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Run Together (RUN) Review

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The Run Together token is a utility token on the Run Together NFT game which doubles up as a sports training app. The token encourages a healthy lifestyle by rewarding users for walking and jogging and equipping them with NFT objects such as shoes, sportswear, glasses, and other accessories. Once users are rewarded the RUN token for their physical activities, they can trade them for profit.

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Released on April 27, 2022, 9:00 am
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The RUN token is on the BNB Smart Chain serving as a utility token for the NFT gameplay, Run Together, a sports training app for physical activities such as walking and jogging. It rewards players fairly and transparently, converting these activities into high-value rewards. Users can equip themselves with NFT objects, including shoes, sportswear, glasses, and other accessories. There are four different types of shoes with three specialized running modes that suit each runner's training and movement needs. Users of Run Together can accumulate, buy, sell and exchange the utility token in various training modes. Holders of RUN can also participate and voting and staking, giving the coin extra functionality.


A Bit About Run Together

The app was developed together with its utility token in 2022 by anonymous founders. The token encourages a healthy lifestyle by rewarding its users for engaging in physical activities such as walking and jogging on the Run Together NFT gameplay and sports training app. Users must utilize the token to purchase NFT sneakers to begin running on the Run Together app. NFT sneakers need to be upgraded via RUN tokens after undergoing an Oxy usage cycle with the maximum upgrade being level 9. They can also acquire other NFT items such as sportswear, glasses, and other accessories. Engaging in physical activities facilitates users to accumulate, buy, sell, and exchange RUN tokens through training modes. Users can play in solo or together running modes, though, the together mode offers a higher ratio of mystery boxes and a larger amount of RUN tokens as rewards. There are marathon modes where users can earn RUN tokens and NFT badges based on their position on the leaderboard. Users do not need to run the Run together app to earn RUN tokens as they can also earn the tokens via the Background Mode.

Combining the worlds of NFTs and Move2Earn together in one fun fitness applicationCryptoLists.com

RUN is the utility token for the NFT gameplay and sports training app, Run Together. It also gives governance rights. The token is available for purchase, sale, and exchange via training modes. Run Together has 20% of box sales in a reward pool of RUN tokens where the mining rate is divided as follows. Run Token mining acquires 70% while Running activity includes 30%. Users with an invitee and own shoes are 100% pool. Those without invitees mine up to 20% of the pool. A successful invitee rewards users with a 20% increase in their pool mining performance. NFT sneakers can also be used to mine RUN tokens as the more Hydro users have the more mining rewards. Users can also stake RUN tokens and earn more rewards in their wallets. Staked RUN tokens are locked for 180 days with an APY rate of 20%. The RUN token is also utilized in the marketplace for users to rent and rent out their NFT sneakers. NFT sneakers in solo mode while being rented issue earnings to both the rentee and the owner.


Utility of Run Together?

The RUN token is utilized by the Run Together app users as a reward for their physical activities, such as walking and jogging. It has a limited supply of 250,000,000, which could help improve its value through scarcity, with earnings from various in-app activities in various play modes. Users require RUN tokens to purchase NFT sneakers which are compulsory to start running via the Run Together app. The tokens facilitate upgrading sneakers, sneaker repair, and renting out NFT sneakers.

The RUN token unlocks accessories slots and is also utilized for accessories upgrades. Users can hire trainers to assist them to engage in more effective physical activities via the RUN token. Holders of the token can also participate in voting for issues regarding the Run together app such as a new store location. This means it also acts as a governance token. They can also stake RUN tokens for up to 180 days and earn an APY rate of 20%.

Run Together Price details

BSC Contract address: 0xc643E83587818202E0fFf5eD96D10Abbc8Bb48e7
›› Details & Tokenomics

Advantages of Run Together

+ It promotes a healthy lifestyle by rewarding users for their physical activities.
+ Users can stake the RUN token and earn rewards.
+ Holders of the token can vote on issues regarding the app.
+ It facilitates the purchase of NFT sneakers on its platform.
+ Users earn 10 RUN for successful invitees to the Run Together platform.


- Run Together is only available on PancakeSwap for trading.
- There are several other move-to-earn tokens causing competition.
- RUN is relatively new to the crypto space.
- It is susceptible to price volatility in the market.
- The token is still under development.


▪ Rated at 8.4/10

Run Together token is on the BSC ecosystem which facilitates low transaction costs. However, the game charges different amounts of gas and fees for different in-app activities. The Royalty fees are payable to NFT creators. Other transaction costs such as trading in crypto exchanges rely on the cost structure of the crypto exchange.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 7.7/10
▪ Buzz rated at 8.3/10

The RUN token has earned a reputation for encouraging a healthy lifestyle and offsetting carbon emissions through its ecosystem. Over 50,000 registered members are on the app, with active daily usage of over 4,000. Its community is growing through the token's official social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. The token continues to grow in popularity with several organized marathon events. Holders of the token are thrilled that they vote on various RUN together events locations as well as stake the token to earn rewards. It also rewards members that invite more people into the RUN token community.



Where can you purchase RUN tokens?

The RUN token is available for trade on PancakeSwap.

What is the maximum supply of the token?

There is a limited supply of 250,000,000 RUN coins.


History of Run Together

April 2022 - Run together announces its fitness app supported by a move to earn mechanism where use earns RUN tokens for keeping healthy via physical activities while using the app. It successfully passes a security audit by Verichains and reveals its contract address being 0xe1a2b086530E18895fA1b23a6D905daFC055F13B ahead of its IDO. The token held its IDO on 27th April in ONUS, FAMCENTRAL, and BSCS launchpads after having whitelist participation and receiving a listing on Pancakeswap. Onus also activates 4 farming pools for users to stake RUN.

May 2022 - Run together Beta app is unveiled on IOS and Android on 7th May for users to download. It is equipped with 4 types of shoes for a complete user experience. It officially launches its mainnet on 22nd May with the Run Together team encouraging users to familiarize themselves with its Solo run mode.

June 2022 -Run together app updates its features to include an open in-app marketplace and the creation of a running group called the Run Together Mode. It also starts to support deposits and withdrawals of RUN tokens.

August 2022 - Run together holds an airdrop for its V2 listing with the RUN V2 successfully passing a security audit by Verichains. It unveils the RUN V2 contract address as 0xc643E83587818202E0fFf5eD96D10Abbc8Bb48e7. ONUS also opens a P2P trading for RUN tokens. Run Together releases its official pitch deck on 25th August.

September 2022 - Run Together updates a new version that enables users to earn RUN tokens from referring people to the app. It also integrates staking and a farming pool for a user to earn. Run together unveils an official supporting website for its users on 27th September.

November 2022 -Run Together burns 20 million $RUN on BSC on 27th November.

December 2022 - RUN is officially listed on the ONUS chain to add liquidity and enable on-chain transactions with the token.

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Screenshots from Run Together

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Run Together details and tokenomics

Run Together Ticker: RUN
BSC Contract address: 0xc643E83587818202E0fFf5eD96D10Abbc8Bb48e7
Type of crypto: bsc-token
Launch/ICO Date: April 27, 2022
Date for the end of ICO: April 27, 2022
Circulating supply: 71,545,499
Max supply: 250,000,000
Resources & Social media
đź”—Blockchain URL: https://bscscan.com

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