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Online roulette has become one of the most popular forms of online gaming and there are literally hundreds of Bitcoin casinos which offer such an experience.

Still, a handful of developers have gone a step further by creating some truly amazing opportunities for players who happen to be looking for a slight departure from the norm. Two examples include Lightning Roulette and a not-so-distant cousin known as Mega Roulette.

Before examining each in more detail, it’s a good idea to review the basic rules of roulette as well as why this game has turned so many heads. This will also help you to make the most informed choice. Let’s see what Crypto Lists has found.

A Quick Look at the Basics of Online Roulette

Many players enjoy a few rounds of roulette due to the relatively straightforward nature of the game itself. You’ll simply need to place a bet on where you think a small white ball will land within the roulette wheel. You can choose a specific number, a series of numbers (known as a column bet), whether the number will be odd or even, and the color of the segment.

We should also briefly mention that most online roulette games will fall into one of two categories:

  • American roulette
  • European roulette

The major difference here is that American roulette is equipped with an additional field containing a “00”. In European roulette, only a single 0 is present. Although this might not seem that important at first glance, let’s remember that the presence of an extra field within American roulette slightly decreases the odds that your ball will land on a specific number (American roulette contains 38 possibilities while the European version is associated with 37). In other words, European roulette tends to provide higher odds if you’re interested in winnings alone.

Capitalizing on Cryptocurrencies

Now that we’ve taken a look at the “bare bones” of online roulette, it’s wise to mention modern variants that are able to accept cryptocurrencies as payment options. Crypto roulette has become popular for several reasons. The most obvious is that you won’t be required to tap into your fiat account. However, we should also mention that crypto transactions provide a much greater degree of anonymity and they will normally clear in a fraction of the time that traditional methods would require. Finally, most online casinos won’t charge any fees or commissions; enabling you to enjoy a higher rate of return.

What’s the Deal with Lightning Roulette?

So, what exactly does Lightning Roulette (see review) have in store? Originally developed by the experts at Evolution, one of the most appealing aspects of this variant involves extremely fast gameplay. However, the main difference between Lightning Roulette and standard roulette involves the presence a random number generator (often simply referred to as an “RNG”). The key point here is that as opposed to only choosing a single field, this RNG will also generate between one and five additional “lucky” numbers per round. So, what’s the big deal?

Lightning Roulette is all about providing players with even more chances to dramatically increase their winnings through the use of in-game multipliers that can rise as high as 500 times the initial bet (500X). So, even small wagers can result in staggering payouts. Of course, you’ll still be able to enjoy industry-standard 29:1 returns when placing a straight bet.

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Another aspect of Lightning Roulette that has proven to be extremely popular involves its multiplayer functionality. It’s now possible to compete with a virtually unlimited number of players at any given time; dramatically increasing the action and providing a nice social gaming appeal.

You can even send messages with the help of a live chat feed. If you aren’t the patient type and you still want to enjoy potentially hefty payouts while conversing with fellow enthusiasts, Lightning Roulette could be a great option.

Mega Roulette: Bigger Could Very Well be Better

So, what about Mega Roulette (see review)? As this game has been envisioned by the team at Pragmatic Play, you wont have to be concerned about reliability or transparency. Like Lightning Roulette, Mega Roulette is a single-zero (European) form of roulette. In the same respect, it’s possible to tap into multipliers as high as 500X. Having said this, there are some notable differences between these two titles.

For instance, you’ll have only 20 seconds to place a bet between rounds; providing a truly action-packed experience. There are also tap into other “Mega Bet” wagering options including:

  • Mega Columns
  • Mega Dozens
  • Mega Chances

These provide the chances to enjoy theoretical payouts as high as €250,000 euros. Not too bad at all. It’s also possible for numerous players to place group bets. The main advantage here is that you’ll be able to tap into larger multipliers and therefore, enjoy more substantial winnings if lady luck happens to be on your side.

On a final note, the RTP (return-to-player) percentage associated with Mega Roulette stands at 96 percent. Lightning Roulette is said to offer a minimum RTP of 81.08. So, Mega Roulette offers statistically higher chances of enjoying some type of payout.

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Which is the Best Option for You?

Both of these versions offer a handful of extremely attractive features. Lightning Roulette is known for the presence of up to five lucky numbers while Mega Roulette offers wallet-busting opportunities thanks to their Mega Bet options. While the RTP of Mega Roulette might favor players to a greater degree, Lightning Roulette tends to offer a more straightforward gaming experience; perhaps better if you’re still learning the roulette “ropes”.

Still, note that this is only a brief comparison of each variety. Other qualities such as visual aesthetics and layout are just as important to take into account. The best way to learn more is to visit their official websites. It’s often possible to play a demo version of each. You’ll therefore be able to make an informed decision. Either way, you’re bound to enjoy a memorable experience!

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