Top 12 Crypto Sites Accepting Revolut for Deposits

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Revolut is a banking service and deposit method that was founded in 2015 by Nikolay Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko. Do you want to know which crypto exchanges that accept Revolut for deposits? Then you came to the right site!

The European company has been able to grow rapidly over the past few years because it offers free day-to-day banking services. You also don’t have to pay any monthly or annual fees for using the app or for direct debit payments and can get your digital IBAN number easily. As a digital bank, Revolut qualifies for the Central Bank’s Deposit Guarantee Scheme of Ireland. This ensures that customers of the company never lose all their money because the company ran bankrupt. Below you have the best crypto sites that accept Revolut for funding.


Top 12 sites for buying, selling and trading crypto with Revolut

This is the toplist with the best sites to buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies through Revolut. To learn more why a certain site is ranked the way it is, you can read our review by clicking the review button. We generally recommend using an exchange or platform with good track record, great reputation and positive feedback from its customers. The better option for you as customer, the better ranking we give them.

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Revolut has quickly expanded outside Europe and now serves more than 20 million customers around the world. That is why it is now accepted as a deposit method in lots of crypto exchanges.


+Your Revolut deposit will be protected by the Central Bank’s DGS.
+You won’t have to pay transfer fees.
+It allows users to temporarily freeze and unfreeze their cards.
+Users get push notifications on their spending.
+There are many crypto sites that accept Revolut.


-Accounts can be frozen for security reasons.
-The customer support is quite poor.
-It can only be used via the app.
-Some account tiers have monthly fees.
-Certain services are only available to people with a premium membership.

What is Revolut?

Revolut is a digital bank, so it doesn’t have branches like traditional financial institutions. Instead, customers have to download the application and make transfers. The app does not charge a fee when you top up your account using another bank card, and you can make transactions without paying any fees.

Revolut Costs

Every month, Revolut will allow you to send up to $1,000 without paying any fees. Once you exceed this limit, the app will charge you a fee of 0.5%. You can avoid these fees entirely by upgrading to a Revolut Premium or Revolut Metal, and these options will also allow you to make transfers without paying foreign exchange fees. The app will always show you any fees that apply at the time of the transaction.

Transaction speed for Revolut

Typically, the funds will reflect in your crypto exchange account within a few seconds. However, if the recipient does not support instant payments, the transaction may be completed within two working days. If you choose to make international transfers via Swift, the funds may get to your account within five business days.

Revolut Deposits: How to do it?

1. Enter your login information on the crypto exchange account.
2. Go to the payment section of the website and select Revolut from the list of funding options
3. Add the amount you intend to deposit
4. Confirm your payment details and complete the payment with a verification method

Which are the main countries where Revolut is used?

At the moment, this deposit method is mostly used by residents of the European Economic Area (EEA). It is also available in the USA, the UK, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, and Singapore. All other countries are excluded from this deposit method.

Can you withdraw with Revolut?

You can withdraw funds to your Revolut account, and the digital bank will not charge you any fees for this transaction. However, you should check your crypto exchange as it may have some fees for the withdrawal. If you are having trouble making withdrawals with Revolut, you can consider using traditional methods like bank transfer and credit cards.

Reputation of Revolut

Revolut is quite a young company, having been founded in 2015. However, it has become extremely popular in Europe and other Western countries, especially as an instant payment between people. It has been noted to be secure and extremely cheap to use. The main issue with Revolut deposits is that it freezes accounts frequently.

Revolut FAQ

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about this payment method.

Is it safe to use Revolut for cryptocurrencies?
Yes, this deposit method is extremely safe since it sends customers notifications whenever transfers are made. You can also disable online or contactless payments to prevent unauthorized persons from making transactions with your account.

How do I set up Revolut?
You will first have to go to the Revolut website, where you will enter your phone number. The company will then send you a link to download the application. Once you get the app, you should create an account and add funds to the app.

Is Revolut instant?
Yes, your payments can reach the crypto exchange account in less than a few seconds. If the crypto exchange does not support instant transactions, your payments can take up to 2 business days to complete.

When was Revolut founded?
This company was created in 2015, and it already has more than 20 million customers from different parts of the world.

Where is the mother company based?
Its headquarters are in the United Kingdom.

Does Revolut only work on Apple devices?
No, Revolut deposit works on Android devices as well. You can get the download link by entering your phone number on the Revolut website.

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