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Rollbit (RLB) Review (9.08/10⭐)

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Rollbit (RLB) was established in February 2022 as a utility token for Rollbit Casino. The token has been an integral part of the casino prize process and its innovative profit-sharing feature. Rollbit Casino is a full-service online casino and sportsbook platform that offers several quality online games across all popular categories. Over the two years since its launch, the token has grown rapidly, offering users some good profits as both an NFT and utility token.

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Rollbit (RLB) is a utility token created by a Rollbit casino. The token is freely distributed among the NFT holders, players and other users of the Rollbit Casino. This coin is made to work on the Ethereum blockchain. However, the high gas fees on the platform led the providers to operate the network on the Solana blockchain. It is also used on the Rollbit Casino profit-sharing feature and powers several lotteries and prizes offered on the platform.


A Bit About Rollbit

Rollbit (RLB) is a utility coin that was started by Rollbit Casino on its platform. Over the years, the coin has also supported NFTs held by users on the platform. It has also attracted investors from outside the platform due to its rapidly-growing value. Players and NFT holders at the Rollbit Casino are the greatest benefactors of the coin. They do not just earn from the growth of coin value but also participate in the profit sharing and lotteries held by the casino. The coin can operate on the Ethereum platform. However, due to the high gas fees on the layer 1 blockchain, its owners considered it worth it for the coin to operate on the Solana platform. As a result, Rollbit Casino also accepts Solana native coin on its platform.

The native token of the crypto-powered Rollbit casino!CryptoLists.com

Rollbit (RLB) is a utility token that is freely distributed among the Rollbit NFT owners, via giveaways, to existing users of the casino and its trading platform. Due to the unique nature of the coin, there are no VCs, ICOs, reserves or team allowances for the people involved in managing it. The token holders will have a say on what happens on the coin or future development of the platform by using the on-chain voting mechanism. The decentralized nature of the coin gives owners more rights over the direction that the token will take in the future.


Utility of Rollbit?

There are several reasons why people are considering using the Rollbit (RLB).

RLB Lottery

The RLB Lottery was launched alongside the launch of the utility token. It is a necessary component for accumulating RLB for burning. Users buy Rollbit tokens to stake them on the huge jackpot that comes in several rounds. The casino offers guarantees that all winners of the jackpot rounds will get their cash.

Ease of Gaming at Rollbit Casino

Another reason that makes the RLB token attractive to users is the general ease of using it on Rollbit Casino. As the utility token of the platform, it offers users a chance to stake on everything from lotteries to jackpots and casino games. It is easier to use for gaming than any other token that is supported by the platform.

Its Use in NFT and Profit-Sharing at Rollbit Casino

Over the years, Rollbit Casino has rolled out ‘rollbots’ for sportsbooks and casino sections. The NFT support system has enabled owners to make money by selling them or getting a share of the token based on the utilities they have on the casino. Besides, the casino has a profit-sharing mechanism that lets its users take home a portion of the earnings that it makes. The unique system has multiplied earnings for users beyond traditional gaming, effectively attracting more people.

Rapid Growth

Since the token was launched in 2020, it has grown tremendously. The casino was so confident in its performance that it offered a 30-day money-back guarantee to unsatisfied users. It is expected to grow even more in the future, pushed by NFTs and profit sharing.

Rollbit Price details

SOL Contract address: RLBxxFkseAZ4RgJH3Sqn8jXxhmGoz9jWxDNJMh8pL7a
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Advantages of Rollbit

+ Rollbit gives users a chance to win big on casino jackpots.
+ The 0.2% burn on staked amounts helps stabilize the price.
+ Gives people a chance to sell and own NFTs.
+ The network's decentralized nature means users have rights over it.
+ Lower gas fees compared to many Layer 1 crypto networks.


- Rollbit is only commonly used at Rollbit casino.
- There are no mining opportunities as all coins are in circulation.
- Rollbit has had slumped value growth in the recent past.
- Not available in that man exchanges.


▪ Rated at 10/10

Currently, the cost of transferring Rollbit is variable, depending on the wallets that you pick. However, most wallets charge less than 0.2% of the amount that you have withdrawn. You may witness a variation in the price depending on the exchange or platform that you are using. This fee is significantly lower than that of Ethereum, on which the token was meant to run.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 9/10
▪ Buzz rated at 9/10

Rollbit (RLB) has had a positive reputation in the cryptocurrency markets due to its reliability and the credible systems that support it. To gain credibility, initial investors were given a 30-day money guarantee. There were no people who returned the token, as it started growing in value almost immediately.

To show that the coin is now popular, it runs on the Solana platform, with Rollbit Casino offering more attractive features and prices based on it. Besides, it is supported by some of the leading wallets, such as Atomic Wallet, Con98, CoinHub, Guarda Wallet and Math Wallet.



Can I withdraw my Rollbit (RLB) coins from Rollbit Casino?

Yes. It is possible to withdraw your RLB tokens. Just head to the Rollbit casino and follow the withdrawal procedure. The coins will be transferred to your wallet in a few minutes. Once the coins are in your digital wallet, you can exchange them for fiat currencies or use them on any platform that supports them.

How can I buy Rollbit tokens?

Rollbit runs on the Solana network. Therefore, before buying the tokens, you need to pick a wallet that supports Solana. Pick one and register. Then, head to a decentralized exchange that lists the token.


History of Rollbit

February 2020: The Rollbit utility token was established by Rollbit Casino.

October 2021: Rollbit launches Rollbots, their Genesis NFT collection.

December 2021: Rollbit distributes its token to the Rollbot NFT holders.

March 2022: Rollbit launches its Sports Rollbots, a profit-sharing sports NFT collection.

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Screenshots from Rollbit

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Rollbit details and tokenomics

Rollbit Ticker: RLB
SOL Contract address: RLBxxFkseAZ4RgJH3Sqn8jXxhmGoz9jWxDNJMh8pL7a
Type of crypto: solana-token
Circulating supply: 3,296,970,212
Max supply: 5,000,000,000
Resources & Social media
🔗Blockchain URL: https://solana.fm

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