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Online bank wire transfers have evolved significantly over the years, and today, the fiat transactions can be transferred into cryptocurrencies instantly with the help of a bank account. In addition to conventional wire transfers, you can make crypto deposits using payment systems like Trustly, SWIFT, SEPA, UPI, IMPS, and BACS. One of the biggest benefits of using bank transfer is that it is extremely safe, especially for large transactions. This is because credit card details will not be required at any point.

There are 26 crypto trading sites supporting Bank Transfer and 6 crypto casinos which support Bank Transfer as deposit method as seen in the toplists below.


Top 26 sites for buying, selling and trading crypto with bank transfer

This is the toplist with the best sites to buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies with a bank transfer. To learn more why a certain site is ranked the way it is, you can read our review by clicking the review button. We generally recommend using an exchange or platform with good track record, great reputation and positive feedback from its customers. The better option for you as customer, the better ranking we give them.

Trade crypto in the United States just like you would on!
eToro US
Benefit from the world’s best traders using eToro US’ trade mirroring service. Funds insured and guaranteed by FDIC-regulated banks.
Buy bitcoin & crypto from a trusted exchange suitable for almost everyone.
One of the best exchanges for global crypto enthusiasts that’s available in most countries. Exchange
Trade over 200 crypto pairs from one of the leading exchanges. They also got their own debit card for all users.
Coinbase App
Want to buy and sell cryptocurrencies easily? Coinbase is where you go!
Coinbase Pro
A more complex crypto exchange for advanced users. Generally better exchange rates than the normal Coinbase app.
Buy Bitcoin and crypto instantly with Gemini. App
Making crypto trading, staking and investing simple. Directly from an app.
Local Cryptos
A Great Non-Custodial Peer-to-Peer Crypto Marketplace, Supporting 40 Deposit Methods.
One of the exchanges available in most places around the world, with among the lowest fees and among the best compatibility for transfers between various blockchains.
Local Bitcoins
Buy bitcoin locally, with almost any deposit method. Local Bitcoins make crypto investment easy.
Your one-stop-shop experience for purchasing, selling, and swapping cryptocurrencies.
Swissborg offers flexible staking yields, from a crypto platform with European license.
Gate IO can be your gateway to everything related to crypto – with over 1400 cryptocurrencies to trade in a safe, quick and easy manner.
Huobi is a global crypto exchange with Chinese founders, with lots of instruments and low transactions costs.
Get inspiration from the markets’ best traders for free! Discover the worlds’ best social crypto trading site, with or without CFDs.
Trade With FTX Anywhere & Anytime.
Paxful got over 350 different deposit methods in order to get started with crypto investing.
1-click trading with 500+ cryptocurrencies, excellent usability & flexible leverage.
Try a better crypto exchange. Discover StormGain, you too!
Largest on crypto. Over 200 cryptocurrencies to trade, both currency exchange with a wallet, CFD trading, staking and much more.
MEXC Global
Trade cryptocurrency on MEXC and benefit from 0% maker fees and support in 16 languages
Skilling offer crypto CFD trading with rapid execution & the lowest spread for BTC and ETH among the CFD brokers.
Avoid Scam Sam and his team, that went bankrupt after spending client money on their own token and external crypto projects.
Buy and sell cryptocurrency on Bitfinex, the home of advanced digital asset trading.


Top 6 casinos with support for bank transfers

Wild Tornado
The biggest variety of crypto deposit options. More games than competing casinos. Great casino bonus!
3400+ games


Bitdreams Casino
Dreams have no limits. Enjoy a fabulous crypto casino experience with a generous bonus & a wide range of deposit options.
7000+ games


Horus Casino
Horus Casino gives you more action and more fun thanks to 13000+ games, while having a top-notch wager free bonus
13654+ games


Axe Casino
Challenge your Luck, says Axe Casino. With super many games with high return to player (RTP), it is a good slogan for this crypto casino sit
7300+ games


Rollers Casino
Attractive crypto casino with withdrawls within minutes and all games you can ask for.
2200+ games


Crypto Games
Crypto Games gives more than they take, give it a try and stay awake.
10+ games


Here are the best crypto exchanges, platforms and brokers offering funding with bank transfer.


Bank transfer is accepted in many crypto exchanges and can be used for deposits and withdrawals. This deposit method is great for large cash transfers as its limits are usually higher. Also, your funds will be extremely safe when using this payment method. When transacting with this method, you may need to pay transaction fees and exchange rate fees, and the rates will vary depending on the bank you use.


+Bank transfers allows you to purchase cryptocurrencies without using a credit card.
+The transfers are usually free or a really low-cost.
+The Bank transfer process is secure.
+This banking method is available in lots of countries.
+Since you don’t need a credit card, no interest will be charged.


-Depending on your financial institution, the transfers can be slow.
-It is hard to transfer the funds anonymously.
-The transfers will be limited to the amount in your account.
-You can’t make one-click transactions.
-Sending the funds on mobile can be complicated.

What is Bank transfers?

This payment option is commonly used for peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions on crypto exchanges. With this payment method, you will have to link your bank account to the crypto exchange, after which you can complete the transfers. In most cases, the crypto exchange will not collect information on the buyer or seller when bank wire transfer is used. However, the banks will usually store data on the payments.

Bank transfers costs

Bank transfers can be processed for free, especially when making domestic transactions. However, with SWIFT, you can expect to pay transfer fees of between $0 and $40. In many cases, the recipient will also have to pay a fee. On top of the transfer fees, the sender of the funds will also have to pay exchange rate fees of between 3% and 5%. When using SEPA, the transfers will be free or can involve minimal fees. It is worth noting that some banks give users an option of paying some fees for faster transactions.

Transaction speed for Bank transfers

Bank transfers can be completed instantly, but in some cases, the funds will take up to two business days to reflect. The time taken for the transaction to be completed will be determined by your local bank. The payment system will also determine the transaction speed. For example, with UPI and IMPS, you can transfer smaller amounts of money instantly. With the BACS payment system, the funds will take up to three business days. It is worth noting that most people only use bank transfer when they are certain that the transactions will be completed instantly or within a few hours.

How to do Bank transfers deposits?

In most cases, bank transfer will only be used for peer-to-peer crypto purchases. Here is a general guide on how to purchase crypto using bank transfer:

1. First, you have to click the buy option on the crypto exchange.
2. You can then choose your fiat currency and the cryptocurrency you want to buy.
3. Next, you should choose bank transfer from the list of deposit methods.
4. You should then pick P2P or deposit to you account and enter the amount you want to purchase.
5. After that, you will need to copy the transfer details to your mobile banking app, such as bank account number, bank name, and branch name.
6. The funds will then be transferred, and you will get the crypto or fiat deposit when the crypto site receive the funds.

Which are the main countries where Bank transfers is used?

People from all around the world can use bank transfer to buy crypto, but some payment systems are limited to specific regions. For example, SEPA and IBAN is meant to be used by banks in the European Union. For international transfers, you should consider using SWIFT or conventional bank wire transfers.

Can you withdraw with Bank transfers?

Crypto Lists Limited noticed that there are many crypto sites that accept bank transfers for withdrawals. However, in many cases, you will only be allowed to make the withdrawals to the bank account that was used for deposits. If you have never deposited money using this funding method, you should consider making a small deposit via wire transfer first. This system is meant to prevent financial fraud and money laundering. The speed of the withdrawal will vary depending on the payment system and bank you use, but you will typically need to wait up to four business days for the funds to reflect in your account.

Reputation of Bank transfers

Bank transfer is generally considered a great deposit method in crypto exchanges, especially because of its low fees. As mentioned earlier, people generally use this deposit option when they are certain that the transfers will be completed instantly or within a few hours. If you can’t make instant bank transfers, you should consider using credit cards or e-wallets to make deposits in crypto exchanges.


Some of the most commonly asked questions related to crypto and bank transfers are shown below.

Is it safe to use Bank transfers for cryptocurrencies?
Yes, this deposit option is extremely safe for purchasing cryptocurrencies. You will not need to add your credit card information, and this makes it impossible for hackers to steal your identity.

Is Bank transfers instant?
This banking method offers varying transaction speeds, and this is usually determined by the banks involved and the payment system used. It is worth noting that most wire transfers are completed instantly or within hours. The slowest banks will take up to three business days to complete the deposits, while the fastest bank transfers such as Trustly goes instantly.

Which cryptocurrencies can I buy with this payment option?
Many crypto exchanges will require users to use their fiat currencies to first buy BTC, ETH, or their native cryptocurrency. For example, on Binance, you can use fiat currencies to buy BNB. Once that is done, you will be able to purchase any other cryptocurrencies.

Are bank wire transfers free?
In most cases, you will be able to make wire transfers for free. The only charges you may have to cover are exchange rate fees and transaction costs, in the case that you deposit into another currency that you have on your bank account.

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