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GBTC Marbella – Buy Bitcoin in Person With a Special 0.5% Discount

Bitcoin shop in Marbella, Spain

Did you know that you can buy Bitcoin in person and not only through online platforms or exchanges? Many people don’t feel comfortable using those kinds of methods, but also understand the value of Bitcoin and want to get their hands on some. This is where a physical bitcoin exchange comes in handy.

GBTC in Marbella, Spain gives people exactly that option, and is a trusted partner of Crypto Lists. Before we give you the news of an exciting offer you can leverage in the store, let’s explore some common questions people have about physical Bitcoin stores.

What is a physical Bitcoin exchange?

Great question. And, a totally understandable one to ponder. In a nutshell, an offline crypto exchange like GBTC Marbella helps people buy cryptocurrencies without the risk they feel they might be exposed to online. Not everyone grew up as digital natives, and many most certainly haven’t had the exposure to technology of those traditionally associated with the crypto space.

How do physical Bitcoins work?

Unfortunately, there are no physical Bitcoins. They’re digital assets that are stored strictly online. However, you can buy Bitcoin in a physical bitcoin exchange like GBTC Marbella. They also have other stores across Spain if you’re not in the Malaga province, and all their locations are available on their website. You can find them by clicking here.

How do I buy Bitcoin in GBTC Marbella?

You can go directly into their shop and buy Bitcoin with cash or So, what are you waiting for? Head into their store in Marbella and quote the Crypto Lists discount code MARBS to get a 0.5% discount! Or, you simply use it on their website which allows you to buy Bitcoin online, like you would at any other crypto platform or online exchange. They also have a range of cool crypto-themed clothing for you to try on and buy. Bitcoin and crypto currency in general is still in its fairly early stages of adoption with enormous potential for growth… so fly the flag as an early adopter with a trendy hoody or cap!

Bitcoin branded clothes on a rack

Plus, they have some cool mugs available too, so why not sip on a freshing drink from a crypto-themed cup while reading the latest news on CryptoLists.com? We certainly can’t think of a better way to spend your morning. And, for those looking for the best security for their coins and tokens GBTC have cold storage wallets to buy too.


To find the store, head to Marbella old town and go to C. Jacinto Benavente 10.

Their full address is below:

C. Jacinto Benavente 10
29601 Marbella

Can I buy Bitcoin using any other methods?

Other ways to buy Bitcoin include peer-to-peer exchanges like Local Cryptos and Bitcoin ATMs for people wanting a more traditional experience.

QR code to visit Local Cryptos
Info symbol Get Local Cryptos

UK flag
Rating: 7/10
Number of instruments: 13+ instruments

Description: Take advantage of a person-to-person Bitcoin exchange where you can trade local currency for Bitcoin!

Risk warning: Trading, buying or selling crypto currencies is extremely risky and not for everyone. Do not risk money that you could not afford to loose.!

A site like Local Cryptos is a person-to-person exchange site that lets people from different countries exchange their local currency for Bitcoins. Sites like these don’t usually have buying or selling fees and provide a wide variety of payment options. And, perhaps most appealing your Bitcoin trade can be conducted between individuals without a middleman. This is the same as GBTC Marbella (as well as their other locations). You can also send money abroad from your Bitcoin savings account which makes it convenient when you have friends and family living in other parts of the world. Especially in countries where many people are unbanked and want to use crypto to conduct everyday transactions. With the increasing adoption of Bitcoin as an accepted payment method and nationally recognised currency in places like El Salvador and the Central African Republic, this trend is only set to continue and expand.

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