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Crypto Lists was founded by two crypto entusiasts, that have been following the market for 9 years each now. Just before the launch, two investors that the founders know well also joined. By agreeing on a vision with transparent, exciting and informative site – we are together starting the journey with a long-term mission and vision. This involved becoming one of the most informative sites for people looking to trade, buy, sell, stake, find new cryptocurrencies or exchanges and those that want to stay in the loop regarding everything related to crypto. In case you would like to get in touch, go here.

The team enjoy keeping track of the best and most interesting cryptocurrencies and exchanges on the market. They decided to showcase the newest coins, while doing serious reviews of all exchanges where you can trade. When it comes to the crypto landscape, the sector grows steadily and we find it meaningful to create top list of the most interesting sub-division/sectors within crypto.

It might be about the best sites for staking, to the newest cryptocurrencies, the best low cap coins, the leading ERC-20 or BSC coins or specific content for various content. For instance, you can click on the flag in the top right corner and learn more about cryptocurrencies and exchanges in the UK or Germany. That being said, it was decided now is the time for a dedicated site showcasing top lists of the best tokens and crypto coins around the world. Here you’ll find the most interesting coin categories in terms of risk, volatility, blockchains and governance, low cap coins, best staking rewards, top DeFi coins among other things.

This is Markus

Markus (co-founder) has been interested in currency trading since studying at Lund University. He studied financial economics and was responsible for educating other students in financial systems such as Bloomberg Professional, Thomson Reuters (now Eikon) and SIX at the financial association Linc Lund. Our sister sites ForexTrading.uk and Valutahandel.se traditionally focused on forex trading customers, even if most questions received are about cryptocurrencies. So we decided to create new site dedicated to this particular topic.

Markus has been trading currency online since 2004, when he first came into contact with currency trading and created some of the most prominent sites in Swedish in the area. Nowadays, however, he is more interested in cryptocurrencies that he believes will change the world.

The goal is to make better reviews of crypto exchanges, cryptocurrencies and everything that you can earn or lose in the field. The vision is to make it clearer and easier to follow – regardless of your level or experience. Markus will make sure that you find suitable sites for cryptocurrencies, while it should be fun and interesting to read. Before CryptoLists.com, Markus was involved with reviews of new brands in the gaming industry, followed by sites in the forex trading sector. Markus handle the content strategy, images and part of the online marketing. Some of his favourite cryptocurrencies are Solana (SOL), Ethereum (ETH), Enjin (ENJ), Pax Gold (PAXG), USD Coin (USDC), Biswap (BSW) and 0x (ZRX).

This is Marcus

Marcus (co-founder) got a Master of Science in Computer Science with a focus on marketing and he is our in-house crypto expert. He is well aware of the technology both around cryptocurrencies and how to mine (mine). He is also our innovative developer, with technical solutions that make it easier for both our visitors and employees and the one who makes sure that the technical solutions are in place. He manages the strategy for CryptoLists.com and handles discussions with important partners. Marcus has worked with online marketing for over 20 years and love to learn more about new cryptocurrencies. He was previously involved in R&D for the gaming industry as responsible for important development parts of the world’s largest poker company, before joining and running a leading casino site. Some of Marcus favourite cryptocurrencies include Crypto.com (CRO), Ethereum (ETH) and of course Bitcoin. Our common goal is to be of help to all crypto investors finding what they are looking for, quick and simple. CryptoLists.com also do our best to filter out and warn about crypto honeypots and rugpulls, unlocked liquidity or simply unserious projects.

Always looking for crypto talents

As CryptoLists.com grows, we surely have more partners to tell you about on our About Us page. Check back in with us in the future just in case we have added some fresh faces to our line-up. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in joining our expanding team. We are always looking for crypto enthusiasts who are excited about crypto long term just like us and in it for the right reasons.

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