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Organisations for crypto & gambling problems

Logos for Gambling Help Organisations
There are a plenty of helpful organisations for anyone with gambling problems or those that consider to do a self-exclusion. In order to simplify, we have categorised the organisations based on their country. You will find both advice for gambling addiction, references to pathological gamblers, suggestions how and where to find psycologists. For some, casino gambling addiction therapy can also be a solution.

UK’s top gambling organisations

Below are some of the major organisations related to gambling problems, care for problem gamblers, therapies and assistance for any family or person affected by excessive gambling.

Gambling Commission

What do they do? They are the licensing authority and regulator for online gambling in United Kingdom. The British Gambling Commission was created after the Gambling Act 2005. Gambling Commission logo
Objectives? Today, they have over 300 employees with the objective to prevent gambling from underage people, ensuring money laundering compliance and that gambling is conducted in a fair manner. When finding non-compliance, Gambling Commission might give fines to online casinos or other gambling related companies.
Where? Gambling Commission Fourth Floor, Victoria Square House Victoria Square, Birmingham B2 4BP.
Contact: 0121 230 6666 or [email protected].
Website: Gambling Commission

Be Gamble Aware

What do they do? As an independent UK charity this organsation raises over £8 million each year in voluntary donations from the gambling industry, to educate and provide treatment services to reduce gambling-related issues.Be Gamble Aware
Objectives? The objective is to stop people getting into gambling problems, and ensure that those that have problems receive fast and effective treatment and support. GambleAware provides information to inform and help people with decision making in order to make gambling safer.
Where? Pennine Place, 2a Charing Cross Rd, London, WC2H 0HF
Contact: 0808 8020 133 or via the NetLine.
Website: BeGambleAware


What do they do? UK charity committed to providing free advice and support for anyone who is suffering from problem gambling. They provide free-to-face treatment across England, Scotland and Wales.GamCare
Objectives? GamCare has a live Youth Outreach Programme which is dedicated to educating youths on how to find information on gambling safely and provide relevant, accurate information on identifying problem gambling. They specialised in training programmes to educate people how to recognise signs and problem gambling behaviours.
Where? 1st Floor, 91-94 Saffron Hill, London, EC1N 8QP
Contact: 0808 8020 133, [email protected], Live Chat and Group Chat
Website: GamCare

Gamblers Anonymous.Org.UK

What do they do? This organisation provides memberships for whoever is trying to stop gambling, they have meeting everyday of the week throughout the England, Wales and Ulster. They also offer guidance in form of programmes called Unity and Recovery.Gamblers Anonymous logo transparent
Objectives? Gamblers Anonymous have chat rooms where women and men can share their experiences, and hope amongst each other in order to solve their mutual problem. They often sign-up for anonymous casino sites and might have a gambling problem that can be solved – hopefully by this organisation or any other that’s relevant.
Where? The Wellness Centre, 45 Montrose Avenue, Intake, Doncaster, DN2 6PL
Contact: 0330 094 0322, [email protected], Live Chat
Website: Gamblers Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous.Org

What do they do? This US organisation offers memberships free of fees to help to control compulsive and gambling obsession.gamblers anonymous black and white logo
Objectives? As an organisation they provide Recovery & Unity programs, US hotlines and international meetings in order to provide hope for people with compulsive gambling addictions. “There is Hope”
Where? International Service Office, P.O. Box 17173, Los Angeles, CA 90017
Contact: (626) 960-3500 and [email protected]
Website: Gamblers Anonymous.Org

National Casino Forum

What do they do? A non-profit trade associated that ensures that UK’s casinos offer a safe, enjoyable environment and compliance journey. The National Casino Forum represents all British casinos, an official membership body in the gambling industry.National Casino Forum logo
Objectives? Encourage casinos to use the best practises across the industry, and ensure customers are seen as number one priority. This organisation plays a significant role as a well-regulated authority, and socially responsible for players priorities. One of their main objectives are to reinforce voluntary self exclusion allowing people who have gambling problems to exclude themselves from all land-based casinos in the UK.
Where? Carlyle House, 235 – 237 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V 1EJ
Contact: 020 7828 5410 and [email protected]
Website: This website was not available when checking the site on 19/8, 2022 – and it’s therefore removed.

Big Deal

What do they do? BigDeal is brought to you by GamCare with the aim to help young people understand the risks related with gambling, they provide education that will help you to understand how it all works, allowing you to make informed choices in order to make gambling safer.Big Deal logo
Objectives? 370,00 young people aged 11-15 gamble each week, more than those who have had smoked a cigarette and an alcoholic drink, youth problems are concerning for these professionals and they do everything to keep young people aware, and to give them support needed. GamCare provides free workshops, resources and training to youths in Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, London and Liverpool.
Where? 1st Floor, 91-94 Saffron Hill, London, EC1N 8QP
Contact: 0808 8020 133, [email protected], 1-2-1 chat room and NetLine
Website: Big Deal

Gambling Therapy

What do they do? This organisation provides numerous different online services for problem gamblers. It’s a global service that offers emotional care to anyone affected by gambling and practical advice.Gambling Therapy logo
Objectives? The main objective are effectively stop people from having problem gambling by offering a very dedicated support such as online applications, confidential advice and information database on local resources around the world.
Where? 43-47 Maughan St, Dudley DY1 2BA
Contact: Mobile app, email support, support groups and live support
Website: Gambling Therapy

Gordon Moody

What do they do? This organisation is supported by GambleAware, registered charity that provides residential treatment and unique care for people who are strictly addicted to gambling. Problem Gambling Support
Objectives? Intensive residential treatment programmes in the UK for those affected by problem gambling. They currently have two residential treatment centres, one in the West Midlands and the other on the Kent/London. Their objectives are to deliver innovative therapeutic support to those affected by gambling through residential, online and outreach services.
Where? 43-47 Maughan St, Dudley DY1 2BA
Contact: 01384 241292 and [email protected]
Website: Gordon Moody

National Debtline

What do they do? Expert debt advice to offer people debt solutions as employee or employers. They offer wide variety of services including final settlement offers, time limits for recovering debts, debt relief orders, council tax recovery and magistrates’ court fines. National Debtline logo
Objectives? Get to know the circummundane of the people who need their services in order to give them the best advice regarding income and spending. Their advisers will help you to work out, determine what you can afford to pay towards your debt and help you to find the right solution.
Where? Tricorn House,51-53 Hagley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B16 8TP
Contact: 0808 808 4000 or webchat with an adviser
Website: National Debtline

NHS (National Problem Gambling Clinic)

What do they do? This clinic helps people overcome problem gambling, this service is controlled by staffed by psychologists and consultant psychiatrist and debt advisors in order to significantly reduce gambling addiction.National Problem Gambling with NHS
Objectives? Evaluate and treat needs with treatment for problem gamblers living in England and Wales aged 16 and over. Some of their services include: Advice on money management, social and relationship difficulties and employer support programme for industries related to gambling.
Where? Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust, 350 Euston Road, Regent’s Place, London, NW1 3AX
Contact: 020 3214 5700 or [email protected]
Website: National Problem Gambling Clinic

Organisations in Norway

There are quite a few great organisation for those having problems to control their gambling. Here are the best ones.

Spill snakk

What do they do? Snill snakk is Common signs of gambling problems can be issues with your economy or budget, work and family along with health problems such as sleeping problems and depression.
Objectives? For you who are looking for good treatment of excessive money games such as online slots.
Where?: Lars Eriksens Veg 10D, 9016 Tromsø, Norway.
Contact: Call them at +47 77 75 48 60. The University Hospital of North Norway run this website.
Website: Their website is down, but please check out their Facebook page instead.

Jeg Spiller

What do they do? Most of us are gambling once in a while. Computer games or games with money. For many, this is a way of entertainment and fun, but it can also have problematic sides. JegSpiller is a norwegian site that means “I play” that aims to give more information about gambling and for you to find out about your relation to gambling. Jeg Spiller
Objectives? Do you want to keep track of your spending on gambling? Here you can set a target for how much you can lose per day, and then come back and record your actual consumption.
Where?: Dronningens gate 13, 0152 Oslo, Norway.
Contact: [email protected] or by phone +47 (0)22402800.
Website: https://jegspiller.no


What do they do? This is a partnershop between the lottery inspection and the hospital called HF Sanderud. Hjelpelinjen offer both local and remote treatments for people with casino gambling problems. They also help players that are depressed because of their situation. hjelpelinjen logo
Objectives? They aim to help people in chrisis, showing other types of treatments while collecting information about problems related to gambling.
Where?: Furnesvegen 26, 2380 Brumunddal, Norway.
Contact: +47 (0)800 800 40 or by email: [email protected].
Website: https://hjelpelinjen.no


What do they do? Here you will find advice and information on what you can do with gambling problems. Test yourself for free to see if you are in the danger zone. Spillkontroll Logo
Objectives? Many appreciate their remote based treatment for gaming addiction, which is a nationwide and free offering of calls over the phone and online.
Where?: Storgata 38, 0182 Oslo, Norway.
Contact: Contact Rolf at +47 (0)22 99 49 11 or by email: [email protected].
Website: The website spillkontroll.no was not resolving last time Crypto Lists checked, the 19/8, 2022.

Norsk Tipping

What do they do? Help you set a limit on your gambling. Norsk Tipping logo
Objectives? Have games where you play for real money taken over? Are you losing control of online casino gambling, or do you suspect someone close to you has developed a gambling problem? Norsk Tipping is here to help.
Where?: Måsåbekkvegen 20, 2315 Hamar, Norway.
Contact: +47 (0)625 07770.
Website: https://www.norsk-tipping.no/spillevett/problemer-med-spill

Anonyme Gamblere Norge

What do they do? Anonymous Gamblers are self-help groups that hold weekly meetings. They are gambling addicts helping each other out of gambling addiction. A 12-step method is used to systematically address addiction and get rid of it. The group believe that gambling addiction is an emotional illness that can never be cured, but it can be stopped by “one day at a time”. This is a bransch of the international organisation called Anonymous Gamblers. Anonyme Gamblere
Objectives? This community of both men and women share their experience, strength and hope with each other so that they can solve their common problem and help others recover from their gambling problem.
Where?: They meet in Drammen on Mondays and Oslo on Tuesdays.
Contact: [email protected] or +47 (0)958 10 934.
Website: http://www.ganorge.no

Organisations in Sweden


What do they do? Spelinspektionen is the equivalent of Gambling Commission in Sweden. This authority was created as late as 2019. Today, they are handling questions about online casino, general gambling and lotteries. Spelinspektionen logo
Objectives? Spelinspektionen got the overall responsibility for compliance and supervision of gambling in Sweden.
Where?: Finningevägen 54 B, 645 23 Strängnäs (West of Stockholm).
Contact: By phone at +46 (0)152-650 100 and by email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.spelinspektionen.se

Other Swedish support organisations

https://www.stodlinjen.se/#!/gambling-test – Do a gambling test to evaluate your behavior.
Folkhälsomyndigheten: A national health organisation helping over 340 000 (!) Swedes with gambling problem.
https://www.spelpaus.se – The official organisation where you have to select a period to “turn yourself off”, 1, 3, 6 months or longer. Many make the mistake that they select “for now” and it means they cannot change this within 12 months.

Finnish organisations


What do they do? THL (The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare) actively research and monitor gambling problems from slot machines, lotteries, keno, betting, casino games and toto games.THL logo
Objectives? To prevent and treat gambling problems among young people and adults.
Where?: PO BOX 30, FI-00271 Helsinki, Finland.
Contact: Reach Susanna Raisamo by phone at +358 29 524 6719 or by email at [email protected]
Website: https://thl.fi.


What do they do? They got a help line, discussion forum and lots of frequently asked questions from gamblers and their relatives. Peruuli logo
Objectives? They give various helpful advice how to avoid gambling on slots and no wagering casinos.
Where?: Peluuri Peliklinikka, Siltasaarenkatu 12 a 6. krs 00530 Helsingki, Finland.
Contact: Reach them by phone on 0800 100 101 or by email through: [email protected].
Website: https://peluuri.fi/en/gambler/hints-avoid-gambling.

Monthly and daily budgets

In order to control your gambling, we recommend setting both a short term budget and a longer one, regardless if it’s about maximum betting per day, week or month.

Where to seek help?

Most organisations helping with gambling problems are local and country specific, that’s why we divided them into countries. However, in some cases it might be possible to seek treatment for casino and gambling problems abroad. Above is a wide list of organisations helping people to limit their gambling and getting reasonable habits.

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