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Football Fan (FNC) Review

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FanCoin (FNC) is a blockchain-secured digital token used on the Football Fan app-based platform to reward its users for posting content and engaging with the community on the app. Football fans are exposed to over 30,000 products from renowned brands on the FanCoin Marketplace. The football/soccer themed token is backed by a passionate community of fans and a strong business case.

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Released on November 5, 2022, 10:00 am
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The token's underlying ecosystem operates through the TRON decentralized blockchain platform. FanCoin is the official means of a transaction on the Football Fan platform. Users of this token are entitled to several perks and the power to impact the official decisions of their favorite teams. The token is also used for NFT creation and buying or selling of the NFTs. FanCoin can be earned through engagements and contributions on its app platform. It can also be directly purchased using in-app purchases on Android devices and Apple's iOS.


A Bit About Football Fan

Football Fan was established by Amit Singh Rathore and is based in London, England, United Kingdom. The fungible digital token FanCoin (FNC) is the main transaction medium on the app-based platform and has a FanCoin Wallet for securing users' tokens. The Football token is used to reward fans through their activity and contribution to the space. The FanCoin token is also used in NFT transactions in the FanCoin marketplace. Users can create NFTs from their content and sell them on the FanCoin marketplace. Business enterprises can also participate by converting their different Intellectual Property assets into NFT collectibles and exchanging them for FanCoin. The app platform offers users seamless execution of these transactions in under 60 seconds. FanCoin, through its Footballl Fan app, connects soccer fans, affiliate businesses, partners, and professionals worldwide and offers them several commercial opportunities.

Football Fan is one of the latest tokens that are launched for the World Cup in Qatar.CryptoLists.com

FanCoin token's underlying drive is the belief that everything in the world, be it sports, art, music, or even individuals, has its fans. FanCoin gives football fans around the globe a unique opportunity to contribute to the world of soccer by rewarding them for their involvement. Fans earn rewards by posting football-related videos, podcasts, photos, and text-only posts. They can also benefit by creating Banter Rooms with fellow fans around the globe. FanCoin earned or purchased by users is secured cryptographically in a digital wallet called the FanCoin Wallet on the Football Fan mobile app. The token also offers smart contracts to users making FanCoin transactions fully auditable and resistant to alterations. Users enjoy a wide selection of products from brands such as Kitbag from Fanatics Inc. On the fan marketplace, users can also purchase football jerseys, headbands, and several other official products of top clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal among others.The Football Fan growing ecosystem has contributed to the creation of innovative tradable assets like collectibles, memorabilia, cards, and merchandise as a unique NFT tradable using FanCoin tokens within the platform's marketplace. The FanCoin token can be staked through a permissioned sidechain. The blockchain-enabled side chain allows the platform to increase its capabilities in defining marketplace projects. Users of the Football Fan can create their business ideas into NFTs and deploy them as smart contracts within the sidechain together with a decision-making process. The Fan Coin token is leveraged as stakes. A total supply of ten billion FanCoin has been set aside to be issued incrementally at different levels.


Utility of Football Fan?

FanCoin is the utility token for transactions on the Football Fan app. The Football Fan token is used for purchasing the over 30,000 items listed on the platform's marketplace. The product arrays range from kits, caps, flags, and many more official products of several top football clubs. Signing up for the app rewards users with 50 FanCoin. Referrals and persons referred collect 10 FanCoin each.

The app platform also offers VIP access for writers who can collect up to 1000 FanCoin on football-related topics and depending on the quality of their articles. Redeeming these FanCoin rewards enables users to generate money off football products.

The token is also used when creating, buying, and selling NFT collectibles. The vision of the token is to spread its usage to everyday transactions. This will be achieved through partnerships with different brands to initiate FanCoin in their transactions.

Football Fan Price details

TRC10 Contract address: 1004646
›› Details & Tokenomics

Advantages of Football Fan

+ FanCoin facilitates all commercial transactions on the Football Fan platform.
+ The fotball token ensures transparent and secure transactions in smart contracts
+ Users amass FanCoin tokens through content contributions and eligible engagements.
+ The fotball token can be staked in a permissioned sidechain to earn rewards.
+ The token is now available for trade in the P2B Exchange.


- FanCoin is only listed on the P2B Exchange.
- The FNC token is not permissionless.
- There are security concerns on the underlying blockchain.
- Its usage does not extend to general transactions outside its platform.
- The token is new and hence yet to establish in the market.


▪ Rated at 7.8/10

Any business transaction initiated on the app platform may incur a transaction fee in FanCoin based on the transaction type. NFT collectibles can be created, sold, and bought minus any gas fees. The transactions also do not require users to have a crypto wallet or cryptocurrencies in their wallet.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 7/10
▪ Buzz rated at 7.1/10

The Football Fan app has been mentioned in several reputable publications and rated among the top UK startups. The suspension of the platform's Twitter account recently caused a major ripple in community platforms with several users shying away from fully engaging. Most fans think FanCoin has great potential and if tapped right, could be a leading brand in the Web3.0 ongoing works and the first choice cryptocurrency for World Cup 2022. The token was recently listed on the P2B Exchange for trade which enables accessibility of the token to the public conveniently.



Does FanCoin have a Wallet?

Users can access their token via the FanCoin wallet after accessing their respective accounts.

an FanCoin be traded on exchanges?

FanCoin is listed on P2B Exchange for trade despite it being initially not listed on any exchange.

What is the total supply of the fotball token?

There is a total supply of 10,000,000,000 FanCoin to be allocated incrementally.


History of Football Fan

March 2022 - Football Fan app launches non-crypto NFT marketplace.

November 2022 - The FanCoin is launched with a total supply of 10 billion.

November 2022 - The fotball token is listed on the P2B exchange.

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Screenshots from Football Fan

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Football Fan details and tokenomics

Football Fan Ticker: FNC
TRC10 Contract address: 1004646
Type of crypto: tron-token
Launch/ICO Date: November 5, 2022
Date for the end of ICO: November 20, 2022
Circulating supply: 9,013,345,476
Max supply: 10,000,000,000
Resources & Social media
🔗Blockchain URL: https://tronscan.org

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