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Synapse (SYN) Review (8.8/10⭐)

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Different blockchains have unique configurations, security features, and transfer protocols. Traditionally, users have had problems transferring assets, messages, and smart contract calls across these blockchains. Synapse Protocol provides a cross-chain protocol that makes this possible. It also has a governance token called Synapse (SYN) that acts as the governance token for the solution.
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May 2, 2024, 6:05 am [UTC]

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Synapse (SYN) is the governance token for Synapse Protocol. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain and acts as the primary method of payment. Synapse Protocol is a crypto solution that enables the transfer of assets across blockchains. It also has a messaging tool that enables users to communicate on any blockchain without installing additional applications on the recipient network.

Additionally, the solution has a smart contract interface that allows developers to create and deploy applications across different blockchains. Holders of this coin enjoy various benefits, including the ability to use Synapse services, security of the value of the coin, and low cost for their transactions. The solution has received positive feedback due to its uniqueness, ease of operation, and security features built in.


A Bit About Synapse

Synapse can be described as a universal bridge for swapping and bridging assets across various chains. It also enables users to earn yields and more. The solution enhances interoperability between chains and enables developers to create applications that can work on different networks.

The solution was created by a team of crypto enthusiasts that have combined experience of over 20 years at different levels in crypto and code software development. Michat Domarecki, who has been involved in cryptocurrencies for over seven years, leads this team. Wojciech Litwin, who has had hands-on experience in software design for over 15 years, deputizes him.

Synapse stands for interoperability, cross-chain development, and easy management of assets across chains. It is now the most widely used bridging solution for developers and investors who wish to have assets across various blockchains.

Enable the transfer of aseets across different chains!CryptoLists.com

Synapse is essentially an interoperability protocol that facilitates the smooth transfer of messages and data across various blockchains. It works with layer 1, layer 2, and various sidechain ecosystems. There are six components in this solution that include the cross-chain AMM, bridge technology, aggregative cross-chain communication, Synapse Chain, SYN token, and its celebrated optimistic approaches.

The synapse bridge enables users to swap assets across EVM and non-EVM blockchains. On the other hand, the SYN token powers the entire ecosystem. The token is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Finally, the Synapse Chain is an optimistic rollup that is designed to perform sovereign execution when users are conducting cross-chain transactions. It is also based on Ethereum.

This protocol bridge uses a stableswap algorithm that enables the actual transfer of assets across different ecosystems. It does so while maintaining liquidity pool balances and slippage. Its messaging system ensures communications between chains without requiring communication applications on different chains. Finally, the smart contract interface ensures that any application built on Synapse Chain can execute its business logic on any blockchain smoothly.


Utility of Synapse?

Synapse is used by anyone who wishes to transfer assets across different blockchains. It enables smooth transfers, as one would on a single blockchain. On the other hand, the smart contract interface enables developers to create applications that work on any blockchain. These two types of users are the most common users of the solution.

Additionally, Synapse (SYN) is the currency that powers all transactions of this kind on the Synapse Protocol. Holders of the coin enjoy various benefits. First, they are able to use Synapse Protocol resources to move assets across chains with ease. They are also able to pay for the deployment of their application across various ecosystems.

Third, being an Ethereum-based coin, it offers the highest security features in the crypto market. It is also able to support smart contracts on Ethereum and other blockchains.

Synapse Price details

ETH Contract address: 0x0f2D719407FdBeFF09D87557AbB7232601FD9F29
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Very speculative and theoretical potential data
Last updated: May 2, 2024, 6:05 am
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Advantages of Synapse

+ SYN is based on the secure Ethereum blockchain, which ensures the utmost security.
+ The cost of transacting with SYN is lower than that of Ethereum.
+ Synapse Protocol enables easy transfer of assets, no matter what the blockchain is.
+ Users can stake with SYN to check the security of different blockchains.
+ Synapse Protocol enables cross-chain application deployment, saving developers time and associated costs.


- SYN is not widely used outside the Synapse ecosystem.
- The coin cannot be used across blockchains like the parent solution does.
- Synapse is still a niche product that is not meant for the general public.
- The cost of transactions is still higher than some blockchains, like Solana.
- SYN has not had a sharp increase in price, making it a less attractive investment.


▪ Rated at 9.5/10

Since Synapse (SYN) is based on the Ethereum blockchain, a small cost is associated with transferring it across the network. However, the cost is lower than 0.01% of the amount one would like to transfer. This is much lower than what users would spend to send an equivalent amount of cash on the Ethereum blockchain. We expect the transfer costs to remain low, as the network is not at any risk of congestion in the near future.


Reputation and Buzz

▪ Reputation rated at 9/10
▪ Buzz rated at 8.5/10

The SYN token and Synapse protocol at large have received positive feedback from different players in the crypto marketplace. There are several reasons for this. One, the solution offers a realistic solution to interoperability issues faced by different stakeholders.

Second, the token is based on Ethereum, a reputable blockchain. This inspires confidence among holders with consideration for its security. Third, the team that came up with the solution has been in the market for a long time and understands the ups and downs of different solutions. Therefore, they are bound to find a workable solution.



How does Synapse Protocol encourage the creation of Dapps?

Synapse facilitates cross-chain communication by connecting blockchains through a cross-chain messaging protocol that is extensible. Developers can use this feature to create lending systems, decentralized exchanges, margining systems, yield aggregators, and derivatives markets.

What features make Synapse stand out from the rest?

Several features make Synapse a unique solution. First, it connects both EVM and non-EVM chains. It also supports cross-chain movement of assets, allowing developers to provide solutions across chains.

Second, it provided several transaction types and granted users access to the Cosmos ecosystem. This means users do not have to check if their transaction is compatible with the solution before moving it to another chain.

Finally, the chain has a token that is based on Ethereum. This is unlike other solutions that have coins based on their ecosystem. The coin is versatile and supports payments for all manner of transactions across the network.


History of Synapse

March 2021 - Nerve Finance rebrands to Synapse and launches the first stableswap AMM on BNB.

August 2021- The project rebrands to Synapse Protocol. The company modifies its business model to focus on cross-chain solutions.

March 2022 – Synapse forms a community to govern its protocol. A team of SYN holders called SynapseDAO participates in governance.

February 2024 – Synapse Protocol announces an optimistic proof-of-stake interchain network, which holders could use for staking purposes to enhance blockchain security.

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Screenshots from Synapse

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Synapse details and tokenomics

Synapse Ticker: SYN
ETH Contract address: 0x0f2D719407FdBeFF09D87557AbB7232601FD9F29
BNB Contract address: 0xa4080f1778e69467e905b8d6f72f6e441f9e9484
MATIC Contract address: 0xf8f9efc0db77d8881500bb06ff5d6abc3070e695
Type of crypto: ethereum-token
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🔗Blockchain URL: https://etherscan.io
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