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Today we thought we’d give you a round up of this year’s biggest events at Crypto Lists, and some little glimpses of what’s to come in 2023.

Whether you’re keen to understand more about how we work as a business, or you’re more interested on why we moved from reviewing coins and projects into a stronger focus on Bitcoin and crypto casinos, keep on reading.

And, while you’re here, all of us here at Crypto Lists – from the founders Marcus and Markus to Tom and the writing team – would like to wish you a happy new year (in advance) and hope that you’ve had a fantastic Christmas break.

Pivoting to iGaming

From news posts to brand spanking new crypto casino reviews, Crypto Lists made some major changes at the beginning of this year. In a nutshell, we made a strategic shift to expand our website’s focus, specifically into iGaming, a field where our founders (bit shout out to Markus & Marcus!) have previously excelled.

This decision has led us to include reviews of cryptocurrency casinos (over 380 Bitcoin casinos right now), analysis of game developers featured on these platforms, and reviews of games produced by these developers. Adopting this all-encompassing approach has been well-received by our readers, who appreciate the comprehensive insight it provides into the evolving world of crypto-based casinos.

But that doesn’t mean we left our roots behind. No sir. Which brings us to…

50 new coins

We’re still crypto enthusiasts at heart, and continue to review one coin per week. The vast majority of the time, this is something fresh to the market within three months. However, sometimes a really cool casino coin catches our eye, or a project from that past that’s slipped through the cracks.

One of the things we love is when a casino like BitKong (review) or the similarly cool Bet Fury (see more) have their own tokens. This is something you’re sure to see with decentralized casinos like the ones we’ve mentioned. They also don’t offer traditional welcome bonuses, and instead focus on rewards featuring these kinds of coins usually.

BitKong Casino is unfortunately not allowing players from your country, but we would suggest that you check out Inmerion Casino instead.

Enjoy Inmerion, a brand new casino site with Bitcoin and crypto play and tons of games to shoot for the moon on!

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Get a first glimpse on new casinos

One of the things we’ve added in the past six months that we’re proudest of, and that our readers love, is the upcoming casinos section. This is where casinos that either aren’t out yet but are highly anticipated, are out but we haven’t yet reviewed, or ones that we’re in the process of reviewing, are shown on site.

Depending on which stage they’re at, you get to see some inital information such as countries allowed or disallowed. Some extra special sites such as the upcoming ETH Play (review) are pre-published while the developers add the finishing touches to the casino before it launches.

See all upcoming casinos for 2024.

At Crypto Lists, we’ve carefully organized our reviews based on their dates, offering users a chronological exploration of the newest developments in the crypto casino world over the last year. This approach gives our lovely readers a unique perspective on the changing dynamics of gaming based on cryptocurrencies.

Our editorial team is diligent in ensuring that our information about launch dates is more accurate than what our competitors provide.

A paradise for privacy

One aspect of the casino industry that we haven’t touched on is the awesome anonymous casinos we’ve been heavily focused on in the past six months. If players want to sign up without submitting paperwork and lots of information then these types of casinos are ideal.

Most casinos ask for documents on withdrawal, even if not on sign up, but the best anonymous sites don’t ask for KYC (know your customer) then either. If you’re looking to just jump in on a site and start playing without any hassle then we can’t recommend these no-KYC casinos higher enough.

Enjoy no KYC at LTC Casino!

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Becoming multilingual

We grew our countries page enormously in 2023, adding around 25 different countries with their own unique pages featuring lists of both crypto casinos as well as exchanges to buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin or altcoins. And, we also added translations at the top of these pages to make its residents feel more at home on CryptoLists.

In addition, we also added 20+ translations to the top of our primary Bitcoin casinos page to help non-English speakers understand what the page is about and what they can expect to find in our toplist.

Our leadership team grew

In an exciting development the senior leadership at Crypto Lists gained a new member: Tom. Our resident Mancunian became a partner in Crypto Lists after nine months with the company. At the time, Markus – Tom’s mentor within the business – expressed his excitement about the partnership: “We’re delighted to bring Tom on board as an equity partner in the business. He’s already contributed significantly to our growth and will play a key strategic and hands-on role in all of our future successes.”

I think it’s safe to say the decision has paid off, with the continued rapid pace of the reviews as well as new pages, features, and avenues being explored and created constantly.

Heads above the parapet

This year we haven’t been keeping ourselves to ourselves despite how hard we’ve been working. We’ve attended a range of conferences and expos. From Barcelona’s European Blockchain Conference to ICE in London we’ve been everywhere and documented it along the way.

Next year we also plan to attend some of the industry’s leading events. Which ones can you meet us at? Stay tuned!

What’s in store for 2024?

Starting from earlier this year, our team has been moving at an impressive speed, managing to include over 390 game developers in addition to the 380+ Bitcoin and crypto casino reviews already on our site. This December, we concentrated on expanding our new games section, especially with the Christmas season drawing near. Our content team is prioritizing this area, ensuring it receives the attention it deserves during this busy period.

If you’re keen to find out some awesome Bitcoin casino trends for 2024 then watch out for our article on Monday, you’re gonna love it!

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