Crypto staking is a technique of producing passive income, and it may be considered the crypto world’s version of accruing interest or dividends while hanging onto your underlying assets. Today, Tom and Chante explore its benefits and drawbacks in a Crypto Lists deep dive.

The crypto space is ‘nerdy’ in its origins, and like many movements that oginally found traction in obscure message boards, it’s got its own vocabulary and terms. Some are well known and common across the financial scene, others like ‘HODL’ are somewhat more niche. Staking is one that falls somewhere in the middle. And in today’s post, we’re looking at whether it’s a good investment strategy during a market downturn like the one we’re currently right in the thick of.


Utilizing your existing crypto holdings to verify the legitimacy of transactions on a blockchain network is called “staking,” It can earn you additional cryptocurrency. Though it may sound hard, regular people may usually accomplish this straight from their e-wallets or use the services offered by crypto exchanges, which will manage the technical aspects for a part of the revenues.

It’s important to remember that betting always involves some danger. Gains will be paid out in crypto, a highly speculative asset. It may be necessary to store your crypto for a time. Furthermore, if the system doesn’t function as intended, you may be penalized by losing some of the virtual currency you staked.

How does crypto staking work?

Crypto staking is an investing strategy whereby holders can receive benefits in the form of newly created coins or processing fees by helping to verify and validate transactions. Proof-of-stake (PoS) is a consensus technique that can be used for staking as an alternative to the Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm utilized by many blockchain networks.

Users with coins or tokens in a wallet stake them to produce and verify blocks in a PoS network. Staking more coins increases a user’s chances of being picked to validate blocks, increasing their chances of being rewarded. Since it would be exceedingly expensive for an adversary to control a significant number of coins or tokens, the staking procedure aids network security and prevents 51% of attacks.

Crypto staking can be an excellent way to make passive income, as incentives are often handed out constantly. Not all blockchain systems are the same; therefore, doing your homework before investing in one is crucial. Depending on your investing aims and comfort level, certain projects may be more hazardous or volatile than others.

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Risk warning: Trading, buying or selling crypto currencies is extremely risky and not for everyone. Do not risk money that you could not afford to loose.

What are the Returns on Staking?

In terms of potential return, staking can rival that of mining or trading cryptocurrencies. And there’s a lot less danger involved. Let’s imagine you would like to make money trading and have the expertise and diligence to do so. However, you won’t need any of it once you start staking. Staking is as simple as purchasing coins and holding them indefinitely for the benefit of the pool.

Just how much will staking bring in? Staking calculations should be done using Snapbot. Always think about the cost and profit before staking coins. Since if done properly, staking can yield financial rewards like any other investment. Despite what some may tell you, investors should avoid staking volatile, high-inflation cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin uses a PoW consensus mechanism, so it doesn’t offer staking as it’s inherently deflationary. However, you might make a killing trading alternative cryptocurrencies, but the market could suddenly dump their value, wiping all your gains. To minimize risk while staking for gain, it’s best to stick with stable, low-volatility coins.

With BTC, the returns come in holding and hoping for a market upturn, increasing the value of your existing amout of Bitcoin. In this sense, it’s an asset similar to property or gold. It’s worth what the market believes it’s worth, in line with it’s perceived value and scarcity.

Do I Need to Be Concerned About the Bear Market?

The term “bear market” is familiar to everyone. Someone, somewhere, always appears to be lamenting the coming collapse of the cryptocurrency industry just as prices decline. This may look like a catastrophe, but bear markets present many opportunities. Staking is one example of such a possibility.

When investing, fundamentals are the first and foremost thing to watch. Essentials remain crucial despite what many self-proclaimed financial experts claim. Technically, you don’t have to worry about the bear market if the venture you’ve invested in has genuine worth and is not just a speculative bubble. If you invested, you should be concerned about a bear market because you expected the price to rise. Projects lacking solid foundations and genuine value tend to suffer greater losses during bear markets and eventually fail.

Holding all one’s cryptocurrency during a downturn is another common blunder by crypto investors. Taking profits at strategic intervals and reinvesting them in further purchases during a bear market is a common investment strategy. Take caution with your money. Other strategies include taking a punt on the over growing amount of crypto casinos, which provide a fun hobby during dowturns.

Why Should I Stake During a Bear Market?

If you can wait out a bear market, staking your cryptocurrency is a fantastic way to build wealth. Investors can amass sizable crypto holdings throughout the length of the bear market’s months or even years of duration. They cash in when the market turns around and starts to look good again.

The ideal plan is buying cryptocurrencies that will withstand the market downturn, assets with genuine value. Staking coins that could lose value before the bear market closes is terrible, especially if the currencies in question have lockup periods. The market value of the cryptocurrency an investor has staked in may fall while they are still holding it.

Only speculators need to worry about the lockup period. It makes no difference for investors who are in it for the long haul and are confident in the project’s underlying fundamentals.

Those who will stake during this bear market period may be lucky during the bull market, which is predicted to happen right after the Bitcoin halving occasion scheduled for 2024 during Spring.

Incentives of Staking Cryptocurrencies

Numerous advantages can be gained via staking cryptocurrency. By staking your coins, you are effectively locking them up and increasing the safety of your  holdings. This is because an assailant might need control of the overwhelming bulk of staked coins to launch a successful attack on the platform and double-spend coins. Other benefits include:

  • Inflation is lowered because coins are removed from circulation and held in a safe for a while.
  • Rewards are available to stakers for their efforts in keeping the network safe and running smoothly.
  • Aside from monetary gain, there are other rewards you can get.
  • By staking their coins, individuals can back initiatives they believe in and increase the odds of those projects’ success.
  • By allowing more users to have a financial stake in the network, staking contributes to decentralization.

There are many upsides to crypto staking for the ecosystem and its users. It’s an easy way to help protect the network, get rewarded for doing so, and give back to causes you care about.

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Risk warning: The crypto market is volatile. Don’t risk more money than you can afford to loose.

Disclaimer:  Crypto is extremely volatile and not suitable for everyone to invest in. Never speculate with money that you cannot afford to lose. The information on this site is presented for educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment or financial advice.

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