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Luni Coin (LUNI) Review (2/10⭐)

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Do you enjoy seeing nice graphics every time you look at your favourite crypto token? LUNI on Terra is a place where passive income from staking, land plots in Metaverse and various form of entertainment meet - all with an even better design than meme tokens such as Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. However, that's where the advantages ends. Luni is based on the Terra blockchain, that has fallen dramatically lately and lost all of it's trust. It's a bit like the LUNI community, that mainly sell coins to themselves and that engaged in practices where 60 out of 200 NFTs was gone when the sale started. Crypto Lists expects that the Polish founders grabbed some of the best NFTs themselves. Even if the community got back some NFTs by a new launch, the trust is very low and being on the Terra blockchain is not optimal for any project at this day and age.

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Remember to never risk money that you can not afford to loose. Crypto currencies is highly volatile, unregulated in most EU countries, no EU protections & not supervised by the EU regulatory framework. Investments are subject to market risk, including the loss of principal.


Luni (LUNI) from Terra blockchain was launched in the end of 2021 and already got around 10 000 Telegram followers and an equal amount of investors.


A Bit About Luni Coin

LUNI is on the Terra blockchain and the goal is to combine passive income with entertainment. They have multiple gams that you can play, NFT's that's been increasing in value heavily and virtual land that is soon launching. Luni offers 10% staking yield, with 2% tax on the interest of the staking yield.

LUNI on Terra, where passive income meets entertainment in the virtual land called Luniverse.CryptoLists.com

Luni is a metaverse token, that's about to launch their virtual world within short. Currently, the Luni team have launched two NFT collections. One is called Luniland where you can get access to land plots through some of the NFTs, such as the Landlord NFT.


Utility of Luni Coin?

Luna can be used to buy virtual land from Luniland, that will launch in the beginning of 2022. Staking Luni is also possible, with 10% APY.

Luni Coin Price details

LUNI Contract address: terra1m3tdguf59xq3pa2twk5fjte5g6szj5y9x5npy7
›› Details & Tokenomics

Advantages of Luni Coin

+ You can own plots and get staking rewards from their virtual land
+ A metaverse coin with low market cap.
+ Staking is possible with Luni token, giving 10% AYR.
+ Integrated with NFTs on a terra based wallet.
+ Amazing graphics, exciting games and entertainment.


- Volatile prices lately.
- Not everyone have tried the Terra-blockchain yet.
- Still not launched their Luniverse (virtual land)


▪ Rated at 5/10
*Buy tax: 1%   *Sell tax: 1% * at the time of writing. Note that this may change from time to time.

Luni runs on the terra-network which makes it incredibly affordable. Transaction fees are often below 0.02 USD, which compared to ER-20 (the Ethereum blockchain) is about 4000 times cheaper. You can with other words do thousands of transactions on TERRA with the Luni token for a similar cost to buying or selling on ETH.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 1/10
▪ Buzz rated at 2/10

Since it's a very new cryptocurrency, not so much time has passed to build long term reputation. However, the team have handled various disputes well and the Luni community seem to have good faith in the management. The most buzz comes from the Polish community, since Luni is made by a group of polish men.



How many NFT collections have LUNI launched?

In less than 3 months, 3 NFT collections has been launched. However, one of them was just supplementary.

How can I stake Luni tokens?

You have to visit the official website (listed above) - and click connect wallet in order to stake, unstake, reinvest or withdraw your funds. You have to wait 7 days from unstaking until the funds can be withdrawn.

Where can I buy Luni?

Currently, you can only buy Luni tokens from TerraSwap. The team are planning to release it on more blockchains in the future, which likely will result in other DEX and marketplaces including Luni.

Is Luni available at PancakeSwap?

No, it's not available there. PancakeSwap only support BSC-20 coins and tokens, and Luni is a Terra token.

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Screenshots from Luni Coin

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Luni Coin details and tokenomics

Luni Coin Ticker: LUNI
LUNI Contract address: terra1m3tdguf59xq3pa2twk5fjte5g6szj5y9x5npy7
Type of crypto: terra-token
Launch/ICO Date: November 13, 2021
Circulating supply: 6,000,000,000
Max supply: 10,000,000,000
Resources & Social media
đź”—Blockchain URL: https://finder.extraterrestrial.money

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    Terra (LUNA) is growing quickly and an increasing amount of new tokens and coins goes live. One of them is called Luni Coin (LUNI), and their virtual land is now live. All land plots in the Luniland Metaverse sold out in less than 45 minutes. Despite launching on Metaverse, Luni is down 8.3% against the UST today. You can only trade Luni with help of the native stablecoin UST. The best way to get UST is from...
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