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Terra (LUNA) Review (6.83/10⭐)

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Terra was founded in January 2018 by Daniel Shin and Do Kwon with a singular vision of facilitating the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Its protocol is best in maintaining the price of Terra stable coin by maintaining balance in its supply and demand yearly. This is usually achieved by using Luna as a variable counterweight to the Terra stable coin. An increasing amount of investors are looking for stable cryptocurrencies with predictable prices like Terra to invest in. This article captures all the important information you need to know about Terra, such as its blockchain technology and why you should care about investing in it. Read on to find out more information.
LUNA/USD (77.09%)
November 10, 2023, 9:17 pm [UTC]

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Positive: 53.13%Negative: 46.87%
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Terra is a blockchain platform that provides its users with stablecoins. Stablecoins derive their value from other currencies such as the U.S. dollar. As a result, stablecoins tend to be more stable, unlike Bitcoin, which is volatile as it is not pegged to any currency. It is no wonder that investors have begun embracing stablecoins. An example of a stablecoin from Terra is the LUNA coin. We will discuss LUNA in a bit more detail below.


A Bit About Terra

Terra (Luna) is a unique type of crypto that uses fiat pegged stablecoins to power and facilitate global payments systems. The founders of this cryptocurrency are Daniel Shin and Do Kwon. Their main aim was to help drive the rapidly growing adoption of blockchain technology. The mainnet of Terra was in April 2019, but its initial development began in January 2018. Terra uses an algorithm that maintains the one-to-one peg. In turn, it automatically adjusts the stablecoin supply based on its demand. In the coming years, this cryptocurrency seeks to increase its efficiency in terms of payment service providers and increase value for its users. Therefore, for Terra to achieve this, it has partnered with fifteen initial partners who account for over $ 25 billion in terms of gross merchandise and also a customer base worth $45 million.

What is Terra?

It refers to an open source blockchain protocol that underpins algorithmic stable coins and a growing network of financial applications. It is famously known to the world to be a stable coin that tracks the price of fiat currencies such as dollars and euros, while the lunar is popular for governance and mining.

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What blockchain does Terra use?

Terra uses a specific blockchain technology known as Cosmos blockchain. This type of technology interferes with the traditional retail payment apps since it is an end-to-end payment solution. This is contradictory to the traditionally fragmented payment services. The Cosmos blockchain is beneficial to payment service providers as they get to save millions of dollars annually. Terra charges low fees to its users such that it charges 0.5% to 2.0% compared to its competitors, who charge higher transaction fees of 2.5% to 3.0%. It uses a native token known as Luna, which currently offers a maximum of 1 billion tokens. Additionally, for Terra to maintain the price stability of its stablecoins, it mints its new tokens through the protocol’s algorithm. Tendermint-based proof-of-stake consensus algorithm secures the Terra blockchain’s technology. Staking fund It’s a way of earning reward for holding crypto assets where a buyer becomes an important part of a blockchain network security infrastructure and earns a right to receive rewards, it is also central to proof of stake where participants contributing to it by adding new data blockchains based on assets they have stacked. Proof of stake blockchain validation When new a block needs to added to PoS blockchain, validators stake their assets and be able to transact ,update and earn rewards. Their selection is based on assets the validator has stacked in the asset pool and the length of time , those who have staked more have a higher chance to be selected and rewarded with crypto in exchange of their effort. It contributes to security and efficiency of blockchains. B-Harvest It provides validation services for multiple dPoS and is actively engaging in decentralized governance.it has various networks that take part as validators. Cosmos Its an ecosystem of blockchains that can scale and interoperate with each other. Band protocol Cross chain data oracle platform that aggregates and connects real world data and APIs to smart contracts. Chainlink It’s a secure and tamper proof environment for complex smart contracts. e-Money This is an electronic payment system and store of value operating in the financial service industry Others include kava ,orbit and osmosis known for interchain assets in cryptocurrency world. Orion money It has a vision to be a cross chain stable coins bank best for saving , lending and spending. Once you deposit your money with Orion , you earn up to 20 percent profit whereby Orion money deposits stablecoins with EthAnchor which converts it UST and they are deposited to Anchor on Terra.

The Terra crypto platform : Accessible and interoperable

This ecosystem features a development platform and a blockchain agnostic framework that allows software engineers to build their own protocols in addition to terra networks. The anchor protocol offers incentivized staking yields and Mirror protocol which enables synthetic asset creation and usage. The protocol; ensures that tokenized assets and other data can be moved to and from multiple blockchains simultaneously ,it is also possible for cross-chain asset transfer between terra blockchain and Ethereum and Solana blockchains.

The Terra Crypto LUNA Coin -Incentivized Discount Model

It is designed to maintain a balance equilibrium of all its stable coins by using specialized algorithmic spending and its data usage gathered from terra blockchain where the mastermind behind the rebalancing is Luna. When transaction volume increases across the networks the demand expands.

Why you should be concerned about Terra

The Terra protocol offers a multiple stable coins tied to different currencies including the euro, South Korean won and Mongolian tugrig, since the coins maintain same price they are best at transfer of funds and buying of goods and services. Helps in balancing out it coins through Luna such as at low demand it lets its stable coin holder convert to Luna at a profit which reduces stable coin supply and pushes the price back up.

Why Care about Terra?

When looking to invest in a cryptocurrency, it would be best to go for one showing good performance in terms of growth in the economic sector. Terra Luna is showing good growth and performance. Therefore it can be a good place to invest in. Terra is an e-commerce platform that especially uses fiat stablecoins to offer stability, lower charges and investment settlement. According to the future price prediction, Terra’s global payment revenue in 2025 will rise by 2.5 trillion USD. If Terra manages to attain even a small fraction of this revenue, it will be a huge success for this crypto coin. Since Terra had to launch the Columbus-5 upgrade, there are higher expectations that it will expand its ecosystem with over one hundred and sixty new projects in early 2022. This action will increase the use of Terra tokens by new investors, which will positively affect its price.


Utility of Terra?

It is easy for people to be skeptical about Terra. First, it does not get as much attention as other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Dogecoin. Also, there are at least 10,000 cryptocurrencies in the market, so you wonder what makes this particular cryptocurrency special?

To begin with, Terra is a coin so they have their own blockchain - and not just any blockchain. Terra is faster than most, and way cheaper for each transaction than most other blockchains. Dogecoin and other meme coins don't have the same type of underlaying value, they are

As of 2021, the virtual coin's market cap stood at US$32.707 billion. Following its market cap, it was ranked as the 9th largest cryptocurrency, surpassing cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin. Since the Terra ecosystem is growing rapidly, the transaction costs are often below 8 cent per transaction, you should consider investing in it.

Terra Price details

Very speculative and theoretical potential data
Last updated: November 10, 2023, 9:17 pm
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Advantages of Terra

+ It allows its users to earn 10-20% yield through Terra staking.
+ One of the biggest alternative blockchain communities.
+ With Terra Bridge, you can transfer your Luna to another blockchain.
+ The coin can function on several different blockchains.


- Being relatively new, it is still hard to find it on crypto exchanges.
- Terra is huge in South Korea, but not so popular in EU & US yet.
- Still not so popular in the U.S, giving it potential there though.


▪ Rated at 9/10

One Terra (LUNA) cost about 50 USD while writing this. The average transaction cost is 0.06 USD to 0.08 USD, regardless of the amounts inside the transfer.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 2/10
▪ Buzz rated at 9/10

More investors embrace LUNA, and it is not hard to see why. Besides quickly becoming a popular cryptocurrency, investors love the benefits of using Terra. For instance, the Terra ecosystem generally offers low transaction fees. Additionally, the cross-border exchange of stablecoins is not as lengthy as other blockchains.

To understand the coin's popularity, people talk about it on all social media platforms that you can think of. Examples of such forums where people discuss the digital coin include Yahoo, Twitter, Investing, Reddit, Quora and Cryptocompare, just to name a few. The discussions mostly center on getting their hands on the coin. The masses understand how volatile most cryptocurrencies are, hence prefer Terra since they house stablecoins. If you launch a product that will hardly fail, you can be sure that people will give it much attention.



Who leads Terra?

Daniel Shin and Kwon are the founders of Terra.

How many coins are in Terra?

There are over 1 billion coins in circulation.

Does Terra (Luna) have a wallet?

Terra Luna uses a wallet known as a Trust wallet.

How do I stake LUNA Terra?

First, log into Terra Station Wallet. From the dashboard, locate a section called validators. When you click on the "validators" tab, you will see a list of available validators. Pick any validator that you like. Before choosing one, be sure that the validator is active. The more involved they are, the more rewards they receive. Through the rewards, they transfer some of it into your wallet. Think of validators as people who mine the coin on your behalf.

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Screenshots from Terra

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Terra details and tokenomics

Terra Ticker: LUNA
Contract address: n/a
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