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Anonymous casinos come and go, sometimes. This is at least what’s happened for 5 brands that used to require no KYC and now force all clients to submit their name, address, date of birth and much more.

Crypto Lists quickly removed 5 brands from the list of anonymous casinos in May 2024. Luckily, the best anonymous ones are still there, but some of the less reputable ones are now gone.

This likely happened because of a lack of understanding how to deal with KYC, or that they are regulated from countries that request more info from their clients. It can also be down to those sites taking in a lot of real money players – and don’t know how to separate them from the crypto players.

Below are our conclusions and removal of some brands that have been shown to not be anonymous anymore – and are therefore removed and re-classified. They might still be worthwhile to try out, but be cautious about the anonymity part since they definitely require you to send in your ID and address. Ok, let’s begin and see what happened.

Slotastic now asks for address information

Below to the right is an image for Slotastic showing they require complete address information. Already during sign-up, they now request your full address information – or you cannot even register. It’s the true fiat verification methods and nothing a real crypto casino should bother with – especially not on this stage and never if they want to be seen as anonymous.

Slotastic's new KYC on registration

Slotastic implemented KYC on registration.

They might offer a 250% welcome bonus and multiple crypto deposit methods, including the lightning network for Bitcoin transfers, but having such extensive KYC on 2 different pages is not alright if they should be considered anonymous.

We have therefore updated the classification and now see Slotastic as a boring crypto casino instead of a great one. If you don’t mind KYC, feel free to visit Slotastic and have a good time.

However, if you prefer to just get started quickly and get instant payouts without KYC, this site is not for you. While Crypto Lists prefer to play on Cryptorino for instant payouts, there are also several other good alternatives.

Bitcoin Penguin has added KYC requirements

The aquatic flightless bird and their own site – Bitcoin Penguin (see review) has changed to the worse.

bitcoin penguin verification

3 step verification of Bitcoin Penguin

They recently added KYC in a white-hat aka ‘follow the fiat money directions’ move. As you can see on the picture to the right, this doesn’t fly with Crypto Lists. We’ve obviously removed Bitcoin Penguin from the list of brands that don’t require KYC – since they updated their terms and conditions.

We were never huge fans of Bitcoin Penguin anyway, since it feels like a home-made brand without much structure or long-term scope.

If you’d rather explore a stellar anonymous brand – then go and visit BetPanda IO – one of the top rated global sites that still are truly anonymous. A great choice without a shadow of a doubt!

Drip Casino require documents for identity verification

Drip Casino (see review) has gone from being an anonymous crypto casino to a KYC compliant fiat aka grey crypto casino.

Drip ID verification process

How the new ID verification looks like

Before you can withdraw any funds, you have to send in documents for identity confirmation. First of all, scan your passport or government issued ID and upload on Drip Casinos website.

Secondly and even more intrusive, you have to take a selfie with your ID document – and upload it to Drip Casino.

They are actually moving as far away from anonymous as possible and are now removed from that list. Try BetPlay Casino if you like to have something more discrete with less documents to send in.

Paris VIP Casino France request date of birth

They used to be anonymous, but Crypto Lists found out that this has changed in a negative way.

Paris VIP Casino KYC

The KYC required even for sign-up

Paris VIP are now requesting address and date of birth – which is not very anonymous. They also have EUR as the default currency, instead of BTC or USDT. Don’t be encouraged by their 400% bonus, since it still comes with 50x wagering which is way higher than normal and almost impossible to play through without losing.

We’re not impressed and removed Paris VIP Casino France from the list of brands without any KYC, since they clearly request it now. Personally, we don’t see this brand lasting very long and suggest to try any other option from the list of bitcoin casinos – not many are worse than this one.

Wolfbet require verification at their discretion

To the right, you can see Wolfbet’s user verification screen.

WolfBet user verification

What you need to do on Wolfbet now

While submission of ID and documents are only needed at the casino’s discretion, the fact they might be asked for means we can’t really list this as anonymous.

WolfBet (see review) feels more and more like an old fiat brand, even if they accept crypto for deposits and less and less like a real crypto casino. All players are encouraged to complete user verification; with first name, last name, date of birth, address, city, postal code and country in order to be verified.

You may get away without doing the KYC, but only when you are not planning to take out any winnings – you’ve been warned!

For that reason – it’s not a place to play for real cryptocurrency enthusiasts that prefer doing no KYC after they won. If you want to bet on a great anonymous site, then visit ETH Play instead. They are non-regulated and have no KYC, ever. Not on registration, not on deposit, not on withdrawal. And, the site was created by trustworthy people that we know since a long time.

Conclusions about the removal

Crypto Lists continue to update the toplist of anonymous crypto casinos, and will at our own discretion remove any brands that we don’t see fit. This was done in April as well and here we explained why.

If you just want to play on a great anonymous site, then visit Cryptorino that’s 100% no KYC or the long term favourite LTC Casino, two sites that’s not going to chance their policies or how they accept customers without any KYC requirements.

Cryptorino is unfortunately not allowing players from your country, but we would suggest that you check out Wild IO Casino instead.

Go wild in style on Wild IO crypto casino. There are 10 different coins to use, now you know!

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