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BFG Token (BFG) Review (9/10⭐)

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We've seen an incredible amount of diversification enter into the cryptocurrency community over the past few years and one prime example involves the rise of BFG token. This cryptocurrency allows the Betfury casino to offer a number of benefits and incentives to its players. For example, players can enjoy mining by playing and can stake their tokens to earn rewards. Since users can play games with the cryptocurrency, there is no need to complete a KYC procedure when using the network.

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This is the internal cryptocurrency of the BetFury gambling site, and it works on the Binance Smart Chain. In the casino, you can access a wide range of in-house games, and playing these games will earn you BFG tokens. Apart from BFG, users can play games on the site with coins like Bitcoin, USDT, TRX, and BAT. BFG has a fixed maximum supply of 5 billion, and this ensures that the token does not suffer extreme inflation.

While BFG might not be as familiar when compared to other established cryptocurrencies, this very same niche status could appeal to those who aren't keen on becoming overexposed or who instead wish to get in on the "ground floor" of a potentially profitable project.


A Bit About BFG Token

This coin is used on the Betfury online casino, along with other cryptocurrencies. The coin is certified by CertiK, a leading blockchain security company. With this coin, the casino is able to offer lots of generous bonuses and promotions, and you don’t need to complete KYC procedures in order to gamble on the site.

BFG is the native token from a hot crypto casino with lots of rewarding bonuses.CryptoLists.com

This token has a maximum supply of 5 billion tokens, and 51% of these are allocated to mining rewards. You can participate in mining by playing casino games and slots in the BFG casino. Another 20% of the tokens have been assigned to developers, and 10% goes to marketing. The rest of the tokens are used for casino bonuses, referral offers, reserves, and partnerships.


Utility of BFG Token?

One benefit of this coin is that it can be used for staking. The staking pool of this token delivers 3% of its total profit every 24 hours, and these profits are distributed to all users who hold the token. The amount of staking reward you receive will vary depending on the number of tokens you hold. At the moment, more than 2.3 billion tokens are staked, and about 140,000 are still unstaked.

Players can earn this token when gambling on the platform, and this is a unique way of mining cryptocurrencies. If you like playing online casino games, this is a great way of getting rewards while enjoying a fun activity. After every 50 million BFG tokens mined, the network will increase the difficulty of mining the tokens.

BFG Token Price details

BSC Contract address: 0xbb46693ebbea1ac2070e59b4d043b47e2e095f86
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Advantages of BFG Token

+ It is backed by a strong community.
+ The platform is highly beneficial, so the coin is likely to appreciate.
+ You can transfer this token cheaply.
+ The coin is CertiK-certified.
+ You can earn the token while gambling on the platform.


- Mining can lead to the inflation of the cryptocurrency.
- Newly mined tokens have to be locked for six months.
- It isn’t available on many reputable crypto exchanges.
- The coin allows users to earn a variety of cryptocurrencies passively.


▪ Rated at 10/10

This cryptocurrency has a transfer fee of about $2, but this varies from day to day. These fees have to be paid in BNB as this is the native token of the Binance Smart Chain. Generally, BEP-20 tokens like BFG are known for having very low transfer fees.

Let's assume for a moment that you wish to become involved. Your first option would be to register for an account at BetFury. The process takes only a few minutes and with first-time deposits as low as $40 dollars, even tight budgets can be accommodated. It will then be possible to play games in order to mine BFG.

Another option would be to stake BFG directly through BetFury. In this case, you'll be awarded with a portion of the total profit gained within each 24-hour period (three percent across the boards). Simply stated, the staking income will increase as more BFG tokens are released to players. Staking is a great way to passively earn crypto rewards simply by interacting with what the website has to offer.

Of course, you could also purchase BFG with the help of a third-party exchange (such as those mentioned earlier). The current price per token is $0.015 dollars on the BSC (Binance Swap Chain). Still, we should point out that this value could quickly change based off of increased demand. This is why it's always wise to keep up to date with the latest movements.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 10/10
▪ Buzz rated at 8/10

BetFury casino has risen to become one of the hottest among the fairly new crypto casinos available. Its popularity has been boosted by the mining rewards and promotions offered. On Twitter, the project has more than 124,000 followers, and its Reddit community has about 400 members. The casino has only been around since 2020, so it has been making growing steadily.

Update: as of July 2023, some other plans that are currently in the works at BetFury include:

- More crypto events and competitions
- A redesigned UX (to attract new members)
- An upgraded loyalty program for existing BFG holders
- More affiliate partnerships to further increase exposure.

There are also a number of rumors circulating about BetFury becoming involved in other DeFi projects throughout the remainder of 2023, so be sure to keep up to date with the help of Crypto Lists.



What is Bet Fury?

This is an online casino that uses the BFG token as its internal cryptocurrency. The platform offers a wide range of online casino games and supports a variety of tokens.

Where can I trade this cryptocurrency?

You can buy and sell this altcoin on platforms like Coin Tiger, PancakeSwap (V2), Hotbit, Apeswap (BSC), and Coinsbit. Unfortunately, it is not available on many major crypto exchanges. With centralized crypto exchanges, you will usually need to buy BTC or USDT in order to trade BFG.

Which wallets can I use to store this cryptocurrency?

You can store this altcoin on Tron Wallet, Guarda Wallet, BSC Wallet, Metamask, and Coin98. When choosing a wallet for your tokens, you should consider your operating system and their level of privacy and anonymity.

What is the total supply of BFG tokens?

The maximum supply of BFG tokens is 5 billion, and 51% of these coins are reserved for mining rewards. 20% of these coins have been set aside for developers, and 10% is for marketing. The rest of the tokens are meant for referral rewards, reserves, bonuses, and partnerships.


History of BFG Token

18 November 2017: BFG is officially introduced as an altcoin.

16 June 2021: BFG token achieves an active listing on BSC.

18 August 2021: BFG token reaches an all-time high of $0.03238 cents.

6 June 2023: The total number of BFG holders exceeds 66,000.

12 June 2023 to 6 July 2023: BetFury announces a one-time "crypto hunt" for a total of 50,000,000 BFG.

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BFG Token details and tokenomics

BFG Token Ticker: BFG
BSC Contract address: 0xbb46693ebbea1ac2070e59b4d043b47e2e095f86
Type of crypto: bsc-token
Launch/ICO Date: November 18, 2017
Date for the end of ICO: December 18, 2017
Circulating supply: 2,680,000,000
Max supply: 5,000,000,000
Resources & Social media
🔗Blockchain URL: https://bscscan.com

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