Warning List – Be Aware of These Crypto Sites!

Warning for dodgy code, virus, misrepresentation, fraud or scam?Here is Crypto Lists own warning list. Like the name suggest, you will be able to find warnings about various crypto exchanges, platforms, brokers and DEX that got one or multiple warning flags to be aware of before investing.

Some of the company’s mentioned below might be pure scammers, while others just try to bend the truth a bit. In either case, Crypto Lists tries to highlight misrepresentation and false information provided by some firms, and also brings up warnings based on customer complaints. Obviously, we always try to dig deep to find out what the error might be before appearing on the warning list. This is not necessary a sign to not use the crypto sites mentioned, but rather a warning to be ware of before investing. Please find out crypto warning list below:

Crypto Trading with Scott Wilson – Cannot take out the money

Many people on Telegram get this kind of offers with people saying they are great at crypto trading and can make your money grow. Make you due diligence before investing in all those cases, and be aware that most of those offers are from scammers. If they are good enough, why not trade for themselves? Why try to find new customers on Telegram?

Anyway, Crypto Lists got a report from a mum called Catarina. A guy called Scott Wilson (email: [email protected]) convinced her son to invest 100 USD in crypto. In “only 3 days”, the money grew to 1500 USD, then to 4500 USD and finally 12000 USD after 10 days – said the scammer. The most likely scenario is that no funds were invested into crypto and the huge gains after just 10 days in a bear market also sounds very unlikely.

Next step in the story include that Catarina’s son is trying to get out his “huge profit”, at least 11 000 USD out of 12k. He wanted to make the transfer to a bank account or to Paypal. In order to take out money, he had to pay “maintaince fees” of several 100 USD, multiple times. In order to secure the money or crypto on the platform, he had to upgrade to Diamond level and later to Gold level that cost 750 USD. Over 1200 USD has been paid in various fees to Scott Wilson, that in reality seems to be called Robson Elias Da Silva. His email for PayPal is: [email protected] He may use any kind of company name related to crypto, or he can use ForexHomeTrade as the business name. In either case, if you like to trade crypto, sign-up for a serious crypto exchange instead of sending money randomly to some stranger.

Bitget – Claims to have licenses, but don’t have it

They said: We have crypto licenses in 3 countries.
Reality: There is no real crypto license available for any of the three companies related to Bitget. It’s a warning sign that they hide the company names on all places where they write out the proof of licensing. We also got confirmed from the licensing bodies that they don’t have any licenses.
Conclusion: One of the recently found misrepresentations is from Bitget (see review).

Bitcoin UP – Not related to Elon Musk

They said: Elon Musk use Bitcoin UP.
Reality: No, Elon Musk do not use Bitcoin UP at all. He don’t recommend any broker, but is a fan of dogecoin, mostly because he got his own Shiba Inu dog called Floki.
Conclusion: Don’t invest with Bitcoin UP and simply block when their telemarketing team calls you from several different phone numbers. One of our visitors had this problem, that Bitcoin UP calls them from multiple numbers and try to get you to deposit. Do not deposit with them.

The Bitcoin Era – Not endorsed by any celebrities

They said: This and that celebrity use Bitcoin Era.
Reality: No celebrity that Crypto Lists is aware of use Bitcoin Era, but many are famous people are angry because they use their name without permission.
Conclusion: There has been lots of issues with Bitcoin Era in Scandinavia and many lost money from them. We recommend to avoid this firm.

Ways to identify fake crypto exchanges

Our best advice is to stick with trusted exchanges with over 9.2 in rating. A reliable exchange for crypto investing should be regulated and licensed in the jurisdiction where you live. If not, there is almost no chance to get the money back in case they decide to run away, close down or claim they gone bankrupt.

Some further warning signs and red flags include, but is not limited to:
-Exceptional returns that is guaranteed.
-Their brand name sounds very similar to a legitimate business.
-The fake or questionable crypto exchange call you up from different numbers and try to make you deposit. This should be a decision for yourself, and don’t accept to be pushed into doing any investments. Take your time. Do your research.
-Super high bonuses that does not make any sense.
-Any crypto website that get red alerts from your anti-virus program is most likely not legitimate.
-Do not reply to all messages on Telegram. Many are from scammers, that copy the picture of some famous person. Make sure to dig a bit deeper before you even reply to them.

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