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StormGain Review 9.22/10⭐

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NOTE: Customers from United States are not allowed to trade or register at this broker. We would recommend a different broker at our toplist here.

StormGain is a crypto trading platform established in 2019 for people looking to profit from the growth or decline of the crypto market. It is also an excellent platform for long-term investments in crypto assets. StormGain allows you to trade the most popular and highly capitalized coins from any device. The company's primary purpose is to help people profit in crypto trading by providing a platform for trading via cryptocurrency futures contracts. The platform also offers educational materials for beginners in the crypto trading market. All you need to do is open an account quickly and effortlessly, gain access to the educational material, and start trading.

If you are interested in trying StormGain out, have a read here and learn all you need to know to get started with the best possible offer.

NOTE: Customers from United States are not allowed to register. Find another broker here.

Try a better crypto exchange. Discover StormGain, you too!


Background & Overview


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StormGain is a cryptocurrency trading platform that serves a variety of crypto traders and investors from varying walks of life. It is designed to harness profit from the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. It also helps traders get intelligent trading and investment strategies they can turn into assets for making long-term investments. The company also offers a wide range of order types, intelligent tools, and smart trading strategies.

The company is unique because it offers a user-friendly account opening procedure with demo accounts. You can register to the company in the following simple steps:

+Visit the official StormGain website.
+Provide the following information; email address, phone number, password.
+After submitting the details, you must confirm your account via email or phone.
+Click on the link sent to your phone or email to finish the confirmation process.

The registration process is as simple as that!

It is also not as strict as other trading platforms regarding KYC processes. Unlike conventional crypto trading platforms, StormGain also offers advanced trading solutions and tools, like;

+Trading signals.
+Charting tools and technical analysis.
+Deposit fees interests and deposit bonus funds.
+Loyalty schemes.
+Low commission and low trading fees.
+50K USDT funded demo account types.

In a nutshell, StormGain is an all-in-one online trading platform with numerous incredible features. Try Stormgain yourself in order to discover! Visit StormGain now!


Advantages at StormGain

It features numerous special features like margin trading, instant deposits, and demo accounts:

+Enjoy trading signals for ETH as a Stormgain customer.
+Registering to the platform is quick and effortless, and its support team is efficient and available round the clock.
+It features fast withdrawals and instant deposits.
+Its day trading interface is relatively fast and runs smoothly.
+It offers high leverage of up to 300x.
+It offers a 0 percent commission on all trades and free trading signals. 


-The crypto trading platform is not regulated.
-The number of altcoins available for trading could be more.
-It charges a 10 percent interest on all profits made on the platform. 

KYC & Registration

In order to create your own account, you don't even need to fill in your name - just the email, phone number and password.

When becoming a Stormgain customer, you start with a standard account. That gives 0.095% exchange commission, which is very competetive. For major customers, a StormGain GOLD account might be an option where. you get 5% bonus on all deposits and 5% discount on trading commission. For exchange commission, you get it for 0.085%, while mining speed is enhanced to 1x (compared to 0.5x for standard accounts). The entire KYC process is very simple, since Stormgain is not regulated. They don't ask for a lot of troublesome documents.

In Crypto Lists optinion, it's enough with a standard account that gives very beneficial trading conditions. Explore Stormgain today!


Company Account

Unfortunately, they don't currently have business accounts on offer at present.



▪ Rated at 10/10

In the crypto trading market, leverage is used to manage risks. It also proportionally affects the amount of commission you are charged when opening trades and moving them to another trading day. Leverage also allows traders to increase their treads profitability and use their available funds more effectively.

On StormGain, like most trading platforms, you can use leverages. You can choose the leverage of up to 300. This type of leverage means that even if you only have a dollar to trade with theoretically, you will trade with 300 dollars and take the gains of a 300 dollar trade instead of one. However, this is a risky move because if you lose, you also lose much more than one with a dollar-worth trade would. Using leverage is similar to borrowing from the platform and using the amount to trade.



▪ Rated at 10/10

To start live trading on this platform, you need a minimum deposit of 50 USD in your account. There is also a 5 percent commission at a minimum of 10 USD. All users can deposit cryptos using their bank cards. Here, all you need to do is choose the crypto you want and receive it in your wallet in five minutes. You can also change your deposit into USDT and start the trading procedure immediately. The entire process is straightforward, even for traders who are not well-versed in the complexities of cryptocurrencies.

It is also worth mentioning that StormGain is a 0 percent commission crypto broker. This means that you will only pay when you make some gains. This means that the company will only make money after making profitable trades. StormGain takes a 10 percent share of the profitable trades.

The platform also provides a secure and straightforward method for managing and exchanging funds at any time. All you need is to pass the registration process and deposit your assets. From there, you can enjoy quick access to your assets. Note that all assets are stored in one place.


Deposit Methods

▪ Rated at 7/10
Below you can see a list of the deposit methods available on StormGain. Some of them may not be available in United States as it depends on regional regulation, but normally the most common payment methods are available across numerous countries.

Stormgain accepts payments via the following methods;

+Credit card, mainly Visa or MasterCard - all the deposits you make via this method have a 3.5 percent transaction fee or a standard 10 dollar fee. The maximum deposit using a bank card is 20000 USD
+Tether - you can also fund your StormGain account via a cryptocurrency. All crypto deposit fees are 0 percent, while withdrawal fees are 0.1 percent. Read more about the deposit methods at StormGain here.



▪ Rated at 10/10

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One of the best things about StormGain is its platform's user-friendliness. The platform sets itself apart from most online trading platforms by offering unique features to improve user experience. These features include;

+User-friendly trading interface.
+Effortless registration process.
+Educational content on how to use the platform.


Automated Trading and Copy Trading

StormGain has no autotrade or copy trading feature at this moment in time. We'll keep you updated if and when they do.


Languages supported

The following languages are supported on StormGain:

Arabic, Chinese, English, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish and Vietnamese


Broker Support

▪ Rated at 10/10

The platform also offers reliable customer support. The best way to access customer support at StormGain is via the support hub. Active traders can easily access the customer support team through live chat. The platform's customer service is available 24/7, and you can reach out to them via phone, email, live chat, and telegram messaging app. You can count on getting a response from the customer service team a couple of seconds after initiating a conversation via phone call. The email support guarantees detailed responses within less than an hour. The easiest way to converse with customer support is via live chat integrated on their official platform.

Something else worth mentioning is that the customer support team offers detailed and understandable responses to questions. This means that even beginners and people who are not well versed in the crypto market can understand their responses.


Other Names for StormGain

StormGain is or has also been known under the following names: StormGain Limited



Where can I register for StormGain?

The best way is to open an account here and if you have any further questions you can get in touch with their support directly.

Is Stormgain reliable?

Yes, StormGain is relatively reliable. Many people ask this question because the platform is relatively new, and there isn't much information from actual customers. However, it is a trustworthy exchange with several incredible features. However, the company is non-regulated.

Which languages are supported by Stormgain?

English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese, Russian and Arabic.

How does this company earn money?

One of the best things about this crypto trading platform is that it features a 0 percent commission. However, this raises the question of how the company earns money. The company makes money from its user's success. Whenever a user profits from trading on the platform, the company takes a ten percent cut from the total profits.

Who started the company?

StormGain was started in 2019 by Alex Althausen, also the company's CEO. Alex has vast experience in the fintech sphere.

Can I trade on StormGain using my phone or tablet?

First, you need to create an account and deposit money. From there, click the features or exchange icon to choose your product. Finally, choose your position size and enter the market with a stop-loss order. Remember that you will need the StormGain app to download from the Apple store or Google Play stores.

Yes, StormGain is available on iOS mobile app stores and Android Play stores and can work on various devices.


Instruments available

▪ Rated at 9/10

Crypto Currencies


StormGain QR code
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›› Sign up at StormGain here
NOTE: Customers from United States are not allowed to register. Find another broker here.

Screenshots from StormGain

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Read the StormGain Terms and Conditions here.
StormGain Review Published: Friday, 24 Apr 2020 2:08 pm
Last Updated: Thursday, 9 May 2024 1:25 pm
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Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about StormGain. Our experts are happy to answer your questions, help you find the right option or just point in the right direction.
StormGain Newsflash
    StormGain commits to 100% customer fund securityStormGain commits to 100% customer fund security
    Wednesday, 7 Dec 2022 2:38 pm
    StormGain recently released a message on its official website to reassure clients that it secures all its customers' digital assets, including cryptocurrencies and tokenized commodities. In light of recent troubles in the wider crypto space, it reiterated that trading services continue as usual with no exposure. This comes on the backdrop of concern over custodial crypto exchanges and platforms causing adverse price volatility of crypto assets...
    Read the full newsflash

Founders of StormGain
StormGain was created by Alex Althausen who has a long background in trading and cryptocurrencies. He worked at the crypto trading site XCOEX before starting up StormGain and it is clear that he has taken everything to a new level with StormGain. Maybe it was the case that Alex tried to push for a better site, but XCOEX did not have the same level of ambition. Everything from graphs to commissions and fees is best in class at StormGain.Try yourself to find out more!
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