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EURO 2024: 13 Best Bitcoin Soccer Betting Sites

Do you love the EURO 2024 and football betting as much as Crypto Lists and are looking to find the optimal Bitcoin casino site with amazing odds and combinations?Euro 2024 Football in Germany

You’re in luck. Here we showcase the 10 best football betting sites that accept crypto deposits in addition to the earlier and slightly wider article covering the best crypto sportsbook sites for EURO 2024.

The best alternatives in your part of the world is shown in the top. You can also read up about interesting facts related to the EURO 2024 below the toplist. But here it comes; our recommended Bitcoin casinos with sport betting focus.

14 Best EURO 2024 Bitcoin Betting Sites

Crypto-Games IO
Whatever way the wind may blow you’ll find big USDT bonuses on Crypto Games IO!
4000+ games


Betplay Casino
Great for live betting on a selected EURO 2024 soccer game, give it a try there is no-one to blame.
3650+ games


Juice Bet Casino
A juicy bet on soccer? Here you have a site, that’s way more than alright. Enjoy Copa America and EURO2024 now!
1500+ games


Jackbit Casino
Jackbit offer 100’s of betting options on 2024’s biggest and most followed soccer tournament: Euro 2024.
6500+ games


Sportbet One
If you bet for 30 USDT on EURO 2024 you get a 10 USDT free bet. We have the link, so you are all set.
500+ games


Winz Casino
Enjoy every little bit of fun. A welcome offer with 20 free bet for EURO 2022 in the sun.
7000+ games


Crypto Leo
Up to 100 USDT free bets on Uefa’s EURO 2024 soccer tournament to enjoy, can you really say no to this joy?
6000+ games


Bet Fury Casino
Betfury offer daily sports battles, have great combo odds & gives a free bet to start. Their great EURO 2024 betting site is a work of art.
5000+ games


Bet Panda IO
Combo betting tournaments for both Euro 2024 and Copa America this year. So give Betpanda a try, what is there to fear?
5500+ games


Joker8 Casino
Joker 8 have both a Bitcoin casino and lots of EURO 2024 matches to play, give it a try and let’s see what you say?
4000+ games


Strong as a rhino or swift as a fox? Full of EURO 2024 games, but it’s not in a box.
6000+ games


Wall Street Memes Casino
Wall Street Memes is like Robin Hood, a crypto soccer betting site that gives back to the good!
5000+ games


Kripty Casino
Grab your Bitcoin, and put on the TV. With Kripty Casino, you can easily see. All the best odds and matches to play. So have your say!
4000+ games


Playio Casino
Playio is a new crypto casino with an extensive sportsbook with a EM2024 tourment that’s great. so why wait?
3000+ games


Why bet on Euro 2024?

There are many fair reasons to put your crypto to work on soccer tournaments such as Euro 2024 and here are some of our favorites.

1. Everyone talks about soccer (or football in EU)
Betting on football in big tournaments such as Euro 2024 can be a social activity. Friends and family often place bets together, leading to a friendly competition hopefully and some proud winners. Just be careful so you don’t annoy each other.

2. It’s way more exciting to watch a game when you put a bet
Looking for more excitement and engagement on Euro 2024? Soccer betting obviously adds an extra layer of excitement to the matches. It makes watching the games more engaging, as people have a personal stake in the outcomes. With live soccer betting during EURO 2024 you can also make bets when one team just scored, or when they are about to score. Crypto Lists recommend Cryptorino for live betting on Euro 2024.

3. Use your football knowledge and place smart bets
Many people enjoy using their knowledge of football to place bets. They find satisfaction in predicting match outcomes and seeing their predictions come true. Are you one of them that often guess the right outcome or even score in a match? Well, you can bet on the winner or a certain EURO 2024 match or you can even bet on the final score (before any potential extra time in matches after the group play).

4. Potential Crypto Gain
The potential to win crypto is a significant motivator for many. Betting offers the chance to make a profit, which can be very appealing. But in the worst case, you can also loose obviously. So make sure to take time to select your matches and go for reasonable odds where both your head and heart tells you a certain team is going to win.

5. Wide Media Coverage and Popularity
Euro 2024 is a major international event with widespread media coverage in almost all TV channels and newspapers. The high visibility and popularity of the soccer tournament naturally attract betting interest. Are you in it or not? Place a bet on Kripty today and have some fun while watching.

6. Huge Variety of Betting Options
The Euro 2024 tournament provides numerous betting options, from predicting the winner of a match to more specific bets like the number of goals scored or individual player performances. You can also bet on humiliating soccer bets such as which team will be sent home first. Others prefer to bet on combos, meaning you combine the odds from a minimum of two matches to get a better total odds. This variety of soccer betting alternatives allows bettors to tailor their bets to their preferences and expertise.

7. Promotional Offers with free soccer bets or high bonuses
Crypto betting companies often provide special offers, bonuses, and promotions during big events like Euro 2024, making it more enticing for people to place bets. Some of our favourite ones include the following:
Combo betting tournament: Many sites have a combined betting tournament with 60 000 USDT up for grabs, divided into 4 different stages of the Euro 2024. Some of those with such as set-up include Cryptorino, Wall Street Memes Casino, BetPanda and Kripty.Sportbet IO free bet offer
Free bets: If you bet at least 30 USDT on soccer during the euros 2024, you’ll get 10 USDT extra to play for on Sportsbet (get bonus here). Another Bitcoin friendly site with even higher free bets is Crypto Leo that gives out a 50 USDT free betting offer.

8. Cultural Significance
For many Europeans, football is deeply ingrained in their culture. Betting on such a significant tournament that only takes place once every 4th year can be seen as part of the tradition and celebration of the sport.


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions and some that’s added for curiosity that we think could be interesting for some visitors not sure what to be on in EURO 2024.

Euro 2024 is finished. What can I play now?
Well, Copa America 2024 starts a bit later and it’s running a bit longer for that reason. It might be worth to check out if you like to bet on soccer (football).

I don’t like a team: Are there any humiliation football odds?
It depends how you see it, but I guess that you can consider some of Wall Street Memes Casino’s betting offers as humiliating for one team. They have for instance odds for the one last in a group, or odds with very few goals that you can bet on for teams that you don’t believe in. Visit Wall Street Memes Casino to learn more about this.

Where do I get best odds for Germany or Spain winning?
Last time we checked (21st of June, 2024), Cloudbet offers the best odds for Germany and Spain. The odds for the home team Germany as winner of Euro 2024 football tournament is 5.48, while the odds for Spain stands at 7.48.

Where is it good to play systems for soccer betting?
A site with particular good offer at the moment is Cryptorino (review). They offer 10% extra in odds for all combos and systems. If the odds is 2.0 (200%), then it will be 2.1 (210%) with the help of the temporary boost during the most exciting football tournament in years; EURO 2024. Visit Cryptorino to learn more and see all the latest odds.

Does most crypto casinos offer odds for EURO 2024?
No, they don’t. But then again, most Bitcoin casinos need improvement in one way or another. Only the best Bitcoin casinos offer a really good sport betting section as well. You find the most suitable in the list above.

    Cryptorino casino: 15,000 USDT prize in soccer tournamentsCryptorino casino: 15,000 USDT prize in soccer tournaments
    Monday, 1 Jul 2024 1:40 pm
    The third stage of Euro 2024 and Copa America betting combo is now live on Cryptorino Casino (review) and lasts for another 5 days and 15 hours. All you need to do in order to participate is to check out Cryptorino and sign-up, then click on participate on the sports-book section of the official website. There are prizes for the 240 best soccer betting participants. You need to select one game from UEFA Euro 2024, one game from Copa America 2024 and one FIFA e-soccer tournament. The winner gets 3250 USDT, while the second place gives 1625 USDT and 3rd place gives a reward of 1075 USDT. The remaining 237 best bettors also get prices. What are you waiting for? Visit Cryptorino and join the soccer tournament where your skills can be tested. 480 winners have already shared 32,225 USDT in...
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    A break from EURO 2024? Try Goat CasinoA break from EURO 2024? Try Goat Casino
    Thursday, 20 Jun 2024 5:55 pm
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