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Frutti Dino (FDT) Review

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Frutti Dino (FDT)is a blockchain-based nonfungible token-based multiplatform role-playing strategy game. The token is in the proper process of play-to-earn mechanisms for various settings, including tournaments, battle royals, esports, and quest games. The Frutti Dino token shall be utilised as a governance token through FDT staking as well as earn rewards. It is expected to increase in value as more people join the Frutti Dino ecosystem.
FDT/USD (-1.11%)
November 10, 2023, 10:03 pm [UTC]

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Frutti Dino Token (FDT) is a BEP-20 governance token that sustains the Frutti Dino ecosystem. One can use these tokens across Dino Breeding, FDT Staking, and Dino Exchange, among others. The token is a governance token of Frutti Dino, an NFT play-to-earn game by Monoverse, a blockchain game developer. The coin connects games to real-world systems and influences the entire value system. FDT holders can use their tokens to influence decisions on maintaining and advancing Frutti Dino Ecosystem. The token will increase in value as it is the basis of Frutti Dino's Dinoverse token economy.


A Bit About Frutti Dino

FDT is under the Monoverse, which supports Frutti Dino, and it works as a digital asset that can be owned via the blockchain and work in building games and platforms to distribute them fairly and safely. Users can earn tokens via the Play to Earn system attached to the game content. The governance token is used for various games, decentralized finance usage, and DAO participation, such as staking and voting. The token can be described as a governance tool that influences decisions made in the game.

FDT is running on the Ethereum blockchain as a play to earn token for Frutti Dino. Staking in possible in Dinoverse.CryptoLists.com

Frutti Dino Token is the governance coin used on the NFT play-and-earn simulation roleplay game known as Frutti Dino. Players use the FDT to facilitate the game mission and defend the habitat of the NFT characters against invaders. Players can store digital assets such as FDT in their Web3 wallet. The coin's work facilitates the game, and one can use them to acquire Dinos from the native marketplace. It is a coin featured on the Frutti Dino ecosystem that connects the game to real-world systems. Players earn rewards when participating in different battle modes and defeating their opponents. Also, players can join the Expedition system, seek rare materials, craft the most special Dino, and sell for a premium in the marketplace using these tokens.


Utility of Frutti Dino?

The utility of the token lets users stake FDT to earn interest. The staked FDTs grant holders the right to share the profit generated by the Frutti Dino game and its ecosystem. The tokens can be used as a reward for players who own Dinos with unique attributes to join races.

Users can gain rewards in FDT when they play Frutti Dino, and users can also use the token as a governance token to stake and join DAO. They can also use tokens and trade on the Defi with the tokens in the market place where they can swap tokens with other uses.

It is an ERC-20-based governance token for the Frutti Dino platform that allows players to access Dino breeding, staking, and Dino exchange. The token is functional among players who tend to get more involved in the game and would like to be part of the governance and what happens with the token.

Frutti Dino Price details

BSC Contract address: 0x3a599e584075065eAAAc768D75EaEf85c2f2fF64
›› Details & Tokenomics

Very speculative and theoretical potential data
Last updated: November 10, 2023, 10:03 pm
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Advantages of Frutti Dino

+ One can use the token to vote and stake in its DAO.
+ The token connects real-world systems and influences the entire value system.
+ Frutti Dino builds active and collaborative communities among token holders.
+ Frutti Dino's token is used as a rewarding mechanism for players in the ecosystem.
+ The expected launch of Frutti Dino in 2023 shall boost its value.


- The FDT token is still new and yet to be listed on additional reputable exchanges.
- The influence of Whales could contribute to uneven token distribution.
- There is a complex setup to process the tokens.
- It shall only initially be available on Huobi Global and Gate.


▪ Rated at 10/10

FDT intends to solve low fees and enhance processing speed to handle transactions required for game operation and operational efficiency. The transaction costs have not been identified, and the developers are ready to use the token and optimize it to enhance user experience as it is a governance token. The official first pre-sale for the FDT token was on October 2021 followed by a second pe-sale in March 2022 where users who had joined the whitelist on the official Frutti Dino website.participated.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 9/10
▪ Buzz rated at 9/10

FDT is headed in the right direction with a focus on play-to-earn mechanics. There was a 140 percent increase in the number of unique active wallets interacting with the platform and the token within the last quarter. Gaming is becoming more extensive, and people are using the coin to facilitate the game's growth and become the next big hit. It is increased presence took a global scale once it achieved approval to be listed on Huobi Global and Gate.io in anticipation of other crypto exchanges. With its anniversary passing on October 1, users continue to express their excitement concerning the token and prepare to celebrate it via the events where people stand a chance to win FDTs as prizes.

The token works in the NFT game ecosystem to facilitate the most awaited NFT games in 2022, and it receives attention and expectations from users globally. The attention and collaboration proposals from various industries express how the token is a hot topic in the gaming industry.


Some of the developers involved in Frutti Dino

▪ Rated at 9/10
The logos below represent some of the developers who have been involved in Frutti Dino. Check out the developer about page, by clicking the logo. There you can see what coins they have developed and at what exchanges, brokers and trading platforms their coins are available.


Who are the founders of FDT?

Monoverse is a blockchain-based game developer made up of business experts and game developers from the 3N Korean game companies; NCSOFT, NEXON, and Netmarble. Jayden Lee is the founder of the company, while Jay Norris handle product planning. Daniel Martin is the game developer while Peter handle marketing and Aiden is the blockchain developer.

Which exchanges are expected to list the FDT token?

The Frutti Dino token has secured listing on Huobi Global and Gate.io starting October 5th.

What is the token used for?

The token is primarily a governance token for the Frutti Dino ecosystem for DAO participation in voting and staking.

How are the tokens offered?

The tokens are initially available and obtainable in private and public offerings before receiving listings on crypto exchanges.


History of Frutti Dino

29th of March, 2022 - The IDO of the Frutti Dino Token (FDT) is over.

4th of October, 2022 FDT goes live against USDT on both Huobi Global and on Gate.io.

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Screenshots from Frutti Dino

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Frutti Dino details and tokenomics

Frutti Dino Ticker: FDT
BSC Contract address: 0x3a599e584075065eAAAc768D75EaEf85c2f2fF64
Type of crypto: ethereum-token
Launch/ICO Date: March 23, 2022
Date for the end of ICO: March 29, 2022
Resources & Social media
🔗Blockchain URL: https://bscscan.com

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