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Every game in Extreme (XXXtreme) Lightning Roulette starts with a loud and crackling lightning strike. Where the lightning hits, between 1 and 10 numbers, there will be 50-2000x higher winnings but instead of 35:1 when hitting single numbers it’s 19:1.

Well, the maximum return is 38,000x when your number is hit and the maximum lightning falls on that number – but it’s obviously not so easy to hit it. Potentially astronomical returns, but not easy to win – nothing is perfect right?

While this is an awesome live roulette game, there are also a few “buts”, so, it’s worth comparing it with the the predecessor (the normal Lightning roulette). And of course, there are more than a few “wows”!

While the return for hitting single numbers is lower – 19x instead of 35x that’s normal on live roulette – the maximum win can be 19 for hitting the right number multiplied by up to 2000x in Lightning reward. This equals a maximum possible return of 38 000x from hitting a single number with the maximum lightning.

Obviously, hitting the 50x, 100x or 150x lightning is easier than getting the maximum (2000x), but it’s possible on suitable Bitcoin casinos. The XXXtreme Lightning Roulette is more volatile than the first game in the Lightning series, giving higher maximum wins, but less frequently than the standard version of Lightning roulette.

If you want slightly higher possibility to win then you got for the normal version or if you want the potential to win amazingly big then you got for the XXXtreme version. But like in every game, there are a few cons as well. So let’s starting by going into the areas where it could be a little better…

Higher maximum payouts, lower single number payouts

The most extreme and potentially very rewarding version of Evolution’s live roulette is actually called XXXtreme Lightning Roulette. In this live casino game you wait for the lightning to strike and hope that it hits one of your numbers. Evolution made it possible to follow statistics for everything from the latest numbers to where the lightning actually hit.

What types of lightning exist in this Evolution game?

There are three different types: The most common and most frequent Lightning multipliers is when it lands on a single number. There is also the Chain Lightning and Double strikes – that can make your game really worth while. The exact type of numbers it might land on is described in the section below. Tired of reading? Try playing here instead!

Live roulette with even more thrilling action

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette delivers even more action for a thrilling live casino experience. The game offers serious kicks when waiting for the lightning numbers to strike, while also increasing the chances to hit a lucky bet spot and can multiple your bet up to 2000x.

You only have to predict the number on which the ball will – like always in live roulette. While a split bet gives 19:1 in Extreme Lightning Roulette, the straight up bet gives 29:1 plus the potential lightning multiplier.

The multiplier ranges from 50 up to 500 and might land on numbers that give 50x, 100x, 150x, 200x, 250x, 300x, 350x, 400x or 500x. However, a double strike on red lightning gives 600x. When getting both chain lightning and a double strike it goes up to 2000x. The user friendly live casino studio gives an electrifying experience for anyone that gives XXXtreme Lightning Roulette a try.

How does Extreme Lightning Roulette compare to Lightning Roulette?

There is no huge difference between the normal and the Extreme version of Lightning roulette but you get 19:1 when hitting a number straight up instead of 29:1 for Lightning roulette. So it depends on what you prefer – higher returns on the time you don’t hit lightning but still get a straight up number, or do you hope for the big wins – then the extreme version is your friend.

Frankly speaking it’s a matter of volatility and that is higher on Extreme Lightning roulette. So you tend to win less often and less when you don’t hit the lightning, but can win considerably bigger amounts if the lightning strikes your way.

For those that love to play for extended periods of time, it’s safer with Lightning Roulette than the XXXtreme version – but obviously even better with a low volatility slot. The look and feel is almost identical between the two, but you have considerably bigger difference with Mega Roulette from Pragmatic Play. In my option, Mega Roulette is mainly a poor copy of the original from Evolution.

But you can read about the battle between the two here.

Who is the this game suitable for?

Those that like some fast action – win big or loose it all – tend to appreciate Extreme Lightning Roulette the most. Because of the high volatility and rather high RTP – 97.3% – you have rather good odds compared to most other new crypto casino games. Perhaps you are going out and want to play a little for 5 minutes before going out.

Then a game of Extreme Lightning Roulette can yield up to 38 000x return, while the normal version can give maximum 14 500x. So for those into big wins – or the possibility to loose all of your bet, it can be more interesting to go for the game with highest possible return. After all, a 38 000x win can be live changing but a 14 500x win is also not too bad right?

But how is that possible with such high payouts for live roulette?

Like in normal European live roulette, you should predict the number where the ball lands. Giving out bigger single win payouts is only possible because of the lower single number payouts – 19:1 instead of 35:1. So the casino with Extreme Lightning Roulette pay our way less if you don’t get a good lightning/thunder on your number, but way more if you actually hit it.

Like in all games of luck such as live roulette, the bank always have an advantage. But by saving some of the “normal” payout (19:1 vs 35:1), the bank can afford to give higher payouts to the few that strikes it really big. So more big winners, but you’ll make way less if you hit a number without the lightning multipliers.

Where can I play Extreme Lightning roulette?

The XXXtreme – or Extreme version as we call it because that is easier to pronounce – can be played on multiple Bitcoin casinos. Most sites with the normal Lightning roulette (see review) have the XXXtreme version as well. Here are the 3 best Bitcoin casino sites to play XXXtreme Lightning Roulette:

LTC Casino: anonymous and global with no KYC
One of the oldest reviews on our site is from LTC Casino (learn more). LTC Casino logoWe’ve meet the founder and know he is a great guy, even though many might be sceptical about people that run an anonymous casino site. The site is well known for not asking for any KYC, ever.

They have both XXXtreme Lightning Roulette, the Turkish Lightning roulette, Lightning Baccarat, Lightning blackjack and Lightning Dice, Greek Lightning roulette and Indian Lightning roulette – plus 100’s of other versions of live roulette or blackjack.

Since it’s fully anonymous, they don’t give out any bonuses after registration – but they have monthly tournaments giving out 15 000 USDT in prices for frequent players. Not a customer yet? Try LTC Casino now!

Wall Street Memes: huge range of deposit options & high bonus
The perhaps most anti-establishment, true punk rock Bitcoin casino around have several versions of Extreme Lightning roulette. Wall Street Memes logoWall Street Memes (see review) is and exciting and fun place to be at and with over 5000 games. You have more deposit options than most other crypto casinos and it’s therefore really easy to get started.

They give out up to 25,000 USDT in welcome bonus so if you’re up for a fun place to play any version of Lightning roulette – then head over to Wall Street Memes today!

Cryptorino: new and great for most players
One of the best new Bitcoin casinos from 2024 is called Cryptorino (see review). Cryptorino blue logoIt’s created by a group of Scandinavians and available for players from most parts of the world, but not from the U.S. Enjoy multiple versions of live roulette and all the above mentioned ones from Evolution.

Cryptorino has received the top rating from the team at Crypto Lists and if you haven’t tried it yet, we suggest you register now and grab a good bonus.

Is there any strategy for Extreme lightning roulette?

Yes, there are many. Which do you prefer? Here are a few options:

Mr Statistics: Follow the statistics closely, and go for multiple numbers that didn’t get any lightning during the last 10 rounds. Spread it out on single numbers, since that is the only thing that pays out from the lightning multipliers. Avoid all bets on double numbers and rows, since this game is made for players that enjoy single number wins.
The Lightning Multiplier Bet: Make a bet on every single number, from 1 to 36. The Lightning multiplier bet is a costly strategy since it returns only 19 every spin, unless you actually hit the multiplier. However, when hitting a multiplier it could be a really useful roulette strategy.
The Section Bet: If there has for instance been middle and high numbers for 5 times in a row, it starts to be more and more attractive to bet on low numbers. Go for all of the low numbers (0-12) and hope for the best.
Avoiding outside bets: Since the big Lightning rewards are dedicated to inside bets and in fact only single numbers, we always avoid outside bets for any type of Lightning roulette.
Martingale: Double your bets after losses is a common strategy in live roulette.
Reverse Martingale: Increase bets after winning is another common type.
Set your limits: Always set a limit on how much you should spend on XXXtreme Lightning roulette and stick to it. Responsible gaming is best for everyone.

Risk warning: Please be reminded that all roulette strategies have their limitations due to the game’s inherent randomness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a couple of questions that is common among players that look for this type of live games.

Is Extreme Lightning Roulette fixed?
No, it’s not fixed. This game is created by the stock listed company Evolution Gaming Group AB (publ) – a world leader in live casino games. They are regulated from Europe in Malta (MGA), from the UK (UKGC) and from Curacao along with multiple states in the U.S, Canada, South Africa, Sweden, Romania and Belgium.

Which is the best live roulette game?
Many of the top rated Bitcoin casinos have more than 50 different live roulette games to choose from. It’s obviously hard to say which is the best one, since all people got different preferences. Live roulette on laptop Anyway, here are some suggestions what the team behind Crypto Lists think:

Mega Roulette from Pragmatic Play: Pragmatic Plays take is similar to Evolution in many ways, but the original is best in our opinion.

Lightning Roulette from Evolution: Here, you have a reasonable 29:1 return on single numbers that you hit, and up to 500x lightning boosts on the results. It’s the original and there are endless of copy cats that try to make similar games.

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette from Evolution: From the same game provider that made the original, this is the evolution after feedback from players that like to see even bigger wins. With up to 2000x multiplier and a total return of 38 000x the bet size, you can win up to 38 000 USDT from a 1 USDT bet. However, the volatility is higher compared to the first game from Evolution so you are likely to win smaller, until the big strikes hits (if you are lucky).

Speed roulette: Tired of waiting for the ball to land on hopefully your lucky number? Well, then speed roulette from either Pragmatic Play, Ezugi or Evolution could be an option since it’s 60% quicker than standard live roulette. You can play it speed roulette from 3 different developers at sites such as ETH Play, a No KYC casino that accept players from around the world.

Want to play without anyone knowing? Then check out the list of 7 anonymous casino sites with Lightning roulette here.

Which games have better RTP than Extreme Lightning Roulette?
The RTP level is rather low compared to many crash games and online slots. Crypto Lists created a toplist with rather new high RTP games here. Most of the games there have 98-99% RTP, while roulette typically gives below 97.3% RTP.

How big or small stakes can be done?
It’s suitable for both players that appreciate low or high stakes live roulette. The minimum bet starts from 0.2 USDT and goes up to 5000 USDT or the equivalent in other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

Is this a fun live casino?
Preference for what’s fun and not is up to you as a player. The lightning effect will surely raise your pulse and if it lands on one of your numbers, probably even more so. Many would think it’s a fun experience, but for others it could be more fun to visit an actual casino in your home town. Our suggestion: Give it a try on a reputable site such as LTC Casino and let us know what you think. They have many other live casino games if you for some reason don’t love it.

by Our Two Certified Authors
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