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10 Casinos With An In-House Crypto Gambling Token

4 Best Crypto Gambling Token Logos
Many established and even some of the newer crypto casinos alike have their own gambling tokens. These gambling coins are typically how they distribute rewards to loyal players, and also allow you to participate in a wider Web3 ecosystem.

You can often buy and sell these tokens on decentralized exchanges, and earn them within the casino. Or, in some cases you can also buy the token in the same way you would a non-iGaming related coin. For fans of the niche, it really does add a little extra to the whole experience and helps to separate these kinds of top crypto casino sites from their trad-fi casino counterparts.

See Crypto Lists toplist containing all the 10 best casinos we’ve reviewed that have an in-house gambling token for you to play with or hold, and below the list we’ve also got a lot of answers to the questions you probably have!

10 Crypto Casinos With Their Own Token

Try some crypto casinos where you can play and hold an in-house coin!

Star Bets
Put your luck to the test, prove you’re better than the rest. Have no regrets, head on over to Star Bets!
3000+ games


Owl Games Casino
A true Web3 crypto casino that makes it fun, enjoyable, simple and easy to register and get started.
3100+ games


Experience fun slots on a crypto casino with some of the highest rewards program in the industry.
3000+ games


Roobet Casino
A fast growing brand, put it in your hand. Give Roobet a try, then you won’t ask why!
3700+ games


Duck Dice Casino
Some casino sites are fun, and others are just nice. You can play great games here on Duck Dice!
2 game(s)


Weiss Bet
If you love blockchain betting then hold on tight. You’ll find sportsbook and games you love here on Weiss!
2000+ games


Bet Fury Casino
It’s decentralized and anonymous and has over 50 different crypto deposit options. Seriously, what’s not to love?
5000+ games


Mega Dice Casino
Roll a six once or twice, win big prizes on the no-KYC BTC casino known as Mega Dice!
2000+ games


Wall Street Memes Casino
Wall Street Memes is like Robin Hood, a crypto casino that gives back to the good!
5000+ games


Lucky Block Casino
Playing on crypto casinos the only aim is the top, and that’s no different with the boys on Lucky Block!
7000+ games


What is a crypto casino gambling token?

In the context of this page, a crypto casino gambling token is a coin that’s part of a casino’s wider ecosystem. These tokens can be played with, collected as a form of reward, staked for extra points, mined or as a HODL strategy, and in some cases sold on decentralized exchanges. In a sense, iGaming cryptocurrencies can encourage you to play further, since there’s a ‘real money’ incentive to collect more of the casino’s token if a sale can be made at a later stage.

It should be noted that there are gambling coins like Decentraland (MANA) and Casino Coin (CSC) that operate within the iGaming sector but aren’t attached to any specific Bitcoin casino, and aren’t created within any particular casino brand’s ecosystem. They are therefore not included in the list above that mainly focus on in-house gambling tokens used on the native casino itself.

The different between an in-house gambling token and general gambling tokens is that the first one can just be used for playing on one particular crypto casino site, while the latter often be used for exchanges and other things.

Why do some casinos create them?

A few reasons, all of them very smart. One of the most impressive Web3 casino ecosystems is MegaDice (check it out) might create its own token for several strategic and operational reasons.

Enhanced Loyalty Programs

Creating a proprietary token allows sites like MegaDice to design customized loyalty and reward programs. Players can earn these tokens as rewards for their activity, which can then be used within the casino for betting, accessing special features, or purchasing exclusive items.

Increased Engagement and Retention

Having a unique token can increase player engagement and retention. Players might be more likely to return to the casino if they have accumulated tokens that can be used or traded within the platform.

Cost Efficiency

Using its own token can reduce transaction fees associated with traditional payment methods and external cryptocurrencies. This can lead to lower operational costs for both the casino and the players.

Faster Transactions

Internal tokens can facilitate faster transaction processing compared to traditional banking methods or even some external cryptocurrencies. This can enhance the overall user experience by reducing waiting times for deposits and withdrawals.

Economic Ecosystem

By creating its own token, a casino can establish an internal economy. This allows for greater control over the casino’s economic environment, including adjusting token supply and implementing inflationary or deflationary mechanisms.

Provably Fair Gaming

Utilizing blockchain technology, the casino can ensure provably fair gaming. Players can verify the fairness of each game, increasing trust and transparency. Tokens can be an integral part of this system.

Security and Fraud Prevention

Blockchain-based tokens enhance security by making transactions immutable and transparent. This reduces the risk of fraud and manipulation, ensuring a safer environment for players.

Cross-Platform Integration

If MegaDice’s token gains popularity, it could potentially be integrated with other platforms or used in partnerships with other online casinos and gaming services, expanding its utility and value.

Attracting Crypto Enthusiasts

By creating a dedicated token, a casino such as MegaDice can appeal to the growing community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who prefer using digital currencies over traditional fiat money. This can attract a niche but significant market segment.

Fundraising and Capital Generation

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) or token sales can be a way for them to raise capital. By selling tokens to investors, the casino can generate funds for development, marketing, and expansion.

Overall, creating a proprietary token allows MegaDice (or similar) to offer unique benefits to its users, improve operational efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving online gambling industry.

Get your hands on the $DICE token here!

How does staking work on casinos?

Great question, and not many do it better do it than Bet Fury (review). Staking in the context of casino crypto tokens involves locking up a certain amount of tokens in the casino’s platform for a specified period. In return, participants earn rewards, which are typically paid out in the same token.

This process helps the casino to stabilize its token economy, increase liquidity, and incentivize player engagement.

But you’d like to know more about Bet Fury though, right? And you’re in luck because that’s one of Tom’s favorite sites to play. They distinguish themselves with an exceptional staking program, designed to offer you maximized returns that surpass industry standards. Here’s how it works and what makes it stand out:

  1. Exclusive Pools: Bet Fury provides exclusive staking pools that are tailored to deliver higher returns compared to standard offerings in the industry. These pools are optimized for different user needs and preferences, ensuring that participants can find an option that best suits their investment strategies.
  2. Flexible and Fixed Terms: One of the notable features of Bet Fury’s staking solution is the availability of both flexible and fixed-term staking options. This flexibility caters to a wide range of users, from those who prefer the ability to withdraw their tokens at any time to those who are comfortable locking up their tokens for longer periods in exchange for higher returns.
  3. High Annual Percentage Rate (APR): The Bet Fury staking program offers an impressive 130% APR for staking their BFG Token. This high return rate is significantly above average, making it an attractive option for users looking to maximize their crypto earnings.
  4. Additional Perks with BFG Token: Besides the high APR, staking the BFG Token (review) comes with numerous additional benefits. Regular players on Bet Fury who are also interested in cryptocurrencies can take full advantage of these perks, which might include access to exclusive games, bonuses, and enhanced gameplay features.
  5. Enhanced Player Engagement: For regular players of Bet Fury, staking BFG Tokens makes a lot of sense. Not only does it provide a substantial passive income through high APR, but it also integrates seamlessly with their gaming activities, offering a holistic and rewarding experience.

Try Bet Fury’s platform out!

What is a ‘Web3 ecosystem’?

You might have seen us use that phrase or a similar one when talking about casinos that have their own token.

What defines some casino coins?

A casino crypto coin is a type of cryptocurrency specifically designed for use within online casinos and gambling platforms. These serve several purposes, including facilitating transactions, enhancing security, and providing a decentralized and transparent system for both operators and players.

While earlier we were talking mainly about tokens specific to a particular casino brand. However, below we explore some of the gambling-related cryptos more generally, as well as broad points applicable to both categories.

Here are some key aspects of casino crypto coins:

  • Medium of Exchange: Casino crypto tokens can be used to place bets, pay for services, and receive winnings. They function similarly to traditional money but within the digital casino ecosystem.
  • Enhanced Security: Transactions using crypto coins are secured by blockchain technology, which ensures that they are immutable and transparent. This reduces the risk of fraud and ensures that all transactions are verifiable.
  • Anonymity and Privacy: Using crypto tokens can provide players with a higher level of anonymity compared to traditional payment methods. Players can engage in gambling activities without revealing personal information.
  • Decentralization: Many casino crypto tokens operate on decentralized platforms, reducing the need for intermediaries. This can lead to lower transaction fees and faster processing times.
  • Provably Fair Gaming: Blockchain technology can be used to create provably fair games, where the fairness of game outcomes can be independently verified by players. This increases trust in the casino.
  • Loyalty and Rewards Programs: Casinos may issue their own tokens to reward players for their loyalty and activity. These tokens can often be used to access special features, bonuses, or discounts within the casino.
  • Global Accessibility: Crypto tokens can be used globally without the need for currency conversion, making them convenient for international players.
  • Smart Contracts: These are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into code. They automatically execute transactions when predefined conditions are met, ensuring transparency and reducing the need for intermediaries.

Are there any way more or way less trusted gambling coins?
The token for TG Casino (TGC) is one that we don’t trust. It seems to be a lot of inside trading from their own ecosystem, they have poor support and there is tracking issues on the casino site. That made us avoid mentioning it above in the list of legit in-house gambling tokens. Another of the way less trusted gambling cryptocurrencies is Lucky Roo (ROO), that was launched in 2023. It seems like they are about to close down due to multiple different issues – and not many customers.
Finally, another perhaps even worse tokens is the one from Gun Bet (GUNBET), that we recommend that you avoid. We see Gun Bet as a potential scam gambling token – and it’s removed from our list of recommended crypto casinos.

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