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Monero (XMR)

Monero (XMR) logoHave you been looking for a safe and private way to perform online transactions? Considering the state of affairs in terms of digital security and data theft, we certainly wouldn’t blame you. This is when the power of Monero comes into play. Not only can you escape the prying eyes of “big brother”, but this hassle-free cryptocurrency supports extremely rapid transactions. Simply choose an e-wallet, purchase some Monero (XMR) coins and begin performing actions with your mobile device. Let’s now take a more in-depth look at this unique token.

Top 38 casinos with support for Monero

Crypto Wins Casino
Play with Bitcoin or perhaps some Monero coin. You can’t win big on Crypto Wins if you don’t join!
3000+ games


Jackbit Casino
Some stay fat, others get fit. They all want to win big on Jackbit!
6500+ games


Crypto Slots
Some look for fortune, others for fame. Enjoy a casino with all in-house games!
100+ games


BC Game
Providing community-based crypto casino for the best experience possible, both for betting and slot lovers.
6000+ games


Lupin Casino
Come play on a new Bitcoin casino with a famous style, it’s a fun site that gives you a smile.
173+ games


National Casino
Play with more than 25 different crypto coins on National Casino and enjoy games from 130+ different developers!


20 Bet Casino
Lucky me, lucky you, do you want to bet with some niche cryptos too? Come play on 20 Bet and your hopes will come true!
5000+ games


Bizzo Casino
A bigger presence than Lizzo, come and play on Bizzo! You can bet with crypto, not just Ether and Bit though!
3000+ games


Bet Fury Casino
It’s decentralized and anonymous and has over 50 different crypto deposit options. Seriously, what’s not to love?
5000+ games


Velobet Casino
Get ready, get set, try the cool crypto casino Velobet. It’s got spice, it’s got flavor, deposit now and you might win later!
6000+ games


Black Lion Casino
Feel the thrill of the jungle and the heat of the night. You can win it all on Black Lion if you play your cards right!


Hell Spin Casino
Come inside and have fiendish fun on a crypto casino where you might win a ton!
4000+ games


Stupid Casino
A wager free crypto casino bonus, that’s too good to be true? It’s right here waiting, and it’s brand new.
4000+ games


Bet Panda IO
Enjoy instant payouts and no KYC. BetPanda IO, is where you want to be!
5500+ games


XSpin Casino
Give it a spin, we hope that you win. Try live casino or an online slot. Sign-up now, to see what they’ve got.
4000+ games


888 Starz Casino
On the weekend do you hit the clubs and bars? If not then you can check out the crypto casino known as 888 Starz!
2000+ games


Play Fortuna
Pray to the gods that may be solar or lunar, and feast your eyes on prizes from Play Fortuna!
5000+ games


Bet Room 24
Say hello to a no wagering crypto casino that goes boom, it’s a place you wanna go and it’s called Bet Room!
6000+ games


Bet And You
Want the best odds and lots of crypto options too but haven’t got a clue? Say hello to Bet and You!
7000+ games


Spin Better Casino
Give it a spin and perhaps you’ll win? Not to try Spin Better might be a sin!
4600+ games


Superheros and shiny cars, experience the biggest thrills on CasinoStars!
8500+ games


Mond Casino
Like a frog jumps over the pond, you’re sure to win when you play on Mond!
4500+ games


Haz Casino
Haz Casino provides a combination of the best deposit options and over 6000 games from leading software providers. Excellent casino bonuses.
6022+ games


Crypto Games
Crypto Games gives way more than they take, try provably fair – you can see what players stake.
11+ games


Thor Casino
Throw the hammer like Thor, and wait for the winnings to soar.
5000+ games


Art Casino
Is there a better casino? Pinch me. Art Casino, more exquisite than a Da Vinci!
6000+ games


Fortune Panda
More action, more fun, more prizes to be won!
10000+ games


Mystake Casino
Your fate is what you make. Bet big on Mystake!
6500+ games


Chipstars Casino
Some dream of celebrity and supercars, the best poker players dream of Chipstars. It’s got slots and tournaments too, we love it but do you?
3000+ games


Wolfy Casino
Enjoy no wager wins with Wolfy and pocket the winnings straight to your wallet!
4500+ games


Betplays Casino
From Canada to Germany, with Scani in between. Betplays is in the middle of the crypto betting and casino scenes.
4400+ games


Duck Dice Casino
Some casino sites are fun, and others are just nice. You can play great games here on Duck Dice!
2 game(s)


Fairspin Casino
Play with Bitcoin or Ether and aim to win. Anything is possible on Fairspin!
4500+ games


Rolletto Casino
There’s a crypto casino with 6500 games, wanna go? Let us show you the way to Rolletto!
6500+ games


Deposit Win Casino
Some go in the golden box, others in the bin. It’s a sin not to go for gold when you play on Deposit Win!
8000+ games


Betcoin Casino
Bet in Bitcoin, win in Ether. We haven’t seen a better sportsbook and casino either!
2500+ games


Coinplay Casino
Play a different crypto casino every day, enjoy tons of developers and cryptos here on Coinplay!
3000+ games


Vegaz Casino
Vegaz is a Crypto Casino With No Wagering, that accepts deposit through Tron blockchain for cheaper transfers.
3000+ games



Top 19 sites for buying, selling and trading crypto with Monero (XMR)

This is the toplist with the best crypto brokers in .This is the toplist with the best sites to buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies with Monero. To learn more why a certain site is ranked the way it is, you can read our review by clicking the review button.

One of the best exchanges for global crypto enthusiasts that’s available in most countries.
Buy bitcoin & crypto from a trusted exchange suitable for almost everyone.
Crypto.com Exchange
Trade over 200 crypto pairs from one of the leading exchanges. They also got their own debit card for all users.
From margin trading to NFTs, you can trade any crypto asset you like on Digifinex’s fantastic platform.
Coinbase App
Want to buy and sell cryptocurrencies easily? Coinbase is where you go!
Buy Bitcoin and crypto instantly with Gemini.
Crypto.com App
Making crypto trading, staking and investing simple. Directly from an app.
A DEX that supports both BSC, ETH and Heco.


Gate IO can be your gateway to everything related to crypto – with over 1400 cryptocurrencies to trade in a safe, quick and easy manner.
One of the exchanges available in most places around the world, with among the lowest fees and among the best compatibility for transfers between various blockchains.
A very professional crypto exchange more targeted to advanced traders. Good reputation and big variety of coins and tokens.
Try a better crypto exchange. Discover StormGain, you too!
Hodl Hodl
Trade globally on Hodl Hodl, is your go-to P2P Bitcoin platform that doesn’t hold your funds
MEXC Global
Trade cryptocurrency on MEXC and benefit from 0% maker fees and support in 16 languages
One of the fastest functioning and hottest up and coming crypto exchanges. Try it and see for yourself!
One of the top three exchanges in the world for sheer number of cryptocurrency projects!
Buy and sell cryptocurrency on Bitfinex, the home of advanced digital asset trading.
Largest on crypto. Over 200 cryptocurrencies to trade, both currency exchange with a wallet, CFD trading, staking and much more.
Trade and leverage right here on BitMart, one of the most globally accessible exchanges around with tons of pairings available.

We generally recommend using an exchange or platform with good track record, great reputation and positive feedback from its customers. The better option for you as customer, the better ranking we give them.


Monero is a decentralized cryptocurrency that can be used as a deposit method across numerous platforms, exchanges and even anonymous casinos. This open-source currency is completely private and untraceable. As it was introduced as far back as 2014, it is also one of the most well-known tokens within the crypto ecosystem.

You’ll also be pleased with the number of exchanges currently supporting this type of funding. Examples include KuCoin, Binance, OKX, and Huobi Global. It’s therefore quite easy to perform transactions as well as to change fiat currencies into Monero when needed.

Advantage - logo


+ Levels of transparency can be modified.
+ One of the most private tokens in existence.
+ A great choice for anonymous casino players.
+ Block mining rewards never fall below 0.03 XMR.
+ More than 30 active developers within its community.

Disadvantage - logo


– Not necessarily a beginner-friendly cryptocurrency.
– Some e-wallets don’t accept Monero.
– Trades tend to be larger due to more in-depth encryption techniques.
– Multiple keys are required to perform transactions.
– Not nearly as high of a market cap when compared to other crypto tokens.

Monero XMR Costs

Another very important topic involves the costs associated with transactions when using this decentralized currency. Fees are partially associated with the priority of the transaction. Costs will also increase in the event that many smaller transfers are made at a given time. This is due to higher data usage. According to Monero, here is a generalized breakdown of fees (from lowest to highest):

Low: 0.000006 ($ 0.0010)
High: 0.005816 ($ 0.9682)

What about transaction speeds? We were able to comply some fairly comprehensive data. Most transfers will appear within the blockchain in three minutes and 46 seconds (of course, this is an average timeframe). As multiple transactions will need to be confirmed, the total time elapsed between the initial request and completion equates to roughly 21 minutes. Note that other currencies such as Bitcoin may require more than one hour to perform the same tasks. Factors impacting transfer speeds may include block sizes, variations in confirmation times and whether or not the transaction is prioritized.

Monero (XMR) Deposits: How to do it?

Assuming that you’ve become interested in what this cryptocurrency has to offer, what are the steps needed to perform a transaction? Here is a quick step-by-step guide:

1. Navigate to the “send” page (assuming that your e-wallet has already been synced to the system).
2. Choose the recipient or deposit address.
3. Enter the amount to be deposited. Note that your account will also display the balance in the equivalent of fiat currencies (such as EUR and USD).
4. Click on the “send” icon.
5. A confirmation window will be displayed. Selecting the “confirm” button will then require you to enter your personal e-wallet password.
6. If all goes well, you’ll immediately see a confirmation that includes the transaction identification number.

Which are the Main Countries Where Monero (XMR) is Used?

We’ve already seen that one of the major advantages of this cryptocurrency involves its superior levels of transactional privacy and anonymity. While this is great news for the average user, it has also resulted in some regulatory stumbling blocks. For example, Monero is currently unavailable in South Korea, Australia, and Japan. There are even certain UK-based exchanges such as Kraken which have delisted so-called “privacy coins” due to their less-than-transparent nature.

Can You Withdraw with Monero (XMR)?

Can you withdraw your funds or make payments with this currency? The answer is partially based around your e-wallet. Remember that not all wallets will accept Monero. Assuming that your e-wallet supports this token, withdrawals can be performed. However, note that these are irreversible once conformation has bee received. Withdrawals can also be considered as “payments” to your personal account (as stipulated by the official XMR website). Withdrawal fees are not determined by the funds sent, but rather by the network congestion present at the time of the transaction.

The Reputation of Monero (XMR)

In terms of anonymity alone, the scores have been quite high. As its price tends to follow Bitcoin trends, this token could also be a great way to secure a medium-term investment while still keeping your details behind closed doors.

Still, the main issue involves potential regulatory hinderances. This has caused some governments to ban the currency entirely. The anonymous nature of XMR has likewise caused it to be used throughout the Dark Web and similarly dubious networks. Those who are concerned could therefore choose viable alternative such as Dash (DASH), Zcash (ZEC) and Horizen (ZEN).

Monero FAQ

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions related to Monero (XMR).

How safe is this currency for the average user?
This is one of the most private and secure cryptocurrencies on the marketplace. Those who are concerned about online security have little to worry about. It’s still wise to only deal with the official website or to use trusted links such as those provided at Crypto Lists.

Will I lose my funds in the event of a network upgrade?
Funds will not be lost in the event of a “hard fork” upgrade. In such an event, you’ll only have to update your software.

Are transactions instantaneous?
Most transactions will be carried out quicker than other tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, keep in mind that transaction times will depend upon network congestion.

Is there a Monero app for Android devices?
You’ll be happy to learn that an app is available for both Android and iOS devices. However, be sure to navigate to the official download page in order to avoid potentially false or malicious software.

    Bet with Monero and more on the incredible Spin BetterBet with Monero and more on the incredible Spin Better
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