loss of money, especially if you paid for the game.
-There is a risk of play to earn token addiction.

Can Play2Earn games give a steady income?

Yes, however, playing these games is also high risk and they could be addictive. In all Play to Earn games, there is a risk of losing more money than you invested. Try to consider it like a game, rather than an investment.

Which are the top NFTs you can receive from Play2Earn games?

Some of the most sought after NFTs from crypto games include Griffith, The Chosen and CryptoKitties.

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