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Lucky Roo (ROO) Review

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Lucky Roo aims to explore partnerships in the gaming industry and sponsor tournaments such as poker, and built a crypto-only casino for two years and with tons of hard work. But, it paid off. The result with Lucky Roo Casino (see review) is amazing and the design is really on another level compared to other new crypto casino brands from 2023. Anyway, the token promotes a new stage of gambling and betting in the crypto space. The Lucky Roo team want to build a unique crypto casino that competes with traditional online gambling. Holders of the token can enjoy staking benefits with 15.9% APY based on 60 days staking or 17.9% APY with 90 days staking. Those numbers will update over time. Farming on both the BNB chain and the Ethereum chain is also available with over 100% APY. Continue below to find out if Lucky Roo is the gamblers choice or a scam.
ROO/USD (1.93%)
November 10, 2023, 6:45 am [UTC]

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Released on October 25, 2022, 9:11 am
New Coin/Token Warning!
This is a new coin/token that has recently been released by its creators. Therefore there is often only very little information known about the founders and they have no history showing their intentions, which could be both good or bad. The risks related to buying this is extremely high. We never give any recommendations or advise on what you should buy or sell. All information on this page should be considered for education and informational purposes only. Never risk any money that you can not afford to loose. Speculating in crypto currencies is related to extremely high risks and is not suitable for everyone.

Visitor Consensus on Lucky Roo Today
Positive: 53.13%Negative: 46.87%
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The Lucky Roo token creates opportunities that integrate the crypto market with betting and gambling. It's currently on two chains: BNB as a BEP20 token and Ethereum as an ERC20 token.

facilitates various giveaways integrated into the contract and allows Lucky Roo's holders an opportunity of winning a weekly Lucky airdrop from its specifically built custom contract. The coin's founder has enthused to all investors about the token being developed as a distinct platform with which the conventional online gambling industry will compete.

The Lucky Roo token founders host weekly live events with its holders to promote the token. Lucky Roo received a Certik audit, which provides assurances of security on the source code exclusively, although no Trust Score data is available at present since Skynet is not yet activated for this token.


A Bit About Lucky Roo

Des Randall founded the Lucky Roo token to create opportunities for integrating gambling and betting with the crypto market. His stated aim is is to build a unique platform to compete with the traditional online gambling industry and develop a new big player.

The Ethereum and the BNB contracts will offer the token as giveaways and is integrated into the contract. Holders of the token will also access weekly Airdrops by holding at least $500 Lucky Roo and connecting their wallets. There will be three winners randomly selected by the contracts with varying prizes and winners will be announced via the Telegram channel and other social media outlets. The token will also offer staking for both chains for the holders.

There is a maximum supply of 10,000,000,000,000 ROO coins.

Lucky Roo is bringing unique gambling and betting opportunities with their new crypto casino.CryptoLists.com

Lucky Roo token is a token that aims to transform the gambling world. Its founder, Des Randall, intends to make it possible for all investors to 'win' based on the idea that they will compete with the traditional gambling industry. The coin is part of a new era in crypto and the gambling industry.

The tokens is on both ERC20 Ethereum and BEP20 BNB. ROO will be part of a project to build a crypto-only casino with slot machine gambling, live poker, sports betting, VR Casino, and other games. Also, the token will be integrated into contracts and allows investors a chance of winning weekly airdrops. This integration will give solid and stable growth of token value.

If a user wants to access the tokens, they will have to purchase them from a decentralized exchange. Holders of ROO will access weekly live events to get informed on the progress of the token and engage in ways to promote the token.


Utility of Lucky Roo?

The token will help to enable its platform to integrate gambling and betting with crypto. Holders of the ROO token can hold at least USD 500 in their wallets to participate in the weekly Airdrop to have a chance of winning. The token can also be utilized in purchasing Lucky Roo NFTs. Users of the token can also utilise it for staking in both chains.

Lucky Roo Price details

BSC Contract address: 0x9d7107c8e30617cadc11f9692a19c82ae8bba938
›› Details & Tokenomics

Very speculative and theoretical potential data
Last updated: November 10, 2023, 6:45 am
›› ROO tokenomics and social media

Advantages of Lucky Roo

+ ROO has the potential to compete with the traditional gambling industry since their casino got a Curacao license and it has lots of games.
+ The ROO token is still not available on the casino, so there might be significant upside within short.
+ Staking available on both Ethereum and BNB chain.
+ The token will provide Lucky Roo NFTs to its holders.
+ ROO holders receive constant updates via live events.


- ROO charges 4% tax for purchases and 5.1% tax for every sale.
- Lucy Roo is only available on PancakeSwap, Uniswap and Metamask.
- ROO is relatively new and yet to be adopted massively.
- You cannot use ROO token on the Lucky Roo Casino yet, but it is most likely arriving soon.


▪ Rated at 9/10
*Buy tax: 4%   *Sell tax: 5% * at the time of writing. Note that this may change from time to time.

The token through its contracts will charge 4% for every purchase transaction and 5.1% for selling. These are relatively high fees and are broken down as follows. There is a 3% charge towards the marketing wallet, 1% to Liquidity 1% and 1% goes to the Treasury. However, Crypto Lists find the fees appropriate for a gambling token, since volatility can be very high and a considerable sell fee makes fewer people sell their ROO and rather sit on them for quite a while.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 9/10
▪ Buzz rated at 8/10

The Lucky Roo token is associated with gambling from the first glance of its website. Many praise the entrance of the coin into gambling as the gambling and crypto markets are both large and significant spaces.

They hope the token's founders and the team have the right intention and purpose to help the token thrive. The token's launch on Uniswap and PancakeSwap ensures it is accessible to users. This has built more confidence in the token. It has a total supply of 10,000,000,000,000, which could be a bit complicated to calculate with for some. During their 2 years on the market, the team have excellent reputation.



Which chain is Lucky Roo on?

The token is both a BEP-20 BNB token and also an ERC-20 Ethereum token too. The Lucky Roo BNB token is there for those that like the minimum transfer costs, while most bigger investors prefer to stick to the Ethereum token.

When is Lucky Roo Casino going live?

Beta testing, risk management and so on has been ongoing for weeks. Finally, Lucky Roo Casino launched the 3rd of August, 2023. It's now possible to play with your Tether (USDT), Ether (ETH), Shiba Inu (SHIB), BNB or Bitcoin. You can use both the Ethereum chain and Tron blockchain for USDT transfer. What do you prefer? Give Lucky Roo Casino a try - we bet that you'll like it.

How many tokens can one hold in their wallet

Users can hold a maximum of 150,000,000,000 ROO Coins.

How can you purchase a ROO Token?

Users can purchase the Lucky Roo token on Uniswap and PancakeSwap. It looks to expand into other crypto sites in future.

How can you participate in the weekly airdrop?

Users must hold at least $500 of Lucky Roo and connect to their wallet weekly on the platform's dashboard.

What is the maximum supply of the token?

The maximum supply is 10,000,000,000,000 ROO.


History of Lucky Roo

15 September, 2022 - All the early adopters can mint Lucky ROO NFTs for 0.125 ETH. Lucky Roo's latest NFTs are shown on LooksRare and some might be up for sale. There were also some competitions with give-aways during this time.

17 September - The NFT minting goes live. Anyone can mint NFTs for 0.25 ETH each. Holding NFTs from this collection means you get part of the rev-share from the casino at a later stage.

October 2022 The token is officially launched on the 25th of October.

3 August, 2023 - Lucky Roo Casino (try here) goes live officially goes live after long time testing.

22 October, 2023 - Crypto Lists the first website that are given affiliate links to Lucky Roo Casino. It's a pleasure to be the first and most trusted crypto casino site to start with marketing of Lucky Roo's own new crypto casino.

22 October, 2023 - Crypto Lists puts live the extensive review of Lucky Roo Casino, after extensive testing for almost 3 months. During our first test in the beginning of August, 2023 - a deposit was made with the Solana (SOL) coin, and the deposit went super quick (less than 30 seconds) and payout after winning on Lightning Roulette was made instantly. They have an amazing selection of games, including live casino and online slots. 43 casino game developers is available to enjoy when you sign-up. The site is VPN friendly, so you can play from most countries in the world.

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Screenshots from Lucky Roo

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Lucky Roo details and tokenomics

Lucky Roo Ticker: ROO
BSC Contract address: 0x9d7107c8e30617cadc11f9692a19c82ae8bba938
ETH Contract address: 0x9d7107c8E30617CAdc11f9692A19C82ae8bbA938
Type of crypto: bsc-token
Resources & Social media
🔗Blockchain URL: https://etherscan.io

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