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Walken (WLKN) Review

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The Walken token operates within the Walken Platform, a play and exercise-to-earn mobile application as rewards for users who exercise and play the games within the application. Additionally, as they play, they create NFTs that serve as their game characters and are available for purchase in NFT marketplaces. The prioritization of a healthy lifestyle increases crypto holders' engagement with the token and the Walken platform. Walken is a fungible token that is also utilized as a governance token and rewards for users' staking.

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Released on June 20, 2022, 10:00 am
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This is a new coin/token that has recently been released by its creators. Therefore there is often only very little information known about the founders and they have no history showing their intentions, which could be both good or bad. The risks related to buying this is extremely high. We never give any recommendations or advise on what you should buy or sell. All information on this page should be considered for education and informational purposes only. Never risk any money that you can not afford to loose. Speculating in crypto currencies is related to extremely high risks and is not suitable for everyone.

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As the Walken application's native token, WlKN handles operations in the platform's NFT Game. The token is a digital cryptocurrency that operates on the Solana blockchain which also hosts the SOL coin and plays a huge role in the platform's integration. User interaction through this token promotes physical health as it is used as a walk-to-earn token. Furthermore, users create characters known as CAThletes, which they use to compete in battles that facilitate earning these tokens as rewards. Governance and staking are the primary purposes of the platform's native token, and they let the users get involved in making decisions that impact the platform and stake to earn rewards. As the token that fuels operations in the platform, factors such as player behavior influence its performance and fix the strategy to ensure that users can play, earn, and reinvest these tokens in the game to enhance and maximize their income.


A Bit About Walken

Alexei Kulevets, Alexei Porodzinsky, and Konstantin Kozlovsky co-founded the token for utility in the Walken NFT game by enhancing users' adventures. Walken can be purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges and earned using the platform as play and exercise to earn tokens. The token is a reward that health-conscious and physical activity enthusiasts earn while playing the game. When playing on the platform, users make characters known as CAThletes, which they use as their NFTs in the game. Users can use gems to upgrade the CAThletes' stamina, speed, and strength to enhance their battle capabilities, increasing their chances of gaining these tokens. The level of the CAThlete determines the number of tokens a user can earn. The token is also utilized as a governance token in voting on future project developments and also as a staking reward for its users

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Walken Token is a fungible token that serves the purposes of governance and staking. The token is also used as an income source and in decentralized finance applications within the Walken app. Such a token is helpful for its holders as it allows them to vote for future projects. Additionally, it serves the function that lets users stake the token to earn rewards. A way that users can earn this token is by participating in battles. Fortunately, the algorithm calculates the number of tokens one can achieve by assessing the number of players and availability. The token connects an individual's reality to virtual life via the game. It does this by using real-life sports and online gaming to interconnect users in the crypto world. Users can earn the token by walking more, entering these battle games with CAThletes, and gaining financial benefits. Thus, the token acts as a reward that operates the play and exercise to earn model enticing users.


Utility of Walken?

Walken's native token is a governance token with staking capabilities. Additionally, the heavy integration with decentralized finance applications provides utility functions. These tokens can crossbreed two CAThletes and mint a unique new NFT character.

Users who are health conscious use the app to integrate sports into gameplay, and they gain to maintain physical activity and get rewards from the token. Additionally, users who hold the token gain the right to vote and make decisions for future projects.

Walken Price details

SOL Contract address: EcQCUYv57C4V6RoPxkVUiDwtX1SP8y8FP5AEToYL8Az
›› Details & Tokenomics

Advantages of Walken

+ It rewards users for playing and exercising while promoting a healthy lifestyle.
+ Facilitates creation of NFTs tradeable in marketplaces.
+ Holders of WLKN token earn governance voting rights on future developments.
+ Ability to earn staking rewards by staking the token.
+ Promotes sports integration into Web3 and blockchain technology.


- The WLKN token is susceptible to price volatility.
- It has critical bugs that may alter the token's performance.
- Whales have the potential to control projects more than other holders.
- The token is new in the crypto industry.
- Token is yet to complete its set out roadmap.


▪ Rated at 10/10

You can use third-party payment gateways when transacting with the token, as that is the alternative given when making token purchases. When using these services, the costs vary depending on the gateway service or crypto exchange. The platform is not liable for expenses, engagements, and transactions relative to third-party payment services. Solana token as the native currency in the Solana blockchain has a wallet where it stores Walken and it uses it to pay the transaction fees and make transactions on the NFT marketplace.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 8/10
▪ Buzz rated at 8/10

Integration of sports and a healthier lifestyle into gameplay sparks a buzz around the platform. Having a token that makes its users earn rewards while living a healthier lifestyle has increased the reviews and gossip surrounding the token. Conversations on social media platforms and throughout the community such as in Telegram discuss how they use the token to utilize the marketplace and compete in battles in a health-conscious way. Users are excited to earn tokens that can upgrade their CAThletes, increasing their earning capabilities and chances. Blockchain and physical activity combination are making a mark in gaming history by interconnecting the virtual world and reality.


Some of the developers involved in Walken

▪ Rated at 9/10
The logos below represent some of the developers who have been involved in Walken. Check out the developer about page, by clicking the logo. There you can see what coins they have developed and at what exchanges, brokers and trading platforms their coins are available.


How can a player speed up CAThlete improvement using the token?

Users can purchase the token on a decentralized exchange in the Walken application. Alternatively, the user can make merchandise purchases on the marketplace.

Who are the founders of Walken?

Founders of WLKN token include Alexei Kulevets, Konstantin Kozlovsky, and Alexei Porodzinsky.

Which cryptocurrency exchanges can I buy this token from?

You can purchase these tokens from a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges. You can find the ones we list below.


History of Walken

February 2022 – The initial app functionality development took place.

June 2022 – IEO and listings on top exchanges, such as Gate Io, BuyBit, and Huobi.

13th to 20th October 2022 – Seasonal Halloween-themed event in Walken.

November 2022 – A raise of the token utility via partnerships.

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Screenshots from Walken

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More sites where to buy/sell/trade Walken

Below you can see some other platforms, exchanges and/or brokers where you can buy, sell or trade this token. Click on the logo to read our review.

Walken details and tokenomics

Walken Ticker: WLKN
SOL Contract address: EcQCUYv57C4V6RoPxkVUiDwtX1SP8y8FP5AEToYL8Az
Type of crypto: solana-token
Launch/ICO Date: June 20, 2022
Date for the end of ICO: June 21, 2022
Circulating supply: 270,333,333
Max supply: 2,000,000,000
Resources & Social media
🔗Blockchain URL: https://solana.fm
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