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Amazy Move Token (AMT) Review (8/10⭐)

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Amazy Move Token (AMT) is one of the two tokens facilitating operations on the Amazy platform. It is the primary reward mechanism for users on the Amazy application that tracks their movement and a utility token that allows users to earn when they perform activities on the app. Users can burn the tokens via the marketplace services by customizing sneakers, boosting sneaker boxes, and unlocking sneaker sockets.

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AMT is a utility token operating on the AMAZY platform with a move-to-earn model. AMT's unlimited supply is useful for its users in the NFT marketplaces. It is a token used as a main reward mechanism for users who track their movements by walking, jogging, or running. AMAZY ensures that users cannot cheat the system and obtain AMT Tokens without real physical movement using an anti-fraud GPS service. AMT is burned when users perform a sneaker mint or consume the token in the AMAZY application.


A Bit About Amazy Move Token

AMT Token is a token that users can earn by wearing virtual sneakers, jogging, or taking a walk using the Amazy app. It also acts as a reward token whereby users physically move and consume energy to gain rewards. AMT is burned when the users perform a sneaker mint or consume the token in the AMAZY application. When users make purchases of sneakers, they receive units of energy that can earn them the token as a reward. Purchasing more sneakers and creating more sneakers using AMT gives users more rewards.

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AMT is AMAZY's application internal move and earn token which users can earn when they perform activities in the app and consume energy. The utility token has an unlimited supply to facilitate its reward mechanism in tracking users' physical movements. The token is also utilized in the AMAZY NFT marketplace to facilitate the purchase of items such as sneakers. There are various ways to burn the tokens using marketplace services, such as boosting sneaker boxes, unlocking sneaker sockets, and customizing the sneakers. The token awards users for movement when the account has ample energy. Five minutes of movement is equivalent to burning an energy unit by default. Initially, buying a pair of virtual NFT sneakers gives a user two units of energy. This energy gets regenerated after every six hours by 25%, which means it takes 24 hours to regenerate completely. More purchases of the NFT sneakers and creating rare sneakers can increase the energy one has, and it influences their AMT Token reward level.


Utility of Amazy Move Token?

The token supports users enthusiastic about fitness and keeping healthy through various physical activities. Users can acquire trendy sneakers just by owning these tokens. These sneakers are unique, have a 3D design, and are rare to an extent and the more users upgrade the shoes, the more they earn AMT Tokens.

AMAZY application users also utilize AMT tokens for purchases in the NFT marketplace and earn more by upgrading their purchases. This token helps individuals focus on their health and fitness habits, and they gain rewards for contributing to the community and ecosystem.

Users purchase sneakers with attributes that influence the AMT tokens; for instance, performance determines the AMT Token per unit of energy burned during an activity. A high-value performance means that an individual will get more tokens per unit of energy. Another attribute that determines the amount of AMT users is durability. The higher the durability, the fewer units the pair loses per unit of energy, meaning users will not need to spend many AMT tokens on restoring their sneakers.

When users burn AMTs, they can level up their sneakers. The process can be sped up when one burns additional AMT tokens, as the level-up takes a lot of time.

Amazy Move Token Price details

BSC Contract address: 0xf625069dce62dF95b4910f83446954B871F0Fc4f
›› Details & Tokenomics

Advantages of Amazy Move Token

+ Users can make purchases on the NFT marketplace for items, including sneakers.
+ It facilitates rewards to users who earn the token for their physical movements.
+ The AMT token is available for sale or exchange in open marketplaces.
+ A popular token due to its association with famous, prominent figures.
+ It has more than 500 mentions in the media boosting its popularity.


- There is no direct sale of the tokens via the AMAZY application.
- It potential volatility with changes in market prices.
- AMT is relatively new and is still in development.
- Faces competition from other move-to-earn tokens.
- Only available in a few crypto exchanges, limiting its trade.


▪ Rated at 9/10

AMT costs vary depending on the exchange, and the price could change depending on the crypto market situation. Notably, there is a limit on the deposit amount on the inner wallet when making transactions and sneaker mints at 500 AMT. Other details on the costs of transactions vary depending on the preferred choice of exchange and sneaker mint.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 8/10
▪ Buzz rated at 7.5/10

AMT is causing a buzz amongst popular celebrities that have propelled its influence in the crypto world. Social media really helps AMAZY as several bloggers and Instagram influencers associate with it. More and more people are interested in using a token that helps them keep fit while earning rewards. There is an expectation that the outreach could reach more than 700 million people, given the influential people supporting this token. People are adopting the move-to-earn model and would be very involved in tokens that support this cause.



Where can you purchase AMT token?

The token is currently available on some decentalized crypto exchanges such as PancakeSwap.

What impacts a user's level of AMT when performing a sneaker mint?

A user's level of AMT during a sneaker mint is influenced by performance and durability.


History of Amazy Move Token

Q2 2022 – Several influential partnerships with celebrities and famous bloggers upon token launch.

Q3 2022 – AMT listing on centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Q1 2023 – Launch of learning mechanics rewarded with AMT tokens.

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Screenshots from Amazy Move Token

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Amazy Move Token details and tokenomics

Amazy Move Token Ticker: AMT
BSC Contract address: 0xf625069dce62dF95b4910f83446954B871F0Fc4f
Type of crypto: bsc-token
Date for the end of ICO: August 4, 2022
Circulating supply: 30,102,417
Resources & Social media
🔗Blockchain URL: https://bscscan.com

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