Top 39 Crypto Sites Accepting Tether (USDT) for Deposits

Tether (USDT)USDT is one of the most commonly used stablecoins for transfers & deposits to crypto exchanges and platforms.

The biggest problems for USDT transfers can be the high transaction fees, that can be avoided if using the right blockchain.

While most crypto platforms only support Tether transactions with the ERC-20 network on Ethereum blockchain, instead of using a crypto exchange supporting Tether transfers with Tron blockchain. Not falling in the Ethereum blockchain pitfall, can save around 95-99% in transaction costs, making your USDT transfer way more affordable. So use Tron (TRX) blockchain next time you do a Tether transfer, but first confirm that both the sending and receiving wallet accept transactions with TRX.

The Tether is currently ranked as the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, after Bitcoin and Ethereum. Being such an important cryptocurrency, it is featured on lots of crypto exchanges around the world. You can get started with a Tether (USDT) deposit by signing up for one of the crypto sites below.
There are 25 crypto trading sites supporting Tether and 14 crypto casinos which support Tether as deposit method as seen in the toplists below.


Top 25 sites for buying, selling and trading crypto with Tether (USDT)

This is the toplist with the best sites to buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies through an USDT transfer. To learn more why a certain site is ranked the way it is, you can read our review by clicking the review button. We generally recommend using an exchange or platform with good track record, great reputation and positive feedback from its customers. The better option for you as customer, the better ranking we give them.

Buy bitcoin & crypto from a trusted exchange suitable for almost everyone.
One of the best exchanges for global crypto enthusiasts that’s available in most countries. Exchange
Trade over 200 crypto pairs from one of the leading exchanges. They also got their own debit card for all users.
Coinbase App
Want to buy and sell cryptocurrencies easily? Coinbase is where you go!
Coinbase Pro
A more complex crypto exchange for advanced users. Generally better exchange rates than the normal Coinbase app.
Buy Bitcoin and crypto instantly with Gemini. App
Making crypto trading, staking and investing simple. Directly from an app.
Biswap DEX
The lowest trading fee among Decentralized Exchanges, only 0.1%.


One of the exchanges available in most places around the world, with among the lowest fees and among the best compatibility for transfers between various blockchains.
A DEX that supports both BSC, ETH and Heco.


Local Bitcoins
Buy bitcoin locally, with almost any deposit method. Local Bitcoins make crypto investment easy.
Swissborg offers flexible staking yields, from a crypto platform with European license.
One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency copy trading platforms.
Bithoven support instant transfers, but is not user-friendly.


Gate IO can be your gateway to everything related to crypto – with over 1400 cryptocurrencies to trade in a safe, quick and easy manner.
A very professional crypto exchange more targeted to advanced traders. Good reputation and big variety of coins and tokens.
Try a better crypto exchange. Discover StormGain, you too!
Trade With FTX Anywhere & Anytime.
Dex Trade allow users buying and selling crypto in a simple way.


Paxful got over 350 different deposit methods in order to get started with crypto investing.
Largest on crypto. Over 200 cryptocurrencies to trade, both currency exchange with a wallet, CFD trading, staking and much more.
Avoid Scam Sam and his team, that went bankrupt after spending client money on their own token and external crypto projects.
One of the fastest functioning and hottest up and coming crypto exchanges. Try it and see for yourself!
One of the top three exchanges in the world for sheer number of cryptocurrency projects!
Buy and sell cryptocurrency on Bitfinex, the home of advanced digital asset trading.


Top 14 casinos with support for USDT

An anonymous crypto casino with crypto crash gaming, slots, live casino, and sportsbook.
2000+ games


Wild Tornado
The biggest variety of crypto deposit options. More games than competing casinos. Great casino bonus!
3400+ games


7 Bit Casino
Enjoy the best BTC online gambling at 7 Bit Casino.
1800+ games


Cloudbet Casino
CloudBet Casino offers a fantastic range of games & have lots of different crypto deposit options. The easiest method to bet with Bitcoin.
1900+ games


Horus Casino
Horus Casino gives you more action and more fun thanks to 13000+ games, while having a top-notch wager free bonus
13654+ games


Vegaz Casino
Vegaz is a Crypto Casino With No Wagering, that accept deposit through Tron blockchain for cheaper transfers.
3000+ games


Haz Casino
Haz Casino provides a combination of the best deposit options and over 6000 games from leading software providers. Excellent casino bonuses.
6022+ games


Axe Casino
Challenge your Luck, says Axe Casino. With super many games with high return to player (RTP), it is a good slogan for this crypto casino sit
7300+ games


RedDog Casino
A nice crypto casino environment where new players get 300% bonus up to 5000 eur or equal in ETH or BTC.
180+ games


Bitcoin Casino IO
Get your withdrawls within 5 minutes at super popular Bitcoin Casino IO, that also accept ETH, USDT, Dogecoin and other crypto coins.
5050+ games


Just Bit
The easy way for Crypto Play. Almost any crypto deposit method accepted at JustBit.
1500+ games


Rollers Casino
Attractive crypto casino with withdrawls within minutes and all games you can ask for.
2200+ games


Crypto Casino where the More you Play, the Higher your Reward.
2500+ games


BC Game
Providing community-based crypto casino for the best experience possible, both for betting and slot lovers.
2000+ games


Here are the best crypto exchanges, platforms and brokers offering funding with Tether.


USDT gained popularity because it offers the benefits of Blockchain technology and still avoids the volatility of regular cryptocurrencies. It is also among the oldest cryptocurrencies in existence and has significantly helped with the growth of the crypto sector. Tether does not charge users any transaction fees, but you will have to cover the gas fees of the respective blockchains. Also, you may have to pay a fee to the crypto exchanges.


Advantage - logo+Its value is stable, so you don’t need to worry about volatility.
+Its transfer fees can be very low.
+It helps you maintain high levels of anonymity when buying cryptocurrencies.
+It makes it easier to process international payments.


disadvantage logo-The transactions are completed in minutes, which is quite slow.
-The cryptocurrency is still highly controversial.
-You can’t mine the cryptocurrency.
-It is a centralized cryptocurrency and can blacklist users.
-Newbies can be vulnerable to security risks.

What is USDT?

Tether is classified as a stablecoin since its price is always maintained at 1 USD. The company is able to maintain this price because every Tether coin is backed by actual US dollar reserves. Whenever withdrawals are made, USDT coins are burned as well, thus ensuring that the price does not change. Because of the high market cap of the coin, there are now many crypto sites that accept USDT. It is worth noting that the coin uses several blockchains, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. The transfer speeds and transaction costs will vary depending on the blockchain you use.

USDT Costs

The fees for USDT deposits will vary depending on the blockchain you are using. For example, when using the cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain, you will have to pay the ETH gas fees, which usually amount to about $15. If you choose to transfer the funds on the Algorand blockchain, you will have to pay a fee of about 1000 microAlgos. This is equal to about 0.0007 USD. You should note that Tether itself does not charge any fees for the payments. When making USDT payments, you also need to consider the fees charged by the crypto exchange.

Transaction speed for USDT

Since Tether uses the infrastructure of other cryptocurrencies, its transaction time will vary depending on the blockchain you use. For example, with the Bitcoin infrastructure, the transactions will usually be confirmed within 60 minutes. With Ethereum, USDT payments will typically be completed within six minutes. USDT deposits are generally considered fast, especially in comparison to regular fiat currency transfers.

USDT Deposits: How to do it?

1. You can start by logging into your account on the crypto exchange.
2. Then you can navigate to the payment section, where you will pick Tether from the available deposit options.
3. From there, you can enter the amount you want to deposit.
4. To complete the transaction, you can verify your crypto wallet account.

Which are the main countries where USDT is used?

Although this deposit method is quite controversial, it is still extremely popular in the USA and Australia. Canada recently banned local crypto exchanges from trading in this cryptocurrency, particularly because its mode of operation is unclear. However, it is not exactly illegal to use Tether in the country. Some places where the stablecoin is completely illegal include China, Iraq, Egypt, and Qatar.

Can you withdraw with USDT?

You can use this stablecoin to make withdrawals from your crypto exchange account. In order to make the withdrawals, you will usually need to add the destination address and whitelist it. You can check the terms and conditions of the platform to determine the withdrawal fees.

Reputation of USDT

Tether is respected as one of the most important cryptocurrencies. It is especially useful since it maintains its value at about 1 USD, and this allows investors to avoid the price volatility of other cryptocurrencies. While many crypto enthusiasts appreciate this stablecoin, lots of people are concerned about the shady nature of the company. It is still not certain whether each USDT is backed by actual US dollars, and the company has been hacked several times. You can follow discussions on the cryptocurrency on platforms like Reddit and Twitter.


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Tether (USD), when used for transfers between wallets or as deposits for a new crypto account opening. Have you got any additional query? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Is it safe to use USDT for crypto transfers?
Yes, it is safe to use this stablecoin when funding your account. Since its price doesn’t change, you will not risk losing a large percentage of your portfolio by holding this altcoin. You should just make sure you secure your crypto wallet to prevent criminals from accessing your assets.

How do I set up USDT?
In order to set up your USDT wallet, you will have to first add your personal information. You should also verify your details and identity. Once that is done, you will need to purchase USDT from a crypto exchange.

Is USDT transfers instant?
USDT payments are not instant, but they can be fairly fast. Depending on the blockchain you use, the transactions should be completed within a few seconds to a few hours. You should note that the number of pending transactions will also determine the speed of the payments.

Which blockchain offers the cheapest USDT transfers?
The both cheapest and most commonly used blockchain for cheap USDT transfers is TRX aka Tron Blockchain (TRC20). Crypto sites such as Kucoin (review) and (review) supports Tron and the average transfer cost is about 1 USDT. Not bad right?

The most used blockchain for USDT transfers is the ETH (ERC20) blockchain. While most sites, both platforms, exchanges and DEX support this network, it is not very wise to use from an economical point of view. One USDT transaction with ETH blockchain costs about 20-35 USDT.

Kucoin’s own blockchain; Kucoin Community Chain or KCC can not be used at the moment for USDT transfers. Otherwise, a transfer there would cost 0.5 USDT and would be the cheapest possible method for USDT transactions.

Algorand (ALGO) blockchain offer USDT transfers for 0.1 USDT, so it’s lower than TRON, but not available on so many exchanges.

EOS blockchain got the same price as TRON on Kucoin, but with slightly less crypto sites accepting USDT transfers with the EOS network. So if the receiving wallet accept EOS, it’s a great choice – for only 1 USDT.

Which blockchain offers the festest transfers for Tether?
Tron is our choice for fast USDT transfers, while EOS also got some respectable transfer speed. For ERC20 (ETH blockchain), it depends on the amount of transfers at the moment.

When was USDT founded?
This stablecoin was founded in mid-2014 and was initially known as Realcoin. It was rebranded as Tether in November of the same year.

Where is the mother company based?
Tether was initially based in the Isle of Man, but it was later moved to the British Virgin Islands. The company also has offices in Hong Kong.

Does USDT work for deposits on CFD brokers?
No, USDT does not work for crypto deposits on CFD brokers, but it is likely to be used in the future.

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