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Casino table in MetaverseDecentralized casinos is not just a trendy term – there’s fast-growing usage and increased interest around these kinds of ‘pure’ crypto casinos.

Being built on blockchains such as Ethereum, Bitcoin or Solana – the decentralized casinos usually have lower fees, better security and full transparency – while being totally censorship-resistant.

It’s no surprise that many people love to play on decentralized casinos instead of traditional ones because of those advantages. See a top list of the best alternatives below, or read about all the pros, cons and frequently asked questions further below.


7 Best Decentralized Casinos

Win Dice Casino
One of the best decentralized provably fair casinos, with lots of bonus and fun competitions.
1000+ games


BC Game
Providing community-based crypto casino for the best experience possible, both for betting and slot lovers.
2000+ games


Sol Casino
Sol Casino is supporting your favorite Solana Tokens when you log in via Web3 Wallets, but they also accept USDC, USDT and BNB.
1500+ games


One of the better crypto casinos with lots of major cryptocurrencies available for deposit and a great low wagering bonus.
9000+ games


Owl Games Casino
A true Web3 crypto casino that makes it fun, enjoyable, simple and easy to register and get started.
3100+ games


Experience fun slots on a crypto casino with some of the highest rewards program in the industry.
3000+ games


Vera Casino
Play with Bitcoin not Italian lira, come inside and win on Vera!
6000+ games


What is a decentralized casino?

Like the name suggest, a decentralized casino is built on a decentralized platform, such as a blockchain, instead of a centralized server. This means that the crypto casino’s operations, including game outcomes and financial transactions, are powered by smart contracts and other decentralized technologies, rather than being controlled by a single entity.

Decentralized casinos provides a number of benefits compared to traditional online casinos, such as: transparency thanks to showing all the recent transactions on the blockchain, increased security thanks to not relying on a central point of control and increased anonymity.

In short, you can say that decentralized casinos are built and directly connect with a blockchain, rather than a traditional centralized server. This means everything is seen in real time and fairness is essentially guaranteed.

What rocks?

+ Every single wager on decentralized casinos will be shown on the blockchain.Pros logo
+ Players can remain anonymous while playing at decentralized casinos, since no KYC is required.
+ Not subject to regulations of any specific jurisdiction in the same way as normal online casinos, since all bets are made with cryptocurrencies and not fiat money.
+ Decentralized casinos take a smaller cut of the player profits.
+ Can’t be shut down by authorities from a single country.
+ Decentralization from a single entity, as well as blockchain technology, builds transparency into the games.

What sucks?

– Way less game providers support decentralized casinos. Select a top rated Bitcoin casino for more options.Cons logo
– The operation behind the decentralized casino might not be licensed.
– Many cryptocurrencies are more volatile than fiat and are therefore more risky.
– No decentralized casinos are audited.
– Less control over the odds of the games due to lack of central oversight.
– Many people prefer the ‘big name’ casinos as they feel familiar and comfortable.

Centralized vs Decentralized

How do centralized and decentralized casinos compare?

If you want to know the main differences between centralized and decentralized casinos, then you came to the right place. Here, Crypto Lists explain both the main similarities, differences, and advantages versus disadvantages for each of them.

In order to understand the differences, we need to look at how they are built up. A centralized online casino is built on a central server, that determined all game outcomes. Meanwhile, a decentralized casino is connected to a decentralized network of users – and that is where the name comes from.

Is it easy to register?

Instead of registering with your email, name and address – decentralized casinos often accept mobile crypto wallets such as Metamask, Trustwallet, Phantom and Terra Station Wallet or even hardware wallets such as Ledger or Trezor. While Bitcoin casino enthusiasts might prefer the Electrum or BRD wallet, Ethereum users are more likely to have a Metamask account and Solana casinos tend to accept both Solflare and Phantom.

How do I deposit?

Sometimes, both centralized and decentralized online casinos accept crypto for deposits, where the traditional online casinos have payment processors accepting VISA and Mastercard for conversion into crypto, while decentralized casinos most often expect you to already have crypto and do not allow you to buy it with a debit card.

Why do some players prefer centralized casinos?

Quite a few players prefer centralized online casinos because they offer a more traditional gambling experience with the same game developers (see our developer toplist), deposit methods and white labels. They also know that the casino operator have full control over the slots, which comes from third parties, and they may feel more secure knowing that the casino operator has full control over the games and that the odds are fair and random.

Additionally, centralized casinos may offer a wider variety of games and features than decentralized casinos.

Are there any disadvantages to playing at a centralized casino?

The main disadvantage of playing at a centralized casino is that the casino operator has full control over the odds and outcomes of the games, which could lead to potential trust issues or lack of transparency. Additionally, centralized casinos typically take a larger cut of the profits than decentralized casinos and the customer support might not be as personalized.

Can I play at a centralized casino using cryptocurrency?

Some centralized casinos do accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, but not all do. It’s best to check with the specific casino to see if they accept the type of cryptocurrency that you want to use.

Are decentralized casinos fairer than other casinos?

All the operations on the decentralized casino will be shown on the blockchain – including game outcomes such as wins and losses. These types of ‘pure’ crypto casinos are powered by smart contracts and often by decentralized provably fair technology. This way, everything can be seen in real time and no cheating can take place.

In which way are decentralized casinos better than others?

If it’s better or not is up to you to decide. There are both pros and cons of each one. While decentralised casinos use smart contracts and show all transactions, they usually have less regulation. We recommend heading to our various toplists and taking a look at the reviews. This way you can form your own opinion and make an educated choice about where best to place your bet!

Can you bet on sports on decentralized casinos?

Yep, you can. But, of course not all of them provide sportsbook functionality. Decentralized sports betting platforms use the blockchain to offer extremely secure and transparent sports wagering to its customers. So, you can enjoy betting on your favorite teams in the same way as you enjoy a quick spin of roulette or a hand of poker. Of course, it’s important to note the legality of betting in your geographical location too.

How do you deposit and withdraw money at a decentralized casino?

Everything is done on the blockchain with crypto and it’s really simply and straightforward. First you’ll need to have a crypto wallet. If you have a sufficient amount of the crypto coins the casino accepts for deposit, you just need to send your funds to the address listed. Similarly, when you withdraw, you input your wallet address and that’s where your winnings will be sent.

Can I withdraw my winnings in crypto?

Absolutely! On decentralized casinos it’s purely crypto so if you want the true Web3 experience they’re the best casinos to go for.

Can I deposit into decentralized casinos with fiat money?

Unfortunately not. That’s part of what makes them decentralized in the first place.

FAQ for Decentralized Casinos

What are the biggest challenges for decentralized casinos?

They do not have the same amount of game providers, which makes the selection of slots, jackpot and live casino games smaller. For some people, the variety of games is paramount when choosing which casino to sign up with, however, for others the pros of decentralized casinos in terms of fairness and increased anonymity outweigh this.

Which are the most popular games for decentralized casino sites?

Plinko is a type of game that origin from a US game show and has got a new life among casinos that’s not centralized. Today, almost all decentralized casinos offer Plinko games from a wide range of game developers. Naturally, there are also many other types of games such as slots, dice games, football games and even live casino games. What’s less common on decentralized gambling sites is jackpot games.

Are transaction speeds and costs on better on decentralized casino platforms? 

Put simply, yes. Compared to fiat currencies – especially when it comes to withdrawals – crypto currencies are faster. Bitcoin, while the most well known, isn’t actually super speedy in this regard. However, if you use a Lightning Network enabled wallet, it’s super fast and rivals (sometimes surpasses) the more modern networks.

Are they more secure and do they provide more anonymity?

Due to being run directly on the blockchain, every transaction is on a public ledger. In this way, they’re super transparent and open in a way centralized casinos simply aren’t. And, because they’re purely crypto and require much less extensive KYC (usually zero) they’re also more anonymous.

What about funds? Are they safe in a decentralized casino?

Because they aren’t regulated, there’s an argument to be made that your funds aren’t as secure. However, hacking random wallets is rare and if a casino has suffered any kind of breaches we’ll let you know in our review.

Are there loyalty and rewards programs?

Every site is different, and that’s why toplists can come in handy. In our reviews, we’ll mention any standout feature such as loyalty programs and rewards. However, as decentralized casinos don’t have a central entity overseeing them, there are unlikely to be any programs of this type.

Do they have customer service?

Because these platforms are decentralized and operate on a blockchain, they may not have a central customer support team. Instead, they often rely on community-based support through forums, social media, or chat groups.

What is the best decentralized casino in 2023?

Tough question, and one that we can’t really answer without breaking our own rules around bias. Sure, we’ve got our favorites but it’s best to take a look at the toplist above and come to your own conclusion. After all, that’s what comparison and review sites are for.

How do I choose the best decentralized casino for me?

It all depends on your preferences. Do you like slots? Traditional table games? Sports-themed games? Sports betting? Take into consideration all of these things and choose a casino that offers them and has a good rating in our toplist.

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