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Thorchain (RUNE) Review (9/10⭐)

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Thorchain's Rune coin is centred around the same principles as Bitcoin. It doesn’t have a named founder or team of directors, which makes it impossible to regulate. Further development of the coin and network is managed on Gitlab, so there is no need for the people working on it to know each other. Although it is not as centralized as Bitcoin, the network is certainly set to be more decentralized than similar existing platforms.

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Rune is the native cryptocurrency of ThorChain, a decentralized liquidity protocol that allows users to exchange assets across different blockchains. Given the innovative nature of the protocol, its native cryptocurrency is becoming quite important in the crypto community. The Rune coin helps to maintain security in the network and is used to pay validators and liquidity providers for their service. It is also used for governance on the network. The coin was launched in 2021 and is quickly gaining popularity in the crypto community.


A Bit About Thorchain

This Thorchain project isn’t meant to generate profits for the creators and is simply meant to decentralize cryptocurrency liquidity. Its founders are anonymous, and there is also no board or known members of the development team. Unlike Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the native token of this protocol isn’t meant to work as a currency and simply facilitates transactions on the network. It is available on multiple blockchains, including Ethereum and Binance Chain.

Rune is the native coin for the Thorchain network, providing incentives for holders to secure the network.CryptoLists.com

Thorchain uses a range of novel technologies to facilitate cross-chain token swaps. Like Uniswap, it relies on a group of liquidity providers, and these have to deposit native coins like BTC and ETH, along with an equivalent USD value in RUNE. In this way, 50% of the coins in the liquidity pool will always be in the native cryptocurrency of the protocol. The network also requires a set of individuals to run the ThorNodes. Validating ThorNodes have to post the altcoin as a bond in order to gain the privilege of validating transactions on the network. The use of the cryptocurrency ensures that the network stays secure, and it gives the nodes an incentive to operate honestly.


Utility of Thorchain?

This altcoin has a maximum supply of 500 million coins, although only a fraction of these is currently in circulation. Traders using the decentralized exchange will have to hold the cryptocurrency as it is used to pay transaction fees. These fees are distributed to the validators and liquidity providers. Since the project isn’t meant to generate profits for the founders, none of the fees is channelled to them. The token is also used for governance, where one token equals one vote. For a ThorNode to gain the privilege of validating transactions on the network, it will need to post a bond in the native cryptocurrency of the protocol. As stated earlier, this helps to incentivize them to operate honestly. Liquidity providers on the network also need to deposit the cryptocurrency. Failing to do this will lead to the conversion of half the deposited assets into the altcoin.

Thorchain Price details


Advantages of Thorchain

+ It gives transaction validators an incentive to stay honest.
+ The founders of Rune are anonymous.
+ You can buy Rune on lots of centralized and decentralized exchanges.
+ It can be used for anonymous transactions.


- Rune is trading at way above deterministic value.
- Some investors may find the utility of the token hard to comprehend.
- With many similar coins, Rune will experience stiff competition.
- Holders cannot be insured as it is used in a decentralized exchange.
- Lack of information on the founders can lower trust in the coin.


▪ Rated at 9/10

The cost of transferring this altcoin will vary depending on the blockchain or network you use. On the decentralized exchange, the transfer fees are set at between $0.03 and $10. Over time, the fees are intended to be dynamic.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 9/10
▪ Buzz rated at 9/10

This cryptocurrency is quickly becoming popular in the crypto community, particularly because it is tied to a useful DEX project. The coin attracts heavy discussion on forums like Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit. On Twitter, the official page of the coin has more than 182,000 followers. People are generally hopeful about the coin since it makes it possible to exchange cryptocurrencies cross-chain without the need for an intermediary.



Who created this cryptocurrency?

The founder of Thorchain, Rune cryptocurrency and the general DEX project is unknown. There is also no list of directors as the project is supposed to be decentralized forever. The founders of the project are incentivized to hold the altcoin as this is the only way they can make profits from it.

Where can I buy this altcoin?

Since this coin is popular and fairly respected, it is available for purchase on many centralized and decentralized exchanges. Some of the best places where you can get the cryptocurrency are Binance and SushiSwap.

Is there a cap to the number of RUNE coins?

Yes, the coins are limited to a maximum of 500 million, and this ensures that the coin does not become deflationary. 100% of these coins were minted at the genesis, but 44% of them have been placed in the protocol to pay out to nodes and LPs for ten years.

Which blockchain does this cryptocurrency use?

This Rune coin works on the decentralized exchange, but it uses several blockchains. These include Binance and Ethereum.

Is this cryptocurrency a scam?

No, Rune is a legitimate cryptocurrency as it is used in the decentralized exchange. Since this network is decentralized, there is no risk of it ever shutting down, and it can never get regulated by any government.

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Thorchain details and tokenomics

Thorchain Ticker: RUNE
Contract address: n/a
Type of crypto: native-coin
Circulating supply: 330,688,061
Max supply: 500,000,000
Resources & Social media
🔗Blockchain URL: https://viewblock.io

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