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Our Vision

Vision lampCrypto List’s vision has been set out after over 25 years of combined experience in the trading industry and 8 years each in the cryptocurrency market. It should be no surprise for people in the cryptocurrency sector that we are taking an approach to protect investors interest and making it worthwhile to invest in a crypto.

You should be well aware of the high risk in the industry and know that many new crypto coins are trying to exploit users with honeypots, rug pulls or other types of scams or mistakes that make them disappear. While CryptoLists.com always try to identify with our 35 points checklist, that a coin is legit, there are always many factors out of our control or events that may change.

For that reason, it’s always important that you do your own due diligence and stay updated on the latest crypto happenings and trends, in order to make sure that it’s a serious company.

A world with fair cryptocurrency listings and frequently updated crypto top lists to find some of the best options.“.

What made Crypto Lists take this stance?

Cryptocurrencies are going mainstream and the amount of options evolved and the market been growing really quick. Almost every weekday, over 50 new cryptocurrencies are launched on the BSC and ERC-20 chains alone. With all the new crypto listings, there are also coming a lot of scams in the form of honeypots and rug pulls – sometimes by removing all liquidity.

The team at CryptoLists.com are try to do our best to minimise risks, but being in the crypto industry has been more risky than equity trading or e-commerce. Some of our main goals is to do some extra due diligence compared to other websites in this industry, in order to detect and warn customers of various types of risk or potential traps – while doing our best to showcase promising crypto coins instead.

There is still a long way to go and our first step is to improve what’s shown for new investors, looking to find an attractive option (a coin to invest in or a reliable crypto exchange to use). Many never bother reading the white papers, and Crypto Lists will do our best to simplify all the risks and opportunities with new cryptocurrencies. Our background and last venture was in the “new ventures” industry for gambling, and we’ve seen and heard it all. Together with advanced technology, we’re able to detect quite a few of the worst coins early on – and can then make sure to never list them at all. In the best of world’s, all scammers and dishonest crypto entrepreneurs would be jailed, but what we at least can do is to minimise exposure for risky crypto business. We’re having a warning sign in front of some extra risky cryptocurrencies, that can go either up or down more than 20% in a single day.

Our mission

Our mission

Crypto Lists exist to help crypto investors finding the most relevant and coins and sites. Our website is available for all types of countries around the world, from Sweden to Canada, Germany, United Kingdom or the U.S. We showcase not only the positive in all established and new cryptos or exchanges, but also bring up the most common traps and how to avoid them. We’re doing our best to give you the most important bullet points from each white paper, while doing our own deposits and tests on all exchanges that we include a review for. Our goals is to simplify everything, making it easy to see what’s our there – and what there is to avoid.

Please let us know in case you got any suggestion or simply would like to contact us.

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