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CasinoCoin (CSC) Review (6.9/10⭐)

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CasinoCoin is a digital currency developed explicitly for the regulated gaming industry. It offers low fees and a simplified registration for operators while ensuring trustless storage. The coin aims to be used as the future of gambling-related payments, and it has secured multiple casinos that support the deposit and withdrawal of CasinoCoin as part of an ongoing partnership drive. After initially launching in 2013, the project was taken over by other investors.
CSC/USD (-5.8%)
November 10, 2023, 10:07 pm [UTC]

Visitor Consensus on CasinoCoin Today
Positive: 53.13%Negative: 46.87%
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CasinoCoin opens into the market amid people gaming from home and the surge of interest in the crypto industry. The coin widens the space, welcoming potential new players and impressing them with its exceptional blockchain technology, after witnessing a large player pool of over 35,000 users that have activated the CasinoCoin TrustLine within the XUMM Wallet. CasinoCoin is a digital currency that suits the regulated gaming industry with players having already completed identity checks in the XUMM Wallet, simplifying the operators' registration process at their site. The XRP Ledger powers the coin with exceptional transaction speed, costs, and security. Additionally, the coin is popular due to its instant deposits and withdrawals that cost only a small fraction compared to other crypto and fiat methods. CasinoCoin eliminates the chargebacks to operators using its blockchain technology, hence saving about 1% of total deposits per site.


A Bit About CasinoCoin

The coin is founded on an ethos of compliance and consumer protection first. Thus, the currency is developed in a gaming environment worthy of the world's top-regulated gaming jurisdictions. The coin does not require the trust of a third party with funds as the XUMM Wallet gives users complete control even when they are not playing. The revolutionary coin has gained a community following at a rapid rate. It is a coin for the online gambling industry and cannot be used elsewhere. Only online gaming purchases can be bought using the cryptocurrency. Originally founded in 2013, it had a change in leadership in 2020 and has attained new agreements with multiple parties that have defined its strategy going forward. These considerations ensure that the coin is heavily focused on Tier 1 & Tier 2 gambling markets. The new investment gives it enough capital liquidity to target a top-15 exchange listing. Eminence Ltd replaced the previous CasinoCoin leadership.

The gambling coin developed specifically for the regulated gaming industryCryptoLists.com

CasinoCoin is a cryptocurrency created specifically for the regulated gaming industry. It focuses on being used for fast and cheap payment using the XRPL blockchain, which is well-suited for the financial sector. The coin facilitates low fees as its deposits and withdrawals carry a network fee of fractions of a cent which is said to be virtually free. The cryptocurrency can be stored in the XUMM wallet so users can have complete control over their CasinoCoin even when they are not engaged in a game session. The digital currency has features and tools customized to meet the needs of users and operators. The features of the coin include its trustless storage and low fees. The coin also simplifies registration and facilitates near-instant deposits and withdrawals with operators. The coin provides users and gaming regulators with improved transaction speeds, financial transparency, and traceability. The coin features built-in KYC and AML capabilities founded on compliance and consumer protection ethos. The coin gives gaming operators access to an untapped source of players who have been KYC verified to translate into incremental revenue with improved visibility and security.


Utility of CasinoCoin?

End users and operators both use the coin for various uses. The end users use the currency for gambling, giving them unmatched transaction costs, security, and speed. Also, the users use it to facilitate their near-instant deposits and withdrawals that cost a small fraction over other crypto and traditional fiat methods. Operators use the coin to give online casinos access to a new pool of potential members. These players complete identity checks in XUMM Wallet, thus simplifying the registration process.

CasinoCoin Price details

Very speculative and theoretical potential data
Last updated: November 10, 2023, 10:07 pm
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Advantages of CasinoCoin

+ CSC enables one point of KYC and access to multiple gaming sites.
+ It offers trustless storage hence no need for third parties.
+ CasinoCoin facilitates almost instant deposits and approved withdrawals.
+ Users incur an insignificant transaction fee of about 0.25 CSC.
+ It advocates for the regulation of gambling and crypto e-gaming sectors.


- CSC is primarily used only for iGaming.
- The coin is still a work in progress.
- It's is susceptible to price fluctuations.
- The CasinoCoin token is available in limited exchanges.
- Users require to provide KYC information to use the coin.


▪ Rated at 9.5/10

CasinoCoin eliminates the chargebacks on total deposits through blockchain technology. Therefore, these near-instant deposits and withdrawals cost a small fraction of a cent rendering the transaction costs carry a network fee of 0.25 CSC to virtually free.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 6/10
▪ Buzz rated at 7/10

There has been a 400% increase in the number of active users in the Community Discord, the Twitter following is nearly doubled, and the Telegram channel engagement has increased rapidly. The coin's active watchlist has more than 11,000 on various forums. The community growth shows how the coin is reputable in the crypto world as the engagement continues to grow with the coin's development. With over 5000 new CSC wallets being created, users are actively involved with CasinoCoin.



What is CasinoCoin used for?

The coin is exclusively used for online gaming purposes.

How does Eminence Limited relate to the coin?

Eminence maintains the network and expands the adoption and acceptance of the coin in the gambling market.

Which wallets are available for the coin?

The XUMM Wallet supports the token and is available on Android and iOS Wallets.

Which exchange can I purchase CasinoCoin?

The people behind the project are seeking to increase the amount of places where you can purchase it. Some of the exchanges can be found below.

What is the maximum supply of the coin?

The CSC coin has a maximum supply of 65,000,000,000 CSC coins.


History of CasinoCoin

2013: The coin was originally launched into the market with the aim of revolutionizing the gambling space. However, it ran into difficulties.

2017: A separate team took over the project and relaunched it with limited success.

2020: The project is taken over by Eminence from the Isle of Man, whose founders are Daniel Keller, Andre Jochems, and Matthew Cheetham.

Current status: CasinoCoin is actively securing multiple partnerships with casinos and aims to expand its userbase.

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CasinoCoin details and tokenomics

CasinoCoin Ticker: CSC
Contract address: n/a
Type of crypto: xrpl-token
Resources & Social media
đź”—Blockchain URL: https://www.blockchain.com

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